Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What is this?

Can u see what is this?It's not a love bite,not insect bite but is a baby bite!Hahaha!I saw this mark on Cruz's leg,maid told me,Fearles bite him.And Cruz didnt cry and also didnt make noise also.Poor Cruz!I want to jot this down and show to Fearles when he grown up.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Can anyone tell me what happen to my blogspot paragraph thing? Think most of you notice that all my blog are all in one paragraph.I did seperate it paragraph by paragrah,when i review it,it was ok.But when i post,everything goes to one paragraph.It had been so annoying!!! Who can help me??

Friday, November 24, 2006

Sad 18 Months!

Mummy never done monthly development post before,so i decided to blog one on your 18 months old.When i draft the blog last two days,i said i wan to post it on 24/11 the day that u turn 18 months.

Just past midnight,Cruz start crying non stop,i carry him he also dont want,he just cry cry cry and cry.I have no idea what happen to Cruz.After i carry a while,Cruz start "uwak!!"!He is vomitting and he vomit on my body,got rice and milk!Alamak!!And also my bed sheet also kena!Sei la!Fast fast i changed him and wiped him with warm water,after finish with Cruz,i ask daddy to pat Cruz to sleep.

Then mummy went to take shower!!Yes,1.30am in the morning i take shower!After finish my shower,than Cruz look tired,he doze off again!And start Fearles,he also cry cry cry and "uwak"!Oh God!Another time to clean Fearles!This time didnt vomit on me,vomit on daddy pula!So this round is daddy to go shower.HAHA..(fair hor!)

I thought that's all finish,so i put Fearles to sleep again,than come Cruz purging, so smelly and watery.Hey!What happen to two of them oh..eat something wrong??So whole night drama start,Cruz vomit little bit again,Fearles also but Fearles got nothing to vomit liao,just like got wind,keep on uwak uwak but nothing come out,i have to stand by a bowl and put aside.Aiyo!!Whole night just change their clothes and bed sheet and pillow and bolster.Tiring!It keep on till 5.30am only they can sleep through and i only can sleep at that time.

Wake up at 8am call my boss and toll him that i will be coming in late,need to sent my sons to see doctor.Two of u also wake up at 8am,see u two so hungry,(nite time i only feed them water,scared they vomit again).So i make u two milk,Wah!U two finish the whole bottle of milk.Get u two changed than about to go to see the paed,Fearles vomit again on my clothes.Haih! Have to change him and myself again.

Reach at the hospital,see quite a number of people is waiting,even though i went so early b'4 the doctor came!While waiting,Fearles purging again,so i have to bring him to change diapers!After seeing paed,he said they might have eat something wrong.I told him actually is Cruz started first,last two days,first day he vomit,but only two times i thought maybe got wind inside the stomach that's why he is vomiting.Second day,Cruz also got poo,but like watery,and i thought that is wind also since first day he vomit mah!So i am thinking to bring him to see doctor on friday on saturday if still like this.Then doctor told me,oh ya,than that might be Cruz pass the virus to Fearles,that's y both also got food poisoning!!!And i told him almost everyday they are having the same food,but how come will get food poisoning?Paed said "sometime water dirty also will get or maybe food"!

So after went home i call my boss and told him that i need to take EL one day instead of coming in half day.Two of them just cling to me and kakak like glue,cry and whine!Scared my maid cant handle two,i better stay at home.Feed them medicine and salt water than put them to sleep.They are tired and sleep whole afternoon,in between still wake up vomit and purging,i dont know how many clothes they have change in just a day, and can compete with those model who are parading at fashion show!!!Me & maid,busy cleaning dirty laundry and also bed sheets and changing them and cleaning them...walau!! Real tired man!

And u know lately,KL weather not so good,reach afternoon sure rain!And all my clothes have to wait lo!So sien!!When two of u are sleeping, mummy curi some "me" time to check mail,ya,u can ask me why i dont sleep.How to sleep?Maybe too tired till i also become energetic.Only body is tired!When i saw so many mummies and daddies online again,they invite me to conference chat again!I just read through but didnt "participate" haha!

Then i thought since got so many experience mummies online why not i seek some help or some info from them on how to take care sick baby especially those vomit & purging kids!And yes, i receive so many advise,thank you everyone!!Sue suggest that i can give them 100 plus,and Egghead warn me dont give later they will become hyperactive.But at last i still try to give them 100 plus at night!Ask daddy to buy some 100 plus back and i open it and leave it for 1/2 hour to let the gas go first than i pour into the milk bottle.U two sleep early, tired and weak!So pityful,when i saw two of u mummy heart pain!U want to drink milk but mummy cannot give u,u two have to drink salt water for 8 hours,no milk and no food!And that salt water only can give 5oz each hour,each time can drink a few cannot finish all,bit by bit.But how can u two stand the hunger lei,even though paed said salt water can cure hunger.When u see your cousin having dinner (eating rice) u stand near them and said "mummum" "mummum".Expect food from them,and i told your cousins cannot give u two because u two are sick.And when u see milk bottle, u will bring to me and ask me for "nennen" but cannot lei.

I just feel so sad when i see this!By 6pm paed said can give u two little Isomil (soya based milk powder)but have to dilute it like 4oz one spoon!When Cruz saw the milk bottle inside got "nennen" he so happy,no need to drink that white and tasteless drink.After Cruz u had few sip,u dont want,u pass the milk bottle back to me.I think the soya milk not as tasty as what u normal have and mummy somemore dilute the milk powder!!So i had to feed u bit by bit at least drink something.For Fearles,u just one sip u stopped,u dont like it.Mummy have to "force" u to drink,but end up u start screaming & wiggling dont want at all!I tuck u two to bed at around 8pm since u two start whining & crying.Just a short while u two fall asleep!So mummy can have shower and my dinner!!And mummy also sleep so early,around 9.15pm,me also on my dreamland lo!At around 2.30pm,Cruz suddenly wake up,(yes,u two didnt wake up in between)and start giggling and Fearles also wake up,and u two start to play lo!

Hoolo!I just wonder what happen to u two,u two like it already morning,it time to play,Cruz start knocking on the door ask me to open the door and keep calling "kakak,kakak,kakak" and start chasing Fearles around,like having a fun time,screaming,shouting!!(Ya,Egghead u're right!After drink 100 plus will get hyperactive)Mummy already headache seeing u two playing,MIL ur "ma ma" thought what happen,why so noisy in the room.I told her u two start party!!After all,mummy glad that u two back to normal-active and naughty but on the wrong timing la!When u two sick,u're so quiet and not saying a word,or making noise,or running around the house,mummy so not use to see u two like this.(when naughty i want to complain,when quiet me also worry!haih!!!)Fearles & Cruz u two play till 4am and back to sleep again till this morning.

Mummy so happy,because u're back to normal lo,no more vomiting & purging la!Yeah!!!Bye Bye vomit & purging!!Dont want to see u two (vomiting & purging) again!!!!

18 Months

Time flies,my boys turn 18 months old today!Weight & Height not too sure,had not been visiting paed since their 1 year old jab till today!!Good news?Not visiting means two of them are quite healthy no fall sick!haha!*touch wood touch wood!*In between I did bring Fearles to visit his paed,because got fever,but two times there he refuse to sit on that weighing machine,so no chance to get his weight!:(

Fearles got 11 (6 bottom,5 upper)
Cruz(a bit slow)got 8 only (4 bottom,4 upper)


They still drinking milk 8 oz and 4 times a day.And they dont like to eat porridge now, so have to cook rice for them with some soup or some gravy,fish & baked beans.Vegetable so far not yet only give cucumber.And weekend i will cook fusilli (type of pasta with corkscrew shape) for them,they love it!They eat apples,bananas,kiwi,papaya & yoghurt.Fearles picky on food,if he dont like he will puke,Cruz is like eating machine,everything also eat.Whenever he see people eating,he will go near and said "munmun munmun" and expect u to give him some.


Both of you are slow on picking up words,are theyyou two too slow?The most and frequent words that Cruz can said is "kakak" and "yea yea"!*roll eye* So loud and clear,and he can repeat and repeat call u till u answer him.Fearles only know how to call "kakak".Why now no more daddy and mummy lei? *sob sob* Every morning,when two of them wake up and i bring them out from the room they will start calling "kakak,kakak" like telling her,hey! I'm wake up lo!*mummy so jealous* Fearles like to mumbling himself,and he will mumble a whole sentence,(dont know what language he is talking)and he like me to answer him..yes yes boy!*shake head*


U two like running around the house!If mummy at home,u like to play hide and seek with me,mummy have to hide behind the chair and scare u,u two will scream and shout and run and giggling away!U two also like to climb on the chair,climb on the window,lift the small chair or stool,and like to play with tv,dvd player,remote control,and like to sit on the arm of chair and a lot more!!


Fearles always so care for his daddy.When ever daddy want to go out he will get the shoe from the shoe cabinet and put nicely on the floor for daddy!How sweet!But he never do this to mummy lei?Why ah?(mummy got too many shoes to choose!)hahaha!Morning time,when mummy about to go to work,sometime i go to gym i will carry a big bag,so Fearles u insist want to carry the bag for me,but the bag is just too heavy for u to carry.So i have to carry one handle and u carry the other side!And got one time,mummy want to bring u two out to "kai kai",u know the bag that mummy always put ur things inside,u just be so thoughtful or just playful,want to carry bag for me again.Not too heavy but is a big bag,u will imitate me putting the strap on your shoulder and walk.Mummy just can't stop laughing when i see u "carry" the bag.The bag is also about ur height,so u like dragging it instead of carrying it.LOL!Last two nites i saw u (Fearles),also care for didi(Cruz).Cruz drop his "jut jut" (pacifier),and Fearles u saw it and u pass it to mummy because didi is crying and mummy is carrying Cruz.So sweet of u !Mummy think ko ko (Fearles) is more mature and know how to care people & also didi Cruz.


U two dont like to have nap anymore,sometime one day u just have 1 time nap,and very seldom will have 2 times,even though u two wake up early!Sometime as early as 6.30am!*slap forehead*.Nite time u two will sleep on your own cot,by mid night each of u will wake up and want to sleep on our king size bed!Either is koko wake up first or didi wake up later,than will stand on ur own cot and look at us,and start making noise,like telling us u want to sleep on our bed!And u two very smart each time u will hold ur bolster ready and expect mummy to "transfer" u two from the cot to our bed!I tuck u back to ur own cot,u dont want,once i put u on our bed,u two just doze off straight away.*roll eyes*U two and daddy occupied the whole bed..mummy have to sleep at one corner..so "cham"!

New words

last two days daddy teach Fearles to said "cat" & "apple" and to my surprise,Fearles u said it,not clear,u said "cut" & "apole".Hope Fearles u can pick up the words soon & learn more new words.


U two seems dont like to share toys,each time u two will fight over a toy.And either one of u if having jut jut or bolster,and the other one dont have,u also will fight.U will snatch the bolster or will pull the jut jut from ko ko or di di's mouth and put into ur own mouth.Even though sometime,when u two sleep on our bed,and i will place u two next to each other,when one of u wake up and saw the other one still sleeping, u will start disturb him.Especially Cruz,very cheecky,like to pull Fearles's jut jut,or take away Fearles's bolster.Fearles of course will start crying and whine!!

Throw tantrum

Yes,two of u like to throw tantrum,and like to whine when u cant get the things from me.Like when u play the tv remote control and mummy took it away,Fearles u will start open ur mouth wide and cry and whine and both legs kicking on the floor,roll on the floor till u get the things again! Haih!When mummy angry,i scolded u,u even cry more louder!!*shake head* Cruz u also the same,but not as bad as Fearles,u like to cry and lay ur face down on the floor or u like to lean backward,give mummy a shock!

Well,happy 18 months boy boy!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Twins @ Gymboree

Had been a few weeks mummy didnt bring you two go out for a walk,due to mummy laziness,i feel so bad.Today,mummy decide to bring you two to Gymboree to play.Before we go out,it's raining cats & dogs,aiya!Mummy dont want to postpone it again.So i get everything ready,change u two,than when we about to go,rain stop!Yeah!

Reach the shopping centre,so lucky i can get a car park,it always pack on the weekend.Most shopping centre already had X'mas decoration,and can feel that X'mas is jsut round the corner.When two of u,step into the shopping centre,we saw that big & giant size X'mas tree just in front of us.Fearles u got scared! (haha,name u Fearles,it seems u scared of everything)U hold mummy leg so tight and dont let go and keep staring at the big x'mas tree!LOL

We are about 15 mins early at the Gymboree (their play gym is on certain hour only).So after chit chat with staff there,and get u two register than we start to play loh.U two at first a bit puzzle,with so many slide around and got lots of things around.So mummy & kakak bring u two to start with slide first,after a few rounds u two got warm up and start playing.Pour all the balls out from the basket and start kicking the ball.So mummy taught u two how to play "slam dunk" hahaha..At first only two of u in Gymboree,after a while came another pair of twin girl,they also non indentical twin.So two boys n two girls playing around,running, shouting,screaming.Real have a fun time.Mummy is so tired running & chasing behind u two.We spent about one hour in there,after that we left.In the car,u two maybe enjoy too much and play too hard & feel tired.Sit steel in the car with mouth wide open.HAHAHA..so funny!!Mummy hope u two have a great & fun time today.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Makan Makan

Tonight we bring twins to a unique and cozy restaurant to have dinner.Quiet place so twins can run around without having people giving me a kind of look!!haha!That chinese restaurant is at Subang,the restaurant name is "Tang Yuen",it just opposite SJMC.The food there is nice & tasty & yummy-li-cious,service is good,and the enivronment also good.Fearles & Cruz as usual can't sit still on their high chair,want to come down from the high chair,and start running around in the restaurant *faint*!Lucky mummy still can enjoy my dinner! :)Overall rating : 8/10.

Twins attend 2nd birthday party (3/11/2006)

Twins went for 2nd birthday party @ Mcdonald (3/11/2006).It's their cousin sister - Emylyne 6th year old birthday!After back from work,rushing taking shower,dress u two up than we head to Bangsar Macdonald.Party start at 7.30pm,so many kids ruinning around.And Fearles and Cruz,1st time mummy bring u to Macdonald play house.U two like the monkeys just out from the cage! Shouting,running,mix with those kids.And daddy bring u two to play with the slide!At first Fearles so scared (name u Fearles,but it seems u scared everything *slap head*)after few rounds up and down,u seems to enjoy it.Without any help from us u can slide down.And Cruz when u just start it, u love it,u climb up from the slide,and sliding down.And you scared me by walking down from the slide instead of slide it down.Phewwww!Chasing u two up and down,mummy already sweating like mad!But u two still so hyperactive,never stop!And when u two see the Macdonald picture print on the slide,u two go and kiss that picture.So cute and funny,when mummy said kiss again u go again..haha!

When the Mcd mascot come out to play with the kids,i thought u two will like it.Daddy carry u two to play with the mascot, who knows Fearles scared that mascot and start crying.From the picture u can see that Fearles & Cruz hug daddy so hard scared that mascot will eat u up! haha! Lucky no nightmare on that night!

After that,there is play games times.Those kids real enjoy themself,my two little one is still too young to participate on those games.Last,the organiser from the Mcd is teaching those kids with some simple dance movement,after that they dance with the music.U two seeing so many koh koh and jie jie dancing with the music,u two also want to dance! Nodding your head,clapping your hand,waving your hand,try to imitate those kor kor & jie jie way to dance!So cute!After that is the birthday cake cutting.Than we leave after eating the cake,because it's almost 9pm.Its u two sleeping time lo!I think u two also enjoy urself very much tonight!!

Fearles's Weird attitude & Cruz's funny action

See this Cruz,one day when i was at home after work,he show me this.He put the milk bottle cover on his mouth,and he suck it,and the cover will stick on the mouth,and his mouth is like little chicken.So funny!I just cant stop laughing.When he saw me laughing he do it all over again.I thought is kakak taught Cruz,so one night i took the camera,and i ask kakak,u teach cruz this kah? She look at me in puzzle and thinking what am i talking about.When i show Cruz the bottle cover,he do it again,so i snap the photo.And only that kakak realise what am i talking about.Kakak keep telling me she didnt teach Cruz this,scared i scold her.I notice that Cruz always do this kind of thing and make me suprise,those things that you never think of.

While i'm taking picture of Cruz on his play pen with the bottle cover,when i turn round i saw Fearles,he only with his pampers on ,pants already pull down by him and dont know where he throw!OMG!Why this Fearles always like to take off his pants.Especially with his pyjamas pants.Always in the morning u will notice him only with pampers on,or during bed time before he fall sleep,he also do that.Mummy just wonder what happen to this boy huh!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

New Type of Birthday cake

Today is my boss birthday.Have been thinking what to buy for him for the birthday.Every year also just buy him a cake.This year i want to make it a change, instead of cake,i had order Fresh fruit tarts for his birthday.And i place small candle all over the tarts.At least something new.Great idea?Any comment on my new type of birthday cake? My boss like it so much,at least not everytime cake.Haha!And i get a spanish colleague to sing spanish birthday song to him, and give him a kiss.Wahaha! A special birthday celebration this year!Not convenience to post my boss photo.So just the "cake"! :)