Monday, August 13, 2007

Mega Gathering & full moon party!

What a busy Saturday (11.8.2007), as most u know that we have a mega blogger gathering on this day at Marmalade Bangsar Village II in conjunction of farewell for Yvonne.

Thank you this mummy had put in all her effort to organize this gathering, sending out e- mail, make the reservation at the restaurant and do the calculation for the payment for each family. This is her first time organize blogger meet (I think) but it turn out a very successful one! Everyone turn up for the gathering. I think next time we should ask her to do more this kind of gathering. Hahahaha *run away*

I very un-decide whether want to go for the gathering, as if I go I will go alone with my two boys! U will know how havoc if me alone to bring them along. Barbara sent sms and e-mail asks me to go, she said she could help me up with my boys. Of course, I feel “paiseh” (shy) la want people to take care my sons for me. Until the very last minute I decide I will go for a short while, since it’s near my house. If my boys start cranky or naughty, I will leave early. I sms Barbara tell her I will be going and if I need her help I will sms her again. Very lucky I find a parking at B1 and near to the escalator, reach at the Ground floor, my two boys start. They both want me to carry them (this is the most that I scared), so I sms Barbara immediately for SOS! She come and rescues, she carry Fearles & me carry Cruz.

Reach at the restaurant, Julian is there already, so me is second, and Barbara been the organizer of course she is the first who arrive. Than I saw Sabrina & family (she might not know me, I read her blog before and saw her photo so I recognize her). Follow by Mika and his mummy Elly and than Oscar and her mummy Angeline. My boys stick to me a lot; they have not “warmed up” so I hardly can chat. However, I do have a good chat with Mika’s mummy, (1st time meet up with her) and Angeline too (so long never see her). Barbara start busy when the crowds start, but she still not forget me, still checking whether I need help, (10Q very much Barbara!!!!)

Crowds start pour in, family by family. Wow! It’s really a huge huge group and with so many kids around!!!!! The play area is full with kids! And my boys also start warmed up and start playing with the kids (don’t know did they bully any kids there? If yes, their mummy here have to said “SORRY”)

My boys is the most naughty one, climb up and down (can see from the pictures), and they fight for the toys! Two of them start fighting, shouting, screaming, running and chasing! Aiyooooo…me really had a hard time!

Overall I’m glad to see everyone again, and 1st time meet up with Irfan & his parent, and Dinah’s Ashley & Aidan, even though we didn’t chat much, because we all busy with the kids!? I only got all the kids picture with me, no parent, hahahahaha, check out yourself, which kids belongs to who?

After the meet up, sent Julian back to hotel than I head home with my boys. Reach home, have to tuck my two boys to have nap, because evening we have to attend Prudy lil precious – Adel full moon party.

We reach at Prudy’s place at about 7.45pm, and I saw my colleagues are there already ( Ya, Prudy resign and I work at her office now, that’s y me also her colleagues. ;)) Saw her bundle of joy are soundly sleep, she is so adorable (sorry didn’t take the picture).

We left about 9pm, because my two boys battery are low, but they are having a good time too. Party packs to keep them busy, at least I can have some peaceful time to have my foods and chat with my colleagues.

Well, it’s a tired Saturday but I enjoy it very much!

Some other link for the Mega gathering can view here

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Anggie's journel said...

wow.. look very fun :)

khongfamily said...

Lucky that you have Barbara as your SOS help!!!

IMMomsDaughter said...

Wow! Another big meet and I salute you for bringing your twins everywhere ;)

Mommy to Chumsy said... need to thank me so many times. We are friends mah, so friends help each other ;D Organise another gathering? No problem. Just make sure separate bill next time. LOL

Sasha said... busy samo can snap so many pics ah? kENG AH!!!

Desperate Mummy said...

Wah,looks goodler next time I sure join u guys and have funs. Long time din meet up with u ler :D

Elly said...

hey annie, cld u pls email the pic of Mika n me to

thks! my boy said he likes his silly look(like a tiger..he said!) in that pic!

thks again!

jazzmint said...

wah..u got alot of pics :)

Tracy said...

Wah! U memang 'geng' leh. Got to look after ur twins and still can click click away with so many pics. Like what I said, taking care of 1 is oredi a headache, taking care of 2 can go bonkers leh.

Annie Q said...

anggie: ya it's fun. If w/o my two monkeys i think i will njoy it more.hahaha

khongfamily: yea, she help me a lot! I owe her coffee!

imm: me no choice lei.Wan to keepo and want to have fun, no one take care my boys, so hv to tag them along lo.

mommy 2 chumsy: ya, know u had a hard time to do the calculation! Sorry, didnt help u.My two boys start cranky!

Sasha: so many meh? so little only.Not even take your pretty face!

desperate mummy:ya la, always dont join us.Hope to see u next round too!

elly: sent picture to u already.;)Ya, Mika look like cute little tiger!

jazz: not much pictures la ;)

tracy: that's y u saw me like a crazy mad woman shouting around lei.hahahaha ;)