Friday, January 04, 2008

Tags Diarrhea

Happy New Year to everyone who visited my blog! New year, new start, i have to clear all the backdated tags (suppose to clear it before new year, didn't managet to do so :( ) So here go the tags diarrhea !

~ The 5 tags ~

Got this tag from this lovely cuttie pie's mummy - Barbara, few months ago! Oh dear! That's real loooooonnnnngggggg! Here u go, my homework.

5 Things Found In My Bag

* make up pouch
* house key
* handphone
* wallet
* tissue

5 Things Found In My Wallet/Purse

* money
* credit cards
* ATM cards
* medical card
* name cards

5 Things Found In My Room

* Beds
* TV
* fridge
* computer
* clock

5 Things I Always Wanted To Do

* shopping
* pedicure
* go spa
* go holiday!!!
* hang out with good friends, eating and chatting or "keepoing"

5 Things I Am Currently Into

* hunt for new clothes for my online store
* shopping for new clothes for myself & my boys for cny
* shopping for new shoes again
* shop for birthday presents (so many birthdays in January)
* doing tags tags tags..

5 Nice People To Tag

hmmmmm..i will not tag anyone, as everyone is so so nice, hard to choose 5 and this tag is long long overdue, so i think most of you had done this. Those who would like to do this tag, please let me know. ;)

~ 7 Things You Don't Know About Me ~

This is also another long long overdue tag from this mummy, 1st tag from her, so must give face. Here go the 7 things you don't know about me.

1. Me is a very simple person, but sometime quite demanding & stubborn, when i think i'm right, i will go for it.

2. I am a very hot tempered person. Late year getting better, maybe is the age catching up, no more fire.

3. Most people that met me for the first time, will said i got "snobbish look". In fact, if u know me, i am a "gila gila" person.

4. I don't eat pineapple, durian, onion, assam laksa, prawn mee and sour stuff. But i eat pizza with pineapple and i eat onion rings and i drink lime and assam boi!

5. I can't stand hunger & hot!

6. I don't know how to swim. hahahahahahahahaha

7. I love collect plaster with cartoon charater.

That's all about me. Simple right? Not going to tag anyone.

~ Happy Blogging Wish ~

Got this Happy Blogging tag from this two nice mummy, Eva & Anggie. Another long overdue tag, here i'm passing up my homework. Thanks for thinking of me! Wish everyone Happy Blogging too!!

~ Cool Mom Award ~

Receive this cool mom award from this cool mummy, Brenda! Thank you so so so much! I think i still way behind to be a cool mom ;). All mommies who read this post, u all deserve this award! You are cool mom too!!! Yes!

~ Best Blogging Buddies Awards ~

This is the first award i receive from this pretty mummy and this award is all the way from Canada!!!! Thank you thank you Sweetiepie!! Feel so honor to receive this award! Thanks once again!!

Ok..part I tag will stop here, to be continue with the part II! *faint*


Oscar's Mommy said...

wei, i am first la. got prize ah? hahahaha...

how come you dont eat asam laksa wan??? nice la, maybe you haven't tried the bestest asam laksa that's why... right?

have a nice weekend and happy shopping.

Sweetiepie said...

wah!one day you did so many tags..i am glad you like the tag.:)

Mommy to Chumsy said...

wahhhhhh...i also forgot i tagged you already....soooooo long ago..hehehehe. thanks for doing it :D

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

wah...tags marathon!!!
never judge the book by its cover. now that i know you are the 'gila-gila' type....can 'gila-gila' together :)

laundryamah said...

wah now only buy CNY clothes? Should buy during the sales ma..but then again..there r still sales around hor..

Jacss said... u remind me of my outstd'g tags too!!!

wow...can't imagine u r as hot as me temper i mean, haha but yeah, we all cool down when age is catching up!!

wat, u dun eat asam laksa...give all to me coz i love it too much, hehe..........