Friday, August 24, 2007

My Cambodia maid

My new maid had with me for a week now. First few days are really a headache for me, beside than communication problem. She don’t really take initiative to do the housework, she need someone to guide her. And me have to work during day time and night time go back than will teach her how to do things.

First few days I don’t really give her pressure and thought maybe she still not get use of the new environment & home sick. I give her time and let her have more time to learn. Guide her through the housework and things that she need to do during the weekends. I can say within that four days she is slow. One kicks than only she makes a move. Everytime I talk to her she look so “blank” and I know we got communication problem, I use sign language and simple English. She also don’t know how to answer me back. *sigh*

Monday morning, I lose my cool. She had been four days with us, so I think she could had pick up some work from there already. But no, she still the usual her. She can’t wake up in the morning even I give her an alarm clock. Few days I have to wake her up, one day the alarm rang till I wake up she still in her dreamland. I got so pissed! Again, on Monday it’s already 6.20am she still sleeping, I wake her up. So ask her to put the laundry to the machine and wash, and instruct her “how” to do the housework again. When my sons wake up I ask her to make milk for my boys. She look so so blur and blank and look at me. I told her “milk”, and she goes and make juice for my boys. I tell u, the fire is burning on my head, I just shouted! Yes, early in the morning I shouted like a mad woman! I make the milk and show her, “MILK”, this is “MILK” so I make her to read 10x “milk”, (me so mean huh!) She can tell me that is call “MILK POWDER”. Aiyo! I have to tell her milk powder is milk powder, milk is milk. She knows me is super angry on that morning, if it is the first day I can forgive, but it is already the 5th day since she work here, and I do let her to make milk, I thought she know what is MILK? I let her follow our another indon maid at home on Monday since she is not working that day. So I told the indon maid teach her how to do housework, and guide her and teach her how to use washing machine! First day when she is here I already taught her how to use washing machine but I didn’t know that she always go and open the cover when the machine still running, before it end she had already took the clothes out and dry!

I think that indon maid do give her a “good training” or after my “scream” she improved within a day! To my surprise and I’m so impress, although we still can’t communicate, only use sign language and I speak simple English with her. Now she can wake up at 6am in the morning herself, do the housework, clean the room, and get herself ready before the boys come home and will refill the water and milk powder, anything that I had taught her. Bravo! I did praise her did a good job, I show her a “Good” sign. She looks happy. Now, I can see some smile on her face and now she “talk” to me more often, even though I still don’t understand at all!

When the maid is here the second day, Vien msn me, ask me do I need help. She got a Cambodian friend, which is in US too, she can ask for her help. I’m so glad to hear that, she like my “life saver”, she is my light when I’m in the dark room. Thanks Vien! I told her yes, I want to learn some Cambodian language. Quickly I wrote her two lists for her to translate it from English to Cambodian language for me. I give her about 32 sentences, which I use most of the time. Waited for three days, Vien msn me on tue afternoon.

Vien: Hi, u ready to learn Cambodian language?

Me: Yeah, I’m ready, I’m so excited. Feel like wan to “poo poo” la..hahahaha

Vien: U sure want to “poo poo” first?

Me: No la, I’m just joking. Let’s start now.

Vien: Ready? Sure?

Me: Yes..faster faster..

Vien: Oh ya, I didn’t get all the sentences for u, it’s too difficult to pronounce.

Vien: Two hours only for 16 sentences!

Me: hahahaha, never mind.

Vien: Ok, get ready? I start lo…

Me: Yes, faster faster, me very excited la

Vien: #1 ti-et lao pram 3 (3 in Cantonese) sap (ham-sap = sap) trapt

Vien: #2 Boh uut (pronounce as “U”)

Vien: #3 3 ak 3 line prao lak kao ai nung lak klung ma-shim bauk kao ai

Vien: Any questions? Can we continue? Can we proceed to #4

This is how Vien and me communicate over msn!!!!!! I could not stop laughing while I take down the notes! I got the list with me, so I just put that pronunciation beside the sentences! While I take down the notes, I’m thinking myself what will my maid react when I read this to her. I just laugh laugh laugh myself at my computer. I’m so excited when I get all 16 sentences finish with the pronunciation. When I’m driving I try to memories some which is “had ur dinner” & “had ur shower”? But it is so hard to remember!!

Reach home, I take out the paper and read to my maid. I ask her in Cambodian word “had ur shower”? She looks so funny and puzzle! Hahahaha..she don’t understand me? Maybe I read it in a flat tone? (of course la! How I know what tone should I use?) So I repeat myself four times, and read all the sentences see which one she understand. Suddenly she said “ma’am no”. I like “huh? What no? u’re answer me or tell me I’m wrong”. So I did learn some single word like “U” & “Me” but I got it right! She understands. She told me “ma’am you’re Christian” and she show a cross, and she said she is Buddhist, she didn’t said she is Buddhist but she put her both palm together and do praying sign. Hahahaha. This is how we COMMUNICATE!! So I assume Christian and Buddhist will have different language?? I have yet to find out from Vien. Vien’s friend is busy, so I think I will have to give up learning Cambodian word since Christian and Buddhist will have different language? I think we have to take sometime to understand each other. But I can tell is her work is good and is improve a lot! I didn’t make a wrong choice. Or is it too early to judge? Well, those of you who want to get a Cambodia maid, they are good only things is COMMUNICATION PROBLEM. And good things is they can’t communicate with other people so how can they run away? My both sons like their “new kakak” they still call her “kakak” if no, got any new name for “kakak”? And she accept that she is “kakak” also LOL! I’m a bit surprise is my boys like her when first day she is here, I ask her to bath them and change them, two monkeys just obey and let her change. Hope there won’t have anymore “hot & juicy” maid story from me, but maybe some maid jokes from me?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

"Me" time

Yuhoo! I’m so happy, even though just a short two hours “me” time, it’s like so precious to me.

Went to Amcorp Mall yesterday, actually want to get some clothes for my boys since my boys “Kai Ma” – God mother and also my very good friend Vivian sms me day before said the pyjamas for kids are very cheap! Ask me to go and have a look.

Yesterday msn her and tell her maybe we can go to Amcorp Mall together after work, than can “yam cha”. Called hub and tell him I want to get something from Amcorp Mall and ask him to pick up the boys from the nursery and sent them home and instruct the maid to feed them dinner. It is also a good chance to train my new maid to handle the boys without me.

After work, straight to Amcorp Mall, go to the concourse area to see the clothes that Vivian mentions. Wow! It is cheap and the quality is good! Some of the clothes are running out of size, so I did not get it. Most is for girls and baby below 1 year old. Since it’s European size, I got one romper for my boys which is 1 year old and it fit my boys! I got 6 pieces (some are one set – pant and shirt) for each of them. Total damage is RM200! Cheap?

After the “shopping” (ya, nothing for me, only for the boys) went for yam cha session at one of the kopitiam. We chat, laugh, keepo, gossip, eat, drink..Wow! I miss those times. ;)

Even it just a short break, but I am happy. What a wonderful evening.

Ok, now is show off time…….

One set - RM20 ( a bit expensive)

rompers - RM15

Jeans - RM10 (i bought two, it only cost me RM15!)
Turtle pants - bought from one of the shop (RM23.50)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

"SHE" is here finally!!!

"SHE" who is she? Someone ask me "SHE", S.H.E from Taiwan? hahahahaha..

"SHE" is my new replacement maid! She is finally here last evening. Exactly a long 4 months waited!!!This round i get ourself a cambodia maid,i think it's a new challenge as they don't speak our language, and we dont know their culture. Not like indon maid, almost same culture as us, can speak malay maybe just slang different, and food almost the same.

So far still not sure how is her work. But i got a big headache to communicate with her. Yes, she dont speak a single english!!! She speak to me in her own language, how am i going to understand? But i still speak to her in english and with some sign language.And she do have a dictionary which is translate from English to her own langugues. But so far i dont know whether she understand me or not. My friend saids, why not i just get my maid and my boys to learn English and Mandarin together gether! hahahahahahaha

Hopefully this one will turn out a good one. Keep my finger crossed!I don't mind she dont speak English, i know it's need to take sometime to train her and i just hope she can work well.At the mean time, i think i will still put my boys at the nursery, i can see that my boys are happy at the nursery, they got a lot friends to play with
even though, non of them are chinese. All is indian and malay, but good that my boys can pick up some malay words from the older kids.

And good things is my boys like the new "kakak". They let her to change them and bath them last night.I think it really take time, and i hope she dont run away this time! *sigh* - pray hard!

New word again..

Don't get bored on everyday i will post some new word that my sons had said again.U may skip this if u feel bored.I want to jot this down before i lost count how many words they can speak and before i get bored to track it.

Well, last night while having dinner, Fearles ask me, "mummy, juice"! of my boy speak malay and the other speak english. Cruz as usual "mummy, air"!

While put them to sleep, (yes, it always happen when i put them to sleep, they will surprise me with new words!) Cruz knock my head againnnn, this time he didnt said "sorry".After i said "Ouch", he look at me and ask me "PAIN"? hahaha..another new word! So he touched my head and rub rub rub rub than he said "OK". I just can't stop myself on putting a big smile on my face! My darling, u just warm up my heart everynight!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Last night when i put Fearles & Cruz to sleep, Cruz accidently knock my head and i said "ouch!" and he quickly use his hand and rub my head and said "so-ly" - sorry.Hahaha, i find he is so cute, and i didnt know when he pick this word up.

Giving them some milk before they sleep, after Cruz finish he pass the milk bottle to me and said "filish" - finish.

Not bad huh? One or two new words a day. Even they still can't speak in one sentence but at least they pick up some words. They always amaze me! This two words i didnt teach them, maybe Cruz just heard what i said always.

Aluminum Cabinets

We just got another house behind us renovated and we are shifting there soon. All these years we rented out the house, and it is so old. It needs a big make over. Now it nearly complete and it is time for us to hunt some kitchen cabinet.

I saw this Aluminum Cabinets; I told myself, this is what I am looking for! They don’t rust and it look great! I will get myself a black Aluminum Cabinets, which make my kitchen a perfect match!

Those who hunt for a new Cabinet for your kitchen, why not just make a smart choice by clicking this Aluminum Cabinets you will find what u want here.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Mega Gathering & full moon party!

What a busy Saturday (11.8.2007), as most u know that we have a mega blogger gathering on this day at Marmalade Bangsar Village II in conjunction of farewell for Yvonne.

Thank you this mummy had put in all her effort to organize this gathering, sending out e- mail, make the reservation at the restaurant and do the calculation for the payment for each family. This is her first time organize blogger meet (I think) but it turn out a very successful one! Everyone turn up for the gathering. I think next time we should ask her to do more this kind of gathering. Hahahaha *run away*

I very un-decide whether want to go for the gathering, as if I go I will go alone with my two boys! U will know how havoc if me alone to bring them along. Barbara sent sms and e-mail asks me to go, she said she could help me up with my boys. Of course, I feel “paiseh” (shy) la want people to take care my sons for me. Until the very last minute I decide I will go for a short while, since it’s near my house. If my boys start cranky or naughty, I will leave early. I sms Barbara tell her I will be going and if I need her help I will sms her again. Very lucky I find a parking at B1 and near to the escalator, reach at the Ground floor, my two boys start. They both want me to carry them (this is the most that I scared), so I sms Barbara immediately for SOS! She come and rescues, she carry Fearles & me carry Cruz.

Reach at the restaurant, Julian is there already, so me is second, and Barbara been the organizer of course she is the first who arrive. Than I saw Sabrina & family (she might not know me, I read her blog before and saw her photo so I recognize her). Follow by Mika and his mummy Elly and than Oscar and her mummy Angeline. My boys stick to me a lot; they have not “warmed up” so I hardly can chat. However, I do have a good chat with Mika’s mummy, (1st time meet up with her) and Angeline too (so long never see her). Barbara start busy when the crowds start, but she still not forget me, still checking whether I need help, (10Q very much Barbara!!!!)

Crowds start pour in, family by family. Wow! It’s really a huge huge group and with so many kids around!!!!! The play area is full with kids! And my boys also start warmed up and start playing with the kids (don’t know did they bully any kids there? If yes, their mummy here have to said “SORRY”)

My boys is the most naughty one, climb up and down (can see from the pictures), and they fight for the toys! Two of them start fighting, shouting, screaming, running and chasing! Aiyooooo…me really had a hard time!

Overall I’m glad to see everyone again, and 1st time meet up with Irfan & his parent, and Dinah’s Ashley & Aidan, even though we didn’t chat much, because we all busy with the kids!? I only got all the kids picture with me, no parent, hahahahaha, check out yourself, which kids belongs to who?

After the meet up, sent Julian back to hotel than I head home with my boys. Reach home, have to tuck my two boys to have nap, because evening we have to attend Prudy lil precious – Adel full moon party.

We reach at Prudy’s place at about 7.45pm, and I saw my colleagues are there already ( Ya, Prudy resign and I work at her office now, that’s y me also her colleagues. ;)) Saw her bundle of joy are soundly sleep, she is so adorable (sorry didn’t take the picture).

We left about 9pm, because my two boys battery are low, but they are having a good time too. Party packs to keep them busy, at least I can have some peaceful time to have my foods and chat with my colleagues.

Well, it’s a tired Saturday but I enjoy it very much!

Some other link for the Mega gathering can view here

- > Barbara
-> Jazzmint
-> Elly
-> Nadia

Friday, August 10, 2007

A day at paed...

About three weeks ago, bring my twins to see their paed, two of them had been coughing badly. Normally they will start with fever, than follow by flu and cough. Strange, this round they start with flu and cough, no fever, and this round Cruz have a bad cough too. Normally he will just get flu hardly got cough.

I bring them to see their paed on Sat, why I want to jot this down, because two of them just behave so well (first time). From the car park to the clinic (Pantai Hospital), Fearles and Cruz just hold my hand and they walk. Normally, Cruz will be the lazy bum, whenever ask him to walk, he will want me to carry him. I have to carry Cruz and one hand has to hold Fearles’s hand.

Reach at paed, not many people yet, we are the third one. While waiting, two of them also behave well, not much running, shouting. Get them to weight, they willing to stand on the weighing machine (while normal time, they will whine and not willing to stand there, have to force to take their weight) *sigh*

When it is our turn, we go in, and my two boys sit quietly and nicely on the chair and wait for the doctor to check on them. Which normal time, they will climb up and down on the chair and cry for sweets on the table or play the things on the table. Doctor check on Cruz first, he obedient listen to doctor, haha, check his temperature, and he pull up his shirt let the doctor listen to his lung and breathing and check the throat. And when Fearles turn, he still sucking his pacifier, and before doctor want to check his throat, he saw doctor get the “torch light” and a “stick” he knows it’s time to check his throat, he pull out his pacifier b’4 doctor asking him to open his mouth! Hahaha. Doctor said, “Wow, he is smart, he know what I am going to check on him” I don’t know this is good or no good. They knows mean they visit the paed too often lo!!! Till they know the whole process.

They are well now, after coughing for nearly three weeks! Even taking the medicine also does not help. I gave them chinese medicine and some honey and lemon with warm water which recommend by this mummy. After three days, they get rid off those irritating cough!

Headache to get present?

This month and next month is a busy month for me, because there are so many birthdays lining up. And it always a big headache for me to get all the presents. Last night, when I just browse through some website, I come across this,which helps me a lot! I can find handbags, scarves, ties & etc.

My mum had always wanted to have a nice silk scarves, and her birthday just round the corner, I think it time for me to get her a nice one from Shop for handbags at Belisi Fashions. And I saw some nice ties too, which I want to get one for my hub, even he don’t wear ties always, as his sister is getting married soon, it’s also time to get him a good tie that he can wear on that special day.

If anyone of you want to get some nice scarves or ties or handbags and cracking your head so much of thinking what to get, why not just like me, go to u will get what you want.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Another bungalow

Another bungalow for my boy. This time is Fearles, i think this is the first time that Fearles get such a big bungalow on the forehead, and also the first time that had a bad fall.How i wish those are "real bungalow" that i can stay instead of the bungalow on the forehead.

Last friday (3/8/2007), when i about to finish work at 5pm. It was heavy downpour till i can't leave the office on time. Call hub ask him to pick up my boys first, know that i will be late. Leave office about 5.40pm while the rain already stop. I thought to get some grocery from the supermarket for the weekend.Stop by at the supermarket that nearby my house, while njoying my "short short break" buy some grocerries, received call from hub saying Fearles had a fall from his toy car (slipped and fell).I thought not very serious, he told me got one bungalow on the forehead.Qucikly get all the things i want than head back home.

Reach home, i saw poor Fearles sitting on the couch while my MIL feed him dinner.I saw the "BIG BUNGALOW" it worst than Cruz last fall.They had use ice and also hard boil egg to rub on the wound. Poor boy, he must be real pain, but he didnt really cry out loud. *sigh*

Lucky on the next day, the "ball" become smaller, and now getting better, but still got some bruise and mark on it.*double sigh*


Air - malay word of water. Cruz ask for "air" from me yesterday. I got a shock when i heard him said "air". While i make some chinese medicine for them to drink for their cough, i saw him walk into the kitchen, and he saw me pouring the water into their milk bottle, he said "mi, air". I thought i heard wrongly, "air"? He said "ngm" "air" hahahaha. My son can speak malay which i never taught him! They can said "kakak" but no other than that.

Bring them to mid valley yesterday,while i ask Cruz, u want water? He said "ya air!" Air again!Now i can confirm, he know "air" is stand for water.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

mini "conversation" with Fearles

Yesterday after picking my boys up from the nursery,daddy ask them "want to go playground?"(Nowadays daddy always bring them to playground to play)Because had been quite sometime didnt bring them to the playground, lately always rain the evening.

In the car

D: Wan to go playground?
F: "ngm" nod his head
C: "ngm" nod his head too
D: sure want to go playground?
F: "ngm" nod his head hard and show cheeky smile on his face
M: Wan to eat "ta bien" - sh*t?
F: look at me, puzzle a while and shake his head and said "NO"

Me been very bad mummy, everytime when i ask my two boys, they will always nod their head and said "ngm", everything also "ngm" so sometime me try to be funny and bad, in between i will ask them, (just to test whether they understand me or not),"Do u want to eat "ta bein" sh*t (in mandarin)?" This is what me & hub have a good laugh in the car. While they are "seriously" talking about playround, suddenly i just "pop" out one "yucky" question, and all of them pause for a moment!And i can see Fearles serious face and told me "No".hahahahahahaha, bad mummy *piak piak*

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I must admitted that i'm getting old and get to forgot things easily.

Case 1:

Change Cruz to his pyjamas and put him to sleep. As usual i will play with them for a while. Suddenly i notice that how come Cruz is not wearing his diapers! I accidently touch his "bum bum", y so empty? I ask him, y u take off ur diapers? Where did u throw it? But on the other hand i'm thinking, he didnt take off his pants, how did he manage to take off the diapers with the pants still on? After few think, the lulu mummy (tai tou har - big prawn head) i forgot to put diapers on him!!!! It's my mistake, somemore i go and accused innocent Cruz. Blek!

Case 2:

One of the weekend, we go out for dinner. I change both the boys to kai kai clothes than we happily go for dinner. Once reach home, i shower them and change to their pyjamas. When i take off Cruz kai kai clothes, i burst into a loud laugh! I "accidently " wear two pants on Cruz. I didnt take off his pant that he wore at home and i just add another kai kai pant on it!

See la, this mummy getting old and blur already. Need more "Gingko" lo!

Backdated - Cruz 26 months old

Weight: 12.5kg

Weighted Cruz last week too at the paed, having flu and cough too!

Cruz adores his brother Fearles so much! He cares his brother a lot. When he got a toy he makes sure Fearles got one too. He got “jut jut” and he makes sure Fearles also having the “jut jut” together with him. If Cruz is holding a bolster he will get one for his brother too. When he didn’t see his brother around, he will ask for his kor kor.

They do fight often. Cruz always will give way to his brother.

Learned quite a number of new words, and he is picking up fast, still cannot speak a whole sentence yet.

Like to sing “twinkle twinkle little star” and “happy birthday”.

Whenever I scold or “piak piak” Fearles, he will console Fearles by patting his head.

When I make milk for two of them, he always offers to take the milk to the brother. Fearles like to reject him, and he will hold the milk bottle, keep calling “kor kor, nen nen” but Fearles always reply him “NO NO, go go “and he will cry pitiful and told me “mummy, kor kor, nen nen” this is how he relate his kor kor don’t want the nen nen.

Open – Opan, I don’t know how he relate open to opan, now when he saw something he will ask me to “opan”.

He is always cheeky, like to tease Fearles. Whenever he got a toy that he likes very much, he will keep himself, or he will get something similar to Fearles, but Fearles wants that particular one too. So there, they will fight, Cruz will run far far away and hide, and will show the toy to Fearles and hide again. Poor Fearles will cry and wail and screaming. *sigh* Cruz will give it to Fearles again, after he bored with it.

Cruz had a good memory, tell him once, he can remember. When tell him the new word, he can pick up fast.

When he starts cheeky, like to call the father by name. hahaha

He is observant too, when he saw Fearles coughing, and I will bring the pail to him (scared he vomit), now he is doing this. Once Fearles cough, he will quickly went and bring the pail to Fearles.

Note: I am not favoritism, some of the mummy said, I always wrote Cruz more than Fearles, it’s because Cruz look like me, for me both also my sons, no favoritism, I love two of them, it just because Cruz been more cheeky, and he got tons of tricks in his mind!!

Backdated - Fearles 26 months old

Weight: 12.5kg

Weighted Fearles last week at paed, as he is having flu and bad cough.

Fearles is a mature and understanding boy. He is mummy little helper too.

He is very tidy, after having his milk; he will place his milk bottle nicely on the table and put on the cover too.

After meal or having meal he like to wipe his mouth and hands, he is afraid of dirty.

He is addicted to TV, whenever he is watching TV, u calls him thousand times, he also won’t move his eyes away from the TV.

Still speak very little, only single word and not very clear. But like to sing “twinkle twinkle little star” with Cruz. Most he like to said is “No No”.

Like to help me bring the towel, cloths and diapers to the bathroom, while I’m bath or change them.

After lunch or dinner, he will bring the bowl to the kitchen.

He understands me a lot. However, he does not speak. Like lately, he is having bad cough and vomits almost every night. Therefore, I place a small pail in the room just for him to vomit. When I heard he cough, I will ask him, “u want to wek wek (vomit)?” he will wave his hand and sign me “No No”, when he feel like he want to vomit, he will ask for the pail. Sometime when I ask him, u want “nen nen” he will answer me “No No” that is his favourite word. When he wants milk, he will ask “mami, nen nen” and when u asks him u want he will nod his head and said “ng” – yes.

When he cough and sneeze, he will cover his little mouth. Hahaha..i didn’t teach him but don’t know where he learn from. It‘s cute to see him doing this.

Still like to fight with Cruz, bite and hit him.

When i ask him to bring the towel for me, he know what is towel, compare to last time he will look see look see and answer me “huh? Huh? Huh?” give me that blank look.

Sometime he also is cheeky shows me his cheeky look. (but not as cheeky as Cruz).

Now he can said "bye bye teacher" when i pick them up from the nursery.