Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Last night when i put Fearles & Cruz to sleep, Cruz accidently knock my head and i said "ouch!" and he quickly use his hand and rub my head and said "so-ly" - sorry.Hahaha, i find he is so cute, and i didnt know when he pick this word up.

Giving them some milk before they sleep, after Cruz finish he pass the milk bottle to me and said "filish" - finish.

Not bad huh? One or two new words a day. Even they still can't speak in one sentence but at least they pick up some words. They always amaze me! This two words i didnt teach them, maybe Cruz just heard what i said always.


Anonymous said...

he!he! annie don't forget invite me to your new home ah.

Amy Lum said...

he!he! annie don't forget invite me to your new home ah.

The New Parent said...

Hi A--so sweet. The period of time when they are learning words and adding new sounds and words to their lexicon is soooo wonderful!

Great time to have them.

The New Parent said...

btw---thank you for including me on your blog roll. that's very nice of you and I appreciate your thinking of me (smile). you're also on mine.

Jacss said...

clever boy.........!!

did u start sending them to any social playgroup like kindermuzik, muzikgarten or the like???
that would be a great place for them to pick up the skills !!!

Anggie's journel said...

there learn n pick up very fast.. so i think we parents have to watch our words too.... :)

healy said...

waw... envy ler... I'm still waiting for the first word from my Elizabeth.

When is she going to call "mummy"? hehe... That's all I concern.

BTW, you can place a comment on my new blog. Just click on the number of the comment icon,k?

michelle said...

Wait until they duplicate what you said before, more funny. Emily always do that to me.

laundryamah said...

i know how exciting it can be for our kids to utter new words...i'm looking forward to Kylie's development each day too!

cbenc12 said...

Children learns fast, don't they! They always learn from their parent as the role model~ ^.^

mommy of 2 angels said...

baby talk is so adorable!!!

Annie Q said...

Amy Lum: Not new home, is a old house just do some reno.U can come anytime.;)

the new parent: u're most welcome. Ya,great time to have them if they dont always make me angry. hahaha

jacss: no lei,because of the timing, no one sent them and pick them up.Which i want to sent them to learn some music too!

anggie: hehehe, ya, they pick up the words very fast! And they copy us very fast too!

healy: u're like me, when they still dont call me "mummy" i start so worry, when they call me i feel so happy, after that they will start call u non stop than u will feel so irritating! hahahahaha

michelle: yea yea, agree with u.

Laundryamah: ya, because ur kylie also my boys age! So u & me are having the same feeling now.

cbenc12: ya, children learn fast, that's y we can't lead bad example.

mommy of 2 angels: ya,very, when u still guess what they are talking about.U will find it so fun!