Monday, May 28, 2007

Fun weekend!

Yesterday we bring our boys to kizsport again. This round, daddy is going with us. This is the first time that daddy bring them to play in Kidsport. Saturday night, me & daddy attending a wedding dinner, so SIL#3 is helping me to taking care the two boys. Since her two boys are at her mum house, so she is free to help me. Two boys are corporate well with her, and my SIL#3 also didn’t have a hard time to attend to them. And she told me both of them behave well too. (Wow, bully mummy when mummy at home ar) hahaha..i should do this more often?

Out of sudden, daddy said wants to bring u two to play at kidsport on Sunday. Ask me to pick him up at his work place. So on Sunday noon I make sure u two have enough sleep before I bring u two out. After u two wake up than feed u lunch than I go and pick daddy up and we head to one utama kidsport.

Once reach at the entrance, Cruz already can’t wait, he remembers this place (I bring him once together with the maid). After wearing their socks, they start running in. I thought want to bring them to the place where they can play those slides and toys which is for below 3 years old. Daddy saids, give them choose what they want, and Cruz is choosing the slides that is quite high and is for those kids who are age 3 and above(I think), daddy show him the way where to go up and he start sliding down happily and go round and round and round. I don’t know how many rounds he had played. He was so happy, and on the other hand, Fearles is a bit scared of the high and long slides, he climb up and have a look and climb down. Hahaha and he did manage to slide down once together with Cruz and the 2nd time is daddy company him to climb up and push him down. Beside than play slides they also dip inside the pool that full of balls that they love a lot! We have to drag them out from there. And can see from the picture, i went to toilet just for a while when i come back i saw the two boys are crying for me. See how pity they cry! Gosh!

We all have a good time there for about 2 hours than we go and meet up with our in laws to have dinner at Super Tanker. By that time, two of them are totally exhausted! In the car they are already doze off, once reach home I have to bath them quickly than put them to sleep. Less than 10 mins they are already in their dreamland. The boys must be happy, because this is the first time that daddy join them to play. Hopefully there will be more to come. Yeah! At least this round daddy put in some effort to play with the boys and i believe the boys do have some bonding time with their daddy too.


Mrs. Wallace said...

I brought Claudia there last Wednesday. I must said Cruz is very brave boy. Even myself & my mum is afraid of that slide. It is very high and fast. I have to hold tight to my little girl before we slide down. Bravo Cruz!!

Mommy to Chumsy said... nice. Great family time eh? Cruz is really brave...dare to come down from the slides.

Jacss said...

annie, was it at 1U?
We were in 1U on Sunday too but slightly late ard 5pm coz we'd a family dinner at Shogun!
When i looked at d photo of yr 2 cuties hugging u, i also melted envy!!!!
My boys love this type of place too.....there was one in 1U too but i can't remember d name. I agree that your boys (esp. Cruz) are real brave coz if it was my boys at yours' age, my huby surely would not allow them to play the high slides!!

sue said...

Waaa... I was there at Kizsports on Saturday afternoon leh... missed you by one day :D

1+2mom said...

Your boyz are so happy in the pic.So envy you, your boyz so stick with you.

Allyfeel said...

I saw u la that day when u were in Kidzsport. :) I tried to call you but it was too far. I was about to leave that time. If not we could sip latte together.