Tuesday, January 29, 2008

He "warm" my heart

He = Cruz, my little monster, rascal. Yes i talk about Cruz again, because he is always cheeky and he always come out with funny things or idea that Fearles won't do or think. Is it always the young one will be more cheeky? I wan to said again, i'm not favouritism, i love both of my boys!

Cruz is loving, caring and observant, he observe what we do daily. When i came back from gym, he carry my gym bag, it's heavy and big, he pull the bag and put it in the room, and ask me to take off my shoe and put my shoe on the shoe rack. Morning, when two of them still sleeping and i don't want to wake them up, normally i will do my make up in my living room. Cruz saw a few times, because always he wake up early, and he will see how i put on make up and he will put some on his face too!!! If Cruz already wake up, he will know where i sit and he will on the light for me and also bring me the make up pouch.
When he or Fearles accidently "hit" or "knock" me, i always pretend i'm crying, he will be the one who ask " Why? Why? pain pain?" then he will use his hand to sayang me or he will go and take medicine and apply for me (mimic me). Now he learn a new word, "Sayang", when i said "sayang mummy" he will use his hand and put on my face and rub rub said "sayang mummy, sayang mummy" hahahaha..how sweet right? Fearles do this also.

When two of them not fighting, they can be very good buddy or good brother, hand in hand and bully me! Cruz more caring, always love his brother Fearles, when got things, he will call out to Fearles "kor.....kor.....kor.." but Fearles always don't answer Cruz, and this boy still don't give up call till Fearles answer him. Everytime when Fearles cough, he will run and get the small pail for his kor kor, as he know, everytime when Fearles cough, he will vomit! hahahahahahaha Even Fearles don't vomit, Cruz will still bring the pail for him. (I keep a small pail in the room just in case the boys vomit in the middle of night.)

Lately, Cruz start something new again, when i sleep with them, he will said "mummy, ooi ooi (sleep)" , at first i thought he want me to sleep with him, and normally i will sleep in between them. After i laid down, he still pat on his pillow and said "mummy, ooi ooi" i told him i already ooi ooi ma, he still making noise, only i find out is he want me to sleep face to face with him, and soooooo close to him. His hand will hug on my neck and he look at my eyes and sleep. hahahahaha Sound so romantic huh? Sometime Fearles will ignore us, sometime Fearles want me to hug him too. How? Mummy have to split two lo!
He also a little parrot now, love to talk and sing. He is very naughty now, when i feed him food, if he don't want anymore he will tell me " mummy, bow bow (full) " and pat his tummy and i know his trick. He love to sing " Ba ba black sheep" " Happy birthday" and "twinkle twinkle little star" and sometime will come out his own song, don't know what tune, and i can hear him sing "papaya, papaya, don don don, a ya ya ya" and i heard him sing one chinese song too "wu de peng yu" - "my friend" in mandarin, tune with "three blind mice" maybe he learn that from the nursery.

So how can my life be boring with this two rascals?

He like to do this

I notice Fearles like to sleep with his leg crossed. Even when he watch TV he also like to have this position. He find it comfortable, and with his leg crossed he sleep better and longer. He inherit this habit from his daddy, his daddy also like to sleep like that, like father like son.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

One year older lo...

1. mummy with her two princes.
2. Banquet
3. Three naughty aunties - Vivian, Catherine and Koh
4. this is a must try "hot chocolate cake" !! Once u have order hv to wait for 15 mins to be served.

Who is one year older?? Me lo! Today mark my 3x birthday, getting old. :(

No celebration, just a normal day for me, beside than receive a lots sms & msn messages from my dearest friends and blogger mummies, thanks so much!!

Received an earlier birthday present from this leng lui meh meh, a lovely dress! I can't wear it and take picture because too "sexy" hahahaha, will post the lovely dress pictures later. Last sunday, received another surprise from my two friends and my online biz partner Vivian. They are naughty! One of them call me two weeks before told me she want to come over to my house on Sunday, i ask her why ar? She didn't answer me, after that i ask her "you want to come and see the clothes is it" She said " ya ya" and she will bring two more friends to come. I didn't suspect, as Vivian "pretend" don't know anything, she told me she will look for me on Monday night, she want to take some stock - "clothes" from me and i need to return her something too. Till Sunday, they came, first i only saw Catherine ( my ex colleague cum good friend, that she call me two weeks before) and i didn't see the car, i thought she is coming with her husband and friend, i told her ask her hub to drive the car inside the house, she park the car at a side which i can't see clearly. Came down, there Vivian and Koh (my ex colleague cum good friend too)!!!!! I open my eyes so big, it's really surprise me! Pass me the present and ask me to get change and they buy me lunch. Bring my two boys together and leave the maid at home, we go Banquet at Bangsar Village to have late lunch. They know i fancy the dessert at Banquet very very much. hhahahaaha..They are really thoughtful!!

1. Fearles
2. Cruz, new posing, mummy teach one. hahahaha
3. Fearles want to be ultraman.
4. Yikes, apple juice sour.
5. one more sip
6. hmmmmmm..so nice, i love it.
7. what is this?
8. neh....
9. Cruz " i also want to be ultraman!"

We yak and eat and my boys mess around for nearly two hours, sent my boys back home to get them have nap and i go out shopping with them! This is the first time, we four ladies can shop together! We go Bangsar area to check out all the boutiques, didn't get anything for myself, because me too fat to fit into those nice dress, only window shopping for myself.

1. Oven baked butter cod fish
2. Nasi lemak
3. Garlic fried rice
4. Chicken Casserole

While i'm typing this, i received another surprise! Lucky my heart still can take this kind of excitement. When i answer the door, (because our office can't see outside who is coming, only through intercom) I said "hello", and i heard someone said "i'm looking for Annie" I said "Annie"? He said ya, I ask "where u from?" He said "from xxx florist" I open the door, and i saw a familiar face, the despatch boy i know him, because i use to order flower from that florist and my hub sister use to work at that florist too. What surprise me is who will know my new office address? I didn't tell anyone, and the flower and gift is from my hub's sister and my hub's brother's wife! They don't even know what company i'm with and needless to said the add. They only know i work in this building.

Hmmmm..writting so much, must be wondering what my hub buy for me. I'm glad that he "finally" remember yesterday. hahahaha . Maybe someone hint him? I told myself i will not hint him anymore, if he can't remember is ok, anyway no celebration , no candle light dinner. At least my hub did ask "what u want for ur present?" hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaaha..Actually i want to tell him, i just want surprise.

This morning when i wake up i very bad, i ask my boys to wish me "Happy birthday mummy!" Of course they will said " a dada mummy" so i have to tell them word by word " Happy " "Birthday" "mummy"! LOL

Friday, January 18, 2008

Tonight, he said this..

While putting my boys to sleep tonight, as usual i will off the light and laid beside them and talk to them. Sometime i will make fun of them by taking their "jut jut" - pacifier away, always they will very cooperative when i do this, if i take away Fearles's jut jut,Cruz will help him to "snatch" back from me and pass it back to Fearles or the other way round.

Tonight when i take away Cruz jut jut, he cry for help from Fearles, he said "kor, get it back!" muahahahahahahaha..since when Cruz can said this, that's why i want to noted this down, I find it is so funny.

Poh Poh in town

This explain why there is lack of update from me and yet i got so many backdated post, no time to blog & blog hop.

Last Friday, after work, we (hub & his brother & wife) brought my mum to NZX again, yes i went there for the third time on the week itself. Actually not much to see, they just want to go there to see some chinese new year decoration things and want to get some pot plants. Having dinner at nearby coffee shop before we go NZX because not much things to eat there. The two boys are behave good, finish one plate of chicken rice. Reach NZX, the boys recognise the place, because that place sell lots of toys!!! At the end, it burn a hole in my pocket again, bought the boys two high tech machine gun (yea, they like gun, i don't know why, too violant huh!) and it's not cheap, after discount it still cost RM33 per gun!

When poh poh in town this time, my boys get more familiar with her, not like previous visit they refuse to call her and only after few days warm up, they start to call her and let her carry. This time, they "friend" with my mum, keep calling "poh poh, poh poh", "poh poh come", "poh poh good night", of course my mum's heart melt lo. After a week stay, my mum will be going home tomorrow. Hmmmmm..when will be the next trip? I'm glad that, at least my boys still remember their dear poh poh, even they hardly see her.

My boys had grown up

Just a note for myself to remember. On Wednesday night (16/1) brought my two boys for hair cut. Thought they will cry and want me and kakak to sit together with them to have the hair cut. Before going, i tell them, mummy going to bring u two for hair cut ok? They nodded their head, put on their shoe and go into the car.

Upon reaching the indian barber shop, they went in and request the uncle they want to sit on the chair. I and my maid put them on the chair, and they sit there quietly, and the barber put the plastic robe on them and start the hair cut. Wow!!! I have a good laugh and happy, because finally my boys had grown up, they like hair cut, no more crying and no more want us to sit together with them. I remember for the previous visit, even though they don't cry but they want me and my maid to carry them and sit on our lap to have hair cut, and the earlier one together with daddy, Fearles want daddy to carry and Cruz can sit on himself. This round both of them sit quietly and not showing any fuss and finish the whole hair cut session! Bravo my two darling boys!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Joke for the day!

This is a real joke! It happen last Friday. My mum was in town, she arrived last week, she call me on Friday morning, tell me my maid make a big "scream" or a big "jump" over a rat! She running up and down on the sofa and running in and out my room telling my mum, there is a rat or something outside at the living room. She can't tell properly nor speak in proper english so my mum thought that is a rat. My mum went outside with her, and saw a "little tail" underneath the sofa, because the sofa is so so old, and got some hole behind, and that "little thing" is hiding inside. My maid use a small wood, try to "dig" it out, but unsuccessful, my mum entertain my maid for a little while, she went back to the room and rest and don't bother her.

After a while, she saw a big "BOMBA" (fire brigade) park in front of our house, she is thinking, which house got fire ar, and why the Bomba is in front of the house ar. She continue reading the magazine, and don't bother, but she heard outside at the living room it's so noisy, and like they moving the sofa here and there, like having a big "war" outside, and yet she still don't bother (salute my mum lei) hahahahahahahahahaha

Till late afternoon, just before i came back from work, she got the whole story and tell me, actually there is a SNAKE in our house, and my maid got freak out, so ask for my mum help, but my mum don't know what she is talking about, and i think she went and tell my 2nd SIL and show her, so my SIL (hub's 2nd brother's wife) go and call the "BOMBA" (fire brigade)for help! muahahahahahahaha.. Less than 2 minutes the "Bomba" is already at our house and there came in four big size and macho and handsome and tall fire fighters (according to my SIL) with their glove on and preparing themselve to catch the big "king cobra" at our house! Who knows they only saw a "small tiny" snake, and one of the fire fighter just one step on the snake, there go, the snake said "bye bye" and gone to heaven. The fire fighter pick up the snake and show my SIL and said "oh..this snake is dangerous!" hahaha..I don't know he is being "sarcastic" or it's really dangerous. All the neighbours are standing at the roadside and see what is happening, after the show over, the fire fighters went out and show the "audience" what they had catch!

I had a good laugh after hearing what my mum and my 3rd SIL told me, i said should have take the picture so i can post it up here and share with u all! Actually i didn't know fire bridgade did do all this till that day, and hat's off to my SIL for her brave and calmness to call 999 for help.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

My First Mosaic

This is my first mosaic, thought it is easy, but i am still confusing, still got a long way to go.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A short getaway from home

Last Sunday, bring my boys to have a short getaway from home. We stay a night at Sunway Hotel and the next day bring them to play at Sunway Lagoon. We went together with my hub good buddy, Vincent's family again.

Me & my boys and maid check in to the hotel first, while hub still having his weekend cycling. SIL sent us over to the hotel in the late afternoon. Reaching Sunway entrance, my boys actually want to doze off in the car, when they saw the big lion,( yes they recognise that big lion when everytime we pass by there) and the christmas decoration at the entrance, i heard Cruz said this "OH NO..nice..very nice!" with a very surprise tone, i just can't help myself and laugh so loud. Two of them get so excited and forgot their sleepy. After check in, we went into the room and i request two baby-cot for the boys. Very effecient service, after we are in the room for about 10 mins the baby-cots arrived! When the boys saw the baby-cots, they got excited again, can't wait just climb into it and sleep. My maid also have a good time, since nothing much to do, i ask her to have a nap too. As i don't really feel sleepy, i make myself a cup and coffee and eat my junk foods and read magazines! How enjoy! Vincent and his family check in earlier than us, i call them and tell them i need to give the boys have a nap before meeting up with them for dinner. Hubby came around 6.30pm, after shower my boys then we meet up with vincent & family for dinner. We drive all the way to the old subang airport, behind it, there is a lot seafood restaurant, and the price is so so cheap. We went to this restaurant, i forgot the name, quite far in, but pack with people, we waited for half an hour plus for our dinner to be serve. Food very tasty and with 6 adults and 4 toddlers, it only cost us RM140+.

After dinner, we go to NZX, this mummy blog this before. I went there on Saturday to just check out the place, Sunday i went again, this round with my boys, they are so happy and run around the place. Lucky didn't request to buy toys, we went there quite late, it's around 9.30pm and some of the shop about to close. Back to hotel, it's around 11pm, change the boys and within second they are in their lalaland.

Next morning, we wake up around 10am, shower the boys change them and we check out from the hotel. We walked to nearby coffee shop to have brunch. That is my request, because i miss my sarawak "kampua" and that coffee shop one of the stall they are selling kampua, and is original from sarawak too, taste is the same only the ingredient a bit different. No picture to show as i busy eating and also handle my two boys, havoc havoc.

After our brunch, we walk back to hotel, want to proceed to sunway lagoon but suddenly it rain so heavy!!! No choice, we walk to Sunway Pyramid to have some window shopping. Kids are having fun, because they have a great time to sit on the toy cars! My boys won't forget their main "target" is to play and swim in the water. They keep telling me " mummy, i want swimming, swimming swimming.." Rain stopped, we bring them to the lagoon, they can't wait for me to change them, seeing the water they scream and shout..so happy. Hub, vincent, vincent's wife and my maid all in the water with the kids. Me -> Ahem!! A wrong timing again :( I sat at the bench together with vincent's mother and i take photos lo. All of them are having tons of fun, after a while, we move to kids pool, have some slide for them to play. Weather are gloomy the whole day, and the water are actually quite cold! Once my boys out from the water, they start shivering. They don't like and they scared the water that pour down from the big tank, daddy and uncle vincent very bad, keep carrying them and stand below the tank and the boys know that the water will fall down anytime, that's why they start crying. hahahahaha

After spend about 2-3 hours in the water, we get them changed and we go to dry park to have some ride. I have to admit that i'm getting old, last time i can sit on roller coaster. Now, just the normal ride for the kids that flying high and the other one is smaller version "Eye Of Malaysia" also make me shaking! Of course, the boys are really having fun! We are there from 1.00pm till 6.00pm, when we leave, the boys just doze off immediately and it start heavy down pour! We went to nearby to have an early dinner then back home. I am totally worn out and the next day my both legs are aching. I bet the boys do have a great time because till today they still asking for "lion(Sunway Pyramid that big lion),i want swimming swimming!"

Friday, January 04, 2008

Tags Diarrhea

Happy New Year to everyone who visited my blog! New year, new start, i have to clear all the backdated tags (suppose to clear it before new year, didn't managet to do so :( ) So here go the tags diarrhea !

~ The 5 tags ~

Got this tag from this lovely cuttie pie's mummy - Barbara, few months ago! Oh dear! That's real loooooonnnnngggggg! Here u go, my homework.

5 Things Found In My Bag

* make up pouch
* house key
* handphone
* wallet
* tissue

5 Things Found In My Wallet/Purse

* money
* credit cards
* ATM cards
* medical card
* name cards

5 Things Found In My Room

* Beds
* TV
* fridge
* computer
* clock

5 Things I Always Wanted To Do

* shopping
* pedicure
* go spa
* go holiday!!!
* hang out with good friends, eating and chatting or "keepoing"

5 Things I Am Currently Into

* hunt for new clothes for my online store
* shopping for new clothes for myself & my boys for cny
* shopping for new shoes again
* shop for birthday presents (so many birthdays in January)
* doing tags tags tags..

5 Nice People To Tag

hmmmmm..i will not tag anyone, as everyone is so so nice, hard to choose 5 and this tag is long long overdue, so i think most of you had done this. Those who would like to do this tag, please let me know. ;)

~ 7 Things You Don't Know About Me ~

This is also another long long overdue tag from this mummy, 1st tag from her, so must give face. Here go the 7 things you don't know about me.

1. Me is a very simple person, but sometime quite demanding & stubborn, when i think i'm right, i will go for it.

2. I am a very hot tempered person. Late year getting better, maybe is the age catching up, no more fire.

3. Most people that met me for the first time, will said i got "snobbish look". In fact, if u know me, i am a "gila gila" person.

4. I don't eat pineapple, durian, onion, assam laksa, prawn mee and sour stuff. But i eat pizza with pineapple and i eat onion rings and i drink lime and assam boi!

5. I can't stand hunger & hot!

6. I don't know how to swim. hahahahahahahahaha

7. I love collect plaster with cartoon charater.

That's all about me. Simple right? Not going to tag anyone.

~ Happy Blogging Wish ~

Got this Happy Blogging tag from this two nice mummy, Eva & Anggie. Another long overdue tag, here i'm passing up my homework. Thanks for thinking of me! Wish everyone Happy Blogging too!!

~ Cool Mom Award ~

Receive this cool mom award from this cool mummy, Brenda! Thank you so so so much! I think i still way behind to be a cool mom ;). All mommies who read this post, u all deserve this award! You are cool mom too!!! Yes! You..you..you..

~ Best Blogging Buddies Awards ~

This is the first award i receive from this pretty mummy and this award is all the way from Canada!!!! Thank you thank you Sweetiepie!! Feel so honor to receive this award! Thanks once again!!

Ok..part I tag will stop here, to be continue with the part II! *faint*