Monday, December 17, 2007

Backdated : SIL's Wedding Day (Amended)

This is the long long overdue post. Ya, blame on the year end holiday season, so many activities and also busy at work, that make me lack of update, thank you for those who still visit my blog always, please bear with me, i hope i can update my blog as often as i can.

The only one family photo

BIL's wife, me & vivian

the main table set up

toasting time - notice my two monkeys there?

Cruz receive "ang pow" from "ku jie"

Fearles receive "ang pow" from " ku jie"

the happy couple

Finally all done..

SIL's wedding dinner is on 2nd Dec (ya, two weeks ago)at Prince Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Not much pictures to share, this is only the few.

We are there around 5.45pm to stand by, because there is an evening cocktail before the dinner start. My online store biz partner are there to help up too, i didnt do much (hahahaha), because i'm too busy running behind the boys! Beside than running, they want me to carry them throughout the night.Hubby was busy entertaining the guest, and so do BIL's and their wife.Me and my maid sit inside the ballroom, while waiting for all the guest to arrive. I have bring toys and foods to keep my boys busy, make them to sit on the high chair, that at least keep them good for about 1 hour before the wedding dinner start.Everything went well, because we get a three piece band to sing through out the dinner and Cruz is busy looking at the sexy leng lui (pretty and sexy singers) and he call them "ham sup" again! hahahaha After the 2nd course dish, my boys start want to come down from the high chair, they want to run around, and our table is next to the stage and beside the main table.Everyone is looking at them, they went to the main table and look for the "ku jie - SIL" keep call her "jie jie, jie jie" *faint* So u can see how stress i am at the dinner.When toasing time, yes my boys on stage too!! They want their "yeh yeh and ma ma" so two of them insist went to the stage as well.

Dinner finish around 10.30pm, my hub stay back to help up and i drove the car back myself, and i know everyone is get so so drunk, including the bride! hahahahaha. After get my boys change (they sleep while on the way home), clean and tidy up everything.I'm also so tired and about to sleep, and i heard my 3rd BIL's wife calling me, ask me to help, my BIL and the bride are so so drunk, and my hub call me from the hotel said he will stay in the hotel with the friends and not coming back, i said it's ok, since he is so drunk. First time i saw my SIL get drunk it is so so funny and she is the bride, remove her make up, help her up to the room , ding ding dong dong is around 2am only we go to bed.

Early morning wake up at 6.45am to help up cook some food for the groom's "heng dai" and also relatives & friends that come for the wedding ceremony and not forget to get all the things ready that need to "trick or play" the groom when he is here to bring the bride back.

Cut the story short, play the groom & the "heng dais", we had a good laugh and again no nice picture to show, only video *sigh* and we actually have more "tricks" to play on him but because of the "tai kam che" nagging on us, so we have to cut it short, really "potong steam"! We all follow the bride and groom to their new house in Subang, there we eat again (ya ya..whole morning eating and drinking. The whole ceremony finish at around 1.3opm, reach home i'm so so tired and have a good 2 hours nap with my boys. Night time go to the groom house to have the buffet dinner again. There go i put on 1kg for the two days!

Now they are happily married, and become husband and wife and end their 9 years courtship! Congratulation Mr & Mrs Oong!


Sasha said...


Sasha said...

anyway, should have hired jazzmint or shannon la...wasted when kawin no pictures of rememberance. for my own wedding we don't have pro photographers also...wasted wasted. and worst, the camera man waz the Video guy too and sekejap sekejap the video was facing down, taking video of the floor!!! see the video oso wanna puke! so hiring pro cameraman n video guy is very important!!!

everydayhealy said...

LOL! This reminds me of my wedding day, so romantic! Nice wedding they have, but I thinking fearless is the happiest. Got and pau leh! hehe...

khongfamily said...

Only ONE family photo? Then must frame it up lor..:-)

everydayhealy said...

Forget to tell you that I have a tag for you!

Sweetiepie said...

LOL!I never want to bring my toddler to a wedding dinner..not easy eh!Did you really eat anything that night?:)

ilovepearly said...

Thats a really nice family picture!

Annie Q said...

Sasha: YEA! U first!!! Ya lo, first thing i told my SIL when she get married the most important is getting a pro camera man and a video guy, because when during my time, i also didnt get a pro video guy, get cousin sister to take the video end up nothing to see only can see the floor, tables, legs..*double sigh* But her husband said is ok wor, so not my problem la. hahahahaha

everydayhealy: hehee..two of them also got ang pow..;P
Thanks for the tag again..hehehe i know i owe so so many ppl tags! Try to clear it as soon.

Khongfamily: Ya, only this one look nice, other all like blur or too bright! Of course with other family member also got some pictures la.

sweetiepie: Yea, indeed this is my twins very first wedding dinner. Lucky i still manage to eat most of the dishes. hahahahaha

ilovepearly: 10Q! 10Q!

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

you have double trouble and still can survive the night - very good already.

wow, they really didn't hire any professional photog for their wedding day?....they might look back one day and wish they have. kinda agree with Sasha- should have hire Jasmine for the event.

huisia said...

9 years courtship..that's so long!
Very nice family photo you have.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

ooo...i can tell it's really tiring but enjoyable :D You are a very good 'ah soh', helping to entertain and cook :D nice family pic.

jazzmint said...

wah the long awaited wedding keke...aiyo, wasted tarak hire good photographer lehh...nvm, at least got ur pics :).

ur boys look so so hansem :P..were they the one open the door and get big angpau, and then go jumping on bed haha

Tot's Mom said...

9 years of courtship? Hmmm... certainly time to tie the knot. ALso, nice wedding photos there. :)

Jacss said...

finally saw d pretty leng mumy & other leng lui(s) yr SIL wedding that u long talked abt !!!

eh, mumy why put on the yellow bib on d twins lar?? so striking yet cute lar..hahaha

wow..dinner is 1 day before tea ceremony ahh...some more, the bride & groom dare to 'mabuk' ahh, how if they can't get up d next morning ahh, tsk tsk tsk !!!

habis lar...d bride got drunk ah ...mai, "mou sai yi thai lor"?

anyway, it's such a waste no nice photos hor!!!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Your boys look so cute in their suit and yellow bib! I bet u didn't really hv a good dinner as u had to take care of 2 monkeys eh? LOL!

mommy of 3 angels said...

luckily got one very nice family the rest of the pic...solly la...too bad lor heheheh

u really here & there, take care of ur 2 darlings, summore cook...terror la u!!

The New Parent said...

Hi AQ--such nice photos! Such a handsome couple, too (smile)!

Malaika's mummy said...

Your family picture looks very nice.

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

wishing you and family
a MeRRy ChrItsmAs and a HAPPY new YEAR!!

1+2mom said...

Merry X'mas and happy holiday to you and your family.

Abner said...

hey... i was supposed to be at that wedding but did not. so my gf went alone. she knew desmond and i think she was the other one taking photos that night with her camera. :)