Monday, January 22, 2007

My B-Day!!!

Another 25 mins my birthday will be over already.I had a wonderful birthday this year.I thought it would be just a normal day.

Early morning already receive sms from Angeline (Oscar's mum),than follow by my brother.Reach office, just log on to my msn and i receive birthday wish from all my friends including blogger mummies!How sweet of everyone for remembering my B-day!Do i still sound like a teenager,still excited over birthday!haha!(Over-age teenager)!

Receive pressie from my colleague cum good friend - an earring holder, very unique.And received a G-string from one of my female colleague *roll eye* somemore ask me to put on that G-string and take picture!!!

Lunch time, my two ex boss from previous dept and some of my lunch gang they buy me lunch at Hatsuhana @ BSC.Yummy!!Back to office, so sleepy after a heavy lunch.Once i just step into the office, my receptionist told me there's something for me.She just hand over a big flower bouquet to me,said is from someone but dont know who!!Secret admirer? hehehe!Yes, the card also didnt said who is she or he,i just accepted la,since it put there "happy birthday to Annie Q"!!It's me ma!Got so much work need to rush off,(month end - payroll time).When i just so concentrate on my work,suddenly i found that why all the staff in my dept had disappear!Where have they gone to?Phone ringing no one pick up i have to answer all the calls.And since i still new at my dept,i'm a bit slow, need sometime to get the answer.I just look see look see hope i can see my colleauges,but it's like everyone are missing.Suddenly,one of my dept colleague are standing in front of me,i said "pls help me to answer this call"!He want staff confirmation,after confirm the staff,my colleauge told me to go to the meeting room.I like "huh?Got last minute meeting? Why no one inform?" So i like "hmmm..ok..i will be there!" I walk slowly to the meeting room,the door is closed!So when i open it, i saw my two ex boss, my dept colleague and some of my office colleague are in there,i got so shock!!They are throwing a surprise and a small birthday cake cutting for me!!! I'm like "Oh my god!" I'm so shy!I can feel my face so hot & blushed!They sing birthday song,i cut the cake and distribute to some of the staff!Too many staff in the office not enough for just one cake.hahaha!

This is my third cake for my birthday!First one is organise by Angie (Oscar's mum)for Laundry Amah & me,second one i received an early birthday wish from one of my long close friend.Which she sent on Friday,a cake and a small posy of flower!And today is the third cake that arrange by my senior!

I suppose to stay back and do my work today!I told my senior,today is my special day, can i leave early, i will make sure next few days i will stay back and work OT..She is understanding,so i go back sharp today.Went out dinner with hubby and my two boys.When i bring my two boys means i cant go those nice restaurant or cosy restaurant to have dinner.So we just go to Champ's @ Centre Point for dinner,a normal dinner,just want to spent my birthday together with my two boys & hubby.(Actually last night me & hubby already went "pak tow" & dinner at Chilis).

Reach home,receive another two pressie from my Hub's sister and Hub's 3rd brother's wife, a top & Sisly wallet!And i got two kisses from my two lovely boys too!hahaha!Mummy force them to give me kissssss!hahaha

Over here, i just want to thanks everyone for the beautiful wishes & pressie & cake!Thanks for being my friend!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Midnight scene

Cruz had been calling me "mami mami mami" non stop these few days,whenever he saw me back from work.Yes,mummy is in cloud 9 just like Tracy said.:),can't resists ma!

Why i want to blog this it's because something funny & something unusual happen on this night (friday night,early saturday morning about 3am).Cruz wake up at 3am,he wants to have milk,he & kor kor usual milk time.After wake up,i find my back is still very pain (twisted my back two days ago),ask hubby to get some "yoko yoko" to rub on my back,(Cruz is awake at that time).He saw daddy apply "yoko yoko" on my back,later when daddy go to work,he take the "yoko yoko" and apply on my leg.*roll eyes* - learn from his daddy.After feeding Cruz & Fearles, i went back to sleep again, but Cruz seems like very active he dont feel sleepy,so i let him laid my side and play himself.So he start saying "mami mami mami" again, so i like teaching him some new words at "mid night" or recap some new words that he had pick up lately.So i go like "bye bye","wow wow - dog", "miew miew - cat", "yea yea", "Ma ma - grandma","dadi","mami"..After few rounds, i got fall asleep!!

I dreamt i'm eating "Rocky" - those long & tiny biscuit,top cover with chocolate.I yam yam yam so yummy....Suddenly i got ter-wake up and i only realised that i'm ......bitting............... Cruz little finger because he put it into my mouth!And i mistaken and thought that is "Rocky" HAHAHAHA!So i told Cruz, mummy very tired want to sleep,ask him to sleep.He still seems like he can't sleep, toss and turned toss and turned, before he sleep, mummy again fall asleep.Suddenly....again...i feel my lips was wet!Yes, Cruz planted a kiss on my lips.Oh no!I again wake up,so i pat pat him and ask him to go to sleep,pat pat pat me fall asleep again (this mummy too tired and whole night didnt sleep due to the pain on the twisted back).Just a while i heard Cruz pat me on my chest and calling "mami mami mami mami"..haih!My boy my boy!Keep waking me up and wanted me to talk to him.Lucky after this round, i pat him again, shortly he just fall asleep.haha..Yeah!

When i wake up in the morning, i think back, i just find it so funny and cute!Yes, sometime i was so angry with my boys,i always piak piak them ,screamed and shouted at them.When they give me a cheeky smile or when they call me mami or when they hug me,my heart will just melted!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dadi,mami,bye bye

My Cruz can said "Dadi","mami" & "bye bye"!This is the three new words that he learn.One of the day after my gym,daddy pick me up,he bring along the two boys and the maid.On the way home, we pass by a playground, Cruz keep pointing it and said "oh oh oh".

So we decide to drop by theplayground that nearby our house and let them have a play.Two of them are so excited!They play with the slide,"see saw" (correct spelling?)& swing.They walk around, they walk on the grass, and they find it funny,keeping stepping on the grass just like "ah mou chuk seng" never seen grass before.So funny!

When we about to leave, there's two young indian guy are sitting there chit chatting.And our Cruz so "yit chen" - warm, wave bye bye to that two guys and said "bai bai", i was so surprise, it just out of sudden and he said that.He always amaze me!Reach home change them and about to put them to sleep, Cruz giggling and play with me,and he just suddenly said "mami" "mami" and when he mention that he will close his eyes,and like so "manja", and mouth will come into one straight line - mmmmammmmmi, and i can see those pearly teeth are showing.Mummy heart melt!All my tiredness are gone!!Finally u call me "mami" Cruz, me so glad and happy.And before this when kakak are away,two of u actually can call "dadi dadi dadi" so sweet and so manja! At that time mummy was so jealous, why not me but dadi dadi dadi.Now finally i can hear u call me "mami" liao. :) But Fearles had yet to call me, dont know when is the time will come?

Now every morning when i about to leave to work, Cruz always will wave bye bye and said " Bai Bai mami" "Bai Bai mami",how sweet to start my day with my sweet boy to said "bye bye mami"?

bye bye playpen/babycot

It’s a long overdue post, I suppose to blog it on the New Year, but till today.*sigh* busy busy busy.

My sons outgrow so fast till they can’t fit to their playpen/baby cot. So I decide to get them a double deck bed in Ikea. Since I want to buy must as well buy a big one so they can use till they are older.

2/1/07 still a holiday, we are meeting up with daddy cycling kakis at “Marche” the Curve, for late lunch. Bring my boys with me, i definitely cannot enjoy my lunch in peace. We choose a seat that near to the children playroom, so two of them can play in there while mummy thought I can have a peaceful time to have my lunch. But No, two of you come and disturb me. Put you in the high chair you climb out and start running around, in out from the playroom. Seeing the cutlery on the table u two start taking it and hold it and play. When I take it back from u two, u will start screaming and pulling fuss! I have to eat my lunch super quick, even though I got a maid to help me, but….

After lunch, we walk around to see the nice X’mas deco at the Curve, than we proceed to Ikea to buy the bed. Reach there can see lots of people in there already, (next time don’t go to Ikea on PH) real havoc!! Can see lots of kid running around and the parent are doing the shopping. Walk also so difficult! I just make a quick move to the session that I wan to see. I have something in mind already, to get them a double deck bed. Just to see which one to choose. While me & hubby are busy choosing the bed, the two little one are busy too. Refuse to sit in the stroller want to come down and run around, start pushing the trolley around, climbing up on every bed and “test” wow mummy have to start running behind u two and catch u back to sit in the stroller! And u starts screaming and crying and whining and open the mouth wide big, till everyone is looking at two of u. So pay sei! I just lose my patience, and I piak piak u two, u two just unbearable. I am so tired and exhausted to bring u two to go shopping. I am telling myself no more next time to bring u out with me if I want to buy something. With u two around, mummy couldn’t buy anything.

Finally me & daddy choose the bed, and I tell him, faster we go and paid I want to go home, beh tahan liao. And u know now Ikea, after we choose the item that we want to buy we need to go to the cashier area to find the item. We need to get the code and find it on the rack. Oh dear! When we reach at the cashier area I can see the long long queue, all the counters are full with people. Daddy and one of his friends are looking for the items, and mummy and maid is with the two cranky babies. I told the maid I will go and queue first and ask her to wait for her “tuan” and tell him I’m queuing there. When daddy back to the queue I bring Fearles with me and we go out and wait outside, because of the crowd! And the two starts wailing! Haih! Than suddenly, I heard my hubby is shouting and arguing with some aunties! Oh no! What happen? That aunty thought my hubby had been cutting her queue, and my hubby wanted to prove that I had been queuing since long time ago. He shouted “Annie, where did u queue just now? Is it behind a malay guy?” Warou! Just like a big show, everyone stopping and look at us. Hahaha I don’t know what to said! Me also angry because of the long hour queuing, already so tired and now that stupid lady tot we are cutting queue and yet we are not. My hubby tell them”my wife queue in the line while he is taking the item, is that anything wrong?” That two aunties saw my hubby so fierce they dare not to said anything but look at me one kind! Niameh! Wanted to go in and ask her “Hey! What r u looking at?” Don’t play with me when I’m angry and with two cranky babies crying non stop, really make me like boiling water!! After the drama, we proceed to the delivery area tot ask them to sent the item to our house. And u know what, we have to take the number like in the bank and we are like another 40 only is our turn. Wow! Me so frustrated! Ask hubby, we just tie the things on top of the car on the bicycle rack and bring back rather wait for the number!!

What a bad day! Just buy one double deck bed can cause so much hassle. The bed had been set up, because Fearles & Cruz are still small so they don’t need to occupied two decks, we just set up one deck and their bed is next to us, so the bedroom is like full with bed now. And the two little monsters is happily jumping and running on their bed and our bed. There is just a small gap in between so they can easily just reach our bed. From the day fix till today, they don’t wake me up in the middle of the night to ask me to transfer them to our bed and sleep with me. But with such a big bed also a headache, either one of them wake up, he will go and disturb another one and ask him to wake up! *roll eye*. And they have more weird sleeping style now, either is Fearles will climb to Cruz side to sleep with him or the other way. Or sometime will climb to their daddy there and sleep on daddy’s tummy or come to my side and sleep beside me give me a shock!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Backdated: 24/12-25/12 Bukit Tinggi & 19 Months Old

We are having the X’mas celebration at Bukit Tinggi. It actually is a family trip & at the same time we can celebrate X’mas together. And it also my boys turn 19 months old on X’mas eve.Yeah! Time flies, another five months they will celebrate their 2nd birthday lo!!!

We are leaving the house quite late, since Bukit Tinggi is quite near. We leave at 7pm, reach Bukit Tinggi is about 8.30pm. We are supposed to have two bedroom apartments, but because of our late arrival they had canceled our booking!!! We make a big complain, saying they should give us a call before canceled our rooms. And moreover we had made the full payment. After complain, they give us two rooms, one is suite and another is just normal superior room. After unload our luggage, all of us head to the restaurant to have dinner. They got a big celebration in the middle of the “French Village”, they serve X’mas buffet dinner, per person is RM88++ including a party pack and got count down for the X’mas and also performance. Dinner was not so good, food tasteless and variety so little and yet so expensive!! I only had one round food, because with two hyperactive boys with me it’s very hard to have a peaceful and enjoyable dinner. Everything has to gulp down and not swallow down! Fearles are sleeping when we arrive at Bukit Tinggi, Cruz are just too excited he woke up once we arrived. When dinner time I thought I can enjoy the dinner and enjoy the show but Fearles he just woke up and see so many people around, he start his wailing again! FIL helping me to take him around and MIL help me to bring Cruz walking around and me have to eat super fast! I got bring my temp maid but at that time my boys still don’t really want her and everytime when I’m around they will become more “manja” like to stick to me , want me to carry them instead of kakak.

After a while, it’s about 11.10pm, my two boys are tired and sleepy, I have to bring them to the room and put them to sleep. Mummy thought this year u two can join me count down for X’mas, but….So I thought after I put u two to sleep than I can join daddy and BIL & SIL they all for count down. Who knows u two only falls asleep at 11.55pm. When I about to leave the room, I hear everyone are shouting 5,4,3,2,1 “Merry X’mas!!!” Aiya! Mummy was late, when I rush down to the place, everyone almost left, and the staffs start clearing the table, the stage. Aaaarrrgg! No fun!

Back to the room with a sad feeling! Clean myself up and went to bed. SIL and my hubby they all playing mahjong in the room I don’t know till what time, because me is already too tired after a hectic week (without maid). Me, my maid and my two boys are sleep in the room so no one disturb us..hehe!

Next morning, my boys are waking up so early, 7.10am already making noise, everyone still in their dreamland, I have to close the room door and let my boys play in the room ( all of them are sleeping outside the living room ). Mummy still want to continue my sweet dream, but u two either is shouting or crying or fighting, aiya, how can I sleep in peace? 9.00am everyone had woke up, (most of them of woke up by my sons) Ooops!! Too noisy!! Went for breakfast, u two as usual cant sit still on the high chair want to climb out! Haih! I have to wait for daddy to finish his breakfast than ask him to bring u two to play in the “children playroom” only I can enjoy my breakfast.

After breakfast bring u two walk around the “French Village”, see swam , and bring u two to the playground to play the slide and u two seems to enjoy it a lot!! After that PIL said they have not been to Japenese Tea Garden before want to go, and actually me have been there few years back. In my memory I know there is nothing to see only walk walk walk walk and walk!! I don’t mind to go again but have to carry a toddler and walk can u imagine how tired it is. Cruz the lazy bum, always want me to carry, so me & the maid have to rotate to carry him and walk around and daddy have to take care Fearles. After spent nearly two hours there, me and daddy and my two boys are so exhausted!! And my hand is so painful, like just finish carry a 10kg dumbbell!! On the way back to the hotel, u two already fall asleep!! We have a rest and me & daddy and PIL go home in the evening. BILs & SILs they all stay one more night.

Reach home is already 8pm, after cleaning and settle u two, mummy also can’t open my eyes already. And mummy has to start work the next day after so long “holiday” at home with u two. Actually mummy still miss the time that I spent with u two everyday at home! And I think u two also have a good time at Bukit Tinggi!! Mummy can see u smile a lot, laugh a lot, shout a lot, running a lot!!

Merry X’mas & Happy 19 Months Old!

Backdated : 23/12 - Uncle David in town!

My brother was in town when my maid is away! So I decide to bring my temp maid to go shopping with me & my brother’s family! Since I still didn’t go for my X’mas shopping yet! I pick my brother and his family up at the hotel and drive them to 1 Utama. Fearles is pulling a fuss in the car, crying, wailing, no one can coax him. No choice I have to put him to sit on my lap when I’m driving, I know it not suppose to but he leave me no choice, he don’t want the maid, he don’t want my brother and needless to said my brother’s wife too. Hardly see them ma, only once a year!

Reach 1 Utama about 11.30am, still manage to find a car park but in the shopping mall is already so pack. We had our brunch first than only we go and shop. Me like thousand year haven’t go shopping, but with two little one very hard can shop in peace. Manage to put them to sleep than I can go and try some clothes and shoes! At least I got something for myself! Haha. My brother’s wife is such a shopping queen, she can shop shop shop shop without resting. Me and my maid and my brother have to take care three kids, my two boys and my brother’s son (5 years old) Walau! Real havoc lei! And Cruz is so so horrible, he refuse to neither sit on his stroller nor walk by himself. He just wants us to carry him!! I, maid & my brother have to get turn to carry him!

We saw a skinny Santa Clause at old wing. He is doing some balloon for the kids. Fearles & Cruz got a small doggie and Anson (my brother’s son) got a sword! We shopped nearly 6 hours! So exhausted!!! A bit upset with 1 Utama X’mas d├ęcor, not what I expect, nothing to shout about too!

I'm Back!!

I’m back!! Maid problem still not solve yet. Me had been busy busy busy for past few weeks. I get a temp maid (indon again) after six hectic days!! Have to teach her all from the beginning. After go back to work, my table is just like a small “Gasing Hill”. Adoi! Headache headache!

My old maid sent me a sms after a week, message as below:

“ms ini xxxx maaf ya saya tak ada ke inginan nak balik pasal itu di sini xxxx sudah mau kawin tgl 26 disember dan saat ini xxxx ada in jawa tengah di rumah boy frends sedang buat surat pasal lelaki atau calon suami xxxx army atau askar dan kalau bias ms cari pengganti xxxx sayapun rindu dengan si kembar apa boleh buat dan keluarga saya tak nak xxxx ke Malaysia”.

After reading that sms, make me like boiling water in a kettle, maf*****! Tell me mum passed away and now telling me want to married pula! So damn angry! Wanted to call her back and scold her but think twice if I call back and scold her no point right, she wont feel the pain nor anything since she is so far away! End up I didn’t reply that sms or call her, just treat her as “see through” or didn’t read that sms before!!! Warn everyone out there, next time if any maid got saying mum passed away or dad passed away or grandfather or grandmother, don’t let them go! Just ask them so stay here and cry!!! Not that we are so cruel, but can’t trust them anymore! They can use all kind of excuses even can curse their love one or close one to death!! I just can’t believe!

First day taking care two babies is the most haywire day for me!! After the 2nd and 3rd day I can handle it well! Only things is I will have less “me” time! Can’t blog, can’t have long hour sleep, can’t go for pedicure, can’t go for hair cut, & etc. In fact taking care babies after six days, I lose weight!! Hahaha! Good news?! But I have a tired look and stress look! I want to thanks my old maid give me a tough time and train me become a tough mum! I spend 24 hours a day with my boy let me get more close to them, and now they stick to me just like “super glue”. And now Fearles can pronounce “mama” liao.haha! After so long never call me. And he & Cruz also start to call “dadi” or sometime “dada”! Even though daddy spent less time with them, but everytime when the two boys saw their daddy they will want him to carry them, and they will climb on his back and had a piggy ride! And surprisingly is Cruz love his daddy so much (mummy jealous – can smell the vinegar smell!) he can just hold his daddy face and kiss him few times!! With muak muak sound somemore! Haih! Mummy does all the hard work, and daddy get all the rewards! When I ask Cruz to kiss me, he refuse, when he is good mood he will do so, but to his daddy no need to ask Cruz also wont stingy to give out his kiss!

Actually I have a fun time and good time to taking care my boys when the maid “runs away”! An only thing is me very tired and has less rest time! And I can see my boys had grown up so fast, they can dance, they can play with me, even sometime hug me from the back (so warm!),they know how to show their hot temper, they are more playful now, only they still speak less!!
This is just a little update! More backdated blog to come. Stay tunned!