Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm leaving.......bye bye........Sayonara........*updated*

I'm leaving, yes i'm going to end my 8 years relation with "him" soon.Through out this 8 years, there is happy, sad, angry, surprise moment.Yes, i feel sad too that i want to leave "him". Because i'm too disappointed with "him" and lately "he" make me angry, sad, and very unhappy. That's why i make my decision to leave "him". I found my new love, that make me set my mind and decide to leave "him".It's hard to said good bye to "him"..but but....i still choose to leave. I know if i leave i will be more happy, i will have more "me" time.I know i'm selfish i dont think of other people, but who am i, i can't make everyone happy, i don't care anymore, i just want to GO!

Well, i said i'm leaving, yes, i'm leaving, i'm leaving my current company and join another new company.Hahahahaha. I'm resign, yeah!I'm so happy, but i feel sad too, i have been working in this company for 8 years.But for my own good, i decide to leave.My current job i need to work OT end of the month and now i don't have maid to help me and i can't always stay back late. Because no one helping me to take care of my twins.And i feel bad that my colleagues have to finish my work.

I have been hunting for new job for quite sometime, but there's no news at all.I'm so down down down. One day, one mummy buzz me, ask me whether want to work at her co or not, because she is going to deliver her baby soon, so she want to resign.When i just knew her, i told her " your job is so flexible and you can even watch CSI in the office, so good! Next time when u want to resign u let me know ya, me will be the first to go and apply the job!" Hahahaha, now my dream come true!!

New co i work 9-5pm less working hour and can have more time with my boys and more "me" time too!And i don't need to do OT and don't need to stay back late too.Hopefully at that time i will have more time to blog and blog hopping!And my current office and my "new" office is quite near.I think most of u will know which mummy is that already. LOL! I must said thanks to her and i still owe her a big lunch! I will join her co on 18/6, she will still be around, so i will have one or two weeks time together with her and for her to pass her work to me.Wish me luck!
*for some of you, if u want to make a guess on which mummy is that, please do so.For those already know is not qualified to make the guess!;)*

Updated ~ Since i still got 2.5 days leave, so i'm going to use it wisely. I want to indulge myself for a hair cut, go for pedi spa (long overdue),go for retail therapy, have a good breakfast and lunch and want to meet up my friends and kepoh..yuhooooo!!Can't wait for that day to come.Anyone want to join me?

A quick note for the day

Yesterday after daddy pick me up from work than we (daddy, me & twins) went to a coffee shop that nearby our house to have dinner.We had some porridge, and after dinner, daddy said bring u two for a hair cut since mummy had nag him for few times already. Last time, when got kakak around, normally mummy and kakak will bring u for hair cut, but with mummy alone, i dare not to take the challenge, because i know u two will cry very loud!
The indian barber shop just next to that coffee shop, once we step in, Fearles already got that kind of look (scared) and he knows what is going to be happen! Yes hair cut! He start cry his lungs out and scream. Daddy hold him tight (yes, this is the first time daddy bring u for hair cut), and mummy carry Cruz while watching u (Fearles) & coaxing u, but u still cry and scream till so "cham" *sigh* Y u so scared to have hair cut? After finish, so it's Cruz turn, Cruz sit quietly on daddy's lap and just let the barber cut his hair. There's improvement in Cruz, he is no more afraid of hair cutting.
I jot this down, because this is the first time daddy bring twins to have hair cut! Way to go daddy and more to come! hahahaha..This is also another advantage on not having maid, at least daddy can participate with "taking care kids game" with me and not just me alone.

p/s: while i'm tying this post, my recep call me and told me there's someone outside want to see me, i ask who, she said is my friend. When i go out i saw a malay guy standing there, i like "hmmm..do i know him?" And he see me, he smile and said "Oh!Elina got something for your boys!" I'm so shock! Elina? All the way from cat town? I thought he is the boy from the courier co, but he is not, lucky i think as him, because i saw he holding the present, a nicely wrap box!So i ask him, u're the colleauge of Elina? He said no, his wife is the colleague of Elina! OMG!!!This present go through a "tough" way only reach at my hands. I feel so touch and bad and i feel like i want to cry (lucky the pressie not for me) hahahaha..if no i will shed my crocodile tears at the reception.
THANK YOU AUNTY ELINA - *muak muak* from Fearles & Cruz

Monday, May 28, 2007

Little note on Fearles

I think i do post before on "little note on Cruz", this round i just want to jot down something that done by Fearles.

Fearles always is a caring boy, he got the "kor kor" style and attitude. He is always understanding and he can think, if he don't throw tantrum or "lau gai" la. Everytime when i ask him to kiss me, he will give me a "wet kiss" on my lips...hahahaha..

One of the day, when i sent them to nursery, on the way out from the house, Fearles saw newspaper is lying at the car posh (morning newspaper guy throw it in), he point at the newspaper and said "yea yea - my FIL" because he knows normally the paper is read by my FIL, and he go and pick the newpaper up and walk into the house and put it on the sofa. I was amazed! And the next day he do the same thing again. I didn't teach him or told him where to put the paper or ask him to pick up the paper, he just do it.

And my this little boy like to wipe table. Whenever he saw the table is dirty or he is the one who mess up the table when he is having his meal,he will take the table cloth and wipe wipe wipe...but..of course not clean la..hahaha..end up me still have to clean up for him.

I think there is still got a lot more, but just that me getting old, can't really remember, when i can recall i will just jot down bit by bit. Hopefully when he grown up he can read this, and appreciate what i had do for him.

Fun weekend!

Yesterday we bring our boys to kizsport again. This round, daddy is going with us. This is the first time that daddy bring them to play in Kidsport. Saturday night, me & daddy attending a wedding dinner, so SIL#3 is helping me to taking care the two boys. Since her two boys are at her mum house, so she is free to help me. Two boys are corporate well with her, and my SIL#3 also didn’t have a hard time to attend to them. And she told me both of them behave well too. (Wow, bully mummy when mummy at home ar) hahaha..i should do this more often?

Out of sudden, daddy said wants to bring u two to play at kidsport on Sunday. Ask me to pick him up at his work place. So on Sunday noon I make sure u two have enough sleep before I bring u two out. After u two wake up than feed u lunch than I go and pick daddy up and we head to one utama kidsport.

Once reach at the entrance, Cruz already can’t wait, he remembers this place (I bring him once together with the maid). After wearing their socks, they start running in. I thought want to bring them to the place where they can play those slides and toys which is for below 3 years old. Daddy saids, give them choose what they want, and Cruz is choosing the slides that is quite high and is for those kids who are age 3 and above(I think), daddy show him the way where to go up and he start sliding down happily and go round and round and round. I don’t know how many rounds he had played. He was so happy, and on the other hand, Fearles is a bit scared of the high and long slides, he climb up and have a look and climb down. Hahaha and he did manage to slide down once together with Cruz and the 2nd time is daddy company him to climb up and push him down. Beside than play slides they also dip inside the pool that full of balls that they love a lot! We have to drag them out from there. And can see from the picture, i went to toilet just for a while when i come back i saw the two boys are crying for me. See how pity they cry! Gosh!

We all have a good time there for about 2 hours than we go and meet up with our in laws to have dinner at Super Tanker. By that time, two of them are totally exhausted! In the car they are already doze off, once reach home I have to bath them quickly than put them to sleep. Less than 10 mins they are already in their dreamland. The boys must be happy, because this is the first time that daddy join them to play. Hopefully there will be more to come. Yeah! At least this round daddy put in some effort to play with the boys and i believe the boys do have some bonding time with their daddy too.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Today is the "big day" for u two.How time flies, blink blink u two already turn two years old. Here mummy would like to wish u two

- Happy Birthday
- Stay healthy always, and dont visit clinic too often!
- Eat more and put on more weights
- Dont be naughty always and make mummy lose my cool and spank your little bum bum!
- Dont always throw tantrum that mummy dont like to see.
- Dont make mummy always feel guilty after *piak piak* and big shout at u two.
- Love each other more than fighting with each other

Ok, this is all mummy's wishes but actually the wishes is more than that and mummy dont want to be too greedy.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Terrible twos birthday party bash!!

Sorry everyone, I think I’m the last to blog about the birthday bash! Sorry sorry sorry, I am busy at work and also at home and me & the two boys also not feeling well. *sigh*

Well, back to the birthday bash party on last Saturday (19/May/2007). Morning time I notice that both my boys are running nose. Haih! Why on this day lei, while we are having party! I give them some medicine hope it can help. And I get ready all the goodie bags and gifts that need to give out to the kids and also the two birthday girls. And call the bakery shop to make sure my cake is in order and call Laundry Amah make sure I get the correct way to go to Burger King at Mutiara Damansara (ya, actually I don’t know where exactly is the place and never been there too! Hahaha)

And I make sure my two monkeys have their nap before they goes to the party. They had a long nap till I have to wake them up at 2.45pm to get change. And there, they start their crankiness. Have to “force” them to change their clothes and have to “drag” them to the car. While change them, Fearles cry and vomit! Haih! Have to change him again. In the car Cruz start wailing and throw tantrum, he wants to sit in front together with me, I don’t him no, and the drama started! My poor mummy (boy’s grandma) sitting at the back with them, also can’t stand Cruz crankiness, till she “piak piak” him! I have to drive super fast to go and pick up the cake and than head to the party place.

That’s y me sweating & rushing when I reach there, because I’m late!!Lucky there my mum’s friends are helping me to carry all the stuff up to BK, and I have to carry the “sticky” boy – Cruz.

Reach there I can see some bloggers are there already. Quickly put down the things and look for Amah and ask her is everything ok? Lucky she and Barbara are there already. So walk around, and pass the pressie to the birthday girls and said “hi”. Throughout the party, Cruz refuse to play himself he stick to me like glue like koala bear, I have to carry him walk around, I’m so tired! I want to say sorry that I didn’t have a good chat and “entertain” u all during the party and also didn’t take picture with u all..:(

When start the cake cutting session, everyone sing birthday song, and Cruz is so happy, he some sort like he understand is his and his kor kor birthday! He claps his hand while everyone sing. Hahaha..so funny! Party end nearly 7pm, we all really have a fun time.

Thanks everyone who attends the birthday party and also the lovely gifts. *muak muak* from Fearles & Cruz to all the uncles & aunties and kor kor and didi and mei mei!!

P/s:on that night, Fearles was down with fever and cough and flu. And Cruz also start having flu & cough. *sigh* that’s y, me had few sleepless night!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my two “chicken little”
Fearles & Cruz!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mega Birthday Party Bash

Hello everyone, my “double trouble” is turning “terrible two” soon. So I’m thinking to throw them a birthday party. And since I start blog, I have known a lot mummies & daddies. And such a “coincidence” that my boys and this mummy’s princess are sharing the same birth date. So I jokingly told her that we should do it together next time. Ha ha ha….

So to make it more happening, I ask this mummy too, because her darling princess also May baby and just four days earlier than my boys, and all the kids are turning to “Terrible Two”, so here we are!! We are organizing a birthday party for the four kids, and this is our guest list. And we are honor to have them as our guests; of course the party will not be successful without u all.

Hope we all will have a fun time and also the kids! And hope everything goes well and I know it will be havoc with so many kids around.

C u all there ya…..Just come and don’t worry about the pressie!! We all and the kids just want to have fun and it’s a good time for us to get together gether.

*Jazzmint, thanks for doing this nice scrap for us. Muak muak!*

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Backdated : My New Challeges

Over the past two weekends, I have three new challenges.

On the second week (28/4) without maid, I went for a long overdue hair cut and I bring along my two monkeys with me. I don’t dare to think what will happen, and I know it will be havoc. This is the first time i go out alone with two boys. Reach there about 11.30am, both my boys are good at first, both also sit on my lap, refuse to come down. Since the Salon is the first day opening they serve some cakes and pastries. At least I can give them cakes to keep them occupied. After sometime, they had “warm up” and they start running around and climbing up down the chair. Lucky the salon quite spacious and not much “machine” around, so the boys can run “happily” in the salon. I spent about two and a half hour there, when I had my hair cut, Cruz already fuss and want to sleep, I diverted his attention to see the hairdresser to cut my hair, he sit on my lap, suddenly I notice that he is half asleep, move left and right with the eyes closed..hahaha! So I let him sleep on my leg while I had my hair cut. Phew! Time to go home, lucky no major incident happen. On the way home, Fearles also went to his lala land; I think both of them are tired! (Didn’t bring camera, so no picture taken)

Night time, I got "date" with this mommy and this mommy and this mommy (all the way from Penang) to have crabbing session! Had planned nicely, somemore I told Angie I wan to njoy eating crabs, so long never crabbing, so must eat “kow kow”! Who knows,something happen (having some argument with hub) I angry and I went out alone with two kids. Everyone reach already and start their dinner, me the latest. Once sit down, as usual both refuse to sit in the high chair, both stick to me like “super glue”. I can see Angie look at me with a worried expression, “how u going to have dinner like this?” Yea, me hungry and look at the yummy food…Aaarrgggg…I have to wait both of them “warm up” first. Fearles decide to sit on the high chair after sometime, so I eat with one hand and with Cruz sitting on my lap! We chat, we eat, we laugh and yes we have a fun time! Finally, the little two want to play by themselve and at that time I almost full and no more “urge” want to eat anymore crabs. *sigh* Tell u, I want to have another round crabbing!!!!!! Anyone want to go with me????

Last Sunday, went to meet up with Peggy and Barbara at Ikea to discuss our princes & princess big day party. This is the first time that three of us really sit down and discuss. The previous meet up I didn’t turn up because of my both sons down with fever. Reach there, call Peggy, I need her help, to guide me to Ikea cafeteria and also need her little help with my two boys. They choose a nice place, just right in front of the “playroom” so we three mommies can really chat & discuss the detail. On off I need to go after the boys, they are running here and there and crawl here and there. Haih! And over here I would like to said thank you to Barbara and Peggy with their help and I can have my lunch. Hahaha
We stay about 2 hours there, than I left, because it’s napping time for my boys. Barbara and Peggy continue their shopping (me so ennvvvy & so jealous). While on the way home, Cruz was in his dreamland. He look so “pitiful”, have to follow mummy go here and there. No choice la, no one helping me, so I have to bring them with me everywhere I go. :(

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Days without maid....

How time flies, my days without maid is nearly three weeks already. And so far i had get use to it, only sometime i feel i really tired, i need a good massage and a good break. Maybe due to lack of rest, i have down with fever and bad flu for a week. Last friday doctor advise me to get mc and rest a day at home, otherwise it will get worse. So i took one day mc and sent my boys to nursery and i have a good rest at home. But when i wrote this , i still have flu, still not recover yet...*sob sob*

Anyway, thanks for everyone's comments and sorry that i didn't reply, it's doesn't mean i don't read, i do read.When i got time, i just want to catch up with blog hopping and can update some of my post too. Please bare with me and don't leave me ya...when i got time, i will reply all the comments, thank you everyone.

Well, days without maid will be like what? No me time lo. During weekdays i have to wake up early to get the laundry done and get myself ready before the boys wake up. After that sent them to nursery, oh ya, since everyone is asking what is that nursery name, actually it just a normal nursery, not those fancy or famous one. It's call "Little Oxford Nursery", from first glance u won't like that place, because it's small and just a single story house and most of the kids are indian and malay. But the location and the timing and the price is good, that's y i sent them there, but so far i have no complain about that nursery, so far so good. Alamak! Where did i stop, it's like already out of topic, ok ok back to my topic.

After sent them to nursery, than i will go to work. Evening time if i can leave on time than i will pick up the boys if no will ask my hub or SIL#1 to help me. Back home feed them dinner than around 8pm they will want to go to bed already. Sometime i will fall sleep together with them, after wake up or after they have slept, i will take my shower, dinner, sterilize the milk bottles
, clothes folding, prepare the clothes for the boys for the next day, than my own clothes, and some cleaning. By the time i finish it's already 11.30+!!

During weekend, since no one can take care my boys if i take shower, so i will bring them shower together with me. hahaha..When first time Fearles see his mummy naked in front of him, he feel so weird, he keep looking at me and said "eeeee" and "yuck!" hahaha, he must be pick up this word from me. And for Cruz, he don't feel anything, he just too excited want to play with water. And sometime i will bring them to the morning market to buy breakfast, it's quite tiring to bring two active boys to go out. Now i hardly go out on weekend, i will spent most of my time with them, cook them lunch and dinner, watch tv together with them. Now they like to watch animal planet and also discovery channel, and lately i just realise that they like to watch Mr Bean! haha..Even Cruz always can't sit still in front of tv, but when he watch Mr Bean, he can sit quietly and finish the whole show.

Now where ever we go or even just go for a quick meal, we have to tag along the little two together with us. Sometimes even we haven't finish our dinner, the little two already in their lalaland and we got no choice we have to carry them with one hand and eat with another hand. I think now i have become "super mum"!!Yes the two boys are handy most of the time, but i think i still manage it well. A big clap to myself!hahaha

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy 9th Anniversary!!!!

Time flies, 9 years ago i signed a paper and get the title "Mrs Lee". And i had this title for 9 years. During this 9 years, i cry a lot, i argue a lot, i fight a lot and of course there also got some sweet moment and happy moment.

Anyway, today just an another normal day, because i know he won't remember what day is today. And yet i won't remind him and tell him too. I just want to wish myself "happy 9th anniversary" and i hope i can make it to the 10th years or more??!!

Happy 9th Anniversary!!!