Friday, August 10, 2007

Headache to get present?

This month and next month is a busy month for me, because there are so many birthdays lining up. And it always a big headache for me to get all the presents. Last night, when I just browse through some website, I come across this,which helps me a lot! I can find handbags, scarves, ties & etc.

My mum had always wanted to have a nice silk scarves, and her birthday just round the corner, I think it time for me to get her a nice one from Shop for handbags at Belisi Fashions. And I saw some nice ties too, which I want to get one for my hub, even he don’t wear ties always, as his sister is getting married soon, it’s also time to get him a good tie that he can wear on that special day.

If anyone of you want to get some nice scarves or ties or handbags and cracking your head so much of thinking what to get, why not just like me, go to u will get what you want.

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