Tuesday, March 27, 2007

PPP: How Much Have I Made?

As you know, I have just started PPP and already I have made US40 for 3 posts that I wrote. A little slow but I am getting there. A famous saying “Making Mountains out of mole hills” It doesn’t take much effort at all to make this kind of extra cash. I must say, most of my posts were approved within a day or 2. I should be receiving the money soon.

Blog marketing is a good thing for many bloggers. Who would have thought that you start a blog on a free host and you can get pay for it? Today, I can see many companies are going into blog marketing business, giving us bloggers a chance to earn something.

Anyway, I hope to achieve enough money to treat my twin boys a good vacation. I am sure my boys would love it. I will make it a surprise for them.

For those who are still thinking of doing PPP, you can start by registering, using the PPP banner on my sidebar. When you register, you can login to see what is available. Be like me, take your time to do post, there is no rush and you are not obligated to take any post if you do not have time. You just have to maintain your blog which you are doing now. Most of all, have fun with the extra earning.

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