Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Little Update

Me had been absolutely busy, that’s y can’t see much post from me nowadays. Day time I have to work and night time when I’m home I need to “serve” my two princes at home.

Yes, they are at the nursery, first day sent them off, they cry so hard! Hug me so tight and don’t let me go and the teacher have to “snatch” them from me. Eh! Look at them crying, my eyes also fill with tears, teacher told me, “go go, faster go, don’t worry, we will take good care of your boys”.

Teacher call me about 2 hours later, said the boys had settle down, but Cruz on off still crying and asking for mummy! So, on the first day, teacher had called me three times to ensure they are fine and ask me not too worry. When evening time I go and pick them up, I thought I can see their smiley face and welcome me to pick them up. No! Indeed they cry, like so “kesian” like blaming me why I leave them there. Aiyo, my heart is so pain!
Reach home, they look so tired, maybe they didn’t sleep well at the nursery, by 8pm, they already want to sleep.

Day two also the same thing, crying crying crying, and Cruz as usual hold me so tight (mind you, this boy real got a strong bone & stubborn). And Fearles is hugging my leg, and when teacher want to took over from me, they cry even louder! Haih! Again! They have to take them from me, and went into the house right away, I can hear their loud cry outside the nursery! But I have improved, I can control my tears.hahahah. And on day two evening, due to I need to work a bit late so ask hub to pick them up. By the time I reach home at about 7.30pm, Cruz is already on the bed! I was wondering what happen to him, did he really didn’t have nap in the nursery? That’s y he is tired? And he didn’t even have his dinner, so I make him some milk and change him and put him to bed again.

It’s already a week they are at the nursery, Teacher Val (the person in charge) did call me every day to tell me how is my boys doing. And she told me now my boys very attached to Teacher Irene (which is a Sabahan, but got Chinese look), my boys call her kakak. Hahaha. Teacher Val tell me they don’t really like to sleep in the room (where the place all the kids will have nap together) they prefer to sleep outside at the living room, so the teacher just leave what they want. And now Teacher Irene will be their nanny, fully concentrate on two of them only, my boys only want her to carry them and feed them. And Teacher Irene can’t get out of sight of my boys, they will start looking for her, if she went “missing” hahaha..This is the same situation when I’m at home with them, that’s y u said how am I going to my housework? And sit in front of the computer and blog?

Last few days I was busy with my month end closing, I had to ask hub to help me pick them up from the nursery. And one of the night I was doing OT till 8.30pm and me so sick worried about my boys at home. Hub also sick and last few days my boys also down with fever, fever come and go, morning ok, night start fever. *sigh* Lucky they are ok now. SIL#1 helping me when I was working late, and yet she also has two boys to attend, me feel bad! And also my colleagues have to help me to finish my work because I can’t stay back late. And they do my things till 12am. I really feel very bad!

Yesterday, I can go back on time, yeah! I’m so happy; I’m so excited want to see my boys. When I reach there, I saw Cruz was playing inside near the door (they close the class door inside the nursery), when he saw me he give me a big smile and call me “mummy mummy” and follow by Fearles, he also greet me with a big smile. This is what I want to see, I want to see them happy. And I’m quite amaze, when they about to leave they know how to get their shoe from the shoe rack and wear. They said bye bye to the teacher and also their friends at the nursery. My boys had grown up lo! And now at home if they poo, Cruz will touch his little “bum bum” and signing to me that he had poo and Fearles after poo he will come and tell me “mummy mm mm” and touch his “bum bum” too. Hope they really will learn something from the nursery.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Maid Run Away Again!!!!!!!!

Yes yes yes yes!My dear maid run away again!This time is really run away in the middle of the night. No more father or mother passed away!!

On Monday night, i was tired, i slept at about 10pm.And i wake up by my MIL "anxious" knocking on my room door at 3am, it's like something happen!Once i opened the room door, she told me, both the maids(my maid & the maid that work for my hub at the market)had run away!!I like OMG!What the f**k again this time.My MIL supposed to wake up the maid that work at the market at 3am (she is new maid, just arrive about 2 weeks plus)and she couldn't find her and my maid. She go to the bathroom and check thought she is having shower, but they are not there. She go round the house and find them, but cant see them anywhere.Suddenly she saw the kitchen back door had opened,they did closed it but didn't lock it than she knows something went wrong.And she go and check their clothing,it's all empty!!

Immediate i wake up my hub, told him what happen. Than fast fast we go & check on the cctv record!Damn!Two of them "run away" at about 1.30am.Me so pissed off & so angry!!Why she did this to me, i treat her so well, so good, so kind, everytime will ask her "r u ok?" if u dont want to work pls let me know.Everytime i ask her she said she can work , she love it.F**k!Can work and now can run away!Treat her well, she dont appreciate!I think i must torture them only can make them stay!But anyway, i told myself no more maid for me!Enough is enough! I don't want to have more headache and more problem!!

I have to call the company to take few days EL, because i'm not sure how & what am i suppose to do.After discuss with hub, saying i don't want maid anymore so we decide to put them to day care center.1st day i had go round and look for nursery and day care center, after decide to choose the one that near my house and not expensive and the timing is just nice, 8am-6pm.And today i went and register them at the center, and tomorrow my boys will be at the day care center!!!!!I know my boys will cry for me!These two days they are so so cling to me, till i can't even do any housework!Now no more maid, everything will be on my own.Means i will have less "ME" time. Less time for blogging, blog hopping & weekend i can't go for my pedicure anymore & i can't go shopping alone & peacefully because i need to bring "double trouble" with me & i can't sleep till late & i have to sacrifice my gym too!!!

Haih!Hope i can cope with it, and i hope (if hub reading this)hub will help me out with the two boys too.Otherwise i think i will go bonkers or "ku ku" soon!

And i hope tomorrow my boys will like the day care school and don't cry so much, it will make me feel heart pain and i think i will cry too!!Boy boy please be good and don't cry for mummy, otherwise mummy will feel sad too!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter Day & Splish Splash....

Easter day!What we do today? It's a hot hot & sunny day!Since i just receive my "kids pool" last two days, i decide to open it up and fill with water and let my boys to have a fun time!!!

Yes, they enjoy it so much, they spend about one hour inside the water, and have to by force to "drag" them out from the pool.After playing too long in the water, Fearles notice that his fingers got "wrinkles" he keep showing me and start worry why his hand is like that! funny!Two of them screaming and yelling and play happily in the water!While mummy stand aside keep snapping photos, and sit aside to watch them.Cruz to be cheeky he use the cup to pour the water on me..till me also wet!

Ater get them out from the pool, bath them, make them milk, and mummy bring them to go and see rabbits!! Yes, rabbits! Today is Easter day, so at Bangsar Village there's two days Bunny Feeding session! I decide to bring them to have a look.Reach there, not many people, so we paid RM5 for each kid and get a packet of "food" to feed the rabbits. Cruz seems a bit afraid of rabbits, he keep cling on me, dont want to let go.And the rabbits like to go near him, maybe knows that he is afraid of them..hahahaha...As for Fearles he try to feed the rabbit, but he dont know how to place the "food" on the hand for the rabbit to eat.He put it into the rabbits mouth "force" them to eat!We just stay for a short while than we leave.

I think it's a good experience for them to see rabbits and feed them and touch them!This is how we spent our time on the Easter day!It's a fruitful weekend, and i hope my boys do have a wonderful time!!!

weekend update

Was bringing twins to attend a birthday party of daddy's good friend cum childhood friend's daughter and the wife birthday.Mother & daughter's birthday just a week apart so they decide to do it together.

It was just a simple birthday dinner at their house, having steamboat, yummmmmmyyyy!! When we arrive there it's about 7.30pm,my boys are shy at first, just stick to me like "glue" after one hour warm up they start their naughtiness.Messing people house.The birthday girl - suet yoke very generous, sharing her toys with my boys.U know girl's toy is barbie doll & those make up and hair do things? My boys try to put the fate finger nail on their finger and show us..they find it interesting..

Suet Yoke got a very unique and cute barbie jelly cake and the mummy also got a chocolate cake..two different cake..both are yummy too. Fearles had a big piece of chocolate cake!We left about 10.30pm, Cruz is already tired,less than 5 mins he already in his dreamland.

Once again, happy birthday Suet Yoke and happy birthday Mellissa!!!!

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Backdated : Last weekend - April Fool Day

On April Fool Day, I bring my boys to have a evening walk at Taman Tun Park.Which I wanted to bring them long long time already, but didn’t got a chance or me too lazy.hahaha This is the first time they been to the park.

Waiting for daddy come back from his cycling than we head off to that park at around 6pm. There are lots of people there. From baby to kids to boys and girls to man and woman and old lady and old man! Many people are having evening walk, jogging, playing badminton, roller skating and many more!

My boys are excited to walk on the green grass and playing with the big brown leaves which fall from the tree. They running around, looking at the people playing all kind of games. And when bring them walk pass a big lake, there’s a fountain there, they get more excited, keep pointing at the fountain, want to play with the water.

Daddy brings them to play water in a small “stream” where the water flows down from the waterfall. Very cooling, they got little bit scared, so daddy have to hold their hand. And we went up a slop where we need to cross a bridge which is swinging left and right, Fearles got scared and refuse to walk he wants daddy to carry him, and Cruz he want to walk himself. We are at the park about 1 hour, me is already “half dead” and sweating like taking bath. Fearles also sweat a lot till the hair all wet! Think they have a good exercise.

Once reach home, bath them, feed them dinner, less than one hour they went to their dreamland.


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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Night Story!!

Last weekend while chat msn with Jazzmint happily, I got a shocked!!!!! I nearly drop my heart out on the computer desk! Tell u the story, the story is about my two boys! Each of them always likes to give me a heart attack at night.

Scene 1:
Last Saturday night I was updating my Blog and chatting with Jazz & watching Astro at the same time (hubby and two boys already slept). I am so happy that I can have some “ME” time. After don’t know how long, suddenly I felt like someone is standing behind and watching me!!!! I just turn my head and I saw Cruz was standing behind me, carrying two bolsters and one cartoon pillow (which my mum just bought for them) with his jut jut and standing there looking at me. I nearly screamed! But I didn’t, I remain calm (hahaha) but I can hear my heart “pop pop pop pop” pumping so fast like going to pop out. So I bring him back to sleep again. But he keep tossed and turn, few times saw him already slept than I can quietly go back to my computer and continue update my post. But he come out again and stand there.No choice, I have to off my computer and go to bed.

Scene 2:
Each night I will wake up at 3am+ to feed them milk. Normally I will on a small light, as u know la, wake up middle in the night to make milk sometime mind still blur, so will just concentrating making the milk. And I can feel like there is someone standing beside you and looking at you quietly, will you freak out? Yes, that’s my boys! Always is Cruz!!
Wow! My life will shorten a few years lei, if every night I got a “surprise” like this.

Scene 3:
There is a night which was about 10pm+, I still watching my Astro – Wah Lai Toi and at the same time, I was cleaning and tidying up my room. And when I turn around I saw Fearles standing near to the closet (which is the bedroom side with no lights on; I was at the living room). He stands still and not moving, and carries his bolsters! I screamed “AH!” U knows it’s like those horror movie, always got a kids standing there quietly! Eeeeee!!! I told my hub, “U knows if I got heart attack, sure I faint already!”

This always happen few times, but I still can’t get use of them standing there quietly and looking at me..hahaha!! Me still screaming and screaming and screaming…..

Sleepless night....

Don’t know what “bugs” had got into my boys. *sigh* they are not sleep well and so do mummy.

Last one whole week, every night Fearles will cry and scream and pulling a big fuss during mid of the night. He wants me to carry him and pat him to sleep. Once I put him down to his own place to sleep, he cried again. Sometime leave me no choice I have to carry him and laid him on my chest and sleep with me. After a while he cry again, this will go on off on off till morning. Arrrggg….my patience got limit, sometime I get really angry, I will smack his little “bum bum” or shouted at him. He opened his eyes and looks at me and start crying again. Haih! I feel bad, maybe Fearles not feeling well (he got slight fever and flu) but he never like this before. This “drama” continued for about a week, and mummy also didn’t get a good sleep for a week!!

This week I thought I can relax and have a good rest since Fearles had recover from his flu but no no no no!! Last night, Cruz started the same drama pula. And he is more “geng” than Fearles! Cruz start crying and get cranky about 11pm and it’s continue half an hour or one hour or two hours.Walau!!Me really get pissed off, I don’t know what happen to him, he just cry cry cry and in the middle of the night, which is so loud and clear!! I carry him and walk around in the room, he laid his head on my shoulder left and right, like choosing right position to sleep, but he can’t sleep, I can see his eyes is so tired and he is yawning ,he wanted to sleep, but it’s like something stop him from sleep and he cried again.I scolded him, I told him “mummy so tired! Mummy wants to sleep!!!” He cried even louder & with more crocodile tears dropping out! I give him his beloved “jut jut” he also don’t want. Same as Fearles, when he get cranky last week, I give him “jut jut” want to soothe him by that but he refused, he throw the “jut jut” away, so it’s like about a week plus he didn’t have his “jut jut” when he slept. Now is Cruz turn! Good things is maybe from there onwards I don’t give them “jut jut” anymore and they can said “bye bye” to their “jut jut”??

I don’t know they got frighten or got shocked or is it “Tomb Sweeping Day” is round the corner, and they can feel it? I don’t believe all those “ghost” thing, but sometime hmmmm…hard to said!

Now whenever it come night time, I got a bit worried, don’t know who will be the turn to get cranky and crying! Hopefully tonight Cruz will be good, otherwise this mummy also gone “ku ku” lo!!! Hope all this “drama” will over soon!!