Monday, February 26, 2007

Chinese New Year in Sibu

Day 1

First thing in the morning, we had breakfast at home and later we go to my grandfather house for visiting. Twins great grandfather can’t wait to see them after one year. Reach at my grandfather’s house, my boys saw there are so many food and cookies and candies on the table, they are like “wow!! We got new toys to play with lo!” They are busy open the container cover and try out most of the food, they don’t eat but they just taste. After putting it in the mouth and they spilt it out again. Haih! Mummy has to keep all the food away from the table.

And Esther (my auntie) and her family and her parent also came to my grandfather house for visiting. Esther’s father is my grandfather’s brother, so we two consider relative that’s why I call her auntie even though she is much younger than me. She got a son call Ethan, he is super hyper active. My mum always said my sons are naughty, now when she saw Ethan, than she knows her grandsons is not naughty as Ethan. Hahahaha

Later in the day, we didn’t go anywhere for visiting, just stay at home.

Day 2

Bring twins out for breakfast at some coffee shop to try out Sibu famous “dry noodle” – kampua, their mummy favourite! Cruz just enjoy it so much, using his hand pick noodle by noodle and put into his mouth. Fearles a bit picky on food, he doesn’t really like it but he did try out too.

Daddy goes back to KL today, and his flight delayed! From 1.50pm to 5pm. And we didn’t sent daddy to airport, my brother sent him to airport and just leave him there. And he called me and told me his flight delayed and wanted his both sons go to airport and company him. So we all go to airport again la, having some drinks. While waiting, both boys are too bored as nothing to play there, end up my maid come out with an idea put them on the trolley and push them around. They seem enjoy sitting on it.

Bid good bye to daddy and Fearles cry out loud!! He miss daddy! And the maid told me when she put them to sleep, two of them keep calling daddy daddy till they fall sleep.

Day 3 – Day 5

We stay at home most of the days. Twins are busy playing with my mum’s cat, this is the first time they can play with the cat so near and can touch & see the real cat. Two of them are excited. Cruz been playful, always chasing behind the cat, catching the cat’s tail. And Fearles he is a bit afraid of cat, he only can see from far and said “yeee mimi” whenever the cat pass by him, he will have a shock! funny to see his reaction. He dare not to touch the cat also. Haih! Name him a wrong name – Fearles. :(
And we did manage to see lion dance at one of the supermarket when first day they open for business. Cruz was a bit afraid, and hide inside the trolley (I put him inside the shopping trolley) and watch the lion dance, and Fearles hide his whole face and body and hug kakak so hard!! Dare not to see at all..hahaha

They had tried out some new food:

♦ Kampua – Sibu famous dry noodle

♦ “Pak Chan soup” – one of the herbal black soup, also famous in Sibu, especially Foochow. Fearles & Cruz just love it so much!

♦ Chicken soup – real taste of kampung chicken soup, which is so sweet and tasty, Fearles can just drink one whole bowl. That’s y make him more energetic!

♦ Chinese New Year cookies

♦ Dragon fruit

♦ Milo

♦ Wantan

During this long holiday, I notice that my two boys had grown up a lot, they understand what I said, but they still don’t speak much; still speak those languages which I don’t understand. They just learn a new word, which is “go”. Sometime they will use this word when they want the other party go away. *roll eye* and I teach them how to said “mah mah” – grandma in foochow. They can say it but tune is a bit out. Hahaha

Two of them receive ang pow from relatives and also my mum’s friends. Whenever they receive the red packet they will come to me “mummy mummy, nah” and pass me the red packet. Maybe they find it interesting to receive those red packets, after one round they go and ask some more red packet, you refuse to give them they will start wailing and crying *slap forehead*. No choice we have to give them the empty one!

And they stick to me like super glue or koala bear, whenever in the car both of them want to sit on my lap, in the restaurant or coffee shop they sit on my lap instead of sitting on high chair. And two of them always fight over mummy have to carry who. Cruz always "occupied" me first before Fearles can get any chance. Cruz will just hug me so tied and call mummy mummy mummy…so he is the winner! Nowadays Fearles love to scream, when he cry or throw tantrum it will follow by a big scream! I got headache why he act so.

Everytime when taking my shower, two of them will banging the door ask me to open the door or cry so loud want me to carry them. My mum raised the white flag when she saw this. She and the maid have to drag the two to outside to see something to distract their attention. Evening I will bring them to have a evening walk round the house area, while kakak can have her dinner and shower.
I really had a bonding time together with my boys during this long holiday and a bit tired too when two of them cling to me a lot!

Chinese New Year Eve - 17Feb

I was going back to Sibu, Sarawak for Chinese New Year together with my hub and my two lovely boys. We went back on the eve. Had been so many years I didn’t go back on new year eve, kind of miss the “fun & the new year mood”, because there u can see fire works & fire crackers everywhere!!

We are leaving in the evening flight. Depart at 2.30pm from house to KLIA. On the way to the airport, the two boys are so active in the car, they just can’t sit still. Jump up and down, touch here and there, open the window, on the light & etc. Haih! I just scared when they are in the flight I will have more headache! When our last Chinese New Year back they are still small, they are about 8 months old, so still can’t run around. I just hope they will be good in the flight,otherwise I will have a tough time!

Reach airport only know that our flight are delay from 4.50pm to 5.20pm.So nothing to do in the airport, we just walk around, and the two little one are so excited and got such a big place for them to run around. And the mummy like a mad woman running after them. So daddy thought an idea to put one of them to sit on the hand carry bag, it’s so funny! And again two of them fight want to sit together, so we have to make turn to put them on it. While waiting for the flight to arrive, the little two are just like monkey, screaming, shouting, running!! All the people at the airport are looking at us, so embarrassing!!

Finally it’s boarding time, bringing toddlers taking flight there is one advantage is, we got the priority to board the flight first! Yeah! We don’t have to queue. In the flight, they have to separate Fearles and Cruz sitting together, because one row they only got four oxygen masks so two toddlers can’t sit together. So maid and Fearles and my hub sit together and me and Cruz on the other side, because I’m scared my maid can’t handle Fearles, so better let her sit with hub so he can help up. While waiting for the flight to take off, Cruz can’t sit steel as usual, stand up and start disturbing the passenger in front, kicking the seat and peeping the uncle and aunty behind us. Warau! Flight haven’t taking off me already sweating!

When the flight about to take off, I force Cruz so sit still on my lap, put “jut jut” into his mouth and make him quiet. Flight take off, and Cruz sit quietly on my lap and he just so so so quiet, and I thought he got scared or he feel the pressure on the ear or…just about 5 mins, my Cruz already in his la la land!!! Yuppie!!!!! Without any patting he just sleep! Hahaha. And I had a peep on Fearles he also fall asleep already on my maid’s lap. Wow wow! My two monster are on their la la land. And now mummy can have a rest. During meal time, the air stewardess is understanding, she serve me and my maid meal first, before the boys waking up. So we have our own sweet time to finish our food. When me about finish, Cruz wake up, he look at me like puzzle, like where am I now huh? And he start playing again. He look at the leng leng stewardess serving the meal, and he saw one leng lui stewardess he keep looking at her, my son “kow lui” oh! And call her “jie jie” when she walk pass he shy to look at her. His eyes just follow where she goes. And when the “jie jie” come to him, he feels shy and hide his face on my shoulder. Fearles is doing quite good; he didn’t make a fuss, play with daddy and kakak. Phew! We reached at Sibu airport at 7.15pm, and I can see fireworks in the sky it’s so nice and I can feel the Chinese New Year mood! Good to be home! And my mum is there to pick us up already.

Go to my dad house to have a simple dinner (my parents divorce when I’m sixteen years old) than watch some fireworks than my mum come and pick us up and back to her house. (We stay at my mum house). My little two are quite tired by that time, so bath them and change them and put them to sleep. My hub is the first time in Sibu for Chinese New Year Eve, he is so excited to see those non stop fireworks put up in the sky. And he is “wow wow wow” excited like a small boy. And my brother come and fetch him to my father’s house to see fireworks (there more happening than my mum house, my mum house area a bit quiet but still can hear those fire crackers sound and see fire works in the sky).

5 mins before 12am we can hear fire crackers sound everywhere and also the fireworks on the sky! I have a good chat with my mum and we see fire works outside the house and the sky are full of smoke, hardly can see clearly. Yeah! Only this we can feel that it’s Chinese New Year lo! Fearles & Cruz didn’t get a chance to see all this, they sleep soundly even it’s so noisy. Hopefully by next few years they will enjoy this together with me & daddy.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Gift.....

A Valentine’s gift for me? No no no no no…I wish I got…but not me, it’s my two boys got their “valentine’s gift” from daddy. Hahahaha….Pair of Crocs shoes. They like to wear their cousin’s Crocs shoe at home. Even though the size is a bit big but they still wear it. When ever they see the Crocs shoe lying around the house, they will just go and put their little feet into it and walk around or sometime will show it to me too.

And I had been waiting for the shoe to “arrive” for quite sometime already, thought bought it as a Chinese New Year gift for them. (Because I ask my hub brother’s wife to buy for me, her friend works there). Wait wait and wait, finally it’s arrive yesterday, and it just “ngam ngam” timing to present it to my sons as a valentine’s gift…hehe..I hope two of them will like the shoes. Have not given them to try yet, I was home late last night , by the time I reach home they slept already and on the other hand I’m scared after they wear, they don’t want to take it off!

p/s: u all must be puzzle, why there is one big & two small Crocs shoe, the big one definitely not mine, me not the fan of Crocs shoe, big one is for the big boy himself lo…..

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Copying me...

Cruz like to mimic what I’m doing nowadays, that’s y cannot do “bad” things in front of him.

Scene 1:

One of the night when I put him to sleep, (usually I will play with two of them before they doze off) he pat pat his tummy, so I ask him, “why? Cruz tummy got wind is it? Mummy massages your tummy”. He rub rub his both palm like what I’m usually do and put on his tummy. That night, I do as usual, rub my both palm together and put on his tummy but without putting any “black oil” – (those wind clearing oil). Suddenly,he just stand up and walk outside to the living room (my room is two connecting room, one side is living room, the other side is bedroom) even though is dark in the room, he know his way . I call him, I tot he go and play with things outside again. I call few times he don’t answer me, after a while I heard his little footstep is back so I saw him holding a little bottle, that is the black oil I apply to his tummy when I massages his tummy. Hahaha..he just impress me by showing me that. He is notice what I’m always do and he know where I put the oil and he know that oil is to apply to his tummy when I need to massages his tummy…I just have a good laugh myself.

Scene 2:

Every night when I put them to sleep I will on the music on the DVD player. Me being lazy on squatting down to on it when i carry either one of them on my hand and I just use my leg to on the DVD player (bad example). Now Cruz whenever he passed by the DVD player, he also using his small feet to press the button, mimic what I’m always does! *slap forehead*

Friday, February 09, 2007

Thank Q!

Cheng cheng cheng cheng!!! My “home” had got a new look!! It’s a big thank you to our “CEO” u all should know who is she la! She steal some of her free & precious time to “mencantikan” my house, before she left to her new job, which she will be busier and no time to do this for me. Haha! Me is not IT savvy, I always scared if I want to change my “home” to a new look, I might screw up everything or everything will lost or all will be in a mess! Which I always envy people who can decorate their “home” so nice and equip with so many things. :)

Once again!!! Thank you!!!! Sasha Tan (our CEO). *muak muak*

Thursday, February 01, 2007

New Toy! toy is not for Fearles & Cruz.It's daddy & mummy's new toy!hahaha.After the recent blogger gathering, daddy keep complaining his own camera not good enough.Especially seeing those picture that taken by Shannon & Tecky,using their canggih camera.He keep saying he want to change a new camera!And since last weeks my boys just drop my camera and we sent for repair,just a small problem,the battery cover cannot close because it's broken.So just need to fix that cover.

Daddy was at the camera shop and the boss there keep telling my hub there's this camera take very good picture especially if want to take kids photo.But it's a bit old not the lastest one with slim body and with colour type.Hubby show me the camera on the web that he is going to buy.Me like "Har!Buy this type of old fashion, and bulky and black colour camera? yau mo kow chor!" I said i still miss my old camera no need to buy a canggih one.Even buy canggih one i also dont know how to use, for me can snap picture is enough liao.

But it's already in hub mind that he want to buy that camera.So deng deng deng deng............we got the camera last night.And had test took a few picture of Fearles (as Cruz already in his lala land).I like kind of ...hmmmmmm.....not bad hor.....ok la..ugly camera never mind, picture nice ok la! haha..Woman ma!Like to change mind very fast.So anyone got any comment on my new toy?Fearles's picture is taken in my room and with just one small light on,and the picture can see so clear!

New Year Cloths

Over the weekend, daddy bought each of u a set of typical Chinese clothing (what it call ar? Cheong sam? Ha) for Chinese New Year! We didn’t bring u two out so mummy also not sure whether u can wear that cloth or not.

Tonight mummy just put the new cloth on u and let u try out your new cloths. Fearles like it so much, somemore can post for me to take the picture. Cruz, when I put the hat on u, u keep take it off! It’s very hard to take picture on Cruz now,he is always like to run around and won’t stand still for me to take his picture. Either he want to snap my camera or my handphone when I take picture of him. Sigh! And needless to said to put two of them together and take picture. That is a hard job! Did manage to take few picture with my phone camera but not so clear. As my camera had sent for repair :( my boys drop it on the floor when the other day they took it and play.

I also bought two t-shirts for my boys for the Chinese new year. See see see, now I only know how to do new year shopping for my boys and not for myself! Me myself haven’t do any new year shopping yet. Haih!

A little update

Mummy had been busy busy busy for the past one week. And also work till late at night. Every night when I reached home, two of u already in your la la land. Mummy didn’t talk to u & play with u for two days. I miss u two so much! When I reached home every night, I just put down my bag and walk to the bed and see how u two doing (see got any fighting or biting mark on the hand or leg or head) and I will hug u and kiss u and sniff u. (crazy mummy huh!)

One of the nights when I reached home with a tired body, I saw a pink color envelope lying on my dressing table. Oh! Chinese New Year card! Slowly I opened it……….it’s from Jayden & his mummy! And the content inside is so funny till I put up a big smile on my face and it really make up my day after a tired & stressful day!!! Thanks Jayden’s mummy, who is always so thoughtful and always like to make people happy and make people laugh.:)