Friday, June 29, 2007

Backdated : 25 Months Old

This is a backdated post, my boys had turned 25 months a week ago. Well, they still as naughty as active as before. Still throw tantrum a lot and cry a lot. Not potty trained yet, still on dypers, but will tell me after they had poo. Sometime Cruz try to be cheeky and yes he is always cheeky, he will tell me " Mi, mmm mm " and i will ask him " u sure u mm mm? " he will said "hmm" and give me a evil smile, when i check on him, actually there's none!And when he caught me "fooled" by him, he is so happy and he will start giggle! Still holding their "busuk bolster" and still have their "pacifier" on the mouth most of the time.:(


- 12kg (when last visit to paed for their 24 months jab)

- show his brother love towards Cruz.Sometime when Cruz cough or got "choke" on water, he will pat slowly on his back like what i always do.

- When he is good, he will treat Cruz good, when they fight over a toy or bolster or book, he will leave his "love bite" on Cruz back!I can see there's at least four or five mark already. Till the teacher also call me and tell me that.

- The favourite word now is "NO", and will show his index finger whenever he said "NO!" (learn from me?)

- When i company them to sleep at night, i will sleep beside them, Fearles sometime will "pat" me like how i pat him to sleep.


- 11.5kg (even he eat a lot more than his kor kor Fearles)

- Very care his kor kor when come to bolster and "jut jut". Whenever he had his "jut jut", he will put another jut jut on Fearles mouth too and also give him two bolsters.(each of them have two smelly bolster)

- Can said a lot single word - Gun, sun, book, cake, moon, "airplane", bye bye teacher, ai ni (mandarin - love u), bird, bean bean ( Mr Bean).And can address all the cousin's name!

- Sometime will call his daddy by name - "Ah Nung" like how i call my hub...hahaha

- Love to sing, but dont know what he sing. When i sing "twinkle twinkle little star" to him, he will flw me too! And mind u ,sometime he can get some of the word and tune right! Try to take a vedeo of him, but he always want to "snatch" my camera when i want to vedeo.

- Sometime when i scold Fearles and he cry out loud, and Cruz will be the "nice man" will go and touch his kor kor head like saying "Good boy, dont cry" hahahaha

- Like to "report" to me when he did something wrong or Fearles did something wrong.

- Very long wind, like to call me "Mi...Mi...Mi" sometime he just call for fun, just to see r u there? And i have to answer him everytime he call, if no he will go on and on ...mi mi mi mi mi mi mi...*faint*

I think there's a lot more i need to update, but i couldn't recall. Will jot it down once i can remember it. These pictures i took it last night, this is the sign when i said close ur eyes, but i dont know why they give me a big SMILE!


EstherL said...

er, hw come u comments on Cruz more than his ko ko Fearles ar? hehe

1+2mom said...

my daughters is opposite, jie jie lighter then mei mei. Jie jie like to sing but mei mei less. Jie jie more smart then mei mei.Even they are identical twins but they totally I right??
Kids like the adult pay attention to them same as my son.He like to call us when ever he like, but you need to answer him if not just like your Cruz.

Sasha said...

note to esther: u dunno meh. Cos cruz looked more like her ma. Un bor? Hahahahha

Mommy to Chumsy said...

wow...your boys look different lah..compared to the time i last saw them ;D big boy already :D

Jacss said...

though your boys look very different BUT when they laugh, they got the same cheeky eyes & mouth...hahaha so cute of them !!!

yaya mumy, kenot be favouritism to the one of your chop ahh???!!!

ppl said the younger one always more cheeky & active....true in your & my case ehh??

watch out with the biting episode now....esp over sensitive & vulnerable part like ears, little finger.....!!

Annie Q said...

estherl - because Cruz got more "milestone" than his kor kor Fearles ma.

1+2mom - ya, normally twins will have different character, like and dislike too.

Sasha - refer the comment that i wrote to estherl, me no favouritism. Both also my sons lei.

mommy to chumsy - they only look big in the picture, in real they are still very small...hahahaha

jacss - no no...i'm not favouritism, both i treat the same, the love i give also equal.
Ya, they always said the younger one is the most cheeky and know how to win ppl's heart..hahaha

Malaika's mummy said...

the "mi..mi... mi" part, I got that a lot now. Some more manja voice.