Friday, June 30, 2006

Waking Up at Night

Mummy was so cruel, mummy wanted u two stop waking up at night to have milk milk, so i decided to give two of u plain water instead of milk. As usual two of u wake up at 3.15am again ( the usual routine) to have milk. I put two of u on my bed and ask u to wait..i said mummy go and make " nen nen" ya. So i go and bring some water n put it in the bottle and feed u. At first u still drinking, u took about 2 oz, u must be realise that how come today milk milk got different taste..(in my heart i still can laugh so loud, i want to see how is ur reaction on drinking water instead of milk) mummy so " bin tai" lei..after a while, two of you stop drinking. I pat u two to sleep , but it seems two of you can't sleep at all without drinking the milk. But i just ignore, and i pretend sleeping,two of u start sit up and play, and start exchanging ur jut jut (Pacifier) . Ko Ko (Fearles) pull out Di Di (Cruz) jut jut and put into his mouth, and Di Di doing the same thing. (I just could't stop laughing when i see this. I always ask two of u, won't your jut jut will taste the same meh?) After sometime, two of you feel sleeply and just dozzed off. I'm so glad, two of you don't need milk and can sleep back, but mummy feel a bit guilty. Mummy think maybe u two are really hungry that's why wake up at night want to hv milk, or it just a habit, want to have late supper or early breakfast!! haha. The next day i told your "poh poh" (my mum) about this, she scolded me. She said me so "cold blooded", babies still small of course need to drink more milk lah..mid night they will hungry need to give them milk. Later when they grow older a bit, at that time they don't want milk anymore, than you will have another headache, this is what your "poh poh" told me. After think twice, i still stick to my own plan - giving u two water..hahahaha Mummy as usual, will automatically wake up at 3am ( just like alram clock) see two of you sleep soundly, so i don't wake u up. I think " Wah!! my boys so smart, after one night water, they already don't wake up at night for milk anymore. Hurray Hurray Hurray!!!" Mummy can sleep through out the night loh!! Around 4am, one of u wake up and making some noise, to acknowledge me that u're wake up and time to have milk loh. Another one hearing u're making noise he also wake up. So both of u stand on your own baby cot and look at me, i put both of you on my bed and i tell you two i will be making milk for u. But in my heart i still struggling, want to make milk or just give water. Less than 10 sec- mummy SURRENDER!! Mummy decided to give milk instead of water..mummy feel " heart pain" when i see two of you wait for the milk eagerly..mummy lose!! mummy had to rise the white flag!! Mummy promise, from now onwards mummy will give milk to two of u everynight till u don't want anymore. (Yeah!! got milk milk loh, no more water!!)