Thursday, August 16, 2007

New word again..

Don't get bored on everyday i will post some new word that my sons had said again.U may skip this if u feel bored.I want to jot this down before i lost count how many words they can speak and before i get bored to track it.

Well, last night while having dinner, Fearles ask me, "mummy, juice"! of my boy speak malay and the other speak english. Cruz as usual "mummy, air"!

While put them to sleep, (yes, it always happen when i put them to sleep, they will surprise me with new words!) Cruz knock my head againnnn, this time he didnt said "sorry".After i said "Ouch", he look at me and ask me "PAIN"? hahaha..another new word! So he touched my head and rub rub rub rub than he said "OK". I just can't stop myself on putting a big smile on my face! My darling, u just warm up my heart everynight!


huisia said...

not boring la..don't worry :)
more to come soon..

IMMomsDaughter said...

Awww....that's so sweet and caring. These are the moments that make mommyhood worth it ;)

Jacss said... sweet lor !!!

wHOisBaBy said...

so sweet, ask mommy if pain or not. mommy pain all flies away when hear that.