Monday, July 17, 2006

1st shirt from Daddy

Not said daddy stingy or no money to buy u clothes.But u know are man they don't really bother or care on the dressing so much.(when u two grown up, u two might be the same also) So daddy always leave this important "job task" to mummy to do. Mummy like to bought lot of clothes to u even though i know that u will grown up pretty fast. Daddy always said, don't buy so much, later after two three months u two cannot wear already.But i still can't control myself to buy clothes for u, maybe this is the " woman nature" hee hee. See nice clothes must grab..During our recent trip to Genting, daddy saw these two nice shirts, he said " don't u think this one is nice? ok, buy this two." So this is how u get ur 1st 2 t-shirts from daddy loh!!!


Sue said...

The light blue one must be for Cruz? hehehe

Annie Q said...

two of them are getting the same shirt.Their daddy had bought four actually.Two of each..fair n square mah..:)