Saturday, March 31, 2007

Little note on Cruz

Just want to wrote down some funny things that Cruz had done!Me not bias,not said me sayang or love Cruz more than Fearles, that's why i only jot down Cruz little things that he did and nothing on Fearles.It's just because Cruz is a cheeky boy,he always do things that we all didnt expect,and always make me laugh.

This afternoon while two of them wake up from nap,Fearles is pulling a fuss!Wailing and kicking on the floor,because Cruz had wake him up from his sweet dream.While i carry Fearles, i smell something,i ask Fearles,"are u mm mm? Why so smelly?" while i'm checking on Fearles, Cruz is getting a dypers for me to change Fearles!How sweet!Cruz understand what i'm talking and he is "observing" me!

Sometime Cruz will wake up early,than he will sit beside me and watch me do my make up, and he will mimic me how i put the eye shadow, he will also use the brush to brush his eye lid.

As u all know Cruz drool a lot, that's why i always put a bib on him.One my friend told me, i should tell Cruz to close his mouth and "telan" his saliva.So i did teach Cruz to do that, but he still drool!Last two days while i saw him open his mouth and start drooling again, i told him, Cruz close your mouth mouth, he really did it, he close it so tight and look so funny...hahaha..i just can't get enough of him la.

He also very caring, like a "kor kor".The other day when Fearles make a fuss, and i hit him, and i can see on his leg with my five finger print there.After my fire put off, i ask Fearles, "is it pain pain,sorry mummy hit you so hard!" I also feel heart pain lei, but when i angry...u know la, cannot control ma!After Cruz heard what i said to Fearles, he fast fast walk to the room and get me a cream to apply for Fearles's leg.

Cruz also been very observant,he know what cream or oil to apply for stomach ache or mosquitoes bites.Whenever he bites by mosquitoes, he will bring me the cream and ask me to apply..haha..he just so funny.

Note:This scrap is not done by me, it's a courtesy scrap from Jazz!Thank you!

If Wishes Do Come True.....

Tag tag tag again....I got this from Binky!!New blogger lei, must give face.hehehe Since it's a simple u go Binky, i pass up the homework lo!!Hope no more tag to do again.Here's my wish.......

1.I wish my boys grow up will be good kids and loves me more! haha!
2.I wish i could travel the world.
3.I wish i could have my own house.
4.I wish i can lose another 7kg by this year.
5.I wish my mum will live to a ripe old age with good health and happiness.
6.I wish all my wishes will come true!!!Although i had more than 6 wishes,but i do not want to be greedy.

Ok..not going to tag anyone.Yeah!

Back To The 80's Tag

I got tagged by my neighbourhood!!!!...hahaha..woman, here is my homework. I know i'm a bit slow on doing those tag, please bear with me.For those i still owe u tag,I will do the tag,but need sometime to do it.Hope i can find more time...*sigh*

Here's how the meme works:

Go to PopCulture site.
Pick the year you turn 18 years old.
Get yourself nostalgic over the songs that year.
Write something about how those songs afffected you.
Pass it on to five more friends.

1.Step By Step - New Kids On The Block
2.It Must Have Been Love - Roxette
3.Dangerous - Roxette
4.Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice
5.U Can't Touch This - MC Hammer

New Kids On The Block at that particular year is the most "hit" boys band,most people know them is their cute look and not their songs.LOL
I always is a fan of Roxette, i like most of their songs.Especially Dangerous!No particular reason, just i like that rhythm.Till now i still like that song very much!
No 4 & 5, most of us around that year should have heard that song real often from the radio or tv or i can said most of the place?

Now i have to pass this to.......(sorry don't "hate" me ok? hahaha..just want to know more about u all...10Q!)

1.Michelle - my baby bay
2.Proclaimed Domestic Goddess
3.Jessie - Journey of live
4.Dinah - mum2ashley
5.I am princess Misha mum

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

PPP: Sales Lead Management

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How can we be in an island??

Adoi!Receive this Memes from Angeleyes,I know it's quite sometime back,sorry Alice, u know so busyyyyyy...but i still do lei...feel touch?? hahahaha, me so give face hor.

Angeleyes said she wanna bring me along to a lost island with her because she cook so much, want me finish the food together with her wor!If i put on weight how ar??

So i must bring Allyfeel together with me la, after eating so much, she will teach me how to keep fit!She is keep fit guru! She love to swim, she can teach me how to swim too!So must bring her along!Than i will bring Egghead with me too, he works in GH, sure he knows all the medicine. Just in case i got food posioning or sick or diarrhea at least i still got one "loctor" around ma, even though he is not a qualified "loctor" but at least he knows what medicine to take.hahaha

I will bring Tracy with me too because she can make very nice dessert - yeong chi kam (mango sago dessert),after eating so heavy must have so dessert ma!So while having dessert must have someone to yak with me beside than Allyfeel, Egghead, and Tracy, so i will bring Binky mummy & Becky's mum together with me, because we all from the same "kampung" - Sarawak but stay in different town.So we can yak yak yak,and also give me a chance to know them better.

Done!!Angeleyes pass kah? hahaha

PPP: How Much Have I Made?

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Blog marketing is a good thing for many bloggers. Who would have thought that you start a blog on a free host and you can get pay for it? Today, I can see many companies are going into blog marketing business, giving us bloggers a chance to earn something.

Anyway, I hope to achieve enough money to treat my twin boys a good vacation. I am sure my boys would love it. I will make it a surprise for them.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

22 months old

Another 2 months my boys will celebrate their 2nd birthday! How time flies! Today is their 22 month old. I hardly do their monthly development, when I wrote the 18 months old development, they got fall sick for three weeks! So is it “pantang” or???? When I wrote this, my boys are having mild flu…hahahaha…again??

Yes, my boys are getting notti and notti, active day by day and also been very playful too.
And now they understand me whenever I talk to them, but they still don’t know how to speak in a full sentence. Still speak in their own language, which only understand by themselves.

Their new vocab:-
- go go go
- baby
- mey mey (pretty in mandarin)
- nenen (milk)
- fis (Fish)
- nos (nose)
- abel (apple)
- chou chou (smelly in mandarin)
- eye
- ball
- anty (aunty)
- bye bye
- more (no more)

They love taking shower, if I’m at home; they want me to bath them instead of kakak. When it’s time for bathing, they will take the towel and hold my hand and point the bathroom, tell me that they want to take shower. They will stand there and wait for me to take of f their cloth and whenever kakak is helping me to bath one of them. My boys will just push kakak away and said “go go go “and refuse her to bath them. Because when I bath them I will play with them, and they can play water longer.

Cruz knows how to eat by himself, but just can scoop half on a small spoon. At least the rice still can reach to his mouth and not on the floor. Some of it will still drop. As for Fearles I still need to hold his hand and help him to put the spoon to the mouth. But still need to feed them, if no, they will end up with playing with the food instead of eating it.

When one of the night I ask Cruz, where is your nose nose, he use his little finger and point it to his nose, I was delighted, I only taught him once and he knew it. Fearles not really know, but after teaching him few times, now he also can point out where his nose is.

Now they call daddy and mummy a lot! When they still don’t know how to call mummy & daddy I was worried, and when they 1st call me, I was so happy! And now, just like Tracy said “when they call u more often, than u will feel irritating” true! Now when they see something or want to tell u, they will come and pat your leg or your hand or your back “mummy mummy” than he go and point the thing that he wants to tell you “abi do di ta do da kido” I don’t understand what he said but I still have to answer “yup, yes boy” than he will continue again & again & again pat u and point the thing and tell …*faint*

Even night time when they sleep, either one of them will call you “mummy mummy mummy” with the eyes closed, and you also have to answer them! Cruz sometime will talk when he slept, he will suddenly shout “Ya” or “mummy” or “daddy” or “kor kor” or sometime he will laugh in his dream or cry too. This only happen in Cruz, Fearles I hardly heard him shouted at night, he only will call either mummy or daddy.

Fearles weird thing is everytime when u take off his shoe and want to wash his leg, he will put his little feet on your nose and ask me to smell it, and me have to pretend his little feet is smelly and I must make “yuck” sound and he will start giggling.

Cruz is always caring, he care for his kor kor – Fearles, everytime when Cruz is carrying a bolster he sure bring one for his kor kor too. And even pacifier, he will said “kor kor nah” and put the pacifier to Fearles’s mouth. When they fight over a toy or things, normally Cruz will give way.

And Cruz love to said “bye bye” or “bye”! Whenever he saw those stranger he will said “bye” to them too. There is a time when I drive him to buy some “goreng pisang” he keep waving & said bye bye to the boy that sell “goreng pisang” till the boy also cannot stand and laugh at Cruz! *roll eye* At home if he want to go outside and play or he want to go upstair he will said “bye bye” to me. He always didn’t think that when he said “bye” to me I will stop him from going out or go upstair to play.

Last Night I read about Etcetera mummy’s blog, saying her son wake up at 4am to play, and maybe his son knows he is going to turn to one year old soon. This early morning, this happen to me too!!!!!! My boys wake up at 5am to have milk than they start to play! My eyes can’t even open (last night I work till late) two of them just happily playing on the bed. Moving the big pillow from here to there, shouting, laughing!! Oh my god! It’s only 5.20am, and it’s weekend morning which I’m not working. I just could not help, I just doze off and when I wake up again, I saw Cruz already fall asleep beside me and Fearles is still playing, that time is already 6.40am!!! I ask my maid to bring him out and I continue my Zzzzzzzzzz…today exactly is their 22 months old, is it the same “theory” as what Etcetera mummy said? When the baby is reaching his first birthday, their sleep will crops up? But my boys is reaching two, will it have the same problem too? Hahahaha

Now I have to start and think how to celebrate my boys 2nd birthday? Hmmmmmm…

Thursday, March 22, 2007


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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Weekend update!

Had been quite sometime didn’t bring my boys go out shopping or walk walk. Blame on mummy’s laziness and tiredness – bad mummy! I feel quilty for not bring them out since we back from Sarawak trip.

I thought of either bring them to Gymboree in Bangsar village or Kidsport at One Utama, let them had a play. Friday night, SIL#3 ask me whether want to bring my kids out or not on Saturday since she is bringing her two sons going to kidsport at one utama. Hey! Why not! Such a good chance, got someone to go with me..hahaha

We leave the house at about 11am, go for Macdonald breakfast, than go to 1 Utama. By the time we reach at 1 Utama is about 12noon, there still got ample of parking space, we easily find one. Tell you, bring four boys to go out is really havoc!!!!!!

Register ourself at Kidsport counter, the two older boys can’t wait any patience, have zoom in and start to play. I bring my boys and my maid to the area where the place for child below 3 years old to play. There’s a slide whereby when u slide down u will dip inside a pool that full with colourful balls. My boys just love it. Laughing, shouting, yelling, running, like monkey just out from cage and lose control! Walau, this mummy also tired & sweating running and playing with them. We spent about 2 hours in there, after that…………………………………………..that’s mummy & SIL#2 shopping time!!!!!! Yeah!

I’m quite happy, because my boys finally want to sit on their stroller again. I had been not bringing strollers out for sometime, because everytime when I bring strollers two of them don’t want to sit on it, they either want to walk themselve or want us to carry them. This is how I get my “small tikus” on my arm!

When we are doing our shopping, my boys are too tired and just fall asleep on the stroller, so I can happily and take my own sweet time and shop lo! But there is still got two more boys to watch, that’s my SIL#2 boys!!! *faint*

My boys wake up after 1 hour which I have not done my shopping yet, we shop shop shop till 6pm! So tired! After so long sitting on the stroller, two of them start whining, so I & my maid have to carry each of them and one hand have to push the stroller! Hey! It’s real tired! I told my SIL#2 it’s a tired shopping for me! Three adults and 4 boys!!

Reach home, quickly bath them and feed them porridge. They are hungry too after half a day shopping with us, even though I did give them some bread and milo. Night time I got another full moon dinner need to attend. Decide not to bring my boys since they are not really nap in the afternoon. Must tuck them to bed early! What a tired & exhausted day!
But I believe my boys did have a great time and myself also have a great time with them too!!! And I promise I will bring u two go out more often!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Big News At PPP

I heard there is going to be a big announcement in PPP. Sorry, I myself don’t have a clue on what it is going to be. I hope it is big enough that all the blogger members get a taste of its benefit. All the suspense is killing me. Do you have a clue?

I know PPP will make it great and lots of bloggers are making plenty of money from it. Hey if you want a piece of the pie, quick hop on to the cash wagon. Easy, click on to my PPP banner at my side bar. You don’t have to do anything, just register first and then you decide whether you want to make money from it. After you have registered, you can see what opportunities and how much they pay you. Hopefully, it will attract you to continue to the next step, just like what I did.

Back to the big news, they claim it is going to be wild and crazy. Maybe they are partnering with other companies to make PPP more successful and profitable. If they are profitable, we will be too. More money for us, right? Don’t get me wrong, I am not greedy, I hope to earn some extras for my pocket money.

By the way, those blogger with good traffic with PR7, you can earn USD1K for 1 post. The more traffic or popular your blog is, the more income you can get. Now I must learn to increase site traffic for my blog. Any guru around?

Friday, March 16, 2007


This is my ever first tag!! I know i owe some of u tag...but but u all know me soooooooo busy!I will still do if i remember who tag me...hehehe. So this one is from this hot mummy, i die die also have to do lo!!

[A is for age]: 40-5=??

[B is for booze of choice]: Red wine or champagne

[C is for career]: still looking for a better one…

[D is for your most dreaded]: Durian & petai smell. Yucks!

[E is for essential item you use everyday]: Moisturizer

[F is for favorite song at the moment]: many many lei….

[G is for favorite games]: game ar…no oh! Workout at gym can ka?

[H is for Hometown]: Sibu, Sarawak

[I is for indulgence:] food & shopping….

[J is for favorite flavor of juice:] Lime or Lemon juice

[K is for kids]: Two

[L is for last hug from husband] hmmmmm…forgot how long ago lo!

[M is for years of marriage]: Nine years lo!

[N is for name of your crush]: Huh?

[O is for overnight hospital stays]: Year 2002 – remove cyst – 5 days 4 nights & year 2005 when give birth to my twin boys – 4 days 3 nights

[P is for phobias]: Rats!!!

[Q is for quote]: Errrrr……

[R is for biggest regret:] Should start blogging earlier, so that I can drop down the moment when I get pregnant till I give birth to my boys than…bla bla bla bla

[S is for status, married or single] Of course married la..

[T is for time you wake up:] Usually 6.45 am on weekday, and 11am on weekend..hehehe

[U is for underwear:] of course i wear underwear la!

[V is for vegetable you love:] most vegetable except petai!

[W is for worst habit:] too 8 and like to eat tidbits during work!!

[X is for x-rays you’ve had]: had once, few years back!

[Y is for yummy food you make]: a lot oh! believe?

[Z is for zodiac sign]: Aquarius want....of course i want la.......i want to tagggggggggg.......who is the lucky one that kena my "virgin tag" hahahahaha.....

Sue - first mummy that encourage me to write blog...thanks Sue!

Angeline - Oscar mummy, 1st time tag u , u must do oh...hahaha..can do when u're free...

babykhong - hmmm..since u got new baby, can do when u got time...;)

mommy to chumsy - since u have not do this tag yet!! hehe * evil smile*

jazz - u hardly kena tag oh....

Julian - busy writting ppp must do this!!!!

Resignation Letter!!!!!!!

Receive this forward mail from a friend. I find it very funny! Should i write my resignation letter like this too? hahahahaha.

Dear Boss,

You know why i want to resign?
Since i worked for you, i have no time to blog anymore.When i don't have time to blog anymore, my readers hate me. When my readers hate me, they don't visit my blog anymore, my hits drop. When my hits dorp, i become unhappy. When i become unhappy, i will eat a lot. When i eat a lot, i will get fat. When i get fat, it will affect your company's image. When your company's image is affected, your business no good. When your business no good, you become unhappy. When you become unhappy, you eat a lot, like me. When you eat a lot, i'm afraid you will become fat, like me.

You see, Boss, it's a vicious cycle. I did everything for your own good, because i care for you, Boss.

So the conclusion is, i want to resign. Please let me go la.

Yours cheesily,


Friday, March 09, 2007

Big Money

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It is the most flexible making money program I ever come across. I can write whenever and wherever I want. There is no obligation. I get pay for every post I write.

There are a lot of opportunities that you can blog about like finance, books, websites, cars and many more. I am not good in IT stuff and I am learning as I go. I hope to find out more when I write PPP post. If I can make some cash out of this, you can too. If you want to join in, click the badge on my sidebar to register yourself. I cannot wait to do more PPP post now. It is another side income for me.

Furthermore I am a mother of 2 very active boys, I may not have a lot of time to do my own things. I heard that it is easy to write a post, with only 30 minutes and I can make something. Let me see how much I can make by the end of the month, will keep you updated.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Last nite......

When I got back home last night around 8.30pm, thought my two boys already slept. To my surprise I still see Fearles sitting on his bed and play, when he saw me, he start shouting and screaming and like so excited to see me home “mummy mummy mummy” non stop! On the other hand, Cruz was already in his lala land, he slept so soundly even Fearles make a big noise also didn’t wake him up.

Fearles had been very playful lately, even though he is very sleepy and I can see his eye half close, but he still wants to play. And like to manja, like to sleep on my lap and hug me and want me to play with him too. *sigh* Because I got sore throat last night, so dare not to get so close to him, so I let him play himself and I watched him ( I have not take shower and dinner). I saw him play with those vicks and some oil bottle that similar to vicks bottle, he try to put one by one on top and want to show it to me. Once he is done, he will wave his hand in the air like telling me “mummy, see I can do it” like so proud like that. Actually I did saw him do this before with his milk bottle. He put his bottle on the table and put Cruz bottle on top of his, and he let go his hand. And he will go round and start giggling. I did feel a bit surprise on how he know how to do that, and I never teach him that too. Sometime I will just wondering myself, and I will just watch what he is doing and I feel proud. Even it just a small milestone that already can make me feel good.

Cruz wake up around 3am, and he make sound and he toss and turn. I thought he is hungry, so I wake up and make him milk. He didn’t want to have milk, he just had a few sip than he pass back the milk bottle to me. I ask him why he don’t want to drink, (of course he still can’t tell me yet) and I’m a bit worry too, I’m scared I passed my sore throat and flu to him (because at night I start sneezing already). Check his temperature is ok, no fever nothing, but he just like he can’t fall back to sleep again. I bring him some water to drink, he also take a few sip than he don’t want anymore, I just pat him to sleep, and I got urge want to go toilet to shi shi, so I just walk out from the room. Normally Cruz if he wake up at night I will tell him “mummy go to toilet shi shi” than he will quietly wait for me to come back. But last night, No! He follows me behind and cried so loud and want me to carry him. I like oh my god! I can’t control my urine now lei! I must go, how how how, and ……no choice…I bring Cruz to the toilet together with me!!! He is like wondering why mummy brings him to the bathroom middle in night. I make him stand there and me “shi shi”. When I finished and I flushed the water, he start laughing and he thought me want to bath him liao. He is so happy, start jumping here and there. Mana tahu I bring him back to the room again. Hahahaha. So he want to sleep beside me, I let him, and me is so tired and sleepy due to I take flu medicine, and I just doze off again! I wake up an hour later I saw Cruz just sleep soundly beside me, and when I go to work this morning he still in his Zzzzzzz land. Phew!