Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Spaghetti Bolognese

This is all the ingredients that u need. very simple right? Either u can use Preggo or Leggo. (I like to use Preggo)

This is after cook...

Da da da da!!!! This is the Spaghetti Bolognese loh!! (forgot to put parsley on top! Oooops! look ugly)

some mince meat ( pork or beef or chicken)
1 tsp chopped garlic
1 packet of pasta
One bottle pasta sauce (Preggo or Leggo)

Marinade (mince meat):
sesame oil, pepper, light soy sauce, sugar

Put two litres water in a saucepan, add salt and bring to boil. Than add in pasta into the boil water for 10 mins. While waiting for that 10 mins, u can do the sauce. In a clean frying pan, add some olive oil and fry garlic. Than add in minced meat that had already marinade for about half an hour than fry it till u can smell the fragant and a bit dry, than add in the pasta sauce, simmer for a while. Pour sauce over pasta and serve immediately with a garnishing.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mummy new bicycle

Daddy had bought a new bicycle for mummy (actually not really for mummy, is for me to cycle u two around to "makan angin"). It had been there for about two weeks already, mummy lazy to cycle and also the weather is so hot lately, even though is in the evening.
Today, mummy make up my mind, should bring u two go round with the bicycle, at the same time mummy also can keep fit mah! heehee..(one stone kill two birds). So around 6pm today, mummy take out the bicycle and ride. Mummy practice for a few rounds first, before bring u around with me. (Aiya, after so so many years didn't cycle, of course must practice lah, otherwise it will be too dangerous to let u sit behind me). When ready, mummy bring Fearles with me first, he sit quietly behind me, maybe u're too scared or u are njoying the scenarios? hee hee (normally is daddy will bring u two around, today mummy first day bringing, u must be thinking mummy ok or not ah? scared scared) :) One round back, than mummy bring Cruz with me this time, he is talking to himself when sitting behind me, and he said "yeah yeah yeah", maybe Cruz trust more on mummy cycling skill kua..haa haa haa! After few rounds bring u two arounds, mummy already sweat a lot!! Not bad oh..new exercise for me to keep fit. LOL!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

My lovely twins

Time flies, two of u had grown up so much already..Now ko ko (Fearles) can walk pretty good already, but di di (Cruz) still in learning stage.Two of you really busy nowadays, walking around..touch this, touch that, everything u also want to hold want to touch. Climb up and down, climb the window, climb on the table, so hyperactive till me and kakak also headache. Two of u can speak single word, but mostly is "pa pa", Cruz like to call "pa pa" a lot. When everytime i ask u to call me "mama" u will said "papa" i repeat "mama" u go "papa" again. *roll eyes* Last week friday (4/8) night when mummy pat u to sleep, Cruz suddenly call me "ma ma", i so delighted by that word. I ask u to call me again, but u refuse to call me again..*sob sob*. Fearles, i hardly hear u talk, u always like to scream and shout, or sometime mumbling urself. Sometime u will said "Aiya" or when we call u .."Fearles," u will answer us "um" no matter how many times we call ur name u still answer us back "um"..so cute. Cruz talk a lot, not exact word but just single word. Sometime he will call "kakak", our "kakak Fatma" so happy, she is in cloud nine already. I also get jealous, Cruz u call kakak more than mama lei. Sometime u will call " yea yea" (My FIL), he so happy, now he carry u more than "ko ko" liao, ( so realistic). Anyway, "ko ko" still "ma ma" heart liver precious, haa haa haa!!

Sometime i will think myself whether two of you are learning slow or what, till now still don't really talk n speak, i'm a bit worry also..hmmm!! Maybe u two want to surprise me by saying one whole sentences, and make mummy faint? *cover mouth* Just like mummy wrote before Fearles is lazy bum but he will always give u surprise..

Now at night time when mummy give u milk, Cruz will always hold the milk bottle himself, but Fearles, as usual he is the boss, he is lazy, he want me to hold for him, and he can continue his sleep cum drinking the milk. *roll eye*

Lately, u Fearles, when u see mummy or daddy wear nice nice clothing, u know we are going " kai kai" - (go out), u will glue to us and want us to carry u, hope that we can bring u out also. Even when mummy goes to work every morning, u just like the alarm clock, just b'4 i can step out from the house u will automatically wake up and u start crying, u want to follow me, when mummy see this i feel so "heartpain" lei, i will always tell u , mummy go to work, and will come back early tonight and play with u. Cruz will be always smilling and wave bye bye to me.*sad* Mummy mostly will come home sharp from work, except for two days will be late, mummy go to gym. If no gym day, definetly mummy will " fly" back sharp to see u two. Every time when mummy reach home two of u will welcome me with a big smile on ur face n walk or crawl to me and want me to carry u two. Mummy had trained myself how to carry u two in my both hands ( no choice, if i carry one of u, the other one will make noise)!! Normally mummy will play with u two than put u two to bed, only after that mummy will hv shower and take dinner. That will be mummy will hv my own time to read some magazines, do mask & etc. Haih! This is mummy life loh...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

August - "Bankrupt" Month

August always is my bankrupt month..why must everyone born on August huh.??


3rd - Vivian & Jean ( my sis in law)

17th - My MIL

18th - Julia & David (my brother)

24th - My mum

29th - Janet Chan

30th - Collen Cheong

Hmmmmm!! Anyway, happy "Bird" Day everyone!!