Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Our Chinese New Year

Gong Xi Fa Cai and happy birthday to everyone!!! Today is the seven days of chinese new year, chinese said today is everyone birthday. :0)

As i mention in my previous post, we spent our chinese new year at Kuantan this year. We leave the house on the eve afternoon, that is not much traffic on the road, can said is smooth sailing. Reached there is about 6.30pm, after check in and settle down all the seven kids, they can't wait and want to dip into the pool. Change them, bring the to the pool to have a quick swim, it's about 7.30pm, and the water is quite cold and with strong wind, the guard at the pool told us, the pool will closed at 8pm. After "drag" everyone out from the pool, shower them and change them, we head for our late dinner at one chinese restaurant, food so so only, so no picture taken. Tell u, this trip is just like kindy teachers bring kids for outing, so havoc!! Back to hotel, put them to sleep, and only i took my shower, which is near to 12am. Not much chinese new year feel, not even a single fire crackers sound or fire works, except for the incoming chinese new year greeting sms's.

1st day chinese new year - lucky there is lion dance in the hotel lobby, wake all the kids up, get them shower and change them, give them "ang pows" and bring all of them to lobby to see lion dance (hubby and his brother, 7 early 8 early already went for cycling). Lucky they are back just 5 mins before the "lion". Kids are having so so much fun watching the lion dance, younger BIL's son been pull out to the centre by the lion, everyone had a good laugh, and Cruz, scared of the lion! He cried when the lion approach him so so near, and Fearles being smart he sit at one corner. While i'm enjoy watching the lion dance, someone pat on my shoulder! I got a shock, turn around i saw this mummy, which is going to have twins too! I can't recognise her, she lost some weight or she change her hair style, which make me a bit blur when i first saw her ( i only met chin nee once), she is looking good, and i can see a small bump on her tummy. We chat a while and we bid good bye after finish the lion dance.

Kids spent most of the times at the pool and the beach, and the sun is so so hot, till everyone had sun burn! Morning and late afternoon also swim at the pool, evening bring them have a walk along Teluk Cempedak, many people there, some of them are picnic, playing kites, sands, and with some stall selling balloons, souvenier, some arts, and drawing. Since we are having late lunch so everyone still full for dinner. Me and SIL just went out to pack some dinner back to hotel for the maid and kids, and me and her after feed the kids, put them to sleep, two of us, sneak out to have a break, having late dinner/supper at Kemaman Kopitiam (must have when u're in Kuantan). Ya, two of us, not familiar with the road we drive around when we pack the food for the maid, and we look see look see any place for good dinner. Finally we saw this Kemaman Kopitiam we decide to have supper there, tell u it is so pack with people, we have to wait for the table. Me just had nasi lemak and no coffee for me as i'm having sore throat on that night!! Yes, i fall sick on the 1st chinese new year till today!! After supper, me and SIL went for fun fair! Yes, u read it right, we went for fun fair!!! hahahahahah Been so so long i never been to fun fair, it happen on the 1st day chinese new year, when we drive out to hunt for food, we saw this fun fair, so we decide to go there without the kids. We two mummy having fun time playing some games and "win" some small soft toys.Oh, where is the two daddies, one are sleeping and my hub is having a drinking session with his friends. Back to hotel is about 12.30am, we do have a great time lo.

2nd day of chinese new year we are back to KL, before we check out from the hotel, i met up with my old old friend, which we havent see each other for nearly 9 to 10 years! Have a quick chat, and glad to see her again. Before heading back to KL, we had lunch at Kemaman Kopitiam again. Reach KL, it's nearly 5pm, i'm so so tired and so sick. 2nd SIL's sister come and pick up the three kids to her place, phew, we can have a break. During the few days new years, didn't go anywhere, i just sleep and root at home and glue my eyes on the tv on all the chinese new year programe. On the 5th day chinese new year, i went to my ex manager house for visiting, that is the only one.

Ok, hope i don't bored u all, i think u all must have a great and happening chinese new year.


jazzmint said...

hehe at least u went kuantan...lots of nice pics lehh...

get well soon eh

Blur Angel said...

hahaa... enjoy the rest of your CNY then begin your mission ok??? :)

khongfamily said...

Kemaman Kopitiam? Is it the same as the one in Seksyen 14?

Sasha said...

U REMIND ME...i belum kasi my son angpow.. hahahah

jacss said...

eh, sore throat kenot drink coffee but can eat nasi lemak...aik ???!!!

anyway, i can imagine 2 mother hen manning so many chicks..can be real tiring man!!

at least this year 'sin nien' a bit different lor....

Annie Q said...

jazzmint: thanks.

blur angel: hahahahahahaha u so mean!

khongfamily: hmmm..i did ask them, they said is different, seksyen 14 one is classic kemaman kopitiam, they help them to set up the shop, maybe some of the menu not the same kua.

Sasha: Faster give lo...hahahahahahaha

jacss: hahahahahaha, u caught me!!! I should have just drink coffee and eat nasi lemak huh! Actually, i went there with my SIL and three maids so still ok a bit, if no sure i already pengsan!

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

except for being sick...sounds fun wat. got funfair and adventurous too. hope you have recovered completely by now.