Friday, February 22, 2008

little keepo chi

My two boys had turn into little keepo chi lately, they speak and sing a lot! Especially Cruz!! He can talk non stop, some of it i also don't understand what he is saying, most family member don't understand him, except me. hahahahahahahahaha

Last two days, out of sudden Cruz said "Oh my god!" i got a shock, where did he learn this from, maybe from me? hahahahaha as i like to said "Oh my god" too and didn't expect him to pick this words up. I must careful what i'm saying now, as he mimic me a lot. After he said " Oh my god!" he repeat a few times when i ask him what did u said just now, then come again, another sentence, "ma ma sit cow cow" (ma ma as my mother, their grandma) I just wondering what is in his mind and make him said that, so funny.

When i speak on the phone, he will follow what i'm saying words by words, sometime i find it irritating, till his daddy ask him to shut up ( i know it's not good to ask them to shut up when this is the time they want to learn, when they don't speak we worried, once they too noisy we feel irritating) :(

I don't know what wrong with Cruz, now it seems he mix up a lot of words, he can pronouce "th" "k" "t" and "s" behind the words. Now he just simply add it to the words that he know, example:-

Mickey mouth - Mickey mouse

puk - put

some of the words i can't remember, really lost count on the new words they learn. Fearles now calling me "meh" "meh" "meh" and not "mi" anymore i also don't know why, from "mummy" to "mameh" *sigh* .

Two more days they will turn to their 33 months, how time flies, another three more months they will celebrate their 3 years old birthday.


Blur Angel said...

hahah... yes.. i don't understand what they were trying to say the other day also except for "KAI KAI ALREADY , che che" also a few other words la

Sweetpea said...

welcome to the confused world of parenthood! i have been called 'amee', mummy and now mama.

etceteramommy said...

Not irritating but sometimes can be quite 'farn' when you really desperately need that moment of silence. I know how you feel...My son also, sometimes he wake up middle of the night he will start talk and talk and talk..and if he doesnt get a respond, he will call Mommy, Mommy, Mommy until I answer him!!!

Sasha said...

Wah it seems like i just attended thier bday bash not long ago. Time flies!

Jacss said...

hahaha....really got to watch out words edi...but it's always easy to say than to do it!!

can u imagine my boys imitate us by saying "tiu nia sing lei leh"???
hahahaha, dun laugh ahh...

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

just enjoy them now...they are cute when they talk liddat and make us laugh..