Tuesday, February 26, 2008

stress and tired weekend!

Weekend suppose to be a happy and relax weekend, but why stress? My "sotong" maid give me stress!

Saturday afternoon i went out to hunt some new stock for my online store with my biz partner. We have to make it quick as i got dinner to attend at night, so when u want to be fast, i just turn into a wrong turning, and it make me to go for a big round only reach my destination. Then parking also another headache, we round for nearly 1/2 hour only found one parking spot. Quickly go and hunt our stuff. We go at the wrong timing as chinese new year just end, and most of the shop still don't have any new stock yet. What a bummer! Two of us can't do it another week, as we got things to do, no choice still get something simple this round. Half way hunting (already so stress), received call from my 2nd SIL, saying Fearles locked himself in the room (their future room and currently is their playroom)!!!!! I got a shock! I immediate ask where is my maid, she said the maid are outside the room, try to open the door but can't. I still don't have the room key with me, even i leave my bunch of keys at home with my blur maid. Haih!! I just came out for two hours already this things happen. Cruz on the other hand is sleeping in my room, Fearles wake up early so he want to play in the room, he might just accidently lock the door. Stress stress stress!! From there phone ring non stop, MIL called and nag me, ask me where is the key, i said i don't know since house got so many lock and so many keys i have yet to label all my keys, but i don't remember i got the room key for the kids room. There SIL ask me, come home now! Aaarrggg, stress! End up, we still very fast finish getting our stock, while i still keep calling home and check how is it. BIL reach home, he break the door knob, that is the only choice! *sigh*

Back home, my two boys still happily playing, Fearles don't have any frighten look, still naughty, jumping, running. My maid is sitting outside folding the clothes, and i give her a "tiger" stare, without saying a word, as i too pissed, don't know what to said. Quickly finish our "work", when Vivian ( my biz partner) doing the posting, on the other hand i feed my boys their dinner, then went for a quick shower, rush for a dinner gathering with my good old friends from the hotel, which we know each other for more than 10 years!!

We had dinner at one of the small hotel in PJ, nothing to shout about the buffet, really a SIMPLE one, not much food, really NOTHING MUCH! hahahahahahahaha..Our main purpose is to catch up with each other, it's really good to have this kind of gathering. Hub was busy with the cycling race the next day, he is not tag along, just me & the kids and the maid. We have a good time yakking yakking, till 10.30pm, of course my boys also have a good time by JUMPING AROUND ON THE SOFA!!!! On the way home, less than 5 mins they are in their dreamland. What a tired day.

see how my two rascals happily jumping on the coffee house sofa

clock wise - Julia, Wai Foon, Margaret, Martin & his japenese gf!

Group photo

Sunday around noon time, went to Bukit Kiara to support the cycling race that organise by my hub, this is his first time organise, of course must give face lo.;) Younger BIL was participating the race. We went there around 1pm, which is so so burning hot! We find a place underneath the trees, at least won't directly get the sunlight. Quite many people around, can see most of the cars are having a bike or two or threes bikes on the car top, didn't take any pictures, as hub is having the camera. When we reach there, they are having break time, so there is no race, we waited for about 1 hour plus only the race started. My sons got excited when they see the "kor kor" all "fly" down from the hill and make a big landing sound, they clap their hands and sometime also flw the "kor kor" shout out loud! They really enjoy it. They got chance to play with the sands on the floor and the dry leaves, and dry small branch that fall down from the tress. They are sweating and so do me! We watched from 1pm till 4pm, one side of my hand and neck got "burn" by the hot sun!

Not to forget to jot this down, Cruz as usual, like to "kau lui", he saw one "jie jie" very pretty, who is there to support her boyfriend in the race, if i'm not wrong she is Singaporean (those who participate the race are from Singapore, Kuantan, Penang and local). Her boyfriend got the third place in one of the catogary so from there i know he is from Singapore. hahahahahahahaha Cruz keep looking at that "jie jie" and call her "jie jie, see bicycle" when he clap his hand he also must call the "jie jie" to see him *roll eyes* my boys ar. That "jie jie" stand nearby us, she is taking pictures, and my boys keep talk to her and disturb her, i think she like my boys too (hahahahahah so thick skin mummy!!!) she answer my boys.

After the race, we suppose to attend my hub buddy's son birthday party, i thought want to bring my boys home to take shower then we go to the party, as quite near to my house. Once in the car, both boys just "knock out" even in the car is so hot! Reach home, Fearles still in his deep sleep, so i let him sleep, thought wait till he wake up then we can go for the party, who knows me also fall sleep together with him. Cruz is wide awake after we reach home, he is enjoy eating biscuit and watching his cartoon, and keep ask me to wake up! *faint* By the time Fearles wake up is already 6pm, we can't make it to the party, sent sms to birthday boy's father tell him we can't make it, will pass him the present next time. They give us a surprise visit after the birthday party around 7pm (party end at 6.30pm)Pass us the food and also the party packs, so thoughtful of him and i pass him the birthday present. At the same time, my hub another good friend, Vincent, he also went for the party, so he came by to our house too. After a short visit at our new house, we went out for dinner, quite sometime three of them didn't meet up. Last time they use to make it a point to meet up every year chinese new year for gathering. Now every one got kids and busy with work, hardly meet up, this is the good time to catch up.

So this is my tired weekend.


Blur Angel said...

hey ... i think your hub is the most yau yeng during the race la!! he looks so cool and it is very easy to spot him in those pictures!

talking bout keys , i have yet to sort of mine too.. dad has been nagging me to do it!!

mybabybay said...

Eh why call you when cannot open the door, call the locksmith.

So did your hubby win anything?

jazzmint said...

wah...those are great pics..really big event

Oscar's Mommy said...

wow... very nice la yr weekend. so much to do and so exciting.

aiyo why the lil boy locked himself ah? i am also very scared that this will happened to oscar cos he likes to pretend to be like his daddy, lock the door and do work....

Sasha said...

i read also i tired..

aiyoh if children lock themself up in the room is pretty scarry wan la.

Better make children room , door-less.

etceteramommy said...

Luckily your room is big that's why Fearles did not feel confined. Get those door knob protector from Toys'r Us lor.

Eh, so in the end where is the key?

Soooo happening! Your hubs' a good organiser huh. Next time get him organise gatherings :P

jacss said...

wow....looks like that's quite a big event heh, yr loukung so adventurous, u leh, never join him ahh??

but lookg at location & whether, i doubt i could stay up there so long 1-4pm ahh...fuyoh !!

so already can see yr lil cruz's potential to 'khau lui' leh!!

btw, the plastic wear yr kids wore looked so cute & unique lar, i have not seen them before!! eh, when to wean off the bib?? they carry on them everywhere hor....

Health Freak Mommy said...

I can imagine how paniced you were when you found out your boy was locked inside the room. That reminds me that I shd also look for all my room keys... just in case my 2 brats lock themselves in the room!

papajoneh said...

wow... im tired reading the most eventful weekend too :D

The best part of all, the kids knockout whenever you all stop having activity. Hahaha. So tired and so excited sure knockout one.

keeyit said...

although it was a tiring week.. but worth it right? look at your photos, very fun !

Sweetiepie said...

wow!you guys seem to have so much fun!I hope my hubby is adventures as your hubby.But i think this is fun though.:)

laundryamah said...

dat's why i keep keys locked up in a safe place in anticipation of such an incident. Happened b4 to Kieran in my office n thank goodness the door is easily opened with a credit card! hahahaha

nnn my maid stories have not begun!

Annie Q said...

Blur angel: Hahahahah..u praise him so much ar..he fly so high lo...

mybabybay: ya, call me ask where is the key lo.:( No la, my hub is the organiser, he is not joining the race.

jazzmint: it suppose to be a small one, end up it become a big event.

oscar mommy: yea, time to keep some spare key somewhere lo, before anything happen.

sasha: door-less room for kids? hahahahha, good idea! If they lock themselve in our own room lei?

etceteramommy: Till now still don't know where is the key, anyway had change the new door knob and keep the new key liao. Ask my hub to organise gathering? hahahahahah, he only organise those he is interested one.

jacss: that plastic bib i got it from mom's care, they are having sale, only RM10 per pcs, very cheap, either with sleeve or sleeveless somemore. They still drooling, no choice have to give them wear bib, but that plastic one only wear it when they are having their meal.

health freak mommy: ya, sometime we just overlook on this.

papajoneh: sorry to make u so tired by reading this long post.Hahahahahhaha..ya sometime get the kids busy, so they can fall sleep easily at night.

keeyit: ya, tired but fun! A very good experience.

sweetiepie: so much fun but so tired. Indeed this is really a good experience lo.

laundryamah: Wow..u so geng! can use credit card to open the door!!!
Eh..faster update your maid stories, i wan to read!!

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

indeed so happening... like what sasha said, read also can feel how hectic it is. at least the boys have fun!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

aiyo..i read also tired already. Such a busy weekend eh. btw, why is my son-in-law eyeing another girl huh? *lol*