Sunday, December 30, 2007

1st diaperless training

Shame on me or call me lazy mummy, my boys already in their 31 months old, but they still on diapers. I decide give them "diaperless" last two days. Since my son's nursery closed for a week plus for Christmas & New Year, so they are at home with my "blur sotong" maid. "Blur sotong" maid, means i will be worry if i left my boys at home with her the whole day.

Plus & minus the Saturday & Sunday and Public Holiday i didn't take a lot leaves, i took one day off last Friday to just stay at home with my boys. Day start with shower them and not give them diapers to wear. I keep remind them tell me when they want to "shi shi" or "umm umm" and i keep pointing the potty and tell them "shi shi" and "umm umm" at potty. At first Fearles still can tell me "mummy, shi shi", i give him potty. But for Cruz, he is too excited having nasi lemak as breakfast together with me and watching tv, within few hours he had wet 4 pants. When i change him, i remind him again, telling him, cannot shi shi on pants, must tell me. When come to afternoon time, i put them to nap, i give them diapers again, as i don't want them to wet the bed. Training just start half a day..hmmmmm..i think train them diaperless will be easier for me compare to wean them off their "jut jut". Since it's my day off, i took sometime to cook for the family too! Do u like my yummy-licious dishes? Don't said i cook too much meat, in fact it is. Hahahahaha, of course there is a vegetables and soup.

Cruz having "nasi lemak", and his "computer"

They are not having tooth ache, this is when i ask them to
post for me

"Foochow" Rice wine chicken

Butter chicken

Sweet & sour pork ribs

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Backdated : Attend a birthday dinner (8/12/07)

Few weeks ago, we attended a birthday dinner for a little girl who turn one year old. The little girl's father is my hub very good buddy, childhood friend, till last few years they move to Cheras, so we hardly meet up for drinks and hang out. Lately, we make it a point, try to meet up once a while and let the kids play together.

The little girl's sister look familiar? Yes, that is the family that we went to PD together during Hari Raya. Now, she and my boys getting more familiar since we have a few outing together.

The birthday dinner is at one of the chinese restaurant in Cheras, if i'm not mistaken is call "chui han" same row as Cowboys, the food is so yummy! Sorry, no pictures as me is too busy eating. The restaurant is not too big, and as usual after a while sitting on the high chair, my boys get bored, and they decide to get down from the high chair and run around. *sigh* Well, just a small birthday dinner get together, all is close relatives and close friends. My boys got excited when come to birthday cake singing and cutting. They never get bored on singing "happy birthday" song & blowing candles. From the pictures, u can see how Cruz put his hand while taking picture with Suet Yuet, she is one year older than my boys, but when three of them stand together, they all like same age.hahahahahaha

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Going Holiday?

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy 30 + 1 months & Merry X'mas!!

How time flies, blink blink my boys already turn to their 31st months yesterday. Yea, i 'm busy lately and also lazy due to holiday season. Got a lot backlog post and also tags, hope i can find more time to write, please bear with me.

What did my boys had achieve so far? Hmmmmm..getting naughty and cheeky day by day, and still always drive me up the wall, most of the time i still have to scream & scold (bad mummy)!

I can said, Cruz had a lot improve on his vocab, even though he is consider a bit slow compare to other kids, but i don't care, at least he speak. He pick up a lot words from school or from us. On the other hand, Fearles is a bit slow on his vocab, he speak not as much as Cruz.

Cruz can speak three language, English, mandarin and Malay. He said "change baju" when we want to go out, he said he want to drink "air", when he want his water. When he want to show us or his kor kor Fearles something, he will said "look, mummy look" and lately he love to said "come on", "swimming", "dianasor", when he is full he will said "bu yau" or "dont want" or "bou bou (full)". He also love to ask "where kor kor or where jie jie?" and with his hand sign (with both palm face up. When he accidently knock something he will said "adui". Two of them greeted everyone "good night" when they sleep. From their friends in the school till all the family member. They will said "Good night teacher" "Good night sasha"( oh this sasha not our famous blogger mummy sasha, she is my boys school friend) Leha, Sara, & ect. Notice why they only remember all the girls name ar? No boys? I also wonder why, hahahahahahaha!

Start from a month ago, two of them will rotate to "crawl" to my bed and sleep with me at night, sometime i even didnt realise when they "crawl" over. Sometime it will be Fearles or sometime will be Fearles. Night time when i put them to sleep, they will want me to sleep in between them, Cruz will always pat his pillow and said "mummy, come oi oi" ask me to sleep on his pillow together with him.

One midnight, I didn't realise when Cruz crawl over to my place and sleep with me and because i sprain my neck day before, so i move myself to sleep on another pillow instead of sleep one pillow with Cruz. When Fearles wake up in the morning, he saw Cruz sleep beside me, he got jealous, (yes, two of them always fight who sleep with me, real headache), he make some fake cry, so i ask him to come over and sleep with me on my pillow. Then, this cheeky Cruz suddenly offer his kor kor Fearles to sleep on his pillow, he said "kor kor, come oi oi" he pat his pillow so this innocent Fearles go to Cruz place and sleep. While Fearles laid down on the pillow, Cruz quickly walk over to my place and sleep with me on my pillow, you said how cheeky is my boy is? So this kind of incident always make me wide awake, how to sleep a little bit longer during weekend?

Their diet, still the rice and soup and with some meat. Two of them is meat lover, never like vegetables. *sigh* Weekend i will cook them some porridge. As for Cruz, he is a typical malaysian, he love curry, nasi lemak and roti canai. Fearles can't take any spicy food, he only love cake or bread, rice or porridge. Hardly try out the new food, he eat roti canai too, but not as much as Cruz, and he dont dare to try nasi lemak. He will tell me "mummy, hot hot", when he see the food is red colour he will indicate that is "hot".

Weight and height not too sure, as our last visit to paed is quite sometime ago (touch wood) which is a good news? But yesterday X'mas eve, Fearles start coughing and having flu and today Cruz also start having flu. *sigh sigh*

My boys school is closed for a week plus for the X'mas and the new year, at the mean time they are at home with the maid. Yesterday while i'm working, (yea, i did't take leave as one of my colleague is long leave so i have to do her work) hub is off yesterday, so he took the boys for a quick swim at the public pool nearby our place. At least they spend some bonding time together, yes, they do have a great time, when i reach home, my boys keep telling me "swimming swimming swimming".

Last night we have a great time together, didn't go anywhere, just go for Macdonald for dinner and back home we got gift exchange within our family members, this is yearly affair, and i bought some gifts for the boys too and a X'mas cake with some candles which they love to sing "happy birthday" and blow the candles. hahahahaha..X'mas cake with candles and with "ha de de to u" this is the way they said happy birthday!

Here i would like to wish everyone Merry Merry X'mas and Happy New Year!!!!

p/s: sorry this post is a bit out of title. hahahahaha

Monday, December 17, 2007

Backdated : SIL's Wedding Day (Amended)

This is the long long overdue post. Ya, blame on the year end holiday season, so many activities and also busy at work, that make me lack of update, thank you for those who still visit my blog always, please bear with me, i hope i can update my blog as often as i can.

The only one family photo

BIL's wife, me & vivian

the main table set up

toasting time - notice my two monkeys there?

Cruz receive "ang pow" from "ku jie"

Fearles receive "ang pow" from " ku jie"

the happy couple

Finally all done..

SIL's wedding dinner is on 2nd Dec (ya, two weeks ago)at Prince Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Not much pictures to share, this is only the few.

We are there around 5.45pm to stand by, because there is an evening cocktail before the dinner start. My online store biz partner are there to help up too, i didnt do much (hahahaha), because i'm too busy running behind the boys! Beside than running, they want me to carry them throughout the night.Hubby was busy entertaining the guest, and so do BIL's and their wife.Me and my maid sit inside the ballroom, while waiting for all the guest to arrive. I have bring toys and foods to keep my boys busy, make them to sit on the high chair, that at least keep them good for about 1 hour before the wedding dinner start.Everything went well, because we get a three piece band to sing through out the dinner and Cruz is busy looking at the sexy leng lui (pretty and sexy singers) and he call them "ham sup" again! hahahaha After the 2nd course dish, my boys start want to come down from the high chair, they want to run around, and our table is next to the stage and beside the main table.Everyone is looking at them, they went to the main table and look for the "ku jie - SIL" keep call her "jie jie, jie jie" *faint* So u can see how stress i am at the dinner.When toasing time, yes my boys on stage too!! They want their "yeh yeh and ma ma" so two of them insist went to the stage as well.

Dinner finish around 10.30pm, my hub stay back to help up and i drove the car back myself, and i know everyone is get so so drunk, including the bride! hahahahaha. After get my boys change (they sleep while on the way home), clean and tidy up everything.I'm also so tired and about to sleep, and i heard my 3rd BIL's wife calling me, ask me to help, my BIL and the bride are so so drunk, and my hub call me from the hotel said he will stay in the hotel with the friends and not coming back, i said it's ok, since he is so drunk. First time i saw my SIL get drunk it is so so funny and she is the bride, remove her make up, help her up to the room , ding ding dong dong is around 2am only we go to bed.

Early morning wake up at 6.45am to help up cook some food for the groom's "heng dai" and also relatives & friends that come for the wedding ceremony and not forget to get all the things ready that need to "trick or play" the groom when he is here to bring the bride back.

Cut the story short, play the groom & the "heng dais", we had a good laugh and again no nice picture to show, only video *sigh* and we actually have more "tricks" to play on him but because of the "tai kam che" nagging on us, so we have to cut it short, really "potong steam"! We all follow the bride and groom to their new house in Subang, there we eat again (ya ya..whole morning eating and drinking. The whole ceremony finish at around 1.3opm, reach home i'm so so tired and have a good 2 hours nap with my boys. Night time go to the groom house to have the buffet dinner again. There go i put on 1kg for the two days!

Now they are happily married, and become husband and wife and end their 9 years courtship! Congratulation Mr & Mrs Oong!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Twins' first video

I suppose to post this up on my previous post, but silly me dont know how to post a video. Seek help from this pretty little girl's mummy, she teach me step by step through e mail. hahah..Thanks pretty!!

Yippppeeeeee!!!This is the first video of my twins! See how they monkeying during the dinner at Tony Roma's last friday. Headache lei!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Daddy's birthday *updated*

It's daddy birthday last friday, so we went out for dinner. Initially mommy thought want to have a peaceful dinner with daddy alone, but think twice, we still bring the boys together with us. Since i didnt get any present for daddy, so i get a small cake for him, knows that the two boys will love to sing birthday song and blow the candles, one stone kill two birds. hahahahahahaha When i pick the boys up, they saw a shopping bag on the passenger seat (yes, i hide the cake in a shopping bag), they keep saying, "cake, happy to u, happy to u!" I told them, ya, go home and sing "happy birthday" to daddy. Reach home, i wanted to give a surprise to hubby by placing the birthday cake in the kitchen and ask the boys to call the daddy. I told them to call daddy "come", who knows the two leak the "surprise" out, telling daddy, "come, cake, happy to u, happy to u". There goes the surprise, hub came to the kitchen and the two boys so excited and start sing "happy birthday" song, after sang the song, the boys blow the candles instead of their daddy, and Fearles cut the cake and Cruz pull the candles out. hahaha, see my boys so expert! They must have "practise" this a lot at their nursery. I treat daddy dinner @ Tony Roma's at The Curve, had heard so much about this restaurant but haven't try before. We reach The Curve about 7.45pm, we walk around, and the X'mas decoration at The Curve is so so nice!! Of course, have to take some pictures la. While we taking photos, heard their announcement said, there is "snow show or snow fall" in 10 seconds time, let's count down, 10, 9, 8 .....we are so curios looking at where is the "snow", we only found out they actually use "foam" as snow and spraying it out. From far it really look like snow falling down,we have some fun time playing with the "snow" and all our hair are wet! Cruz as usual very enjoy himself, but Fearles look a bit "scare" of the "snow" he keep cover his eyes with his both hands. funny!! After that we proceed to the restaurant that is located at Cineleisure, we didnt make any reservation, lucky there is table for us, it is so crowded and some more it is on Friday night. Placed our order, and as usual my two monkeys start their "show" again. Climbing up down the chair, and want to go outside. Lucky the restaurant they provide some crayons and a paper with picture on it, at least can keep them occupied for the good ten minutes. Food wise ma, not too bad, but i think without my two boys i can taste the food better, with them around, i really can't enjoy my food, I have to eat it super fast!

I think it is a wonderful evening for the boys, even though just a short outing, they got cake to eat and play with "snow".

Friday, December 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Twin's Dad

Happy bird-day to twin's daddy and also "my man". hahahaha. Didnt buy any present as i dont know what to buy and i'm very very busy! (Good execuse?)Hmmmmm, i dated him for a dinner tonight, but not sure he can make it or not. Well this cake picture, i "steal" it from one of the forward mail. Maybe will get him a small cake? Since he don't really fancy cake. Anyway, me & the two boys would like to wish him happy happy 36th big birthday!!

Not to forget, today is also my brother's wife Anita birthday,my mum use to said her daughter in law and son in law share the same birthday.If we will stay in the same town we will celebrate it together, that will be so great right? Laundryamah's prince Kieran birthday also fall on the same day and also it is Tracy the hot mama & grandma birthday too!!! Wow!!!!

Here i would like to wish my man, Anita, Tracy and Kieran have a wonderful birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday!! Happy Birthday!! Happy Birthday!!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

SIL's wedding sneak preview

Here is some sneak preview of my SIL Jean & Desmond wedding. I would like wish them Happy marriage and Congratulation!!