Monday, November 19, 2007

He said this..

Cruz been little "busybody" or "talkative" lately. He love to mimic the way i speak or pick up new words from me. It's a good sign, means he learn and he willing to speak. His favourite word is
~ Come, mummy come (speak and with hand sign indicate me to come)
~ mummy, go kai kai (want me to bring him go kai kai)
and he like to mimic me to scold Fearles or maid
~ Cruz, no no
~ Cruz, Huh! Huh!Huh! Never listen ( he call Fearles , Cruz!)
~ Beat u ar!
~ Cruz! U poo poo ar?
He refer lingerie or those who wear sexy or spaghetti strap as "ham sup"! hahahahaha, i don't know why. Maybe everytime he saw me change my clothes, he will come and touch me i will said " Cruz, no no..u ham sup ar!" So from there he refer lingerie as "ham sup". One of the day i bring him go shopping and when we pass by one of the lingerie shop, he said "mummy, ham sup!" and when saw the magazine that show the model who wear sexy he will said "ham sup!" When he saw my inner wear he will said "HAM SUP" too!
He like roti canai, and he said "canai canai". He really like to talk, but some of the words till not clear, so when there is time, i try my best to teach him more words! He never stop surprise me with new words everyday. When he saw me eat something, he will always ask me "mummy, nice?" While having the hot soup he will said, "mummy, blow" and anything which is spicy and hot, he will said "hot hot". Didnt i said he eat Nasi lemak and curry chicken?
Yesterday after the birthday party, while we are on the way home, he read 1-10 without any error! This make me so surprise! Every night when put them to sleep, i will make them sing together and also teach them new words. Everytime when i read them 1-10, they will jump from 4 to 6 then to 8, they don't read 5 & 7. But last night, in the car Cruz teach my maid to read 1 - 10!!! hahahahahah
Of course, there is much more words that he knows, which i have lost count. This already make me happy although he still can't speak the whole sentence.

updated: this evening, while i pick up the boys from the nursery, teacher told me Cruz try to speak a lot nowadays, he said "quiet" "don't run" "don't shout" & etc. I told the teacher, ya he had become a little "chatterbox" lately!


Mommy to Chumsy said...

Me first to comment????

Yay..way to go Cruz!!! *muaks* hey, is that him in the photo or someone else's son? hahahahaha. Why doesn't look like him at all?

misha's mum said...

waaaaah .. your anak looks so big already :)

no more baby look lar :)

etceteramommy said...

Yea la Annie... Cruz doesn't look like Cruz in the pic.

How abt Fearles, is he having a spurt of vocabs as well?

Annie Q said...

mommy to chumsy: eh, of course that is Cruz la. hahahahahaha maybe he hardly laugh!

misha mum: ya ya, no more baby look lo, now is big boy look liao. ;)

etceteramommy: hehe, that's y i said lo, maybe everytime take picture he also moody, hardly catch him having a good laugh, that's y he look so different. Fearles ar, hmmmm..he always got "gold in the mouth", not as keepo as Cruz.:(

Jacss said...

if i'm not mistaken, cruz is ti-ti right? i'm just wondering if it is always the ti-ti that's ahead & lead everything....???!!!

the surprises will keep on going...
and it's also time to beware of what u speak as the boys mimic you a lot.....hehehe!!

handsome cute boy!

jazzmint said...

haha wah teach ur maid somemore, not bad

Health Freak Mommy said...

What a smart boy, can recite from 1 - 10! You must be so proud of your little leng zhai!

Lemonjude said...

It is just so fun when they start to talk in sentence ya...those surprises really can cheer up after a tired day.

LiL'deviL said...

Wahhh...*clap* Very clever boy Cruz, well done! It's so cute that he refered Fearles as Cruz...hehehehe...also I like how he describes lingerie...LOL.