Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mad maid story ogain.........

Yes, i'm going to write "my maid" stoly ogain!I haven't got my new maid yet. This maid story is the one that run away two months ago!! Why run away two months already still got stoly to write ar...yes....sit still need pop-corn, just a can of coke will do.

Today after i came back from work, hubby told me, my previous maid got a note for me. I like "huh? A note for me? When? And where u got the note from?" He said, my SIL's son don't know where found the note and her mum pass it to my hubby. He just roughly told me the maid said, she run away because she got 2 months pregnant liao! I like "HUH? Pregnant?" Ok ok, let me read the "letter" first.

She wrote in a perfect "Malay" letter, why i said perfect? Because she don't even speak malaysian Malay, she only can speak Indon malay which i always don't understand her, but her letter i can read from the top till the end. Absolutely can understand. The way she wrote is the "malaysia version malay" that's y i can understand.

Now story start, she wrote,- "Tuan & Mem, i have to leave, because i can't stand anymore and i always so stupid. I "took" RM100 from u, because Mem took my RM20 that suppose to be mine, so this is consider my four months salary. Beside than that i didn't take anything else from u. And another thing that make me leave is because i already 2 months pregnant. And it happen at this house, i don't want to make u disappoint, and i will handle or settle it myself. I don't want to destroy this family so i bear all this myself and also i blame myself for not taking care myself good!! I also don't know where to go now, either choose live or dead, i all leave it to GOD!Sorry again, i disappoint u, and please forgive me. Please take good care of Fearles & Cruz, treat them good, once i deliver the baby i will let u know! Please forgive me!"

Tell me everyone, is this true???? I nearly faint when i read this, i like WTF!Who will go and rape her in our house, not that i want to said it won't happen, but it impossible that will happen. She and another maid are sleep at the living room one corner which we got cctv to monitor them. And during day time, all the "men" and "women" are out to work, except for two SILs will be at home!Most of them will be back around late afternoon. As my hub family business start work very early, by the time they came home, everyone is so tired, and normally will just stay in their own room and rest. Where the heck and when the heck will got anyone go and "rape" her?? And when she just start work for me, she also told me that her previous boss, try to rape her in her room. And the lady boss accuse her seduce the husband, that's y she choose to leave! And now she come and tell me she is pregnant! Ha! U said should i believe or not? I ask hub, eh! Did u come back mabuk mabuk and rape her ar? My hub look at me and said EH! U "chi sin" - crazy ar? I got better taste la! And if he is, he won't pass me that note right?

See la, treat the maid so nice and now she said someone make her pregnant, and she like so great, do not want me to feel bad that's why she choose to leave! Mafulat!I really super angry!!What happen to all those maids! I suspect this letter is not written by her, should be the other maid that run away with her wrote for her.As the other maid had been in Malaysia for 8 years so her Malay i think will be better than her.And she said she curi or take RM100 from me, and so far i don't place any money in the room, and i don't see i do lose RM100!! If RM10 i might overlook, but RM100 wor!! She said her money took by me because i don't allow maid to have their money, that's y i said i keep for her, when she want to buy things let me know, and the money i will bank in for her, anyway it's just RM20 (the ang pow money from chinese new year). Ask me to take good care of Fearles and Cruz ( and i super surprise she know how to spell my sons name!!!) I never teach her how to spell and she just know how to call their name! Of course i will take good care of them , they are my sons, and of course i will treat them good, or she thought i always very bad to my sons? Get lost!!!! she don't even take care her own kids, now teach me how to take care my son!!! Blek! In the letter keep saying "minta maaf minta maaf" if she really minta maaf than she won't just run away like that! If she really pregnant than she can just call the agent and bring her back to the agent, and sue us la! Just like what she did to her previous employer. When she said her boss walk into her room in the middle of the night, she feel so scared, and she just told the boss to call the agent she don't want to work anymore. See la! Tons of execuses!!!

Sigh!I don't know what to said. It will be NO MORE INDON MAID FOR ME!!! I HAD ENOUGH!!!!!! Aaaaaaarrrrrgggggg!!!!!! Stupid!I'm so sick of them already!Shall i believe or shall i not????

Friday, June 29, 2007

Backdated : 25 Months Old

This is a backdated post, my boys had turned 25 months a week ago. Well, they still as naughty as active as before. Still throw tantrum a lot and cry a lot. Not potty trained yet, still on dypers, but will tell me after they had poo. Sometime Cruz try to be cheeky and yes he is always cheeky, he will tell me " Mi, mmm mm " and i will ask him " u sure u mm mm? " he will said "hmm" and give me a evil smile, when i check on him, actually there's none!And when he caught me "fooled" by him, he is so happy and he will start giggle! Still holding their "busuk bolster" and still have their "pacifier" on the mouth most of the time.:(


- 12kg (when last visit to paed for their 24 months jab)

- show his brother love towards Cruz.Sometime when Cruz cough or got "choke" on water, he will pat slowly on his back like what i always do.

- When he is good, he will treat Cruz good, when they fight over a toy or bolster or book, he will leave his "love bite" on Cruz back!I can see there's at least four or five mark already. Till the teacher also call me and tell me that.

- The favourite word now is "NO", and will show his index finger whenever he said "NO!" (learn from me?)

- When i company them to sleep at night, i will sleep beside them, Fearles sometime will "pat" me like how i pat him to sleep.


- 11.5kg (even he eat a lot more than his kor kor Fearles)

- Very care his kor kor when come to bolster and "jut jut". Whenever he had his "jut jut", he will put another jut jut on Fearles mouth too and also give him two bolsters.(each of them have two smelly bolster)

- Can said a lot single word - Gun, sun, book, cake, moon, "airplane", bye bye teacher, ai ni (mandarin - love u), bird, bean bean ( Mr Bean).And can address all the cousin's name!

- Sometime will call his daddy by name - "Ah Nung" like how i call my hub...hahaha

- Love to sing, but dont know what he sing. When i sing "twinkle twinkle little star" to him, he will flw me too! And mind u ,sometime he can get some of the word and tune right! Try to take a vedeo of him, but he always want to "snatch" my camera when i want to vedeo.

- Sometime when i scold Fearles and he cry out loud, and Cruz will be the "nice man" will go and touch his kor kor head like saying "Good boy, dont cry" hahahaha

- Like to "report" to me when he did something wrong or Fearles did something wrong.

- Very long wind, like to call me "Mi...Mi...Mi" sometime he just call for fun, just to see r u there? And i have to answer him everytime he call, if no he will go on and on ...mi mi mi mi mi mi mi...*faint*

I think there's a lot more i need to update, but i couldn't recall. Will jot it down once i can remember it. These pictures i took it last night, this is the sign when i said close ur eyes, but i dont know why they give me a big SMILE!

New hair style..

Ok ok ok ok, everyone want to see my "new look" with my new "hair style". Here u go, this is after two weeks...cheng cheng cheng cheng cheng.....


















Do u like my new hair style???? hahahahahaha

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Hello everyone, sorry had been MIA for a while...hahahahaha. I'm doing fine, i know that i have not update my blog for about two weeks, *cob-webs every where*. Not that i'm so busy till no time to write, but i still enjoy my "me" time and my "honeymoon" period.

Had start my new job last week, so far so good. New colleagues are very nice, actually only 5 of us in the office(excluding boss and one manager and one PA, they are on different floor).I'm not so get use when i just came to work. Previous co i got about 60 colleauges in the office and now only 5...hahahaha..a big change!

Well, will start updating my blog soon. Stay tunned!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Last day & farewell....

Finally, yesterday was my last working day. I "worked" half day, actually not work half day, is just clearing my things and cam-whore and keepo around. Early morning reach office greeted by three lovely present on my desk. Wow! Resign like celebrating birthday, got gift and got so many lunch treat. Feel so touch and want to cry.

Last one whole week, almost everyday had farewell lunch (not to show off), here i just wanted to said thank you to everyone, although they don't know i have a blog (only two colleagues know) hahahaha. On Saturday (9/6/07) they organize one small BBQ at one of my friend's condo. We do have a fun time. And each of us do cook something to bring as side dishes. I cook curry vegetable, very spicy and yet "taste good" too..hahahahah (thick skin). Forgot to take down all the food picture because we are busy BBQ and prepare things and also seeing the dark cloud coming and hearing the thunder too! I got two colleagues to take turn babysit my kids so i can eat and helping them for the food. Lucky next to the BBQ area there's one driving range, so i let my boys to play inside, they really have a fun time running and screaming around. I bring porridge together with me, WOW! They finish two big bowl of porridge! And also willing to pose for me to take picture. Half way eating, we can feel some rain drops, so we shift everything to the driving range, there got some bench so we can sit and eat. But the weather like making fun of us, after we shift everything there, and there is no rain. We just eat and chat chat chat, about 10pm we call it a day. By the time we left, my boys is so tired already, in the car they fall asleep within a second (ya, they run too much at the driving range).

After work yesterday, bid good bye to everyone, than i start my "me" time. First go for a good lunch with my SIL#2 at Rakuzen in Sri Hartamas, than i proceed to go for my hair cut. Yes, i got a new look , i perm my hair!!!!hahahahahahaha I quite like it, something new to me, i never perm my hair before. New working life with new look. Yeah!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Backdated : one of the weekend ( 2/6/2007)

Bringing twins to have lunch with my friend Janet and her son - Sebastian at Marmalade @ Bangsar Village. Had heard some mummies said that place is kids friendly, they got a playland while we adults can enjoy our meal.

When we reach there, the waiter saw us with three toddlers, he ask us do we want to have a seat that near the playland, i told him, yes this is what we want. We got a table, just right in front of the playland. We order some kids meal for the boys and for the first few minutes, my boys still can sit still , after that they start their noti. Climbing down from the high chair and go into the playroom and start playing. As for Sebastian, he is such a good boy, sit quietly, just watching the two kor kor climbing here and running there and "destroying" the toys! *roll eyes*

I order ham sandwiches and bargel (sausage) set for my boys, it's come with some vege and fries. It's so cute, all in small and mini portion. And i order milk shake for my boys, it also come with a small glass. I don't really enjoy my meal because with two monkeys. Cruz insists want to hold the glass himself and feed himself too. He is always messy and he will spilt the water! Which i dont like. Before i can stop him, he already wet his pants and clothes, i have to change him.

Fearles will always carefully sip his water, eat slowly or sometime when he is good he "allow" me to feed him. Cruz after finish his drink (yes..he always only drink and dont eat), he want to come down again and play inside the playland. When two of them play, only i can had my lunch in a "lightning speed" dont know what is the taste like .

After meal, we thought we can have some shopping there..but but but...Cruz as usual, glue to me and want me to carry him. He is lazy bum, when come to shopping malls, he like me to carry him, he refuse to walk and refuse to sit in stroller too! (Help, can anyone help me on this). So i have to one hand carry Cruz and the other hand have to hold Fearles! Havoc!! Went to MPH, want to get some cards from there. When we pass by the area where all CDs were placed, and my boys saw "Little Einstein" (ya, their favourite CD at the moment). They got one smiliar at home which is a birthday present from one mummy (i forgot which mummy...oooopppps). They take from the shelf, and each of them take two! Ask me to buy *faint* i put it back, they take it and hand to me again, and start making fuss. So i got no choice, i have to take the four CDs with me to the counter. And when i look at the cards that i want to buy, the two busybody also take all the cards and pass it to me..adoi!!! I swear, i will never bring them to the bookshop again! Ok, when at the exit counter, i have to tell the cashier (in a shy way) "err..the four CDs i dont want, can i put it here and i only want to buy Mr Bean!!" Hahahaha..yeah! I get one Mr Bean CD for my boys! The cashier is kind enough said problem. Maybe she saw my two monkeys nearly "tear down" the whole MPH!! And she want us to leave soon..hahahahaha. Anyway is really tired to bring two boys out with me.

p/s: Fearles like to pose lately, whenever i take picture will move his head one side..either to the left or to the right. More picture to come, stay tune for my other post....

AND HAPPY 100 POST!!!!!!

*yea, i'm a bit slow, nearly one year only reach 100! Blek!*

Monday, June 11, 2007

Weird taste-bud

Wohooo...i'm back! I'm not going anywhere, i just "Lazy" around. Clearing some of my works & njoy some of my "honeymoon" time. And at home, no time to blog so there u go, two weeks MIA..hahahahaha.Ok, today i'm going to write some very old post, that had "lying" there for sometime.Read the title - weird taste-bud, yes my sons got a very weird taste-bud!!

Cruz - he love assam (Plum - sour)a lot. I knew it when one of the day we went out for family dinner, and he saw my hub sister got one bottle assam, he ask for it, we told him it's sour, so think might just let him to try out. Once he ate one, he couldnt stop it, he just eat one after another till we have to hide that bottle of assam.And another time when at home, he want my hub sister to carry him out of sudden and "telling" her that he wants to go to her room - (by pointing and follow by uurrg,arrggg,weerrg...)Go to the room, he saw the assam he grab it and come down with the assam and eat in front of me. I almost faint, when i see him eat the assam, one after another one, half bottle he finish it less than 10 mins. I feel like so "sour" by looking at him eating the assam.Yikes!And now he likes to glue to my SIL#2 too, because their room's got assam, and his mummy dont eat assam and he cant find any assam in my room. hahahahaha. I had try once the assam, i can't even swallow it, it so sour & salty!(I can't take sour thing and i dont like too)See the bottle, this is the one that he finish half bottle all by himself.How i wish he can wallop his meal like this!But not assam!


I think all of us do have this Scott's Emulsion when we are young. I dont like the taste at all, everyday my grandma will force me to have one tablespoon without fail. I have "phobia" for this.I dont want my sons like me too, so when i first introduce to them,i give them those with orange flavour one, they like it.After sometime, this mummy told me, give them too much it will cause phlegm.I told her i'm scare they dont like the original taste. During chinese new year, when i'm back to Sibu, my mum feed them the original taste one, they just love it! From there onwards i bought the original.Everyday, when they saw it they will ask for it, spoon by spoon, of course i dont give much, i pour little bit so can give them few small spoon. They eat it like they are having yogurt!They will chase after me and give me the bottle and told me "mummy, fish" hahaha..ya i told them that is fish oil, but they only can remember fish!And they will become very good boy when is time for feeding the cod liver oil. They will sit still and i will give each of them a spoon and pour bit by bit on the spoon, they have it and said "Aarrmmm"!!