Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger Award?

Do i still entitle this award ar? Rockin' Girl? hahahaha..I think i only deserve "Rockin' Aunty" Blogger Award. Anyway, i want to thanks Judy, Anggie and Barbara, this three lovely & hard working writting PPP mummies who present this award to me,it's my honour to receive this cool badge.Thank you everyone, thanks for visiting my blog even it's a boring blog.Thank you once again and God bless!(weeping tears, too happy after received this award)

Now i want to pass this award to............

1.Wokking mum
5.Khong Family
6.Esther Law

Our weekend

It is a fruitful and tired weekend for me again! Yea, now it becomes a weekly report for me to write also.

Saturday, went for my haircut again. Short hair ma, must trim it, otherwise it will all out of shape. Yes, my two monkeys tag along with me again. This round I bring some biscuit and a portable DVD player to keep them occupied. Bring their favourite CD – Lilo & Stitch, at least can keep them quiet for a while. I always went there early, to avoid the crowd.

Reach there I’m the first customer, sit down, tell the hair stylist said what I want this round, ti da ti da, than took out the portable DVD player, and ask the two sit on the chair and I on the Lilo and Stitch for them. It keeps them occupied for the good 10 mins than they start their monkeying again. I don’t really njoy myself for the hair wash and pedicure, yes, I get my pedicure done too! Hahahaha I have to keep an eye on two of them. While the lady wash my hair at the basin, two of them also lie one the other two chairs like me. I scared is they played with the water on the basin. They saw the lady who wash my hair using that small water hose, Cruz in his curious he turn on the tap, water just splash out and flash the whole leather chair, and the whole chair is wet. Lucky they did not flooded the hair salon! Sooner I think they will black list me already. Everything done within 2 ½ hours while on the way home, I think they play too much at the hair salon; they just doze off within second!!!

Sunday, daddy said he is not going for his cycling, he decides to bring the boys to Aquarium at KLCC. I had heard so much about the Aquarium, but never been there before. I am also excited like a small kid. It is heavy downpour while we are about to leave the house, but this does not stop us from going there. We park the car at KLCC, and we did not know we have to walk a distance to the Aquarium! Hub and I have to get turn to carry Cruz, he refuse to sit on stroller and neither to walk himself. Reach at the entrance, OMG! We can see a long long queue, daddy queuing to buy the ticket and I and the two boys can go inside and wait. But mind u we are not really inside, but in front of the aquarium entrance. My boys is crying and whining want to go in and see the fish, they roll on the floor, kick on the floor but the security just don’t allow them to go in. Now mummy already spoilt the mood liao, seeing two cranky kids making tons of noise! Haih! Finally, waited for nearly 10 mins we can go in.

First, we saw some fish in the fish tank; we can touch and feel it. But my two “chicken” boys dare not to touch, just see and “yee yee yee”. They saw turtles and many different fishes! Sometime they can be quiet and amaze to watch the fishes, some of the time Fearles just so cranky. I can say it is tired and not really enjoy myself, but I think it is a good experience for the boys. While at the exit, we took a family picture and paste it on Lilo and Stich background. Do not ask me why Lilo and Stitch, both my boys are so crazy over Lilo and Stitch lately!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Do I Look My Age??

Do i look my age? When i blog hop today saw this quiz in mom2chumsy blog and i find it interesting and did the quiz. And this is the result..........

You Probably Look Younger Than Your Age

You live a healthy lifestyle and know how to take care of yourself.
You'll probably have a youthful glow for many years.

Shall i happy over the result? Yea...hahahahahahaha
But i think in actual, me look older than my age! *blek*

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Night time story again....

After reading Belle & her own room episod, I keepo (busybody) and leave my two cents there, saying my boys sleep in the same room with me but on different bed, so far they are ok with that, no problem at all. Even since i wrote that comment, from that night onwards, i dont know what happen to Fearles, every night he will come to me and sleep beside me, sometime i don't even know when he come by.(My bed and their bed are just next to each other, in between just got a small gap which is like 2cm to 3cm) They can easily just crawl or walk to my side.

Sometime he will call "mi..mi.." than when i answer him, "yes, boy" he stop and he will think for a few second, than he stand up and decide to sleep beside me. So, so far i just allow him to sleep next to me.I just like the feeling that they sleep next to me.

When i wake up in the morning, i will quietly walk out from the room, take out the laudry and dry it outside and take my shower.Everytime when i open the door, if my two boys or one of them wake up, they hear me open the door, they will start call "mi..." in a very soft tone(ya, now no more mummy, only mi mi mi).One of the day, after i go into the room, i heard Cruz call me "mi..." so i know he is awake, so i walk inside and saw a funny scene. He lie beside Fearles and watch him(Fearles sleep on my bed again)must be thinking why these day Fearles is on mummy bed, but he never disturb his kor kor (Fearles), he just watch him quietly. So cute!

And this had been going for almost a week already.Most night Fearles will still walk to me and sleep beside me, and one of the night, Cruz decide to do this too. He wake me in the middle of the night,and he decide that night he want to sleep beside me. Haha..i tell u, my two boys like fighting and see who can win to occupied me (am i too sensitive or too thick skin)? *blek*

Now two of them decide both sleep together with me!!!! Normally Fearles will wake up at 4am and Cruz later.Sometime i'm too tired, i didnt know who is who, and sometime i remember Fearles is sleep beside me and Cruz beside Fearles, but when i wake up i saw Cruz beside me and Fearles is beside Cruz..Hmmmm...

And remember i wrote about "bye bye Midnight feed" i think i'm over happy too early, because they still ask for "nen nen" at early morning about 4am or 5am...hahahaha...Not really everyday, but on off they still wake up. Sometime Fearles will ask for milk, sometime will be Cruz. So now, mummy only make milk upon request!!! hahahahahahaha

Bed time story

No, i'm not telling you all bed time story nor the story that i tell my boys when their bed time.It's i want to tell about my boys bed time story.

Every night by 8pm, i will get ready the two boys to go to bed.As usual they will deli daly, unless they are real sleepy.I will on the music, off all the lights make them milk and tuck them to bed. Mind you, it always take me about 1 hour to put them to sleep.Actually they are tired and sleepy, but they still want to play, two of them will talk in their own language, each of them will take one small toy with them to their sleep. Lie them down, normally i will sleep in the centre, and two of them on will be on my left and the other one will be on my right.Finish their milk, they will start tell me all the words that they know. Especially Cruz, he will point his small pillow and point me the sun picture he will tell me "Mi, sun", than that will go,"cat,dog,bla bla bla bla" and this is also the time that i will teach him some new words.As for Fearles when his mood is good he will follow, otherwise he will ignore us and just play himself.He just lazy or he just not interested. The word that he like most is "NO" and and wave his hand with "NO NO".

Me always tired, when i put them to sleep, I'm the first to fall sleep.Sometime Fearles will call me "Mami, mami" and see me got no respone, he will sit up and pat pat my head like putting me to sleep.Hahahaha...me already in the dreamland la.Two of them are very caring, they will give me their small pillow and said "mi, oi oi" and put the small pillow underneath my head.Sometime i just can't drag too long on putting them to sleep, i will shout at them, me just being tired, sometime no dinner and i have to put them to sleep only had my dinner, my shower and everything.By the time they fall sleep it's already 9pm or 9.30pm.Or sometime i also sleep together with them till 10pm only i wake up.*sigh*

I want to get daddy to help me to put them to sleep, so that i can take shower and take my dinner. But they always don't want their daddy. So is double *sigh* for me. When i get angry while they still dont want to sleep, i will always tell them, "ok, u dont want to sleep, mummy go boom boom (shower), so i will pretend to take my towel and go. Last time they will cry and be good and lie down immediatly and sleep. And now, when i tell them i'm going to take shower, i pretend going out and close the door (actually me still in the room, they can't see me, we got two rooms connected together), i can overheard Cruz said "mummy hmm hmm (go do big business)" *slap forehead* So they continue their jumping and playing . Now i have to bring the cane to the room and "show" in front of them, only can bring them to sleep. But when Cruz is real tired, he can doze off within second, first second he still playing, the next second he already in his dreamland lo!

Cruz always got a "chou lou" or ugly sleep partern, he can really turn 360, and he always can sleep from one end to the other end.Sometime he will sleep and stick to his brother Fearles. I put them on the same bed, but they got their own sleep spot.Yea, they know which place is belongs to them. Sometime, Cruz try to be cheeky he will sleep at Fearles's place, and Fearles will shoo him away,sometime Fearles is kind, he will let Cruz to sleep at his place and he will sleep at Cruz's place.That's like it only happen once in a blue moon.hahahahaha

Monday, July 16, 2007

Tired Weekend

Since when i start to write about my weekend on weekly basis? Now getting busy during weekend that's why got lots of thing to "8"?

Last weekend is yearly Estee Lauder warehouse sale, which i will go every year, but not this year!No one taking care of my boys so i can't go. Since SIL#3 is going, so ask her to get something for me.

Now i cook for my boys during weekend.Not that i don't cook last time, normally i will just cook some porridge or paste for them, those easy one. Now, i will boil some soup and cook one dish for them. They just love meat ball recently, which i use mince meat, which is much more tender, not so hard, they just love it. They can eat a least 5-6 number each meal.I cook it with sweet and sour sauce, which i like it too so i can eat together with them. haha

Saturday night, it's one of my hub's buddy birthday, we had dinner at Teluk Gong. Yes, we had yummylicious crabsssssss....We leave at about 7.30pm from home, reach there is about 8.15pm, while on the way there, my boys already sleep in the car, because it's their sleeping hour.My boys just wake up automatically, when we are there (maybe they can smell the yummy food smell?)Hub's buddy order so much food, we only got 6 adults and 4 kids, and till the end we can't finish the food.Of course i won't miss out my favourite crabs!Nothing to shout about the food,i think the standard did drop a bit, but u can see still got lots of people going there for seafood! And you have to wait for the table! Oh yes, my boys been "molest" by a little boy on the other table which next to us.While my boys was playing, there's a little boy just approach Cruz and "pat" on Cruz head like "sayang" him. Hahahaha, my cruz got little shock and just look at that "kor kor" (i think he is about 3-4 years old only). Not only one time, he came a few time, and just "pat" Cruz's head. And after that the little boy saw Fearles, he did the same again. We all just laugh!Dinner finish at about 10+ and reach home is nearly 11pm, both of them are so tired and just sleep through while on the way home.

Next day, this is the first time that i wake up at 8.30am without any disturb by Cruz! He is always an early bird, weekend always wake up b'4 8am and start calling me & Fearles to wake up. This sunday, he quietly lay beside Fearles, watch me & Fearles sleep (I will blog it later why Fearles was sleep beside me). I know that Cruz had wake up i think 7.30am plus, i just continue my sleep till 8.30am my phone rang.

I got a gathering with my ex colleague from the hotel. One of them are back from Aust and the other one is back from Ireland. I want to see their little one!So pack and get ready,my good friend cum close buddy pick me up at 10.30am, she suppose to help me to look after my boys too.hahahaha..part time babysitter cum "godmother" to my boys.Our meet up is at Madam Kwan - KLCC, as usual Cruz dont like to walk, i have to carry him, and Fearles will sit in the stroller. So Vivian (my good friend) push him and we have to get turn to carry Cruz.Mind u, he got some weight now, and it's really tired to carry him and walk.Reach there, we are the earlist, so follow by my friend from Aust with her two little precious - Nic & Mia and her hub. We are having a fun time chatting and updating or keepoing. Cruz had been very quiet the whole morning, after that i realise he is not feeling well. His body got little bit warm, and he is clingy, just want me to carry him. Pat him a while, he fall sleep and put him in the stroller. While Fearles also cranky, seeing his brother glue to me, he also want me to carry him. I tell u, i really had a hard time, and can't really chat much.So my friends those who dont have kids have to help me, but Fearles dont want them, so Vivian have to entertain him while eating.Cruz sleep for the good 20 mins he woke up and start crying. So we have to end the gathering. On the way home, Fearles doze off in the car!

Today, i got sore arm, and sore hips and i sprain my hand while carrying them.Ouch ouch ouch!!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Backdated : Big Bungalow

Cruz had his 1st bungalow over the weekend. Sunday morning, after shower them, i about to give them some cake for breakfast. So when i want to come out from the bedroom, Fearles start his crankiness, he cry and whine! Because he can't wait for me to give him some cake to eat. I just ignore him, i just walk out and i ask Cruz to follow me out from the room too.

Cruz happily running and follow behind me, i don't know how he slip and fell, (because my room is carpeted), and he knock his head on the tv cabinet, which is wood base. When i turn round, my heart sank, i saw him crying in pain. Fast, i go near him and see is there any blood or any cut. I know it super duper pain, if me knock on that wood, i think i will cry out loud too! And my both boys cry together, *sigh* one cranky, and one in pain! I have to divert my full concentration to Cruz, and just leave Fearles crying. Immediately, i get some medicine to apply on the "big bungalow", i saw a small cut, lucky no blood, and the bungalow is as big as "ping pong ball". Aiyo, he fall down when he is young, but he never get this kind of bungalow, this is the first time! After applying the medicine oil to the forehead, i manage to calm him down and also Fearles. So give them some cake to eat, they eat happily. And Cruz forgot his "pain" already.

I want to "boil" hard boil egg and rub on the forehead, and i can't find any egg at home,out of stock!! So i go and get some ice cube from the fridge. When i want to rub his forehead, he run away fast. He know it's pain! I have to hold him tight, and by force to rub the ice on the forehead, he scream his lung out! On off, i just bring the medicine oil around and try to apply it on him. Once he saw me holding the medicine oil he just ran away!
On monday, the bungalow become smaller and flat, but still can see the "blue black". Anyway he is ok now, still as naughty as before, he still don't scared of falling down, still climb here and there doing his monkey stunt! *sigh*

Monday, July 09, 2007

bye bye night feed....

Woohoo, it's been almost two weeks that i don't give my boys night feed. U all must be thinking i'm crazy, night feed my boys till they are 2 years old +? Yes, i can't bear to see them hungry (or they won't). My boys sleep early at night, normally by 8.30pm they will doze off, if we don't go out for dinner. This is they usual sleep time.

So their last milk will be around 8.15pm to 9pm, and i will always thought that they will feel hungry in the middle of the night, they can't sleep through till morning. When they are young, yes i need to feed them around 3am, if no when they wake up at 5am want to have milk, they will start to play till 7am than they doze off again, poor me have to entertain them till morning, when they doze off than it's time for me to go to work.

And it's already become a habit for me to wake up everynight at 3am to feed them milk and at the same time to wake daddy up to go to work.I always said to myself, when they still want milk why not i give them till they grow a bit older? Even, i know it's really tired and hard to wake up at 3am to feed them, i always drag myself up and feed them. On 28/6, as usual i feed them milk at 3am, surprisingly is both of them refuse to drink the milk. Normally i will just make them milk, they will hold the bottle and drink with their eye close while i change their dypers. But that night they don't want the milk, second night also the same, so i thought ok, i don't make any milk and see what time they will wake up. They sleep through till morning 7.30am!!! And after they wake up i make a big bottle for them to drink before they go to school. Only once in a while, Cruz will call me to make milk for him. He will call me "Mi...nen nen..."

So i can sleep through the night without waking up in the middle of night lo.

Monday, July 02, 2007


I use to like weekend a lot, where i can sleep till 10am or 11am and can have "Me" time.Now it's no different whether it's weekend or not weekend. Only thing is i don't need to go to work. And my boys also "smart" enough to differential when their mummy go to work or not go to work. On weekend day, they will wake up at 8am or 8.30am which i need to "dig" them out from their dreamland and sent them to nursery. On weekend, which they never fail to wake up as early as 7.10 or 7.30am, not later than 8am and start to play. And they will wake me up by calling me "mi mi mi mi mi" till i answer them. U said me pity or not? *sigh*

Last weekend was a busy weekend for me. Not busy as bring the boys out for shopping, but busy attending wedding dinner at night. On Saturday night, having wedding dinner at Mid-Valley, left two boys at home and my MIL taking care them and with the help of my SIL.Dinner finish about 10.30pm, it consider early. Reach home, both the boys are in their dreamland. MIL told me (the next day) Fearles had been crying for me the whole night and refuse to sleep. He cried till he tired only he went to sleep.He look for me everywhere in the house, from kitchen to bathroom to my own room and upstair, but he could not find me, he keep calling me and crying and whinning till my MIL also surrender. As for Cruz, he tired he just go to sleep (see la, this is my boy). hahaha

Second night, the wedding dinner is a close friend of my FIL whose son is getting married. He invite all our family members, as we know each other well. So i have to bring my two monkeys to attend their 1st wedding dinner.It's really a tough time to bring the two to go for dinner, even PIL and hub is helping, but me still super tired!First 5 mins they can sit in the high chair after a while they want to come down and walk around. By that time the wedding dinner had started. They stop their naughtiness while watching the bride and groom match into the dinner hall.And they watch the food presentation, like just come out from "kampung" with their mouth wide open and keep saying "wow wow wow" and clap their little hands. After the "show" is over, they started again, our table is near to the stairs, so they go and play at the stairs there, and we have to keep an eye on them, they just like to walk up and down on the stairs.And PIL are super worried, keep calling them, scared they fall down from the stairs. And me this mummy have to run up and down to catch them. Can u imagine how tired it is? And with my 2 inches high heels walk up and down and run..See la, hub said me "oi leng ng moi men"- Want to look good but don't care my own life (hahaha..direct translet).

Yes, my boys like energizer bunny, they got so much energy, till one stage they take off their shoe and play. *roll eye* U said la..everyone is looking at my two monkeys, they must be thinking how this mummy teach the sons.I also don't care how they look at me liao, just buat bodoh...hahaha..Anyway, i think this is my first and also last to bring them to wedding dinner.When the dinner about to finish, Cruz already low batt, he laid on me and want me to hug him and pat him, he is tired and wanted to sleep. And for Fearles, he is sleepy but he still want to play, and he be the "part time waiter" in the restaurant too. He "keepoing" taking the small soup bowl and spoon and give to me. The waiter are busy, he also busy. I don't know want to laugh or want to scold him..*faint* Because the trolley that store the drinks and cups and bowl and spoon is just beside our table.And he become more cheeky nowadays, he will pose in front of the camera, but look at his expression on all the pictures!!

Finally the dinner is over, and on the way home, the two bunnies already in their dreamland less than 5 mins.Phew! U said my weekend tired or not?