Sunday, December 30, 2007

1st diaperless training

Shame on me or call me lazy mummy, my boys already in their 31 months old, but they still on diapers. I decide give them "diaperless" last two days. Since my son's nursery closed for a week plus for Christmas & New Year, so they are at home with my "blur sotong" maid. "Blur sotong" maid, means i will be worry if i left my boys at home with her the whole day.

Plus & minus the Saturday & Sunday and Public Holiday i didn't take a lot leaves, i took one day off last Friday to just stay at home with my boys. Day start with shower them and not give them diapers to wear. I keep remind them tell me when they want to "shi shi" or "umm umm" and i keep pointing the potty and tell them "shi shi" and "umm umm" at potty. At first Fearles still can tell me "mummy, shi shi", i give him potty. But for Cruz, he is too excited having nasi lemak as breakfast together with me and watching tv, within few hours he had wet 4 pants. When i change him, i remind him again, telling him, cannot shi shi on pants, must tell me. When come to afternoon time, i put them to nap, i give them diapers again, as i don't want them to wet the bed. Training just start half a day..hmmmmm..i think train them diaperless will be easier for me compare to wean them off their "jut jut". Since it's my day off, i took sometime to cook for the family too! Do u like my yummy-licious dishes? Don't said i cook too much meat, in fact it is. Hahahahaha, of course there is a vegetables and soup.

Cruz having "nasi lemak", and his "computer"

They are not having tooth ache, this is when i ask them to
post for me

"Foochow" Rice wine chicken

Butter chicken

Sweet & sour pork ribs


Blur Angel said...

ya la.. three meat dishes!! but they all looked good la!! :) DHL over to my place next time okie ? thanks!! i think to train them to be diaperless it will take some time lo..good luck!!

mybabybay said...

Yes, starting stage have to keep reminding them. By the way, let them pass urine in the proper toilet if they are tall enough, after that they can play with the flush. It works!

Sasha said...

wuah.......SET LA! next blogger gathering is at yr house la..u cook for us! muahahahha

IMMomsDaughter said...

Good luck on your diaperless training. I love the Foochow rice wine with chicken wor..slurp slurp...Wishing you and your family Happy 2008! Have fun

khongfamily said...

Your meal looks delicious!! So how's your diaperless training so far? I'm still resort to diaper when we are outside and nap time.

beckysmum said...

You very pandai cooking le... looks so delicious!! I miss "Foochow" food!

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

hahaha ... the twins are so cute - have to put their hands on their face when posting for a photo shoot.

you are really good in cooking. wish you good luck in potty training the twins.


mom2ashley said...

good luck in the diaperless training!!!
and you can cook eh? the food looks yummy!

Angeleyes said...

WOw! Those food look yummy leh! Butter chicken??? Share the recipe leh!

Anyway, here wishing a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family

mama bok said...

When they are ready.. they will be ready.. :) My brat didn't start till late too.. ;) but i've noticed that when she was ready.. she just did it herself.. no more prompting.. :) so donch fret.. :)

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Yummylicous!!! I'm so eaget to eat the rice wine chicken coz sooo.. missed la during confinement time till now.

Hey! Both of ur ds sure easily to get potty train coz they understand what you said. Just they need to take some time to adjust coz they 4got about themselves diaperless, so accidentally wetting. Give them few days then will be alright. I trained Sasha like that too.


Mummy to QiQi said...

it really requires lot of patient to potty train kids. my nanny used to put qiqi to potty every 30mins since 2 months onwards, and prolong d interval as she grows. dont think i got the patient to do that later :(

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh man..your food is making me drool. ok..i agree with bloggers' gathering at your house ok? ;)

P said...

Cute la the way they pose ...

i remembered my 1st time train my son diaperless ... so many times wet bed ...


Jacss said...

justed started yr training only... do expect some 'accidents' lar coz it really takes time!!
i was lucky, my boys were trained at their nursery without me even realising....but then now i got headache getting them diaperless during night sleep!! am still in d progress, no 100% luck yet....
good luck to u though!! i hardly see u post yr cooking pics here, i never thought u can cook so well woh...eee, so 'jeles', ya share recipes for dummy cook like us lar but then i never imagine myself can cook wine chic & butter prawn lar!!

oh ya, if next gathering u really decide to cook, dun forget me ya...heheheh

PapaJoneh said...

Hi there Annie-Q?
As to my Josh's being diaperless.. I think we did not have to force him. It just happened by itself. He did not want to use diapers anymore. Except except.. when he wanted to "buang air besar". hahahaha.

Anyway, Happy New Year 2008. May all dreams come true and more money coming in than out :D

Love from Papajoneh & kids and the busy mommy aka wife :D

huisia said...

wish you good luck in diaperless training :)

mommy of 3 angels said...

happiii 2008

a lot of yummiii chicken i see!!

Sweetiepie said...

you real good in cooking..i don't even can cook those dishes.we need to put alot of time and energy for potty training.good luck:)

Anonymous said...

wow.. looks so yummy... can teach me ah?? ur butter chicken and sweet sour pork ribs just like restaurant cook lah!!!

Annie Q said...

Blur angel: DHL to your place? Ok, give me your house address. hahahahaha

mybabybay: i think they scared of the "big toilet" i try once to put them to sit on the toilet bowl they refuse.

sasha: aiyo, there is more good cook out there la, mine is just "small case".

imm: thank you thank you! Happy new year to u too!

khongfamily: so far ar, still many accident lo, they dont tell me. When i ask them, they said no "shi shi". Ya, during nap time i still give them diapers.

beckysmum: miss foochow food? Sometime me too, even i still nearer than u, but here no one cook foochow food.I miss sibu foochow food.

mama of 2littlefellas: Happy new year to u too! hahaha..they usually don't pose for me, only that day when cruz put his hand on the face so i ask Fearles do the same pose for me.

mom2ashley: thank you. Yes, i can cook but i can't bake. hahahaha

angeleyes: Happy new year to u too!! Recipe for the butter chicken? I think u cook before? Very easy pesy lei.

mamabok: hopefully my boys will like chloe. Ready by themselve, rather than keep forcing them. hahaha

baby sasha n mom: ya, it will take sometime for them to get "shi shi" on potty.Hopefully one day they will surprise me by doing it themselve..;)

mummy to qiqi: also no patient, that's y till now i still haven't potty train my boys.

mommy to chumsy: i thought next blogger gathering will be at ur new house? *hint hint*

P: Hi, thanks for dropping by my boring blog. U should post it up and share with us your experience ma.

jacss: i still "struggle" myself to potty train them on day time. I haven't start their diaperless during night sleep lei! That is another challenge. *scared*

papajoneh: Long time no see! Happy new year to u & ur family! Hope my boys will like Josh too, will be ready by themselve, no forcing.

HuiSia: thank you!

mommy of 3 angels: Happy 2008 to u & ur family too!! Soon u will have yummy yummy chicken everyday lo!

sweetiepie: Me not really good in cooking, those simple one i can cook, "confusing" one i can't cook.

anonymous: u didn't "tell" me who u are, how can i teach u lei? hahahahaha

Ms Fair Face said...

wow ur food looks yummy! Oh by the way, Happy year 2008! Have a blessed year ahead! :)

Sweetpea said...

wicked, wicked!! drroooollssss!!

happy new year!

JPPmom said...

hi there! first time commenting here..good luck on yer "diaperless project" son Josh eventually give up pampers by himself but still use it for "BIG BUSINESS"..

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wah, so many nice dishes. All my favorite. Didn't know you are such a great cook! Can finish ar so many dishes?

wHOisBaBy said...

your dishes all look very good. btw, happy new year to you and your family.