Monday, December 18, 2006

Blog Break!!!

I will have a blog break!Not that i'm going for holiday (i wish that for so long already)Its because...........I GOT NO MORE MAID TO HELP ME!!!MY MAID "RUN AWAY"!

When i just planned nicely last week that i will have 5 days off (to clear my annual leave,thurs till monday).But just nite before (13/12 - Wed),when i was having my dinner i receive a call from Indonesia.Someone speak to me with indon malay said they need my maid go back to Indon,because her mum is very sick.I hardly understand what she is talking about,i just knew that she told me,my maid's mum very sick and they need her to go back for about 2-3 days.I just pass the call to my maid and let them talk.Suddenly i just saw my maid crying,saying her mum pass away already at 5pm,because she got brain cancer.I dont know how true is it,as i know is her mum also work here in shah alam.So she said she want to go back the next day.So i said fine.Wanted to get her a flight she said no,she can take ferry to go back.In my heart i was thinking,your mum passed away but u dont want to take flight u want to take ferry,take longer time to reach home? Didnt question her much,just do booking and let her go the next day.Why i said she "run away"? Because day before,my sis in law money was missing.At that time only she and my maid at home.And she keep saying is my maid who steal it.To be frankly,till today i still trust my maid lei!!!Should slap me and make me wake up?

Anyway,right the next day morning she left,and till today it's already the 5th day,no news from her.And me is become crazy and tired and restless for five days already.Need to take care the two little one,and two of them just too clingy!!!I only can do some housework when they sleep!!Haih!!And i need to apply unpaid leave,i cant go to work,no one help me to take care my sons.Now i'm getting a new maid,i dont care whether my old maid still come back or not.But they told me i need to wait for about 2-3 times!!Sei la!Now thinking getting a temp maid first than wait for the new maid to come.Or alternative way is put my sons at the nursery.

Aaaaarrrgggg!!Why all these happen at year end!And now i'm in the new dept,year end is the most busy month and now also near to the month end!Sei mou Sei mou!!Me just too stress stress stress!!!Stress than work!Now i know i cant be SAHM!!Five days is really killing me,i think more to come before my new maid arrive!Wish me luck!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Blogger mummy another meet up

Saturday morning usually i will wake up late,somemore had been lack of sleep for past two weeks (my sons sick).9.30am,my handphone ring,there is a message,i read.Oh! Angie (Oscar mum)sent me sms ask me whether can meet up with Alice (Angeleyes)& LaundryAmah for lunch or not,because Alice is going back to Penang tomorrow (Sunday)but Angie herself not joining us.After think think,today i got nothing to do,so i told her,yes i am ok with the meet up.

Last minute call Sasha,ask her can join us or not,she is not free.Ok,never mind,i call Yvonne (Baby Khong),because i promise want to pass her the gymboree voucher.One stone kill two birds ma,we can meet her for the first time and also i can pass the voucher to her..hehe!(I just wondering myself,why every gathering also got me there hor? Me too keepo or me too free or me nothing to do?)hahaha.So those who wants to join us for the last minute "meet up",make sure u all dont be so "stingy" to give out ur handphone number so that we can contact u all for the "last minute" meeting up. :)We always like to do it last minute one,no planning in advance.

We are meeting up at Bangsar Village - Delicious for lunch.As usual weekend most place are pack with people.Lucky we did manage to get a table for 6 adults and 5 kids!LaundryAmah with Kieran,Yvonne with Brae,Alice with Darrius and her PiggyBeng,me with my two boys and maid.Real havoc!

Kieran happily running around with my two boys,and Brae and Darrius sit steel on the high chair.But on & off we can hear Darriues extremly sharp screaming sound!Before we meet up with Alice,she did tell us that her Darrius like to scream a lot!But we tot ya,most baby also scream,but i know why Alice warn us before.LOL!
Brae is so cute,he like so smile a lot,when u call him,he will show u his cheecky smile.So adorable!Kieran maybe too boring because no one is around his age can play with him,so he start playing himself.He sit upside down,with the leg on the chair,and the head is on the floor.I got a shocked when suddenly i saw a pair of leg is hanging on the chair,and where is that Kieran?When i look down (underneath) the table,he give me a smile.haha!And he is also another chatterbox,sit beside me can talk non stop with me.haha!And of course we adults enjoy the food in Delicious.Yummy yummy till we forgot to take the picture.But we did took each other photos,those patron who dine in the restaurant,must be wondering why this group of mummies and daddy taking photos non stop.Pppssstt!Tell u all a secret,Laudryamah show us her photo that took with her Sony T50 with make up on,walau!She is Malaysia Sammi Cheng!No joke!hahaha!Anyway we have a great time!! Our gathering finish at 4pm!

After everyone left,me and my two boys and my maid to do some groceries shopping.Fearles and Cruz refuse to sit on the shopping trolley,and i didnt bring their stroller too.End up i have to carry Fearles and maid have to carry Cruz and myself need to push a shopping trolley and do shopping.After putting some groceries inside the trolley and me force my two boys sit inside the trolley.When at the cashier counter,i'm about to paid the money,i put all the things at the counter for the cashier to punch the price,Fearles so keepo,he put back all my things to the trolley again.I take out he put it back.*roll eye* Than he take out the bread and start bitting it without open.*faint* My boy ah my boy,mummy dont know want to laugh or want to smack u!!Haih!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Daddy Birthday!

Today is daddy birthday,mummy had think what to buy,cracking my head!!End up mummy had just order a cake for daddy.A cake? I know daddy don't like to eat cake,he only take ice cream cake,so i tot maybe i can get him a special design cake,he can satisfy by looking at the cake and we (mummy & other family members) can enjoy eating the cake.I order this cake from mama min if u read Sasha Tan (the hottest celebrity in blogsphere),than u will know who is mama mim.haha!

The cake is very unique and very big!Daddy got a surprise,he didnt expect me to give him this as "present"!We went out for dinner at Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant in Plaza Damas together with my brother (he is in town).Mummy didnt bring Fearles & Cruz,because two of u still sick.So u two stay at home with kakak,what a pity!

After dinner,we back home and cut the cake.Most family member sleep already,so only me,daddy and SIL#3 around,so we just sing and blow the candles.:)Overall daddy like his birthday cake very much!And he even post it on his own rider web to show off!haha!Let other riders to envy him that he get this special cake from mummy!

Last but not least,mummy want to wish daddy "Happy Birthday"!!May all his wish come true and stay young,stay cool,stay healthy forever!And i also want to wish Kieran (Laundry Amah's prince),Tracy and Anita (my brother's wife) happy happy happy birthday!!!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Charcoal Bay Beer Garden

Last weekend,me & my hubby went for dinner @Charcoal Bay at Jalan Conlay.We did went there few times,but didnt took any picture when we are there to have dinner.This beer garden just located beside that Restaurant Seafood Paradise in Tracy's Blog.This is a good place to have BBQ food,RM48 for 2-3 person.Those like Korean BBQ but they are using charcoal,so the taste also nicer!And we also can njoy the soup (can see from the picture).Anyway we are njoying the food!Maybe we can have a gathering there next time? Kids can run around there.haha!While adults can njoy the food!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Hectic weekend!

I always love weekend!I can sleep till late,i can do my own things on weekend like go for pedicure,having breakfast with friends,go for hair cut & ect.Last weekend had promised my friend i will go to her house and cook spaghetti,because she bought some pasta from Switzerland during her honeymoon trip.She invite three of us (me & another two friends),than we decide to have something like "pot luck".I cook spaghetti and mashed potatoes at her place,(pasta & mashed potatoes need to serve hot baru nice ma!).My another two friends will be making fruit salad and agar agar (jelly).The house owner is making yam cake and ABC soup.yummy!

Friday night,Fearles start fall sick again,flu & coughing!Oh dear!Why sick again?Me as usual have sleepless night again with a sick toddler.He cry and cry and whine the whole night!I have to feed him water,check the temperature,feed him medicine.Feed him medicine like putting a fight with him,he just refuse to take the medicine!!And Cruz is sleeping,lucky he didnt wake up by Fearles big scream and cry.Early morning Saturday,i call the clinic and make the appointment to see doctor.Lucky,no long queue this round,reach there is my turn.Paed said nothing serious,just normal cough and flu and get some medication.

Reach home,bring Cruz and maid(i only bring Fearles to see paed)and get ready head to my friend's house.Thinking bring them out,even though Fearles is having flu!(Bad mummy)!We arrived there quite late,we suppose to be there at 11am so we can cook for lunch.Because i bring Fearles to see paed so delayed till 12.30pm.Start cooking and get everything ready,lucky i have marinated the meat,so i just cook.Within one hour time we have a wonderful lunch to eat lo!And my boys are happily destroying my friend's house!!Sure she had regretted to invite this two monster to her house.hahaha!!

After coming back from my friend house,Fearles & Cruz are tired,bath them and give medicine to Fearles,as usual he is putting a big fuss,refuse to take medicine.And Cruz seeing Fearles is having medicine he also want,he keep said "mumum mumuum" i told him this is medicine,ko ko sick,u're not sick so no need to have medicine and he start crying and whinning!Haih!Headache!After reading (i forgot which mummies blog already,saying the kid drank the whole bottle of coughing syrup),remind me that must keep the bottle cap closed!!If no later Cruz will gulp down a bottle of fever medicine!

As usual,again a sleepless nite for me.But Fearles is good boy tonight.When he cry i carry him and give him water.When i told him "mummy give medicine"? He keep quiet,when i feed him medicine,he just drank it.Yeah!No more forcing? He even drank three types of medicine without making a noise.Good boy!Fearles!

Backdated : Sad Day! (30/11)

When i reach office in the morning,i am still happily having my breakfas,than check my mail,than only i start my work.My boss call me on my phone and said want to see me,i go to his room.His face look so serious,than he told me,me going to transfer to HR Dep!I was like "HAR?Me transfer to HR Dept?Why me?And i dont have any experience on HR things too!Why so sudden?"all the question pop up in my mind.My boss couldn't answer me,because is not his decision,is the company decision.He told me the HR director will tell me,he just want me to get ready to receive this "shocking news"!

Maybe it's not a shocking news,but to me,yes lo!HR manager & HR director see me in their rooms,and told me that i will be transfer to HR dept tomorrow (1/12).Short notice!Yes very short notice,that's y i couldn't make up my mind.They told me,someone from HR resign,and they dont want to employ anymore new staff,they just transfer staff from internal.Hmmmmm!Real a new challenge to me!And i know once i transfer i will work longer time and maybe i need to come back on weekend during the month end!So i will have less time to be with my boys already.I'm struggle!On the advantage side is i can learn new things,more challenging work,a new progress for myself to looking forward.On the other hand,i will have less time to chat on msn (heehee),and blog hopping and less time for my sons.I'm having a really bad mood today!So i told them i will think about it first.They agree to give me time to think.

Such a lousy day!It seems everything went wrong today!Reach home,taking my shower,half way no electricity!!*&%$%#$&% what a day!!About 1 hour,power supply is back!So change both Fearles & Cruz and want to tuck them to sleep.Fearles vomit!Because daddy play too hard with him and Fearles just finish his milk.So daddy blame kakak for giving u two too much things to eat till u vomit.Mummy,so angry for daddy unreasonable blaming!So we start arguing!!!Mummy so mad!After u two sleep,me also went to sleep without taking my dinner!Why all men are like this,or is it only my man is like that?Wont listen to us,even i already so sad for the whole day,thought can tell him my problem and hope he can give me some advise or can cheer me up.But no!He add more "spice" to my fire!!He is not listening to my complain,he is not confort me!!I'm very sad i just want someone listen to me,to my "ngam ngam cham cham"!! I should sing that song by Daniel Powter - Bad Day!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What is this?

Can u see what is this?It's not a love bite,not insect bite but is a baby bite!Hahaha!I saw this mark on Cruz's leg,maid told me,Fearles bite him.And Cruz didnt cry and also didnt make noise also.Poor Cruz!I want to jot this down and show to Fearles when he grown up.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Can anyone tell me what happen to my blogspot paragraph thing? Think most of you notice that all my blog are all in one paragraph.I did seperate it paragraph by paragrah,when i review it,it was ok.But when i post,everything goes to one paragraph.It had been so annoying!!! Who can help me??

Friday, November 24, 2006

Sad 18 Months!

Mummy never done monthly development post before,so i decided to blog one on your 18 months old.When i draft the blog last two days,i said i wan to post it on 24/11 the day that u turn 18 months.

Just past midnight,Cruz start crying non stop,i carry him he also dont want,he just cry cry cry and cry.I have no idea what happen to Cruz.After i carry a while,Cruz start "uwak!!"!He is vomitting and he vomit on my body,got rice and milk!Alamak!!And also my bed sheet also kena!Sei la!Fast fast i changed him and wiped him with warm water,after finish with Cruz,i ask daddy to pat Cruz to sleep.

Then mummy went to take shower!!Yes,1.30am in the morning i take shower!After finish my shower,than Cruz look tired,he doze off again!And start Fearles,he also cry cry cry and "uwak"!Oh God!Another time to clean Fearles!This time didnt vomit on me,vomit on daddy pula!So this round is daddy to go shower.HAHA..(fair hor!)

I thought that's all finish,so i put Fearles to sleep again,than come Cruz purging, so smelly and watery.Hey!What happen to two of them something wrong??So whole night drama start,Cruz vomit little bit again,Fearles also but Fearles got nothing to vomit liao,just like got wind,keep on uwak uwak but nothing come out,i have to stand by a bowl and put aside.Aiyo!!Whole night just change their clothes and bed sheet and pillow and bolster.Tiring!It keep on till 5.30am only they can sleep through and i only can sleep at that time.

Wake up at 8am call my boss and toll him that i will be coming in late,need to sent my sons to see doctor.Two of u also wake up at 8am,see u two so hungry,(nite time i only feed them water,scared they vomit again).So i make u two milk,Wah!U two finish the whole bottle of milk.Get u two changed than about to go to see the paed,Fearles vomit again on my clothes.Haih! Have to change him and myself again.

Reach at the hospital,see quite a number of people is waiting,even though i went so early b'4 the doctor came!While waiting,Fearles purging again,so i have to bring him to change diapers!After seeing paed,he said they might have eat something wrong.I told him actually is Cruz started first,last two days,first day he vomit,but only two times i thought maybe got wind inside the stomach that's why he is vomiting.Second day,Cruz also got poo,but like watery,and i thought that is wind also since first day he vomit mah!So i am thinking to bring him to see doctor on friday on saturday if still like this.Then doctor told me,oh ya,than that might be Cruz pass the virus to Fearles,that's y both also got food poisoning!!!And i told him almost everyday they are having the same food,but how come will get food poisoning?Paed said "sometime water dirty also will get or maybe food"!

So after went home i call my boss and told him that i need to take EL one day instead of coming in half day.Two of them just cling to me and kakak like glue,cry and whine!Scared my maid cant handle two,i better stay at home.Feed them medicine and salt water than put them to sleep.They are tired and sleep whole afternoon,in between still wake up vomit and purging,i dont know how many clothes they have change in just a day, and can compete with those model who are parading at fashion show!!!Me & maid,busy cleaning dirty laundry and also bed sheets and changing them and cleaning them...walau!! Real tired man!

And u know lately,KL weather not so good,reach afternoon sure rain!And all my clothes have to wait lo!So sien!!When two of u are sleeping, mummy curi some "me" time to check mail,ya,u can ask me why i dont sleep.How to sleep?Maybe too tired till i also become energetic.Only body is tired!When i saw so many mummies and daddies online again,they invite me to conference chat again!I just read through but didnt "participate" haha!

Then i thought since got so many experience mummies online why not i seek some help or some info from them on how to take care sick baby especially those vomit & purging kids!And yes, i receive so many advise,thank you everyone!!Sue suggest that i can give them 100 plus,and Egghead warn me dont give later they will become hyperactive.But at last i still try to give them 100 plus at night!Ask daddy to buy some 100 plus back and i open it and leave it for 1/2 hour to let the gas go first than i pour into the milk bottle.U two sleep early, tired and weak!So pityful,when i saw two of u mummy heart pain!U want to drink milk but mummy cannot give u,u two have to drink salt water for 8 hours,no milk and no food!And that salt water only can give 5oz each hour,each time can drink a few cannot finish all,bit by bit.But how can u two stand the hunger lei,even though paed said salt water can cure hunger.When u see your cousin having dinner (eating rice) u stand near them and said "mummum" "mummum".Expect food from them,and i told your cousins cannot give u two because u two are sick.And when u see milk bottle, u will bring to me and ask me for "nennen" but cannot lei.

I just feel so sad when i see this!By 6pm paed said can give u two little Isomil (soya based milk powder)but have to dilute it like 4oz one spoon!When Cruz saw the milk bottle inside got "nennen" he so happy,no need to drink that white and tasteless drink.After Cruz u had few sip,u dont want,u pass the milk bottle back to me.I think the soya milk not as tasty as what u normal have and mummy somemore dilute the milk powder!!So i had to feed u bit by bit at least drink something.For Fearles,u just one sip u stopped,u dont like it.Mummy have to "force" u to drink,but end up u start screaming & wiggling dont want at all!I tuck u two to bed at around 8pm since u two start whining & crying.Just a short while u two fall asleep!So mummy can have shower and my dinner!!And mummy also sleep so early,around 9.15pm,me also on my dreamland lo!At around 2.30pm,Cruz suddenly wake up,(yes,u two didnt wake up in between)and start giggling and Fearles also wake up,and u two start to play lo!

Hoolo!I just wonder what happen to u two,u two like it already morning,it time to play,Cruz start knocking on the door ask me to open the door and keep calling "kakak,kakak,kakak" and start chasing Fearles around,like having a fun time,screaming,shouting!!(Ya,Egghead u're right!After drink 100 plus will get hyperactive)Mummy already headache seeing u two playing,MIL ur "ma ma" thought what happen,why so noisy in the room.I told her u two start party!!After all,mummy glad that u two back to normal-active and naughty but on the wrong timing la!When u two sick,u're so quiet and not saying a word,or making noise,or running around the house,mummy so not use to see u two like this.(when naughty i want to complain,when quiet me also worry!haih!!!)Fearles & Cruz u two play till 4am and back to sleep again till this morning.

Mummy so happy,because u're back to normal lo,no more vomiting & purging la!Yeah!!!Bye Bye vomit & purging!!Dont want to see u two (vomiting & purging) again!!!!

18 Months

Time flies,my boys turn 18 months old today!Weight & Height not too sure,had not been visiting paed since their 1 year old jab till today!!Good news?Not visiting means two of them are quite healthy no fall sick!haha!*touch wood touch wood!*In between I did bring Fearles to visit his paed,because got fever,but two times there he refuse to sit on that weighing machine,so no chance to get his weight!:(

Fearles got 11 (6 bottom,5 upper)
Cruz(a bit slow)got 8 only (4 bottom,4 upper)


They still drinking milk 8 oz and 4 times a day.And they dont like to eat porridge now, so have to cook rice for them with some soup or some gravy,fish & baked beans.Vegetable so far not yet only give cucumber.And weekend i will cook fusilli (type of pasta with corkscrew shape) for them,they love it!They eat apples,bananas,kiwi,papaya & yoghurt.Fearles picky on food,if he dont like he will puke,Cruz is like eating machine,everything also eat.Whenever he see people eating,he will go near and said "munmun munmun" and expect u to give him some.


Both of you are slow on picking up words,are theyyou two too slow?The most and frequent words that Cruz can said is "kakak" and "yea yea"!*roll eye* So loud and clear,and he can repeat and repeat call u till u answer him.Fearles only know how to call "kakak".Why now no more daddy and mummy lei? *sob sob* Every morning,when two of them wake up and i bring them out from the room they will start calling "kakak,kakak" like telling her,hey! I'm wake up lo!*mummy so jealous* Fearles like to mumbling himself,and he will mumble a whole sentence,(dont know what language he is talking)and he like me to answer him..yes yes boy!*shake head*


U two like running around the house!If mummy at home,u like to play hide and seek with me,mummy have to hide behind the chair and scare u,u two will scream and shout and run and giggling away!U two also like to climb on the chair,climb on the window,lift the small chair or stool,and like to play with tv,dvd player,remote control,and like to sit on the arm of chair and a lot more!!


Fearles always so care for his daddy.When ever daddy want to go out he will get the shoe from the shoe cabinet and put nicely on the floor for daddy!How sweet!But he never do this to mummy lei?Why ah?(mummy got too many shoes to choose!)hahaha!Morning time,when mummy about to go to work,sometime i go to gym i will carry a big bag,so Fearles u insist want to carry the bag for me,but the bag is just too heavy for u to carry.So i have to carry one handle and u carry the other side!And got one time,mummy want to bring u two out to "kai kai",u know the bag that mummy always put ur things inside,u just be so thoughtful or just playful,want to carry bag for me again.Not too heavy but is a big bag,u will imitate me putting the strap on your shoulder and walk.Mummy just can't stop laughing when i see u "carry" the bag.The bag is also about ur height,so u like dragging it instead of carrying it.LOL!Last two nites i saw u (Fearles),also care for didi(Cruz).Cruz drop his "jut jut" (pacifier),and Fearles u saw it and u pass it to mummy because didi is crying and mummy is carrying Cruz.So sweet of u !Mummy think ko ko (Fearles) is more mature and know how to care people & also didi Cruz.


U two dont like to have nap anymore,sometime one day u just have 1 time nap,and very seldom will have 2 times,even though u two wake up early!Sometime as early as 6.30am!*slap forehead*.Nite time u two will sleep on your own cot,by mid night each of u will wake up and want to sleep on our king size bed!Either is koko wake up first or didi wake up later,than will stand on ur own cot and look at us,and start making noise,like telling us u want to sleep on our bed!And u two very smart each time u will hold ur bolster ready and expect mummy to "transfer" u two from the cot to our bed!I tuck u back to ur own cot,u dont want,once i put u on our bed,u two just doze off straight away.*roll eyes*U two and daddy occupied the whole bed..mummy have to sleep at one "cham"!

New words

last two days daddy teach Fearles to said "cat" & "apple" and to my surprise,Fearles u said it,not clear,u said "cut" & "apole".Hope Fearles u can pick up the words soon & learn more new words.


U two seems dont like to share toys,each time u two will fight over a toy.And either one of u if having jut jut or bolster,and the other one dont have,u also will fight.U will snatch the bolster or will pull the jut jut from ko ko or di di's mouth and put into ur own mouth.Even though sometime,when u two sleep on our bed,and i will place u two next to each other,when one of u wake up and saw the other one still sleeping, u will start disturb him.Especially Cruz,very cheecky,like to pull Fearles's jut jut,or take away Fearles's bolster.Fearles of course will start crying and whine!!

Throw tantrum

Yes,two of u like to throw tantrum,and like to whine when u cant get the things from me.Like when u play the tv remote control and mummy took it away,Fearles u will start open ur mouth wide and cry and whine and both legs kicking on the floor,roll on the floor till u get the things again! Haih!When mummy angry,i scolded u,u even cry more louder!!*shake head* Cruz u also the same,but not as bad as Fearles,u like to cry and lay ur face down on the floor or u like to lean backward,give mummy a shock!

Well,happy 18 months boy boy!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Twins @ Gymboree

Had been a few weeks mummy didnt bring you two go out for a walk,due to mummy laziness,i feel so bad.Today,mummy decide to bring you two to Gymboree to play.Before we go out,it's raining cats & dogs,aiya!Mummy dont want to postpone it again.So i get everything ready,change u two,than when we about to go,rain stop!Yeah!

Reach the shopping centre,so lucky i can get a car park,it always pack on the weekend.Most shopping centre already had X'mas decoration,and can feel that X'mas is jsut round the corner.When two of u,step into the shopping centre,we saw that big & giant size X'mas tree just in front of us.Fearles u got scared! (haha,name u Fearles,it seems u scared of everything)U hold mummy leg so tight and dont let go and keep staring at the big x'mas tree!LOL

We are about 15 mins early at the Gymboree (their play gym is on certain hour only).So after chit chat with staff there,and get u two register than we start to play loh.U two at first a bit puzzle,with so many slide around and got lots of things around.So mummy & kakak bring u two to start with slide first,after a few rounds u two got warm up and start playing.Pour all the balls out from the basket and start kicking the ball.So mummy taught u two how to play "slam dunk" hahaha..At first only two of u in Gymboree,after a while came another pair of twin girl,they also non indentical twin.So two boys n two girls playing around,running, shouting,screaming.Real have a fun time.Mummy is so tired running & chasing behind u two.We spent about one hour in there,after that we left.In the car,u two maybe enjoy too much and play too hard & feel tired.Sit steel in the car with mouth wide funny!!Mummy hope u two have a great & fun time today.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Makan Makan

Tonight we bring twins to a unique and cozy restaurant to have dinner.Quiet place so twins can run around without having people giving me a kind of look!!haha!That chinese restaurant is at Subang,the restaurant name is "Tang Yuen",it just opposite SJMC.The food there is nice & tasty & yummy-li-cious,service is good,and the enivronment also good.Fearles & Cruz as usual can't sit still on their high chair,want to come down from the high chair,and start running around in the restaurant *faint*!Lucky mummy still can enjoy my dinner! :)Overall rating : 8/10.

Twins attend 2nd birthday party (3/11/2006)

Twins went for 2nd birthday party @ Mcdonald (3/11/2006).It's their cousin sister - Emylyne 6th year old birthday!After back from work,rushing taking shower,dress u two up than we head to Bangsar Macdonald.Party start at 7.30pm,so many kids ruinning around.And Fearles and Cruz,1st time mummy bring u to Macdonald play house.U two like the monkeys just out from the cage! Shouting,running,mix with those kids.And daddy bring u two to play with the slide!At first Fearles so scared (name u Fearles,but it seems u scared everything *slap head*)after few rounds up and down,u seems to enjoy it.Without any help from us u can slide down.And Cruz when u just start it, u love it,u climb up from the slide,and sliding down.And you scared me by walking down from the slide instead of slide it down.Phewwww!Chasing u two up and down,mummy already sweating like mad!But u two still so hyperactive,never stop!And when u two see the Macdonald picture print on the slide,u two go and kiss that picture.So cute and funny,when mummy said kiss again u go again..haha!

When the Mcd mascot come out to play with the kids,i thought u two will like it.Daddy carry u two to play with the mascot, who knows Fearles scared that mascot and start crying.From the picture u can see that Fearles & Cruz hug daddy so hard scared that mascot will eat u up! haha! Lucky no nightmare on that night!

After that,there is play games times.Those kids real enjoy themself,my two little one is still too young to participate on those games.Last,the organiser from the Mcd is teaching those kids with some simple dance movement,after that they dance with the music.U two seeing so many koh koh and jie jie dancing with the music,u two also want to dance! Nodding your head,clapping your hand,waving your hand,try to imitate those kor kor & jie jie way to dance!So cute!After that is the birthday cake cutting.Than we leave after eating the cake,because it's almost 9pm.Its u two sleeping time lo!I think u two also enjoy urself very much tonight!!

Fearles's Weird attitude & Cruz's funny action

See this Cruz,one day when i was at home after work,he show me this.He put the milk bottle cover on his mouth,and he suck it,and the cover will stick on the mouth,and his mouth is like little chicken.So funny!I just cant stop laughing.When he saw me laughing he do it all over again.I thought is kakak taught Cruz,so one night i took the camera,and i ask kakak,u teach cruz this kah? She look at me in puzzle and thinking what am i talking about.When i show Cruz the bottle cover,he do it again,so i snap the photo.And only that kakak realise what am i talking about.Kakak keep telling me she didnt teach Cruz this,scared i scold her.I notice that Cruz always do this kind of thing and make me suprise,those things that you never think of.

While i'm taking picture of Cruz on his play pen with the bottle cover,when i turn round i saw Fearles,he only with his pampers on ,pants already pull down by him and dont know where he throw!OMG!Why this Fearles always like to take off his pants.Especially with his pyjamas pants.Always in the morning u will notice him only with pampers on,or during bed time before he fall sleep,he also do that.Mummy just wonder what happen to this boy huh!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

New Type of Birthday cake

Today is my boss birthday.Have been thinking what to buy for him for the birthday.Every year also just buy him a cake.This year i want to make it a change, instead of cake,i had order Fresh fruit tarts for his birthday.And i place small candle all over the tarts.At least something new.Great idea?Any comment on my new type of birthday cake? My boss like it so much,at least not everytime cake.Haha!And i get a spanish colleague to sing spanish birthday song to him, and give him a kiss.Wahaha! A special birthday celebration this year!Not convenience to post my boss photo.So just the "cake"! :)

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Mummy Blogger 1st gathering

Yipppiee!!!Mummy blogger had the 1st gathering today @ Dome Mid valley @ 15.30pm.This is the last minute meeting up.Rachel from Ipoh sent me an sms saying she is coming down to KL,ask us want to meet up or not.Angeline is the organizer,she start sending sms to Sasha & Amah,she dont have my number,so she left me out*sob sob*.After i received the message from Rachel,i sent message to Angeline also than only she told me they are meeting up at 15.30pm @ Mid Valley Starbucks.But Angeline said so far no one reply her message back,only me.So we thought maybe Sunday is family day for everyone,and i told her maybe we can postpone it to next gathering.By 14.30pm receive Sasha and Angeline sms,saying everyone is confirm and can meet up with Rachel who is all the way from Ipoh!!I'm so excited and looking forward to this mummies gathering.1st one arrive is Rachel follow by Laundry Amah than me than Sasha and the last is Angeline.When we are at Starbucks,its full of people and got no place to sit,than we had last minute change the venue to Dome!We have a great time by talking,laughing.Topic from family to food to shopping to kids to...everything!!So much thing to talk and yak till the times pass so fast we also didnt realise it.Hope more gathering to come!!

Poh Poh & Twins

After a few days get along with poh poh,u two now at least see poh poh wont cry anymore,and will want her to carry also.Today (26/10)poh poh is going back,before going back at least got a chance to take a few photos with u two.Yesterday night when mummy try to take the picture u two with poh poh,Cruz keep refuse to let poh poh carry him and not in the mood to take the picture also.Poor poh poh feel heart sick,two grandchildren also dont want her and not close to her.Maybe this is u two didnt get to see poh poh often.*sigh* I hope u two,when grown up a bit must call her poh poh and make poh poh feel more warm!

Twins & Sebastian @ Dome (24/10)

Today have lunch appointment with aunty Janet.We suppose to go to Japenese restaurant at Bangasr Shopping Centre,but today is first day raya they are closed.We end up go to Dome to have a drink.Aunty Janet just came back from China for holiday,she bought u two two set of cloths.Thanks to A.Janet!We two mummies are busy enjoy our lunch,and u two busy climbing out from the high chair and start taking the fork and knife and spoon from the table.We can't have a peaceful lunch with u three "little monster" around.HAHA!And Fearles & Cruz start mess up the floor with paper and biscuit.Make the whole place so dirty!!Fearles start make friend with Sebastian,shake his hand,start playing with him.And Cruz,be so manja,only want to stick to kakak,and want kakak to hold him.That's why no picture taken on him.Cruz lately also dont really like to take

Twins 2nd time Kuantan trip (22-23 Oct)

Yes,we go to Kuantan again!!As usual,daddy went for his cycling trip,than we follow! We left at about 1.30pm,this time daddy no more F1 driving, because he got three bicycles on top of the car (mummy forgot to snap the photo).So Cruz no more vomit this time,hehe!But u refuse to sit in ur car seat,u making noise,u cry, u want to climb out from the car seat.Mummy have to show u the scenery outside and talk to u,make some noise to distract your attention from climbing out from the car seat.After sometime pulling the fuss,maybe u too tired than u fall asleep!Fearles is such a good boy (cannot praise in front of him, "pantang" lei)didnt make any noise,sleep throughout the journey.When we about to reach,two of u wake up.Reach hotel,mummy take a quick shower than bring u two to have some food at Mcdonald first.Dying of hunger!!Daddy straight go for his 1st session cycling already,dont know what time he will come back,so we better eat something first.We book the room is club room,so is entitle the club facilities,like evening cocktail and breakfast and whole day refreshment.Nobody tell me and also my brother in law check in the time also didnt tell me and he also dont know.Blame the reception for not explain the facilities to him.And i thought the resort hotel is different from the city one maybe they dont have such facilities.So me & kakak bring u two to eat Macdonald, my sis in law and her two boys swimming at the pool and another daddy's friend Michael family was resting in the hotel room with the kids also.After have something fill up the stomach we back to hotel.Bring you two take shower than SIL called said go and have welcome drink at the lounge.So we go lo, when we reach there, i saw there's evening cocktail served!!!!And it's about time to clear the evening cocktail table already,most food are finish, juices also (evening cocktail start at 5.30pm to 7.30pm).We are there about 7.20pm!!Manage to get some cake to eat and some juices and some sandwiches!In my heart,i start swearing,if i know earlier i can eat here rather walk to Macdonald,eat here is free and our room rate is included!I said ok,tomorrow must wake up early to have the breakfast,wont miss this time,and should eat more more more!Daddy they all come back around 8pm we went out for dinner, went to one of the restaurant,because of the long holiday everywhere is pack.Except for this place,not so crowded,also got about 7-8 table occupied,we manage to find a big table for us (9 adults and 2 babies and 5 kids).They serve the food take so so so long,we waited for about 1 hour only the dinner served.Can u imagine one big restaurant with only three person working.One in the kitchen,and one boss and lady boss is taking order and serve food.Walau!!!We have to help ourself to get all those glasses,ice,water,folk,spoon.U two too tired,keep making noise,and Cruz can't wait for the food to come already doze off!!After dinner we went back to hotel and rest.

Next day,early morning about 9am,we start get ready to go for breakfast.Daddy early morning about 6am already went for cycling,they back around 9am so we went straight to the club lounge to have breakfast.When i have a look at the small buffet counter,OMG!!!Its only bread,crossaint,some pastry,juices,some fruits,cornflakes,coffee n tea!!!THAT'S ALL!!!NO EGG!I can't find any egg there,at least can let the kids have some scramble egg or half boil egg.So disappointed!Five star hotel lei!I just can't believe it!

After breakfast,we head to swimming pool for a dip.This time Cruz like the water more.No more crying!In fact he njoy himself very much in the water,he like want to swim,kick the water and splashing the water.Fearles just like the 1st time he go for the swim,like it very much.Sit inside the float we push u around the pool.Just one hour at the pool,mummy already got sun burn on the back!!

We left about 3pm,reach home is already 6.30pm.Overall,this is a tired trip,because daddy dont help mummy to take care u two.Only left u two to me & kakak,even dinner time also dont help.Daddy only busy with his bicycle topic with the friends and only know chatting chatting chatting.Make me so angry!!Y all men are like that ah!Boys boys when u two grown up dont treat ur wife like that.

Twins's poh poh in town

Twins's poh poh (my mum) was in town during the deepa raya holiday!I took two days off make it a long holiday to company her and also spent some time with my boys.U two when first saw poh poh, u two dont want her to carry and cried so loud and run away from poh poh.Poh poh feel so sad!!Fly so far here to see u two but u dont want her.Maybe u two didnt see her often,and thought poh poh is stranger.It took sometime to warm u two up with poh poh.Fearles u can let poh poh to carry u after one day get along with poh poh,but Cruz u still dont want.U just stick to ur kakak (my maid)!

Last Saturday (21/10)mummy bring poh poh and u two go shopping at One Utama.We didnt buy much things just do some window shopping.With u two around, mummy very hard to do shopping.Window shopping first than next day go back and buy the things.Everywhere so pack with people and cars,lucky we go early before all the crowd started.U two happily running & walking & shouting around,so happy!And it's Deepavali so it got some bangladesh dancing performance.U two watch it with the wide open mouth.When u hear the music start, u two also start nodding ur head..shake shake body and want to dance! cute!The performance was good and funny!!

About 3pm we go back home because u two start crying and making noise.Tired and feel sleepy!

Monday, October 09, 2006

hAppY "Thang Lung" Festival

We had a warm & hot "moon cake" festival this year.Thanks to the "HAZE"!!!"Moon"? We dont even see the moon leh!So do we still call it a "Moon" cake festival?As usual we had our yearly moon cake festival by having family dinner together,after that we sit outside the house,kids play with the lantern, and we all adults helping them to decorate the lanterns round the house.I bought u Fearles & Cruz an electronic type lantern (can see from picture 1).U too excited to play with it, because it got music, and the both lantern is moving type,the bee one can walk on the floor n play drum, and the other one can see got "white snow" flying in the tummy of "Picachiu".U two running around with the cousins, very busy.We (me & hubby & sis in law & bro in law) busy lightning up the lantern and hang them around.This year we have an idea on putting the aroma therapy candle instead of the small candles.So we dont need to keep busy on lightning the fire and cant njoy ourself by eating the moon cake, tidbits,peanuts,pomelo and chinese tea."Moon" watching end about 10.30pm,everyone is so tired and sleepy because of the "HOT" night!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My 1st sip of beer

Last weekend (30/9)we bring u two with us to go for dinner at one of the restaurant in Centre Point.Normally daddy n i will go for a quick dinner than just leave u two with kakak at home.And daddy said now u two had grown up can bring you go kai kai more often.So when we are at the restaurant, daddy order a can of beer for himself,when u two see daddy open the beer, u two like want to taste it.Naughty daddy pass the glass to u and u have a sip,can see from the picture that cruz reaction.Mummy forgot to bring the camera, just took with my camera phone.Didnt manage to take down Fearles reaction,it seems Fearles like to drink beer, he actually take a few sip..heehee!Lucky u two didnt get drunk that night.