Thursday, November 29, 2007

X'mas shopping

How time flies, it is already end of November! Christmas is just round the corner,it's time to look for some gifts. This year i don't have any worry on what to get, because CouponChief is here for me! It's a online services that offer great discounts with its coupons and coupon codes.

I want to get myself a new diamond pendant from Blue Nile, they are the the largest online retailer of certified diamonds and fine jewelry.Of course i won't forget to get my hub and my boys something nice from Old Navy ,they are having 40% off on all outerwear, which is a great news!

If u want to shop and buy some gifts without any hassle, why not just log on to online coupons,there are lots of varieties for you to choose.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Time to have Kit Kat

Wow!! So much cob web in here! Must be lazy mummy didn't clean the "house" for us. Oh ya, our mummy told us, she is having her "KIT KAT", i dont know what she means by having "Kit Kat", we like "Kit Kat" too, but mummy said when she is having "kit kat", she will not write or update anything on our blog. Mummy said she need a break, that's why she is eating kit kat and laid back to watch her tv. hahahahaha

Mummy said, she had been very busy lately, with work and also with our "ku jie" wedding preparation. Yes, our only "ku jie" will be getting married this week, and everyone in the house are busy, except two of us. We still as naughty as usual, we still always drive mummy up the wall. When everyone busy cleaning the house and "re-paint" the house, two of us were having tons of fun by messing things around that make mummy so angry, and scold us.

Mummy also got lots of dinner to attend too, even though mummy was busy, but she still spend sometime to play with us on the weekend. Weekend is our time, we dont allow mummy to sit in front of computer. Even if she did, we will disturb her, we will sit on her lap or punch the keyboard till she surrender.

We two naughty monster here want to said sorry to all the uncles, aunties, leng lui jie jie who come to our blog and find there is always no updated post. We will kick mummy's butt to fast fast update on our blog once she is free from her work and also after "ku jie's" wedding. Mummy also told us, she owe many aunties "homework", she will do it once she got time. We hope uncles, aunties and leng lui jie jie still come and visit us ya. 10Q!

*Do u like our picture on top there? Ya, one of the aunty very nice, she do this scrap for us, like X'mas huh..we like it very much. We left "THANK YOU" to mummy to said to that nice aunty. hehehehe*

Monday, November 19, 2007

Darrius Birthday Party

My boys been invited by Darrius to attend his 2nd birthday party @ Mcdonald Taman Connaught. Yes, they love to attend birthday party, every night before sleep they will sing happy birthday song and other kids song. When they saw present, Cruz will said “happy to u” he still can’t pronounce “birthday”. Sunday morning, they already whine and cry, want me to bring them to birthday party, I told them after they have their nap only I will bring them to the birthday party.

Birthday part start at 4pm, left the house around 3.30pm, lucky the traffic is still ok. Daddy called and said he just landed at the airport and he will join us there. Reach there, can see quite a few familiar faces Mott, Barbara, Elly, Angie, Peggy, Tracy, Eva (so long never see her, nearly one year and first time saw her kids) and first time meet up with Chin Nee and her princess Qi Qi. All the kids got a fun time, my boys busy playing with the balloons & the party hats and busy eating too.

I’m so amazed with the effort that Alice’s put in, from the banner to the cup cakes and and also the hand made party packs! I didn’t take the picture for the party packs, because once my boys got it, they can’t wait to open it and “kill” the ladybirds, butterfly and the flower cookies! So paiseh! Same goes to the cup cakes, first thing they eat is the ladybird! During cake cutting session, while everyone singing Happy Birthday song, Cruz had a big grin on his face, but he didn’t sing! This boy ar, when suppose to sing, he don’t sing, when not suppose to sing, he sing! Haih!

Daddy joined us after the cake cutting session, when the boys saw his daddy, they call out him (hehehe, during daddy away for the five days, they didn’t ask for him, when I ask them where is daddy, they said daddy kai kai! LOL).

After we left the birthday party, daddy went to his friend’s house to get his bicycle fixed, since his friend’s house also somewhere in Cheras. They “dismantle” the bicycle while taking it on flight. While they are fixing the bicycles, my boys had a good time playing with two doggies at his daddy friend’s house. They love and hate the dogs, they want to play with the doggie and yet they scare. They laugh, scream and cry! For the good 30 mins they are sweating all over. After went for a quick dinner, then we head back home. Shower my boys and put them to bed, they are too exhausted, they fall sleep just second. What a great Sunday!

p/s: sorry, some of the pictures look blur so i didn't post it out. because i'm using the "parlia" camera! The canggih one taken by my hub. Blek!

He said this..

Cruz been little "busybody" or "talkative" lately. He love to mimic the way i speak or pick up new words from me. It's a good sign, means he learn and he willing to speak. His favourite word is
~ Come, mummy come (speak and with hand sign indicate me to come)
~ mummy, go kai kai (want me to bring him go kai kai)
and he like to mimic me to scold Fearles or maid
~ Cruz, no no
~ Cruz, Huh! Huh!Huh! Never listen ( he call Fearles , Cruz!)
~ Beat u ar!
~ Cruz! U poo poo ar?
He refer lingerie or those who wear sexy or spaghetti strap as "ham sup"! hahahahaha, i don't know why. Maybe everytime he saw me change my clothes, he will come and touch me i will said " Cruz, no no..u ham sup ar!" So from there he refer lingerie as "ham sup". One of the day i bring him go shopping and when we pass by one of the lingerie shop, he said "mummy, ham sup!" and when saw the magazine that show the model who wear sexy he will said "ham sup!" When he saw my inner wear he will said "HAM SUP" too!
He like roti canai, and he said "canai canai". He really like to talk, but some of the words till not clear, so when there is time, i try my best to teach him more words! He never stop surprise me with new words everyday. When he saw me eat something, he will always ask me "mummy, nice?" While having the hot soup he will said, "mummy, blow" and anything which is spicy and hot, he will said "hot hot". Didnt i said he eat Nasi lemak and curry chicken?
Yesterday after the birthday party, while we are on the way home, he read 1-10 without any error! This make me so surprise! Every night when put them to sleep, i will make them sing together and also teach them new words. Everytime when i read them 1-10, they will jump from 4 to 6 then to 8, they don't read 5 & 7. But last night, in the car Cruz teach my maid to read 1 - 10!!! hahahahahah
Of course, there is much more words that he knows, which i have lost count. This already make me happy although he still can't speak the whole sentence.

updated: this evening, while i pick up the boys from the nursery, teacher told me Cruz try to speak a lot nowadays, he said "quiet" "don't run" "don't shout" & etc. I told the teacher, ya he had become a little "chatterbox" lately!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sunday night @ Starship Galactica

Usually we will eat out on Sunday night. Last Sunday went to one utama to have dinner at our usual dining place, after dinner, daddy decide to bring the boys to have some fun at Starship Galactica.All the while i thought this place is meant for older kids, not suitable for toddlers.

Upon checking with the staff at the counter, they told us those kids which is younger need one adult to company them. Register ourself and buy ourself some socks from the counter there (since this is last minute thing, didnt stand-by socks) lucky not so pricey, RM3.80 per pair. Me & hub bring the boys go into the play area and play and ask the maid to sit at the cafe inside the starship and wait for us there.

This doesnt like kidsport got lots of slide and things to play, this starship is more on soft balls.On level one, my boys can play with the soft balls, either can put the balls on those small tube with the air blowing out or there is tube that they will suck the soft balls in and will shot out again (sorry, no picture to show, as i didnt bring my camera). Level 2 & 3 & 4 will be more on those "guns" you can put the soft balls in and shot it out, and my boys are not tall enough and they are still small don't know how to play that. Just bring them walk up level by level, till level four we SLIDE down to level 3, then from level 3 we slide down to level 2. Yes, we slide down, either u can walk down or u slide down..they only got two slides. We (me & my hub and two boys) we SLIDE DOWN! hahahahaha..this is after so so so many years, first time i play with slide, and it is so "malu" and scary. I scared off slide! muahahahahahahahha! First my hub slide down then follow by Cruz then Fearles then ME! Two of my boys are peeping me at exit of the tube where i will slide down. Daddy warn them "fast fast go away, heavy and big mummy is coming! Fast go away" AAARRRGGGGGG! There i slide down, and after slide down the two slides, see what happen to me...

hahahahahahaha..i hurt my both elbows! This is joke of the year! This thing really not suitable for "old lady" like me to play!!! Well, maybe daddy want to spent some quality time with the boys because he is going to Thailand for 5 days cycling. Hmmmmmm..will the boys miss their daddy or will daddy miss the boys? Let me see, today is the first day.;)

Early X'mas Gifts

Yes! My sons receive an early x'mas gift from this very secretive and very pretty and very young jie jie! Why i said she very secretive? Because she never like to show her face she only like to show her "loots" on her retail therapy and also her big eyes and her toes only. hahahahahaha

Yesterday she msn me and ask me to do her a favour, she want me to pass the birthday gift to Darrius as she can't attend the birthday party this weekend. I try to "con" her to pass the pressie to me at my office, but she refuse! She is smart! She went to my house and pass it to my family member, so i can't see her! Never mind, i forgot to tell her, i got cctv at home, i can still rewind back and see. hahahahahahahahahahahaha..

She sms me and told me she pass the pressie at my house, and there is another two small gifts is for my boys! Min!!!!! Thank you very much for the lovely gifts! My boys love it so much! Thankkkkksssss! Muack muack! Thanks for the early x'mas present!

*little note: y lately i keep saying thank you to everyone ar? hahahahahahahhaha*

Monday, November 12, 2007

Boys more close to mummy?

Boys more close to their mummy and girls more close to their daddy? I mean this, is when they are still young. When they grown up,boys will be close to their girlfriend or wife and girls will more close to their mummy.

Why i make this statement? I "think" my boys close to me more than their daddy..hahahaha.There is few times that when we want to go out and BIL's car are blocking our car so i need to reverse the car while my boys and maid will be in daddy's car. When the boys saw me drive another car and is not going with them in the same car, they cry so hard like i'm leaving them behind. The very first time is my mum also in the same car with them, i also do the car reverse, and my mum told me "Ur boys cry like no tomorrow!"

Last night while we are going out again, BIL's car block our car again, this round daddy said, u drive the car with the boys and he will do the car reserve. hahahaha..and u know what the boys said when they saw their daddy drive another car? They said "Bye Bye daddy!" "Bye daddy" LOL! No crying instead waving at daddy and said bye bye. *roll eyes*

At home, when they saw me dress nicely, they sure know i'm going out, and start follow me everywhere i go. Everytime i have to "sneak out" from the house quietly, on the other hand, when daddy wear nicely take the wallet want to go out, they will told me, "mummy, daddy kai kai", they won't whine or cry for going out, instead they will wave and said "bye" to their daddy.

So, this is good or bad?

*picture scrapping with animation by sasha, thanks*

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Attend Birthday Party at Bijou

We invited by Baby Khong to attend their prince, Brae 2nd birthday party at Bijou last Sunday. Had heard about Bijou before but never been there, so this is the good chance for me to check out the place.

Since I am not sure where exactly Bijou located, called Jazzmint and said we meet up somewhere and we go together. Party start at 2pm, but I was late, because my boys are having their nap. Jazzmint & I reach there around 2.30pm, I saw Nadia family & laundryamah family is there already. Pass the present to the birthday boy, and we head to the table that had already reserve for us (bloggers). My two boys are happily open the party packs and start eating the raising, milk stick, jelly & etc, this at least keep them occupied while I can chat with Nadia, Laundryamah & jazzmint. Food serve, from appetizer to main course to dessert it’s all healthy western food, yummy yummy. After a while, my boys start making noise they want to walk around, so I bring them outside the Bijou, there is one small play area where there is a slide and a swing, at least they can play there, and ask my maid to keep an eye on them while I’m eating & chatting happily (so bad mummy!) We do enjoy ourself very much, camwhore, and while the “balloonist” is there, we asking him to do all kind of ballons. seems like adult having more fun than the little one. There is one face painting artist to entertain the kids too, Kieran (laudryamah’s son) paint himself as Spiderman, it’s really look cool, but I didn’t take the picture ;) because I’m too busy eating! LOL

Lately my boys love to sing “happy birthday” song, during cake cutting session, my boys didn’t sing, but after finish, they want to sing again. Keep telling me “ u, mummy… u” they still can’t speak the whole sentence Happy Birthday To U, they only said “da da to u” or “to u” *faint*. While the party about over, I stand near the centre table where all the pressie and cake and cup cakes kept, I saw the cup cakes with all the kid’s name on, so thoughtful of the host!

Reach home my boys can’t wait for me to open the box and eat the cup cakes, they finish all 3. Really enjoy and seeing them eating the cup cakes, even though they eat it messy, but I still happy. A great birthday party!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Another thank you

Notice i got a totally new look of my blog? Yea, i like it!
From the hush puppy, dark brown colour, i know it hard to read sometime and it hurt your eyes. After a year i decide to change a new look again on my blog. Totally white colour and chicken and sun as my new template. It look "clean" and fresh, i just love it. My sons born in rooster year, that why i choose chicken as my new template and i want to said THANK YOU to Sue. She is the one that found me this nice template, and she change it for me as i not good in IT things. I think i do blog before about her, she is the one that encourage me to write blog and the first blog that i read is hers and i find it so interesting. Now, she quite tied up with her work and also her two lovely boys, that's why less update on her blog.


Friday, November 02, 2007

Special thanks to sexy blogger

Anyone of you note that i got a new header? My two cheeky boys are behind the window and playing "chak chak chak" with u all and keep u all entertain? I must said thank you to this sexy blogger, she is so famous in blogsphere and not only blogsphere, she also appear on newspaper and lately on TV!!I think no need to said who she is you all will know the answer, that's why i don't put her link here, hahahahahahah because all of u read her blog too! Thank you friend!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Gifts for guys?

*This is a sponsored post*

Thinking to get something for my hubby for his birthday and christmas present, since his birthday is fall on December, i might just get one present for two occasions? He has four bicycles and so far, he only had one bike rack to keep his two bicycles and left the other two at one corner. It would be good if i get him one more bike rack to keep all his four bicycles. I come across this, i find this for him. I think he will like it a lot. If you want to get some unique gifts for guys, why not just browse through this web, you will find what you want instead of getting them socks, sweaters, perfumes or underwear as gifts, why not make it a change?