Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Backdated - Fearles 26 months old

Weight: 12.5kg

Weighted Fearles last week at paed, as he is having flu and bad cough.

Fearles is a mature and understanding boy. He is mummy little helper too.

He is very tidy, after having his milk; he will place his milk bottle nicely on the table and put on the cover too.

After meal or having meal he like to wipe his mouth and hands, he is afraid of dirty.

He is addicted to TV, whenever he is watching TV, u calls him thousand times, he also won’t move his eyes away from the TV.

Still speak very little, only single word and not very clear. But like to sing “twinkle twinkle little star” with Cruz. Most he like to said is “No No”.

Like to help me bring the towel, cloths and diapers to the bathroom, while I’m bath or change them.

After lunch or dinner, he will bring the bowl to the kitchen.

He understands me a lot. However, he does not speak. Like lately, he is having bad cough and vomits almost every night. Therefore, I place a small pail in the room just for him to vomit. When I heard he cough, I will ask him, “u want to wek wek (vomit)?” he will wave his hand and sign me “No No”, when he feel like he want to vomit, he will ask for the pail. Sometime when I ask him, u want “nen nen” he will answer me “No No” that is his favourite word. When he wants milk, he will ask “mami, nen nen” and when u asks him u want he will nod his head and said “ng” – yes.

When he cough and sneeze, he will cover his little mouth. Hahaha..i didn’t teach him but don’t know where he learn from. It‘s cute to see him doing this.

Still like to fight with Cruz, bite and hit him.

When i ask him to bring the towel for me, he know what is towel, compare to last time he will look see look see and answer me “huh? Huh? Huh?” give me that blank look.

Sometime he also is cheeky shows me his cheeky look. (but not as cheeky as Cruz).

Now he can said "bye bye teacher" when i pick them up from the nursery.

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min said...

since nobody leave fearles a comment, I'll do it!! haha.. he does sound like a kor kor to me!! more mature and understanding!! whereas the di di is cheeky and funny ! eheh ...
most importantly , i must say the mummy is FAIR Lar!! stop accusing the leng lui mummy for being unfair okie ? hahaha