Saturday, March 31, 2007

Back To The 80's Tag

I got tagged by my neighbourhood!!!!...hahaha..woman, here is my homework. I know i'm a bit slow on doing those tag, please bear with me.For those i still owe u tag,I will do the tag,but need sometime to do it.Hope i can find more time...*sigh*

Here's how the meme works:

Go to PopCulture site.
Pick the year you turn 18 years old.
Get yourself nostalgic over the songs that year.
Write something about how those songs afffected you.
Pass it on to five more friends.

1.Step By Step - New Kids On The Block
2.It Must Have Been Love - Roxette
3.Dangerous - Roxette
4.Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice
5.U Can't Touch This - MC Hammer

New Kids On The Block at that particular year is the most "hit" boys band,most people know them is their cute look and not their songs.LOL
I always is a fan of Roxette, i like most of their songs.Especially Dangerous!No particular reason, just i like that rhythm.Till now i still like that song very much!
No 4 & 5, most of us around that year should have heard that song real often from the radio or tv or i can said most of the place?

Now i have to pass this to.......(sorry don't "hate" me ok? hahaha..just want to know more about u all...10Q!)

1.Michelle - my baby bay
2.Proclaimed Domestic Goddess
3.Jessie - Journey of live
4.Dinah - mum2ashley
5.I am princess Misha mum


michelle said...

Someone also tag me, but I will pass. Why? I am not going to give PopCulture any traffic. :P

jazzmint said...

wah wah..u also nkotb fan ahh...

IMMomsDaughter said...

Thanks for the sportmanship ;)