Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I am so slack lately, got no momentum to blog, and my brain is empty, that explain I have not been updating my blog for nearly two weeks!! I am looking forward to my holidays tomorrow. Yes, I am going back to my hometown tomorrow, with my two naughty boys and one “blur sotong” maid. Daddy is not tagging along, as he needs to work. We will spend a week in Sarawak.

Ok, here a little update on us, after MIA (missing in action) for sometime.

Over the weekend, we attended a cute little boy 2nd birthday party. We all enjoy ourself very much, and my boys did behave themselves this round, so I got chance to eat peacefully. Hahaha Thanks for having us at the party! See more pictures, can hop over here, here and here.
All are professional photographer, so i don't want to show my lousy pictures so much. hahah

After the birthday party, the boys slept while on the way home, they had used up all the energy, they need to re-charge the “battery”. Then again, when we reached home, they woke up and they refuse to sleep again. We went out again at night, to meet up with my brother for dinner at One Utama. My boys was happy, they got chance to play with sand at the concourse area, which they have “Wonderful World of Balloons” exhibition/activities, you can see so many different kind of balloons in many kind of shades too. Boys enjoy themselves, I leave them with daddy and the maid, and I go for a quick shopping. How can I not do any shopping? hahahahaha
In addition, we went to hunt for new TV for our living room and you can see how my two boys act; they are lying on the floor and watch TV!

Ok, that’s all for now, hope I can find sometime to blog. Wish me luck, hope the two boys behave well tomorrow while on the flight, don’t give me a hard time and this is my first flying with AA too, hope they don’t delay the flight.


jazzmint said...

wah...very busy weekend. hope u enjoy ur trip back and have a safe journey

mybabybay said...

Have a safe flight and an enjoyable vacation.

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

enjoy your holiday....

Sasha said...

making themself feel at home ma.. hahaha

have a good holiday!

jacss said...

2 cute & handsem little twins....and the sight of them crawling on the floor in public looked so familiar lah.....hehe, u get what i mean?

jacss said...

btw, hope to wish you guys happy vacation back in your hometown!!
am sure it is goooood!!