Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How can we be in an island??

Adoi!Receive this Memes from Angeleyes,I know it's quite sometime back,sorry Alice, u know la..me so busyyyyyy...but i still do lei...feel touch?? hahahaha, me so give face hor.

Angeleyes said she wanna bring me along to a lost island with her because she cook so much, want me finish the food together with her wor!If i put on weight how ar??

So i must bring Allyfeel together with me la, after eating so much, she will teach me how to keep fit!She is keep fit guru! She love to swim, she can teach me how to swim too!So must bring her along!Than i will bring Egghead with me too, he works in GH, sure he knows all the medicine. Just in case i got food posioning or sick or diarrhea at least i still got one "loctor" around ma, even though he is not a qualified "loctor" but at least he knows what medicine to take.hahaha

I will bring Tracy with me too because she can make very nice dessert - yeong chi kam (mango sago dessert),after eating so heavy must have so dessert ma!So while having dessert must have someone to yak with me beside than Allyfeel, Egghead, and Tracy, so i will bring Binky mummy & Becky's mum together with me, because we all from the same "kampung" - Sarawak but stay in different town.So we can yak yak yak,and also give me a chance to know them better.

Done!!Angeleyes pass kah? hahaha


Egghead said...

dun worry... give me a knife/parang... I am sure I can find a cure after I cut you open... LOL!

allyfeel & BB said...

Haha...I am half pale of water one wor, can swim on my own, dun know how to teach wei. But I won't "jien si bu qiu" one. ;)

Tracy said...

Aiyo, die lor, then I must bring along lots of mangoes and the ingredients for yeong chi kam lou lor, then u can take the dessert until u 'lau sai' lar, kekekekeke ... *blek blek blek*

Binky, Blogging & Such said...

Haaaai.... kena tagged hah! I promise I'll do it, but a bit later, can? Kam-siah!

Zara's Mama said...

Wah.. all about makan one hor?