Monday, July 16, 2007

Tired Weekend

Since when i start to write about my weekend on weekly basis? Now getting busy during weekend that's why got lots of thing to "8"?

Last weekend is yearly Estee Lauder warehouse sale, which i will go every year, but not this year!No one taking care of my boys so i can't go. Since SIL#3 is going, so ask her to get something for me.

Now i cook for my boys during weekend.Not that i don't cook last time, normally i will just cook some porridge or paste for them, those easy one. Now, i will boil some soup and cook one dish for them. They just love meat ball recently, which i use mince meat, which is much more tender, not so hard, they just love it. They can eat a least 5-6 number each meal.I cook it with sweet and sour sauce, which i like it too so i can eat together with them. haha

Saturday night, it's one of my hub's buddy birthday, we had dinner at Teluk Gong. Yes, we had yummylicious crabsssssss....We leave at about 7.30pm from home, reach there is about 8.15pm, while on the way there, my boys already sleep in the car, because it's their sleeping hour.My boys just wake up automatically, when we are there (maybe they can smell the yummy food smell?)Hub's buddy order so much food, we only got 6 adults and 4 kids, and till the end we can't finish the food.Of course i won't miss out my favourite crabs!Nothing to shout about the food,i think the standard did drop a bit, but u can see still got lots of people going there for seafood! And you have to wait for the table! Oh yes, my boys been "molest" by a little boy on the other table which next to us.While my boys was playing, there's a little boy just approach Cruz and "pat" on Cruz head like "sayang" him. Hahahaha, my cruz got little shock and just look at that "kor kor" (i think he is about 3-4 years old only). Not only one time, he came a few time, and just "pat" Cruz's head. And after that the little boy saw Fearles, he did the same again. We all just laugh!Dinner finish at about 10+ and reach home is nearly 11pm, both of them are so tired and just sleep through while on the way home.

Next day, this is the first time that i wake up at 8.30am without any disturb by Cruz! He is always an early bird, weekend always wake up b'4 8am and start calling me & Fearles to wake up. This sunday, he quietly lay beside Fearles, watch me & Fearles sleep (I will blog it later why Fearles was sleep beside me). I know that Cruz had wake up i think 7.30am plus, i just continue my sleep till 8.30am my phone rang.

I got a gathering with my ex colleague from the hotel. One of them are back from Aust and the other one is back from Ireland. I want to see their little one!So pack and get ready,my good friend cum close buddy pick me up at 10.30am, she suppose to help me to look after my boys too.hahahaha..part time babysitter cum "godmother" to my boys.Our meet up is at Madam Kwan - KLCC, as usual Cruz dont like to walk, i have to carry him, and Fearles will sit in the stroller. So Vivian (my good friend) push him and we have to get turn to carry Cruz.Mind u, he got some weight now, and it's really tired to carry him and walk.Reach there, we are the earlist, so follow by my friend from Aust with her two little precious - Nic & Mia and her hub. We are having a fun time chatting and updating or keepoing. Cruz had been very quiet the whole morning, after that i realise he is not feeling well. His body got little bit warm, and he is clingy, just want me to carry him. Pat him a while, he fall sleep and put him in the stroller. While Fearles also cranky, seeing his brother glue to me, he also want me to carry him. I tell u, i really had a hard time, and can't really chat much.So my friends those who dont have kids have to help me, but Fearles dont want them, so Vivian have to entertain him while eating.Cruz sleep for the good 20 mins he woke up and start crying. So we have to end the gathering. On the way home, Fearles doze off in the car!

Today, i got sore arm, and sore hips and i sprain my hand while carrying them.Ouch ouch ouch!!!!


jazzmint said...

wah looks like u doing great without the maid!!!

Jacss said...

ahh....the next time u happen to drop by klcc during weekday, can ajak me for lunch, k coz i'm just right up there........49th floor of d twin towers !!!

madam kwan......nice food heh??