Thursday, April 05, 2007

Backdated : Last weekend - April Fool Day

On April Fool Day, I bring my boys to have a evening walk at Taman Tun Park.Which I wanted to bring them long long time already, but didn’t got a chance or me too lazy.hahaha This is the first time they been to the park.

Waiting for daddy come back from his cycling than we head off to that park at around 6pm. There are lots of people there. From baby to kids to boys and girls to man and woman and old lady and old man! Many people are having evening walk, jogging, playing badminton, roller skating and many more!

My boys are excited to walk on the green grass and playing with the big brown leaves which fall from the tree. They running around, looking at the people playing all kind of games. And when bring them walk pass a big lake, there’s a fountain there, they get more excited, keep pointing at the fountain, want to play with the water.

Daddy brings them to play water in a small “stream” where the water flows down from the waterfall. Very cooling, they got little bit scared, so daddy have to hold their hand. And we went up a slop where we need to cross a bridge which is swinging left and right, Fearles got scared and refuse to walk he wants daddy to carry him, and Cruz he want to walk himself. We are at the park about 1 hour, me is already “half dead” and sweating like taking bath. Fearles also sweat a lot till the hair all wet! Think they have a good exercise.

Once reach home, bath them, feed them dinner, less than one hour they went to their dreamland.


Sasha said...

wah now expert in taking picture edi la..

Etcetera~Mommy said...

Fearles always with the cheeky tai-lo face, Cruz always the kwai-kwai lil bro look.. So cute!!!!!!!

jazzmint said...

kids love the park huh hehe..we brought faythe there too to play at the stream, but she scary cat lah

huisia said...

So next time you have to bring them out more often, so that they can go oi-oi early then you can do your online stuff...:p

Desperate Mummy said...

I'm sure ur kids are very happy cos the can run up and down at the park. We should bring our kids to kids often for them to exercise a bit :P

mommy of two angels said...

ya so fun la, me also "suppose' to bring the girls there...but same excuse with u

maybe this weekend...see how...the park is so many excuses!!

mom2ashley said...

eer...we must be bad parents....we've not brought ashley to the park cause she's usually asleep in the evenings

sue said...

I think this post of yours remind us all to go to parks! They look like they're having so much fun! :)

Annie Q said...

sasha: ya meh? still in learning stage la..

etcetera~mummy: Huh? should be terbalik kua...hehe..

jazzmint: u should hold her ma..first time of course scare boys also scared!

Hui Sia: i try to have more activities for them, so they can doze off earlier..hahaha..

desperate mummy,mommy of two angels,sue: ya..we should bring them to park more often.mommy of two angels, u stay nearby there? So next time i know who to call lo..and sue is staying quite near we can go together gether..won't feel bored..hahaha

mom2ashley:can change the sleeping timing? hehe