Thursday, July 27, 2006

"Rock Star" from Lee's family - Fearles & Cruz

heehee..cute? This picture was taken by daddy, and he didn't tell me, it is when mummy still at work. I only find out this when i load the picture into the computer..

Monday, July 17, 2006

Fearles funny faces

Nowadays, u like to take photos. When everytime u see camera, u will start to "pose" with all kinds of smile..killing smile, naughty smile, or showing ur two big "jagung" front teeth.(refer this link for more picture)

Cruz - see my cheeky look

1st shirt from Daddy

Not said daddy stingy or no money to buy u clothes.But u know are man they don't really bother or care on the dressing so much.(when u two grown up, u two might be the same also) So daddy always leave this important "job task" to mummy to do. Mummy like to bought lot of clothes to u even though i know that u will grown up pretty fast. Daddy always said, don't buy so much, later after two three months u two cannot wear already.But i still can't control myself to buy clothes for u, maybe this is the " woman nature" hee hee. See nice clothes must grab..During our recent trip to Genting, daddy saw these two nice shirts, he said " don't u think this one is nice? ok, buy this two." So this is how u get ur 1st 2 t-shirts from daddy loh!!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Errr..Arrr..Geeerr..on the phone

Mummy notice that two of you like to play with phone a lot..handphone, housephone but not the toy phone ( two of u so smart can differential which is real and which is just toy).HAHA!! As usual last nite i saw Fearles start crawling to the bed side and play with the house phone again, i just watch you, i thought you will just play play with the phone .To my surprise you pick up the receiver, and you put the receiver on your ear and you start talking (baby talk) eerrr..ah ah..ggrrr...Daddy and mummy and kakak couldn't stop laughing when we see you doing this.Its like you know how to answer call.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Fearles Duck-Walking

Fearles start learning how to walk.Yesterday u surprised me by walking six steps, i just opened my mouth so wide & so shock! When i praised u " darling boy, u know how to walk already ah", u put ur both hand cover ur mouth and smile, like so shy ..haahaa!! So cute of u!! And u start want to show off to everyone that u know how to walk.Mummy still can remember when u & cruz just about five or six months old, Di Di (Cruz) already learn how to turn but u, lazy bum (maybe because u're too heavy to move ur bum up) heehee. I thought u're the " ko ko" u should set an example for " di di" and yet " di di " is learning faster than u lei (maybe di di is too light that's y can move fast). Cruz start to crawl and you? still lying on the floor..mummy always said u're lazy don't want to move at all.I just told ur mah mah (my mum), maybe one day u will just surprise me by just stand up and start walking, at that time i think mummy will faint!! Now u already know how to walk (not really steady), and Cruz still not yet.But Cruz like to climb, he is very strong, he got a strong hand. He likes to climb on the window, on mummy dressing chair than he want to take all the things from the dressing table. Mummy can't imagine when two of u know how to walk, mummy sure will like a mad woman running around and catch u two!! Mummy nightmare coming soon!!! Mummy will "announce" that, Fearles is walking at 14 months!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Cruz showing his temper!

Mummy was surprise to see you ( Cruz ) showing your temper last nite!! U're still a baby and u had already know how to express your dissatisfaction. Last nite when mummy reach home from work, as usual i will play with u & ko ko than only i put you two to sleep.When u see me home, you cry and want me to carry you out from ur cot and u want to play. Then i put u on the floor, you start crawling and go to mummy's dressing table, u start to grab all the things whatever that you can reach. I ask you don't touch all those thing you don't listen, after grabbing the things and you start put into your mouth n bite. I beat you, but u just ignore. Daddy scold and ask kakak to put u back into the cot, you start crying, screaming, shouting, you cry so badly, kakak feel pityful wanted to carry you, but daddy said no. Ask us to look at you, kakak put the jut jut into your mouth but you throw it out, and you take the bolster, pillow and all throw out, to show us that you are angry!! After a while, mummy carry u out ( scared u will vomit ).You laid on mummy's shoulder and sobbed! Poor baby!! I pat u to sleep, i whisper in ur ears " baby boy, you cannot be so bad temper ah! Mummy and daddy want u to learn how to be patience, and not simply just show out your temper when we don't allow you to do something."