Monday, December 18, 2006

Blog Break!!!

I will have a blog break!Not that i'm going for holiday (i wish that for so long already)Its because...........I GOT NO MORE MAID TO HELP ME!!!MY MAID "RUN AWAY"!

When i just planned nicely last week that i will have 5 days off (to clear my annual leave,thurs till monday).But just nite before (13/12 - Wed),when i was having my dinner i receive a call from Indonesia.Someone speak to me with indon malay said they need my maid go back to Indon,because her mum is very sick.I hardly understand what she is talking about,i just knew that she told me,my maid's mum very sick and they need her to go back for about 2-3 days.I just pass the call to my maid and let them talk.Suddenly i just saw my maid crying,saying her mum pass away already at 5pm,because she got brain cancer.I dont know how true is it,as i know is her mum also work here in shah alam.So she said she want to go back the next day.So i said fine.Wanted to get her a flight she said no,she can take ferry to go back.In my heart i was thinking,your mum passed away but u dont want to take flight u want to take ferry,take longer time to reach home? Didnt question her much,just do booking and let her go the next day.Why i said she "run away"? Because day before,my sis in law money was missing.At that time only she and my maid at home.And she keep saying is my maid who steal it.To be frankly,till today i still trust my maid lei!!!Should slap me and make me wake up?

Anyway,right the next day morning she left,and till today it's already the 5th day,no news from her.And me is become crazy and tired and restless for five days already.Need to take care the two little one,and two of them just too clingy!!!I only can do some housework when they sleep!!Haih!!And i need to apply unpaid leave,i cant go to work,no one help me to take care my sons.Now i'm getting a new maid,i dont care whether my old maid still come back or not.But they told me i need to wait for about 2-3 times!!Sei la!Now thinking getting a temp maid first than wait for the new maid to come.Or alternative way is put my sons at the nursery.

Aaaaarrrgggg!!Why all these happen at year end!And now i'm in the new dept,year end is the most busy month and now also near to the month end!Sei mou Sei mou!!Me just too stress stress stress!!!Stress than work!Now i know i cant be SAHM!!Five days is really killing me,i think more to come before my new maid arrive!Wish me luck!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Blogger mummy another meet up

Saturday morning usually i will wake up late,somemore had been lack of sleep for past two weeks (my sons sick).9.30am,my handphone ring,there is a message,i read.Oh! Angie (Oscar mum)sent me sms ask me whether can meet up with Alice (Angeleyes)& LaundryAmah for lunch or not,because Alice is going back to Penang tomorrow (Sunday)but Angie herself not joining us.After think think,today i got nothing to do,so i told her,yes i am ok with the meet up.

Last minute call Sasha,ask her can join us or not,she is not free.Ok,never mind,i call Yvonne (Baby Khong),because i promise want to pass her the gymboree voucher.One stone kill two birds ma,we can meet her for the first time and also i can pass the voucher to her..hehe!(I just wondering myself,why every gathering also got me there hor? Me too keepo or me too free or me nothing to do?)hahaha.So those who wants to join us for the last minute "meet up",make sure u all dont be so "stingy" to give out ur handphone number so that we can contact u all for the "last minute" meeting up. :)We always like to do it last minute one,no planning in advance.

We are meeting up at Bangsar Village - Delicious for lunch.As usual weekend most place are pack with people.Lucky we did manage to get a table for 6 adults and 5 kids!LaundryAmah with Kieran,Yvonne with Brae,Alice with Darrius and her PiggyBeng,me with my two boys and maid.Real havoc!

Kieran happily running around with my two boys,and Brae and Darrius sit steel on the high chair.But on & off we can hear Darriues extremly sharp screaming sound!Before we meet up with Alice,she did tell us that her Darrius like to scream a lot!But we tot ya,most baby also scream,but i know why Alice warn us before.LOL!
Brae is so cute,he like so smile a lot,when u call him,he will show u his cheecky smile.So adorable!Kieran maybe too boring because no one is around his age can play with him,so he start playing himself.He sit upside down,with the leg on the chair,and the head is on the floor.I got a shocked when suddenly i saw a pair of leg is hanging on the chair,and where is that Kieran?When i look down (underneath) the table,he give me a smile.haha!And he is also another chatterbox,sit beside me can talk non stop with me.haha!And of course we adults enjoy the food in Delicious.Yummy yummy till we forgot to take the picture.But we did took each other photos,those patron who dine in the restaurant,must be wondering why this group of mummies and daddy taking photos non stop.Pppssstt!Tell u all a secret,Laudryamah show us her photo that took with her Sony T50 with make up on,walau!She is Malaysia Sammi Cheng!No joke!hahaha!Anyway we have a great time!! Our gathering finish at 4pm!

After everyone left,me and my two boys and my maid to do some groceries shopping.Fearles and Cruz refuse to sit on the shopping trolley,and i didnt bring their stroller too.End up i have to carry Fearles and maid have to carry Cruz and myself need to push a shopping trolley and do shopping.After putting some groceries inside the trolley and me force my two boys sit inside the trolley.When at the cashier counter,i'm about to paid the money,i put all the things at the counter for the cashier to punch the price,Fearles so keepo,he put back all my things to the trolley again.I take out he put it back.*roll eye* Than he take out the bread and start bitting it without open.*faint* My boy ah my boy,mummy dont know want to laugh or want to smack u!!Haih!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Daddy Birthday!

Today is daddy birthday,mummy had think what to buy,cracking my head!!End up mummy had just order a cake for daddy.A cake? I know daddy don't like to eat cake,he only take ice cream cake,so i tot maybe i can get him a special design cake,he can satisfy by looking at the cake and we (mummy & other family members) can enjoy eating the cake.I order this cake from mama min if u read Sasha Tan (the hottest celebrity in blogsphere),than u will know who is mama mim.haha!

The cake is very unique and very big!Daddy got a surprise,he didnt expect me to give him this as "present"!We went out for dinner at Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant in Plaza Damas together with my brother (he is in town).Mummy didnt bring Fearles & Cruz,because two of u still sick.So u two stay at home with kakak,what a pity!

After dinner,we back home and cut the cake.Most family member sleep already,so only me,daddy and SIL#3 around,so we just sing and blow the candles.:)Overall daddy like his birthday cake very much!And he even post it on his own rider web to show off!haha!Let other riders to envy him that he get this special cake from mummy!

Last but not least,mummy want to wish daddy "Happy Birthday"!!May all his wish come true and stay young,stay cool,stay healthy forever!And i also want to wish Kieran (Laundry Amah's prince),Tracy and Anita (my brother's wife) happy happy happy birthday!!!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Charcoal Bay Beer Garden

Last weekend,me & my hubby went for dinner @Charcoal Bay at Jalan Conlay.We did went there few times,but didnt took any picture when we are there to have dinner.This beer garden just located beside that Restaurant Seafood Paradise in Tracy's Blog.This is a good place to have BBQ food,RM48 for 2-3 person.Those like Korean BBQ but they are using charcoal,so the taste also nicer!And we also can njoy the soup (can see from the picture).Anyway we are njoying the food!Maybe we can have a gathering there next time? Kids can run around there.haha!While adults can njoy the food!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Hectic weekend!

I always love weekend!I can sleep till late,i can do my own things on weekend like go for pedicure,having breakfast with friends,go for hair cut & ect.Last weekend had promised my friend i will go to her house and cook spaghetti,because she bought some pasta from Switzerland during her honeymoon trip.She invite three of us (me & another two friends),than we decide to have something like "pot luck".I cook spaghetti and mashed potatoes at her place,(pasta & mashed potatoes need to serve hot baru nice ma!).My another two friends will be making fruit salad and agar agar (jelly).The house owner is making yam cake and ABC soup.yummy!

Friday night,Fearles start fall sick again,flu & coughing!Oh dear!Why sick again?Me as usual have sleepless night again with a sick toddler.He cry and cry and whine the whole night!I have to feed him water,check the temperature,feed him medicine.Feed him medicine like putting a fight with him,he just refuse to take the medicine!!And Cruz is sleeping,lucky he didnt wake up by Fearles big scream and cry.Early morning Saturday,i call the clinic and make the appointment to see doctor.Lucky,no long queue this round,reach there is my turn.Paed said nothing serious,just normal cough and flu and get some medication.

Reach home,bring Cruz and maid(i only bring Fearles to see paed)and get ready head to my friend's house.Thinking bring them out,even though Fearles is having flu!(Bad mummy)!We arrived there quite late,we suppose to be there at 11am so we can cook for lunch.Because i bring Fearles to see paed so delayed till 12.30pm.Start cooking and get everything ready,lucky i have marinated the meat,so i just cook.Within one hour time we have a wonderful lunch to eat lo!And my boys are happily destroying my friend's house!!Sure she had regretted to invite this two monster to her house.hahaha!!

After coming back from my friend house,Fearles & Cruz are tired,bath them and give medicine to Fearles,as usual he is putting a big fuss,refuse to take medicine.And Cruz seeing Fearles is having medicine he also want,he keep said "mumum mumuum" i told him this is medicine,ko ko sick,u're not sick so no need to have medicine and he start crying and whinning!Haih!Headache!After reading (i forgot which mummies blog already,saying the kid drank the whole bottle of coughing syrup),remind me that must keep the bottle cap closed!!If no later Cruz will gulp down a bottle of fever medicine!

As usual,again a sleepless nite for me.But Fearles is good boy tonight.When he cry i carry him and give him water.When i told him "mummy give medicine"? He keep quiet,when i feed him medicine,he just drank it.Yeah!No more forcing? He even drank three types of medicine without making a noise.Good boy!Fearles!

Backdated : Sad Day! (30/11)

When i reach office in the morning,i am still happily having my breakfas,than check my mail,than only i start my work.My boss call me on my phone and said want to see me,i go to his room.His face look so serious,than he told me,me going to transfer to HR Dep!I was like "HAR?Me transfer to HR Dept?Why me?And i dont have any experience on HR things too!Why so sudden?"all the question pop up in my mind.My boss couldn't answer me,because is not his decision,is the company decision.He told me the HR director will tell me,he just want me to get ready to receive this "shocking news"!

Maybe it's not a shocking news,but to me,yes lo!HR manager & HR director see me in their rooms,and told me that i will be transfer to HR dept tomorrow (1/12).Short notice!Yes very short notice,that's y i couldn't make up my mind.They told me,someone from HR resign,and they dont want to employ anymore new staff,they just transfer staff from internal.Hmmmmm!Real a new challenge to me!And i know once i transfer i will work longer time and maybe i need to come back on weekend during the month end!So i will have less time to be with my boys already.I'm struggle!On the advantage side is i can learn new things,more challenging work,a new progress for myself to looking forward.On the other hand,i will have less time to chat on msn (heehee),and blog hopping and less time for my sons.I'm having a really bad mood today!So i told them i will think about it first.They agree to give me time to think.

Such a lousy day!It seems everything went wrong today!Reach home,taking my shower,half way no electricity!!*&%$%#$&% what a day!!About 1 hour,power supply is back!So change both Fearles & Cruz and want to tuck them to sleep.Fearles vomit!Because daddy play too hard with him and Fearles just finish his milk.So daddy blame kakak for giving u two too much things to eat till u vomit.Mummy,so angry for daddy unreasonable blaming!So we start arguing!!!Mummy so mad!After u two sleep,me also went to sleep without taking my dinner!Why all men are like this,or is it only my man is like that?Wont listen to us,even i already so sad for the whole day,thought can tell him my problem and hope he can give me some advise or can cheer me up.But no!He add more "spice" to my fire!!He is not listening to my complain,he is not confort me!!I'm very sad i just want someone listen to me,to my "ngam ngam cham cham"!! I should sing that song by Daniel Powter - Bad Day!