Sunday, October 29, 2006

Mummy Blogger 1st gathering

Yipppiee!!!Mummy blogger had the 1st gathering today @ Dome Mid valley @ 15.30pm.This is the last minute meeting up.Rachel from Ipoh sent me an sms saying she is coming down to KL,ask us want to meet up or not.Angeline is the organizer,she start sending sms to Sasha & Amah,she dont have my number,so she left me out*sob sob*.After i received the message from Rachel,i sent message to Angeline also than only she told me they are meeting up at 15.30pm @ Mid Valley Starbucks.But Angeline said so far no one reply her message back,only me.So we thought maybe Sunday is family day for everyone,and i told her maybe we can postpone it to next gathering.By 14.30pm receive Sasha and Angeline sms,saying everyone is confirm and can meet up with Rachel who is all the way from Ipoh!!I'm so excited and looking forward to this mummies gathering.1st one arrive is Rachel follow by Laundry Amah than me than Sasha and the last is Angeline.When we are at Starbucks,its full of people and got no place to sit,than we had last minute change the venue to Dome!We have a great time by talking,laughing.Topic from family to food to shopping to kids to...everything!!So much thing to talk and yak till the times pass so fast we also didnt realise it.Hope more gathering to come!!

Poh Poh & Twins

After a few days get along with poh poh,u two now at least see poh poh wont cry anymore,and will want her to carry also.Today (26/10)poh poh is going back,before going back at least got a chance to take a few photos with u two.Yesterday night when mummy try to take the picture u two with poh poh,Cruz keep refuse to let poh poh carry him and not in the mood to take the picture also.Poor poh poh feel heart sick,two grandchildren also dont want her and not close to her.Maybe this is u two didnt get to see poh poh often.*sigh* I hope u two,when grown up a bit must call her poh poh and make poh poh feel more warm!

Twins & Sebastian @ Dome (24/10)

Today have lunch appointment with aunty Janet.We suppose to go to Japenese restaurant at Bangasr Shopping Centre,but today is first day raya they are closed.We end up go to Dome to have a drink.Aunty Janet just came back from China for holiday,she bought u two two set of cloths.Thanks to A.Janet!We two mummies are busy enjoy our lunch,and u two busy climbing out from the high chair and start taking the fork and knife and spoon from the table.We can't have a peaceful lunch with u three "little monster" around.HAHA!And Fearles & Cruz start mess up the floor with paper and biscuit.Make the whole place so dirty!!Fearles start make friend with Sebastian,shake his hand,start playing with him.And Cruz,be so manja,only want to stick to kakak,and want kakak to hold him.That's why no picture taken on him.Cruz lately also dont really like to take

Twins 2nd time Kuantan trip (22-23 Oct)

Yes,we go to Kuantan again!!As usual,daddy went for his cycling trip,than we follow! We left at about 1.30pm,this time daddy no more F1 driving, because he got three bicycles on top of the car (mummy forgot to snap the photo).So Cruz no more vomit this time,hehe!But u refuse to sit in ur car seat,u making noise,u cry, u want to climb out from the car seat.Mummy have to show u the scenery outside and talk to u,make some noise to distract your attention from climbing out from the car seat.After sometime pulling the fuss,maybe u too tired than u fall asleep!Fearles is such a good boy (cannot praise in front of him, "pantang" lei)didnt make any noise,sleep throughout the journey.When we about to reach,two of u wake up.Reach hotel,mummy take a quick shower than bring u two to have some food at Mcdonald first.Dying of hunger!!Daddy straight go for his 1st session cycling already,dont know what time he will come back,so we better eat something first.We book the room is club room,so is entitle the club facilities,like evening cocktail and breakfast and whole day refreshment.Nobody tell me and also my brother in law check in the time also didnt tell me and he also dont know.Blame the reception for not explain the facilities to him.And i thought the resort hotel is different from the city one maybe they dont have such facilities.So me & kakak bring u two to eat Macdonald, my sis in law and her two boys swimming at the pool and another daddy's friend Michael family was resting in the hotel room with the kids also.After have something fill up the stomach we back to hotel.Bring you two take shower than SIL called said go and have welcome drink at the lounge.So we go lo, when we reach there, i saw there's evening cocktail served!!!!And it's about time to clear the evening cocktail table already,most food are finish, juices also (evening cocktail start at 5.30pm to 7.30pm).We are there about 7.20pm!!Manage to get some cake to eat and some juices and some sandwiches!In my heart,i start swearing,if i know earlier i can eat here rather walk to Macdonald,eat here is free and our room rate is included!I said ok,tomorrow must wake up early to have the breakfast,wont miss this time,and should eat more more more!Daddy they all come back around 8pm we went out for dinner, went to one of the restaurant,because of the long holiday everywhere is pack.Except for this place,not so crowded,also got about 7-8 table occupied,we manage to find a big table for us (9 adults and 2 babies and 5 kids).They serve the food take so so so long,we waited for about 1 hour only the dinner served.Can u imagine one big restaurant with only three person working.One in the kitchen,and one boss and lady boss is taking order and serve food.Walau!!!We have to help ourself to get all those glasses,ice,water,folk,spoon.U two too tired,keep making noise,and Cruz can't wait for the food to come already doze off!!After dinner we went back to hotel and rest.

Next day,early morning about 9am,we start get ready to go for breakfast.Daddy early morning about 6am already went for cycling,they back around 9am so we went straight to the club lounge to have breakfast.When i have a look at the small buffet counter,OMG!!!Its only bread,crossaint,some pastry,juices,some fruits,cornflakes,coffee n tea!!!THAT'S ALL!!!NO EGG!I can't find any egg there,at least can let the kids have some scramble egg or half boil egg.So disappointed!Five star hotel lei!I just can't believe it!

After breakfast,we head to swimming pool for a dip.This time Cruz like the water more.No more crying!In fact he njoy himself very much in the water,he like want to swim,kick the water and splashing the water.Fearles just like the 1st time he go for the swim,like it very much.Sit inside the float we push u around the pool.Just one hour at the pool,mummy already got sun burn on the back!!

We left about 3pm,reach home is already 6.30pm.Overall,this is a tired trip,because daddy dont help mummy to take care u two.Only left u two to me & kakak,even dinner time also dont help.Daddy only busy with his bicycle topic with the friends and only know chatting chatting chatting.Make me so angry!!Y all men are like that ah!Boys boys when u two grown up dont treat ur wife like that.

Twins's poh poh in town

Twins's poh poh (my mum) was in town during the deepa raya holiday!I took two days off make it a long holiday to company her and also spent some time with my boys.U two when first saw poh poh, u two dont want her to carry and cried so loud and run away from poh poh.Poh poh feel so sad!!Fly so far here to see u two but u dont want her.Maybe u two didnt see her often,and thought poh poh is stranger.It took sometime to warm u two up with poh poh.Fearles u can let poh poh to carry u after one day get along with poh poh,but Cruz u still dont want.U just stick to ur kakak (my maid)!

Last Saturday (21/10)mummy bring poh poh and u two go shopping at One Utama.We didnt buy much things just do some window shopping.With u two around, mummy very hard to do shopping.Window shopping first than next day go back and buy the things.Everywhere so pack with people and cars,lucky we go early before all the crowd started.U two happily running & walking & shouting around,so happy!And it's Deepavali so it got some bangladesh dancing performance.U two watch it with the wide open mouth.When u hear the music start, u two also start nodding ur head..shake shake body and want to dance! cute!The performance was good and funny!!

About 3pm we go back home because u two start crying and making noise.Tired and feel sleepy!

Monday, October 09, 2006

hAppY "Thang Lung" Festival

We had a warm & hot "moon cake" festival this year.Thanks to the "HAZE"!!!"Moon"? We dont even see the moon leh!So do we still call it a "Moon" cake festival?As usual we had our yearly moon cake festival by having family dinner together,after that we sit outside the house,kids play with the lantern, and we all adults helping them to decorate the lanterns round the house.I bought u Fearles & Cruz an electronic type lantern (can see from picture 1).U too excited to play with it, because it got music, and the both lantern is moving type,the bee one can walk on the floor n play drum, and the other one can see got "white snow" flying in the tummy of "Picachiu".U two running around with the cousins, very busy.We (me & hubby & sis in law & bro in law) busy lightning up the lantern and hang them around.This year we have an idea on putting the aroma therapy candle instead of the small candles.So we dont need to keep busy on lightning the fire and cant njoy ourself by eating the moon cake, tidbits,peanuts,pomelo and chinese tea."Moon" watching end about 10.30pm,everyone is so tired and sleepy because of the "HOT" night!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My 1st sip of beer

Last weekend (30/9)we bring u two with us to go for dinner at one of the restaurant in Centre Point.Normally daddy n i will go for a quick dinner than just leave u two with kakak at home.And daddy said now u two had grown up can bring you go kai kai more often.So when we are at the restaurant, daddy order a can of beer for himself,when u two see daddy open the beer, u two like want to taste it.Naughty daddy pass the glass to u and u have a sip,can see from the picture that cruz reaction.Mummy forgot to bring the camera, just took with my camera phone.Didnt manage to take down Fearles reaction,it seems Fearles like to drink beer, he actually take a few sip..heehee!Lucky u two didnt get drunk that night.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Daddy & Mummy - Anniversary

Today (28/9/06) is daddy & mummy 8 years wedding anniversary.We didn't go out for dinner.We postpone it to Sunday nite.Daddy bring me to have dinner at one of the japenese restaurant at Bangsar village.Mizu - Japenese Fine dining.I always like the food there,so far i only been there once.So we went there again on our anniversary.The food there is still very yummy !We order lots of things,my all time favourite - sashimi,Mizu maki ( handroll),Kobe beef,a tea pot clear soup,garlic fried rice,and unagi.Portion is quite big except for that Kobe beef (expensive mah).But we two still njoy very much the dinner,and very full.Thank you daddy!

Penang Trip

Last week sunday (24/9), daddy & mummy bring u two to Penang.This is your first time to Penang,me a bit worried because of the long journey - 4 hours drive.Its actually daddy went for his cycling trip ,than u two & mummy & bro in law & sis in law we follow.Daddy went for cycling with his friends, they met up at Penang,so we go there the main purpose is to eat and do some shopping (night market).

We left at around 4pm, in the car u two still ok,didnt make much noise,and u two fall asleep also, lucky!But after Ipoh about 1/2 hour, Cruz u start vomited (maybe u got car sick?)Or should thanks to the F1 driver - ur daddy? He drove too fast? So on & off u vomit, till u got nothing to throwed out! Poor thing!!Reach hotel around 8pm,faster get u two changed and about to go out for dinner, than daddy suggested to leave u two in the hotel together with kakak, because we are going to some like market place to have dinner,those hawker stall.And maybe u two can have a rest since had been travelling for few hours.I'm a bit angry for not taking u two out for dinner.When we reach at that place, i think is call "Pulau tikus market"? to meet up with daddy some other friends to have dinner.So we start to order what ever we want, before we can order,thunder storm is coming!!!! Yes, no joke, suddenly it just rain cats n dogs.We all got no choice to just stand under those big umbrella wait till the rain stop.All of us got wet, and i saw one family they are haing dinner half way the rain came, and they can't do anything just stand there and continue with their dinner,and their poor baby,maybe got scared by the sudden rain!Cry so loud!And the heavy rain cause them can't leave that place.In my heart i feel, lucky i think bring u two out for dinner..otherwise i can't imagine how!!After dinner, ta pou something for kakak than me & "ku jie" Jean & her boyfriend & sis in law we left first.Need to feed kakak mah!

Reach hotel give kakak dinner than see how u two doing,seeing that u two want to sleep already so mummy didnt bring u out to the night market.Let u two sleep in the hotel.So me & sis in law we want to go to nearby night market to see got anything cheap thing to grab, most important is dvd..heehee..pirated one (oh no!)!!Just before we can step out from the hotel, we saw the wind is so strong like going to blow us away.So we decide to drive there instead of walked there.When we just about to park the car,heavy down pour again!!@#&%#@,what a trip!So we sit in the car to wait for the rain to stop.It getting heavy & heavy,suddenly i ask them " Eh! will it be Sunami come again ah?" The car park is beside the seaside!We waited for 20 mins,seeing all the stall closing one by one,just less than 10 mins all stall closed!No shopping,what a disappoint trip (because we are leaving the next day afternoon).Back to hotel and go bed to sleep.

Next day, daddy wake up as early as 6am want to go for his cycling,u two also wake up and start playing *slap head*.After ding dong ding dong about 1 hour later u two go to sleep again.So me also continue my sweet dream lah!Around 8.30,sis in law call me and ask us to go for breakfast.I saw u two sleep so soundly,dont want to wake u two up,but if dont wake u up than u two got nothing to eat.At least there we can have something for u to eat.After i get myself done, i start kacau u two to wake u up.But u just ignore me, i keep calling u Fearles..Cruz..wake up for breakfast loh!haha!I want u to feel the same how u two disturb my sleep when it still early..heehee *cover mouth* Drag u two out of the bed and bath u than we head to the coffee house to have our breakfast.First time i let u two try the yougurt,u two likes it a lot..keep said "mun mun mun" and finish three yougurts.After breakfast thought bring u two for a swim, so we go back to the room the get change,before we go out from the room,u know what? It start RAIN again!!!@#%&@#&,so no where to go.We bring u two go to lobby walk around and saw there is a play room that u two can play.So i put u & kakak there to play,me & my two sis in law go nearby look see look see, see can get anything or not loh.

Daddy called and said he will be late,wont be back to the hotel so soon.Ask bro in law & sis in law they check out first no need to wait for him (because they want to go to Bukit Tambun to have seafood).After they check out, so only left u two & kakak & me in the hotel.I put u two to sleep again,while waiting for daddy to come back.Wait wait wait till 6.00pm only daddy back to hotel.Quick shower than grab the things and we check out & left Penang.Daddy was too tired to drive, so mummy have to drive all the way back from Penang.Lucky u two very good boy,didnt make any big fuss or vomit or crying.Sleep all the way back to KL.This is the rain rain rain Penang trip loh! What a disappointed trip!