Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Backdated - Cruz 26 months old

Weight: 12.5kg

Weighted Cruz last week too at the paed, having flu and cough too!

Cruz adores his brother Fearles so much! He cares his brother a lot. When he got a toy he makes sure Fearles got one too. He got “jut jut” and he makes sure Fearles also having the “jut jut” together with him. If Cruz is holding a bolster he will get one for his brother too. When he didn’t see his brother around, he will ask for his kor kor.

They do fight often. Cruz always will give way to his brother.

Learned quite a number of new words, and he is picking up fast, still cannot speak a whole sentence yet.

Like to sing “twinkle twinkle little star” and “happy birthday”.

Whenever I scold or “piak piak” Fearles, he will console Fearles by patting his head.

When I make milk for two of them, he always offers to take the milk to the brother. Fearles like to reject him, and he will hold the milk bottle, keep calling “kor kor, nen nen” but Fearles always reply him “NO NO, go go “and he will cry pitiful and told me “mummy, kor kor, nen nen” this is how he relate his kor kor don’t want the nen nen.

Open – Opan, I don’t know how he relate open to opan, now when he saw something he will ask me to “opan”.

He is always cheeky, like to tease Fearles. Whenever he got a toy that he likes very much, he will keep himself, or he will get something similar to Fearles, but Fearles wants that particular one too. So there, they will fight, Cruz will run far far away and hide, and will show the toy to Fearles and hide again. Poor Fearles will cry and wail and screaming. *sigh* Cruz will give it to Fearles again, after he bored with it.

Cruz had a good memory, tell him once, he can remember. When tell him the new word, he can pick up fast.

When he starts cheeky, like to call the father by name. hahaha

He is observant too, when he saw Fearles coughing, and I will bring the pail to him (scared he vomit), now he is doing this. Once Fearles cough, he will quickly went and bring the pail to Fearles.

Note: I am not favoritism, some of the mummy said, I always wrote Cruz more than Fearles, it’s because Cruz look like me, for me both also my sons, no favoritism, I love two of them, it just because Cruz been more cheeky, and he got tons of tricks in his mind!!


Etcetera~Mommy said...

So you're more cheeky than your hubs la?? :P

Mommy to Chumsy said...

favoritism??? i don't think so lup both of them deep deep...i can see that :D

Jacss said...

your two princes are so sweet in their own ways !!!

and fights among siblings are unavoidable, whats more with twins?