Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

Mid Autumn Festival, normally we will have family dinner than eat moon cakes and play lanterns. All the years we are do it the same way, nothing special.

Yesterday after work, i rush to a nearby supermarket thought want to get a lantern for my boys(ya, this year, bad mummy didnt buy any lantern for them to play). We suppose to get the spiderman lantern from Mines Shopping centre last sunday, after the "sight seeing" to Mines Wonderland. But but but, we totally forgot about it.Last minute want to get a nice lantern is very hard. End up i just get them those plastic lantern with chicken character.

After dinner, everyone get together-gether sit outside the house, kids play with lanterns and adults helping them to light up and put up the lantern nicely. And at the same time, eat moon cakes & fruits and some tibits. This year i dont even had a bite of the moon cake.I'm not the moon cake fans. hahahahah..i only like Haagen Daz Moon cake!!!!

Kids are really had fun, my two boys definetly enjoy themselve so much by running and shouting and playing with the cousins. This is the time that i don't scold them for running and screaming. They really play to the max, with the hair all wet and sweating! Bath them and change them around 9.30pm, they look really tired and had a good night sleep till this morning. And two of them had a "big cry" early this morning, maybe play too much last night? :(

Hope everyone do have a wonderful night! And Happy Belated Mid Autumn Festival to everyone!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend & happy 28th months!

Today marked my boys turned 28th months old! How time flies, and they have grown up so much and they are getting naughty and cheeky each day! And they are handful most of the time! Not going to update their 28th months milestone, i have lost count on that. Each day they have pick up new words and they are full of cheeky tricks and "extremely" active! Always make me headache and lose my cool, scream, shout and smack them.

Bring them to paed last sat, to seek for the second opinion on the remarks that the doctor at the emergency room gave saying Fearles tonsils is big need to remove it.And two of them still coughing bad, so one stone kill two birds!

Paed said,yes, Fearles tonsils is big, but no harm. And no one will go through the operation at such a young age, normally they will do it when they are five years old or older. So i ask him, is it neccesary to remove it when Fearles is 5 years old? The paed said, no harm to keep it. Either to remove it or just leave it there. At least this remarks make me feel relief! From now onwards will give them vanila ice cream (hahaha, they must be very happy!).

Even two of them are sick, but they still as active as before and in fact even worst!Fearles been very cranky, always whinning and throw tantrums. Whenever not follow his way, he will roll on the floor, kicking, screaming, crying. :( Can anyone tell me how to handle this? Especially in public or shopping mall? And two of them had lose weight, epecially Fearles, now his face only my palm size!!!*so heart pain*

Bring them to go "kai kai" at Queens Park on Saturday evening together with my good friend cum my son's "kai ma". 1st time there, had read this mummy blog about this place for few times, and can get branded clothes from there at a cheap price, something like factory outlet. I got myself a pair of Jeans and one top from MNG, it only cost me RM46!!!! OMG!It is really cheap, i only realise when i paid for it. And i bump into this cool mummy with her handsome. From far i saw her, but can't really recognise is it her, after i saw her handsome, i call out her, it's her!Such a coincident!We chat for a while, than she continue her shopping and me also continue mine.Because my boys had creat a havoc there, by carrying all the handbags from the shelf!*faint*

Proceed to my colleague's gf boutique, want to get myself a dress (this is my main point to be there at Queens Park).Reach there, the door was closed, saw a note she is going for a break, so we waited outside the door. From far i saw one pretty lady walk towards us, and she smile, and Cruz start his "ham sup" by calling "jie jie jie jie jie jie" (I dont know her). And she ask us we want to go inside is it, we said ya.(She is not my friend's gf, she is another partner). Cruz like to see pretty girl, keep calling her "jie jie" non stop. *slap forehead* While i'm trying out the clothes, my friend and maid are watching over the two boys, they creat another "war" in the boutique. Two of them trying out all the heels, they really put it on and walk!! Oh dear! This is really "paiseh", i have to try the clothes real quick! When we leave, Cruz plant a wet kiss on the jie jie cheeks! And he keep bid bye bye to the jie jie even though we had walk out from the boutique, he still keep saying "bye jie jie, bye jie jie". Had a quick dinner with my friend than we left around 8pm. I didnt enjoy my dinner, as the two monster can't sit still. And i had a good time chasing them here and there. Super tired!

Sunday, daddy said want to bring them to Mines Wonderland to see the musical water fountain. Had been a few years didnt been to that place. Still the same, not much changes, only the highway and also some upcoming new properties. We had a ride on the "tu tu train" go for a mini round. The boys just love it so much, but in between Fearles did show his crankiness. After the train ride, we went straight to the musical water fountain, not many people, we get a seat in the front row. Overall, nothing special to shout about, just walk walk walk and walk. And me is really tired. As Cruz refuse to sit in stroller and Fearles on off also want us to carry him. *sigh* Today me got sore arm!!!

Well, i think the boys do have a great weekend, because they can go out "kai kai". Now whenever they see us dress up nicely, they know it's time to go "kai kai" lo! If reluctant to bring them out, they will cry cry cry and wail for hours!

Friday, September 21, 2007


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We do have a computer at home, and most of the time hubby is using it. So whenever i want to blog hop or surf net, i have to wait for him to finish than only my turn to use the computer. Lately, i have browse through online, thought want to get myself a notebook, so i don't need to fight with hub over the computer. Tonight, i'm so happy when i come across this Dell laptop, they are having good deal now. And the price just around my budget! And they got many variety to choose too! So far i heard a lot good comment about Dell.Without second thought i decided to get myself a portables from Dell!

I Love your blog!!!!!

First of all i want to said sorry to this great papa for delaying doing this award!! And secondly i want to said "THANK YOU" to him to present me this nice award!! I feel happy, great, and honor to receive this award. He "love" my blog and this papa is new to my boring blog too and yet i receive this from him, i feel so honored! Thank you papajoneh!!

This papa "naik pangkat" again recently! He got the "twins dad" title! I salute him as a great papa, helping out his dearly wife with the twins boy and also with a 3 years old boy, without any maid! Fuyoh! This daddy is super dad! I must said i feel great to receive this award from him!

Here i want to pass this award to...aiyo..all the blogs at my blogroll i all love them!!! eerrr..i will still pass it to a few.......

1.Oscar's mummy

2.Darrius's mummy

3.Min (come come, receive this award! Get more traffic to ur blog!)

4.Jayden's mummy

5.Ivan & Izac's mummy

6.Rachel's mummy

7.Kieran & Kylie's mummy

8.Ryan & Nicole's mummy

9.Jin Ren & Jin Yang's mummy

10.Wokking mum ( I like ur cook blog!!!!)

Oooooopsss..looks like a lot! Ok, i will stop here!Those i didnt list down, and it's at my blogroll I LOVE YOUR BLOG TOO!!!!!!!!! MUACK MUACK!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Yesterday after work, bring Fearles to see doctor. Since the paed is closed at 5pm so we went to emergency ward at Pantai Hospital. Fearles got his fever on sunday afternoon. And after pick him up from school yesterday,he still got fever and cough and vomit! So straight we head to Pantai to see doctor.

As usual the doctor check on the temperature and check the throat too. Suddenly the doctor ask me, when Fearles sleep did he snores and does he got sore throat very often? I said yes, sometimes.When he got sore throat than he will got the fever. And he told me "ya, his tonsils are big, need to remove it!" I was like "Huh? Tonsils? What is that?" So he try to explain to me, it give me a shock! Fearles need to undergo an operation to remove the tonsils??? And the doctor said not too worry, after he recover, and can bring him to see ENT. So i said i will seek for his paed for opinion too!

This is just too shock! So far non of the doctor told me about this, till yesterday!I'm a bit worried too. After all, two of them still naughty as usual. Running and climbing and screaming in the hospital! Cruz get the medicine for coughing. And yes, three of us are down with flu, & cough!! And Fearles got the fever & cough.*sigh*

Last night whole night i didn't sleep well, Fearles had been waking up a few times in a night, asking for water, than milk than vomit, than i have to clean up the mess! Thank god is Cruz being good, he sleep through the night. But mummy had a bad headache, tired and sleepy today!

Today i browse through the net and look for some info about tonsils. Now mummy have to equip with some medical knowledge too. My colleagues do advice me, give them vanila ice cream once in a while or now can cure tonsils! How amazing and it just by eating ice cream, and it must be VANILA ice cream, no other ice cream. And they advise me, don't let the baby cry too long or scream too much. Well, at least now i have some idea. And here i will put up some link too, just for my own info and those of u that would like to know more about tonsils, can just browse through.

I hope that Fearles will doing fine and don't need to go through any "cut" and i will get second opinion from their paed too.

Fruit for your skin

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What is Gac fruit? When i first heard about this i also wonder what fruit is that. Some of them revered it as a gift from heaven. R.G. Skin Revitalizer">Gac (Momordia Cochinchinemis Spreng), is a bright-red fruit that grows as large as a cantaloupe and abundantly on vines all over sub-tropical Asia, especially in Vietnam. Inspired by a fruit found abundantly in Vietnam and admired as nature’s gift to the women of Asia because of its rich supply of carotenoids to nourish the skin.And Gac is a premier source of carotenoids which are in a highly bio-available form to support healthy skin and the body’s own defense mechanisms from free radicals.Beta-carotene is a carotenoid antioxidant found in Gac. It helps boost your immune system and support the structural integrity of the tissues. Carotenoids, as plant pigments, function as protection of the plant against excess light. Their nutritional value is especially important to your skin. The richest sources of natural Beta-carotene are found in yellow, orange, and green leafy fruits and vegetables. In general, the greater the intensity of the color of the fruit or vegetable, the more beta-carotene it contains. Gac contains as much as 10 times more Beta-carotene than carrots.

Want to have healthy skin, wait no more, consume Gac fruit will give u a healthy skin.

Monday, September 17, 2007

He stand and do it

Yesterday i showered my boys since both of them are not well, and i don't want the maid to make them worst,so i do it myself.

While i just turn on the water, i saw Cruz standing in front of the toilet bowl (sitting one)and he is holding his "little bird bird" and aiming at the toilet bowl and he is not tall enough to reach the toilet bowl, he stand on toes to make him taller! He look so funny and cute! And i "peep" at him and see what he is doing, he is doing his "small business"! After he done he show me a "proud smile". My little boy..

I have yet toilet train them, they are still on diapers. Lazy mummy!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Need a bike rack?

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Need a bike rack? Yes, i need one for my hub to store his bikes. I found this today while i'm browsing through the web. CarGuyGarage they carry many different types of bike racks, either is ceiling mount, wall mount or floor mount. My hub will be a happy man when he saw this, he been looking around to find a nice bike rack to store his bikes. Now, "bike rack">CarGuyGarage had solve his problem!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I got the bag!!!!!!!

Remember when this bag launch at KLCC it make a big "hoo haa"? And this mummy had blog about it a few times and finally she got her at china town. ;) And now i got mine too!!!!!
One of the weekend, hub call me and ask me.....................................

H: Eh, u know a bag by what what "Anya Hindmach" ar?

Me: ya, that "I'm Not a Plastic bag" ma. why?

H: U know ar? want or not?

Me: of course i know la, y? where u get it from?

H: my friend sell la, he ask me whether u want or not, but of course is "fake" one la from china town too.

Me: how much?

H: RM45

Me: ok. get me two! One for my mum and one for myself

hahahahahaha, end up my SILs also buy! Altogether we got 5!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cruz beloved pink gun

What so special about this pink water gun? I also dont know, Cruz had been so "fond" about this pink gun for the past one month.

Everywhere he goes he bring the gun together with him. Go to nursery, when he go to sleep, shower, eat, he will carry it. He is so in love with it.Sometime he left it somewhere, after a while he will ask me for his gun. He had good memory about this gun.Last two weeks, when one of the day i took MC and rest at home, i received a call from the nursery, i got a fright when i saw the number is from the nursery. Either is my boys fall sick or something happen.Once i pick up the call, i immediate ask the teacher, what happen to my sons? The teacher said, "oh no worry, ur boys are doing fine. I just want to ask u, where u get the pink gun for ur boy ar? And next time can u buy two guns for them? Because this early morning they start a fight over that gun! And they really fight, kick and punch! And we had a hard time to split them out!" After i heard what the teacher, i nearly fainted. I told her, i didnt buy the gun, that is my SIL bought it, and i also dont know where she bought it. Actually there is two guns with different colour but i'm not sure where is the other one had gone.And so far Fearles not so "fond" any particular gun, and i dont know why they will fight over that gun on that morning.

After sometime, the pink water gun got some "minor" accident and it broke! And this doesnt stop Cruz to love it again, he still hold the gun that had splited two and with the handle all cracked and we scared Cruz will get hurt/cut by the sharp end. We try to throw the pink gun but it did not success, he will wail and cry and scream for his gun!! U give him other gun he dont want he only want his pink gun! While my mum in town she try to search for the exact gun at the toy shop or any grocery shop but fail.Teacher at the nursery also try to throw the gun, end up have to give up and pass the gun back to him.It had bother me for a while, daddy everyday scold me for not throwing the gun away, but how? Once Cruz start his wailing, nothing will stop him except by giving him back the gun!

Finally, last weekend, i give him some "old" gun i change the battery and it got sound "fire fire fire". Now he forgot his "pink water gun" lo!!! Yuhoooooo!!!I tell u my house can open gun toy shop already, if i remember i will snap the picture on how many guns my sons have! And, the pink gun actually i still keep it. hahahahahahaha but i hide it somewhere, just in case Cruz think about his pink gun again! Maybe i will keep for another two weeks than i will throw it! kekekekekeke

Hunt for Sofas?

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Since our "new house" renovation going to complete soon, so it's time for me to hunt for some new furnitures. First thing of course is the living room sofa,we are looking for some sofas, and i come across this furniture from home online store, they have many variety on the leather sofas with different designs and colours too. The sofa just meet my needs! And i got myself a sofa bed. If u're like me hunting for some sofa, why still waiting, just log on the Furniture From Home, u will get the sofa that u're longing for!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Little update

I had been so lazy lately, that’s why hardly see any update on my blog.
My mum was in town for a week. We do have a great time together, and she also spent some of her time with her naughty grandsons! Why I said only “some of her time”? Because my boys don’t want my mum! Maybe they only get to see her like three times a year? Hmmmm…

Anyway I took one day off, and company my mum to go shopping! I “treasure” my day off. Hahahaha! Sent my boys to nursery in the morning, than we went for early breakfast than after that we off to have hair cut, yes I got a new hair style again. After the hair cut, we went for shopping and late lunch! I got myself two pair of shoes and two tops, at least something, hahahah. I feel bad if I don’t get anything when I go shopping. Bleah! Rush home, need to pick up my two darlings from the nursery, and before picking them up, we went nearby to have face threading! Yeah! I have a good day; I get most of the things done all in a day. Hair cut, shopping, nice lunch & face threading! Hope I can have more this kind of therapy and “me” time!

Nice Matters Award

Feel so honour to receive this "Nice Matters Award" from this three mummy - she, she and she. Thanks for thinking of me!

According to the Originator of the Nice Matters award it is intended for “those that are just nice people, good blog friends, and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others, that are there to lend support, or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world!”

For those receiving the award, you may like to pass on the award to 7 whom you think deserves it. Here I'm gonna pass this award to 7 other blogging mummies & friend of mine :-

1. Mika's mummy

2. Belle's mummy

3. Ryan & Calista's mummy

4. Scott & Sean's mummy

5. Leng Lui Min

6. Ethan's mummy

7. Braedyn & Shayanne's mummy

Innovative Tutor

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My twins turn 28th month soon, i think it's time to find them a pre-kindergarten before they go to kindy,starting school can be pretty scary for children. But if they are prepared, it can also be a whole lot of fun.I come across this Innovative Tutor, i find it interesting and their programes are good and i believe with Innovative Tutor my boys will develop a love of learning.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Food Foundry - Mille Crepe

Vanila Mille Crepe

Main course

Spaghetti Bolognise

Remember this "very in" grandma did post about the special cake that is so yummy and orgasmic? She order the "cake" all the way from Melaka. And i never got a chance to try out this yummylicious "cake" that she mention. Till one day this twins mummy blog this in her blog, there is one cafe do sell this Mille Crepe!

I browse through the link, the area look familiar but i could not find the place ( I did went once and i can't find the place), a bit sad. Last Saturday, when i drive through one row old shop lot just behind my house (by walking distance), i saw this!!!!!! OMG! It's open near my area, that mean i can have that Mille Crepe anytime i want.

Went there on Saturday night to try out the Mille Crepe, i tell u it is so orgasmic!!!! Me & hub and my two boys and my BIL and the wife and my maid we go there by walk.'s a bit funny, first time we went for dinner by walking. On the way home, it's raining cats & dogs, my two boys are so happy, i carry cruz and daddy carry Fearles and we run, two of them just laugh non stop.

Went there again on Sunday with my mum (yes, my mum in town), she also said it's so yummylicious! They are going to open another branch in Bangsar Village I soon. Those who like to try out this Mille Crepe please check out the place. *This is not a sponsor post*