Monday, August 06, 2007

Another bungalow

Another bungalow for my boy. This time is Fearles, i think this is the first time that Fearles get such a big bungalow on the forehead, and also the first time that had a bad fall.How i wish those are "real bungalow" that i can stay instead of the bungalow on the forehead.

Last friday (3/8/2007), when i about to finish work at 5pm. It was heavy downpour till i can't leave the office on time. Call hub ask him to pick up my boys first, know that i will be late. Leave office about 5.40pm while the rain already stop. I thought to get some grocery from the supermarket for the weekend.Stop by at the supermarket that nearby my house, while njoying my "short short break" buy some grocerries, received call from hub saying Fearles had a fall from his toy car (slipped and fell).I thought not very serious, he told me got one bungalow on the forehead.Qucikly get all the things i want than head back home.

Reach home, i saw poor Fearles sitting on the couch while my MIL feed him dinner.I saw the "BIG BUNGALOW" it worst than Cruz last fall.They had use ice and also hard boil egg to rub on the wound. Poor boy, he must be real pain, but he didnt really cry out loud. *sigh*

Lucky on the next day, the "ball" become smaller, and now getting better, but still got some bruise and mark on it.*double sigh*


michelle said...

1 each huh?

jazzmint said...

ouch.pain...hope they are better now

IMMomsDaughter said...

Oh dear, poor Fearles. Mommy must be so heart pain.

Etcetera~Mommy said...

One after another.. I wonder if anything to do with the 'twins' effect - u have, i must have...?? Hmm.. hope he's better. You too, don't take it to heart ya. :D

Anggie's journel said...

hmmm.... mummy dun feel bad ..k ? Fearles will soon get better .

Jacss said...

poor twins......"bungalow in the making ehh"??.....lama-lama nanti real bungalow becomes realisation, hahahaha!!

take care boys.......bungalow kenot make so many times wan !!

laundryamah said...

wa first time get bungalow very good ledi lor..ok ok don't b so bad...hope he's ok now..

healy said...

Annie, don't worry... next time would be the real bungalow that you can live in. :)

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh dear....poor fearles. he is sure one tough little one :D

Sasha said...

alamak...must be a great fall.

Elly said...

hope he's better now. poor fearles!

The New Parent said...

Hi A-Q--I hope he's feeling much. much better?

Did he at least eat the egg while applying the ice pack (smile)?

How they can hurt themselves sometimes!

Malaika's mummy said...

aiyo, another bungalow.

They are bounds to have cuts and bruises along the way. We are feeling the pains for them too.

Annie Q said...

Michelle: yea one each, fair ma..hahaha

jazz:bungalow become flat liao.haha. thanks

IMM: ya, when i first saw, my heart just drop to the floor, because it's huge and red!

etcetera mummy: ya hor, twins, maybe one get the other one must get one also, baru fair ma. ;)

anggie: thanks!

Laundryamah: First time get HUGE bungalow!

healy: yeah! cross my finger and pray hard my dream will come true.hahaha

mommy to chumsy: He tough? hahaha..he is naughty!

sasha: yes...*sob sob*

elly: thanks..

the new parent: Hi, thanks for dropping by!!!!Yea, bungalow become flat already..hehe! He eat the ice cube, he likes!They are just too too naughty, and never learn from the fall lesson!:(

malaika's mummy:ya, maybe this is part of the growing phase!