Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Baby Fair II

Wanted to post in last post but dont know what happen to blogger cannot post many picture,so post in this post and have to load one by one..:(
See this is what i get the free stuff from the baby fair and also the things that i bought.Notice that one of the bib with sesame cartoon? So far i haven't seen any of this type of bib, i found it very cute.

Mummy & Twins on Magazine Cover?

Mummy & twins on magazine cover? Yeah!No lah, i bring u two to 2nd baby fair at mid valley from 22nd - 24th Sept.My sis in law & me & twins & maid,we went on Saturday morning,quite early at about 11.30am, but there is already lots of ppl!!At the main entrance we can just bought the magazines,parenthood or mother & baby & ect, we can take the picture and print it on the magazine cover.Just a photo not real in magazines lah!Before the photographer took the picture,i ask aunty Venus to take the picture for us first, only after that the photographer took.Cruz cant sit steel,move here & there and want to come down,so we only took one picture.Haih!See that Fearles showing his big teeth!!My own camera took better lei! heehee! So here goes "We on magazines cover" loh!
There is so many booths,baby food,baby wear,kids education stuff,stroller and many many things.And we got lots of free gift for u two to try out.And mummy also bought 4 pyjamas for u,and some bib.And guess what?I go for a blood test for only RM10 lei,and within 1 hour i got the results.But just a normal test like cholesterol,Glucose, bad & good cholesterol,Triglycerides.

While waiting for the photo to print out and my blood test result,we went for lunch first.Cant find any porridge in one of the chinese restaurant there so we just had rice and first time i feed u Fearles & Cruz rice with "char siew" gravy. Cruz like a lot, u took half a bowl.And Fearles u very choosy, u dont really like, u only like to drink milk,so u only take 1/4 bowl.

When we back to the baby fair exhibition hall, it's already "people mountain people sea".Get the picture and the results,and went around and look see look see agian.And end up i buy more things loh!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dirty Diapers

Yesterday you two surprise me with something!Not a gift or anything, but by throwing your own dirty diaper into the dustbin.When i about to get ready to change you and put you to sleep last night, kakak Fatma told me and watch what is Fearles doing.She change Fearles diaper, and give him the dirty one,Fearles you hold the dirty diaper and walk toward the dustbin, and you throw it inside.From living room to the kitchen dustbin, and u know where is the dustbin, i just follow behind you,and see you do it..haha,Bravo!!son,i'm so amaze, even just this small little thing.It already make me so happy, forgot all the tiredness.Right after that i do the same thing to Cruz, i change him and give him the dirty diaper, see what he is doing with that, he also hold that and walk his way to the kitchen and throw it into the dusbin,and the diaper like "sengget" on one side (inside got some other rubbish)so Cruz u pick it up again and throw it again, make sure it's in the centre and its INSIDE the dustbin.I give you two a big big clap and said "good boy & clever boy" you two also very happy, clap the hand together with me and kakak Fatma.Hmmmm! Kakak had give you two some training huh and give mummy a surprise..:)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Twins attend Sebastian 1st birthday party

After seeing so many blogs on babies going for their first birthday party,finally here you go!!Fearles & Cruz this is you two first birthday party you attend.Sebastian-ur mummy close friend & ex colleague Janet's son.It's very excited to bring you two to attend the party.Today,mummy make sure you two had enough sleep in the day time otherwise you two will be doze off by 8.00pm.At 5.30pm mummy and kakak feed you two porridge first than bring you to bath.Get everything ready and wait for daddy back from cycling than we can go for party loh.It's raining heavily in the evening, we leave the house around 6.45pm,on the way to Klang (where aunty Janet stay)its terrible jam, we caught in the jam for about half and hour after that all the way smooth to Klang.In the car, maybe Cruz not get use on daddy "F1" driving skill, you voumit! All the porridge u had all thrown out..ARGH! mummy & kakak are busy cleaning up the messy, and ko ko Fearles look at you and open his mouth widely (yawning) like nothing happen!He nearly fall sleep in the car.Finally we reach at aunty Janet house, all mummy old friends which had not seen for sometime is already there.I'm the latest one!!When you two just arrive there, can't get use to see so many stranger and not know the place well, u just cling to me & kakak,want us to hold you.But after a while, you can walk around and play.After daddy had his three big rounds meal, i pass one of u to daddy, ask him to take care so mummy can enjoy the yummy & delicious food and chit chit chat chat with my long time no see friends.Update & *8* some news that i had left out...heehee as usual loh.We left there about 9.45pm, in the car when we are back, Fearles & Cruz is already doze off, no need "jut jut" no need pat, just sleep like that. So good!!U two sleep all the way home.Reach home, we carried you down and wanted to change you and put you back to sleep again.But when mummy and kakak just take off your pants, u two wake up, and start playing again, but the eyes like can't open wide, half open half close, tossed and turned (mummy did manage to take some photo, but not enough space for mummy to post here, please refer to http://phicholQ.multiply.com to see "my pet pet" photo there).After giving milk to you, you two went straight to see "grandpa chou" liao!! Yeah!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Monday, September 11, 2006

shower time 8xx

This is u two favourite time - shower time.Still can see Fearles mickey mouse nose..heehee

Mickey Mouse

Last Friday Nite,Fearles you as usual so naughty, mummy ask u to sleep, u just too busy walking around,with your "busuk" bolster.When i off the light, i heard a big bang on the carpet floor,follow by a big cry from u.I quickly run to you and see whether there is a big "bungalow" on your forehead or not.Lucky there's none, see u rubbing your head,with your tears dropping down and with your mouth open so big,you must be very painful!!By telling not to be so naughty you always dont listen to me.I scolded you and rubbing your forehead,i feel heart sick!*sigh* After you cried sometime,you feel tired and fall asleep.Next day morning, when i wake up i saw a small black patch on your nose, right on the centre!! HAHA! Just like Mickey Mouse!So bad of me,after seeing your nose got hurt still laugh at you! Bad mummy!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ah ma - mummy

Fearles u delighted my day today!First thing in the morning when u saw me u call me "MUMMY".Yeah! Finally ko ko (Fearles) can call me! U still not yet learn how to call anyone,the most word u like to said is "Aiya","Hey","Arg"!Not really a proper word.Sometime u will "mumble" urself,speaking the language that i dont understand? Last few days when u see me, u call me "Ah Ma" "Ah Ma" i ask u , eh! u orang india kah? call mummy "ah ma"? heehee.So i tell u call me mummy or mimi or mama.Cruz, u always like to call kakak, yea yea (My FIL),"mama" only once in a blue moon,when u're in the good mood than u will call me.*sigh* Last nite i saw u play with the phone again, when u pick up the receiver, u start calling "yea yea", so funny.Last time u use to call daddy a lot, but not lately.Daddy must be very sad! haha!Because now daddy spent more time on his bicycle rather than u two mah!Even though now daddy spent less time with u two, but everytime when u see him at home, u two will go to daddy n hug him and play with him.Maybe this is so called Father n son kua..:)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Oh! Fearles - Part II

When i wrote this, Fearles u already in ur dream land loh!!ZZzzzzz!Tonight, surprisingly, u are such a good boy, maybe u can sense that mummy is a bit tired on putting u to bed every-nite, so u feel bad and want to be good boy liao? heehee! When i reach home from gym tonite, as usual u & Cruz always busy walking around,climb the table,on the tv n off the tv & etc.When u two see me back, u two always greet me with ur lovely smile and come n hug me, so sweet!Me telling kakak tonite let two of u sleep a bit late, let u two play to the max than u will feel tired will fall asleep easily. But no, like normal time around 8pm, u two start yawning, rub ur eyes, so me and kakak change u , make milk and put u two to bed.Kakak always will "goyang" Cruz to sleep, and left u small little monster to me to handle.U will drink milk, after finish u will start to play again, this is what make mummy headache about u lately.Tonight after u finish milk u start want to play again, i put u back to ur own crib,u start crying! I just ignore u, i sleep on my bed and watch u, u tossed n turned n tossed n turned n stand up and look at me (the crib just opposite my bed)and this go a few round,i just didnt make a move and just watching u. After kakak put Cruz to sleep,she want to carry u, u dont want her, u want me to carry u, so i start pat u to sleep,i rock u, but u still move here n there like the position still not "ngam"!After a while, i'm tired i just put u on the floor, let u walk around, u walk towards a big pillow that we place on the floor, u just sleep on it.There u go, finally u are on ur dreamland!!Sweet dream baby!!

Oh! Fearles

Fearles, u had been very playful lately. And u likes to show tantrum a lot, I also don’t know why. Now u like to climb every where, last time is Cruz been very naughty and recently had change to u - Fearles, haih! And Fearles is double double naughty & active than Cruz nowadays. Every night when put u to sleep is a problem now, u use to be so good,after drinking milk and u will hold ur “busuk” bolster and sucking ur “jut jut” than u will fall sleep urself, so easy, no need to pat u, rock u or sing to u . I always be proud that u’re a big boy already, u can sleep urself. But nowadays, after u drink milk, even how sleepy u are, u will still climb down from our bed and walk around the room, even without any lights in the room, only some light from the street, u still manage to do so. U always like to stand at the edge of our bed (act like a stunt boy) and look at ur brother –Cruz (in the crib already sleep ) , start disturb him.*faint* So Cruz will wake up again and play with u . It always take me & kakak some time only can put u two to bed and sleep.
Tantrum – Yes, u like to throw tantrum, when u want something or want me to carry u, if I don’t do so, u will start crying, lying on the floor, start kicking both leg on the floor, or sometime will lie on the floor with the face facing down and start crying. I don’t like to see this, and I also tell u don’t show your temper like that, but u still do so. (Help! Can anyone tell me how to correct his character like that? ) Or is it most of the toddlers will have this kind of growing process? Or is he been spoilt too much? I do hope that Cruz won’t be like that, one of my friend did tell me, twins they will exchange their character, few months this one will be good another one will be naughty and another few months later will change again. OMG! I hope it is not true, otherwise I will jadi “kuku” liao! *sigh*