Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A short getaway from home

Last Sunday, bring my boys to have a short getaway from home. We stay a night at Sunway Hotel and the next day bring them to play at Sunway Lagoon. We went together with my hub good buddy, Vincent's family again.

Me & my boys and maid check in to the hotel first, while hub still having his weekend cycling. SIL sent us over to the hotel in the late afternoon. Reaching Sunway entrance, my boys actually want to doze off in the car, when they saw the big lion,( yes they recognise that big lion when everytime we pass by there) and the christmas decoration at the entrance, i heard Cruz said this "OH NO..nice..very nice!" with a very surprise tone, i just can't help myself and laugh so loud. Two of them get so excited and forgot their sleepy. After check in, we went into the room and i request two baby-cot for the boys. Very effecient service, after we are in the room for about 10 mins the baby-cots arrived! When the boys saw the baby-cots, they got excited again, can't wait just climb into it and sleep. My maid also have a good time, since nothing much to do, i ask her to have a nap too. As i don't really feel sleepy, i make myself a cup and coffee and eat my junk foods and read magazines! How enjoy! Vincent and his family check in earlier than us, i call them and tell them i need to give the boys have a nap before meeting up with them for dinner. Hubby came around 6.30pm, after shower my boys then we meet up with vincent & family for dinner. We drive all the way to the old subang airport, behind it, there is a lot seafood restaurant, and the price is so so cheap. We went to this restaurant, i forgot the name, quite far in, but pack with people, we waited for half an hour plus for our dinner to be serve. Food very tasty and with 6 adults and 4 toddlers, it only cost us RM140+.

After dinner, we go to NZX, this mummy blog this before. I went there on Saturday to just check out the place, Sunday i went again, this round with my boys, they are so happy and run around the place. Lucky didn't request to buy toys, we went there quite late, it's around 9.30pm and some of the shop about to close. Back to hotel, it's around 11pm, change the boys and within second they are in their lalaland.

Next morning, we wake up around 10am, shower the boys change them and we check out from the hotel. We walked to nearby coffee shop to have brunch. That is my request, because i miss my sarawak "kampua" and that coffee shop one of the stall they are selling kampua, and is original from sarawak too, taste is the same only the ingredient a bit different. No picture to show as i busy eating and also handle my two boys, havoc havoc.

After our brunch, we walk back to hotel, want to proceed to sunway lagoon but suddenly it rain so heavy!!! No choice, we walk to Sunway Pyramid to have some window shopping. Kids are having fun, because they have a great time to sit on the toy cars! My boys won't forget their main "target" is to play and swim in the water. They keep telling me " mummy, i want swimming, swimming swimming.." Rain stopped, we bring them to the lagoon, they can't wait for me to change them, seeing the water they scream and happy. Hub, vincent, vincent's wife and my maid all in the water with the kids. Me -> Ahem!! A wrong timing again :( I sat at the bench together with vincent's mother and i take photos lo. All of them are having tons of fun, after a while, we move to kids pool, have some slide for them to play. Weather are gloomy the whole day, and the water are actually quite cold! Once my boys out from the water, they start shivering. They don't like and they scared the water that pour down from the big tank, daddy and uncle vincent very bad, keep carrying them and stand below the tank and the boys know that the water will fall down anytime, that's why they start crying. hahahahaha

After spend about 2-3 hours in the water, we get them changed and we go to dry park to have some ride. I have to admit that i'm getting old, last time i can sit on roller coaster. Now, just the normal ride for the kids that flying high and the other one is smaller version "Eye Of Malaysia" also make me shaking! Of course, the boys are really having fun! We are there from 1.00pm till 6.00pm, when we leave, the boys just doze off immediately and it start heavy down pour! We went to nearby to have an early dinner then back home. I am totally worn out and the next day my both legs are aching. I bet the boys do have a great time because till today they still asking for "lion(Sunway Pyramid that big lion),i want swimming swimming!"


Blur Angel said...

first first! i'm the first!! :> eh , your boys are much taller already eh?!

Mommy to Chumsy said... cots provided by the hotel? how nice. sure is fun to get away eh? I think i should do that too...errr...don't know when though :D

Oscar's Mommy said...

wow... nice la weekend escapade. how much ah the rooms?

i also want to go la... heard they have theme rooms right?

etceteramommy said...

Mmm.. where's mommy? Group photo also didn't see mommy's pic? :P

Sweetiepie said...

you are such a nice kids sure will go back there again.

Jacss said...

just by looking at d photos, we know how happy, fun & enjoyable everyone was!!

wow...didn't know can request such baby cot in hotel..alamak, too late for me now coz they won't fit in anymore, haha...

still haven't bring my boys to sunway lagoon....a place to look out for sure!!

btw, what's d kampua ahh, never heard before??

Sasha said...

wuah i like fearles pic in swimming man!