Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another New Look

Change my header again? Yes, i got a new header, thanks to Cindy, she design a nice and pretty header for me. Notice she draw me so pretty with long hair and with "sexy pose"? hahahhahahah, since i can't and no patience and no intend to keep my hair long, by looking at the picture make me happy enough. Can ka?? LOL

Those who like Cindy to design for u, can drop her an e mail. She got lots of "orders" lucky mine is just a simple header, if the whole blog theme design, she need to take some time to finish. Thanks again, Cindy for the great job!

Friday, April 25, 2008


This morning, while on the way driving to morning market to buy soya bean for my sons, all of a sudden, Fearles said “ 8 2 5 “! I was surprise, because he is reading the time on the screen!

All the while, I was worried about Fearles, he is not as talkative as Cruz, and he can’t pronounce the word clearly, only got the “sound”, he hardly speak the whole sentence, only 2 or 3 words. Not like Cruz, he is a chatterbox.

Last week, when I have a small talk with the teacher at the nursery, ask about my son’s progress there, the teacher told me, “Fearles is clever, he know A-Z “ when the teacher flash the card to him. I try to flash the card to him at home, but he refuse to tell me, hmmmmmmmm…. But this morning, he just said it out!!! Which really amaze me! I test him a few times on the number, he read correctly!! I ask him again, “ Fearles, what is this? - “ 8 3 0 “ “eight three zero” ha ha ha ha..i clap my hand and laugh!! I’m a happy mummy today.

Maybe some kids are smarter, maybe some already know how to recognize and read the numbering from 1-10 or to 100 which are much younger than my boys, but I still glad my boys did it, even though they are a bit slow.

Fearles, u bright up my day!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

35 months old

Exact one more month, my two mischievous will turn 3. How time flies huh, my boys going to be a big boys soon.

They still naughty and active all the time, or even getting more energetic. They sleeping routine had change, afternoon nap 1 hour plus change to less than 1 hour, and night sleeping time, 8.30pm delayed to 9.30pm – 10pm. Even if I tuck them early on bed, two of them will talk and talk and sing till I always have to “threaten” them, don’t wan to sleep, mummy go “shower” or mummy “go outside” left u two sleep alone. Now they pick up that trick from me. Every night when I give “warning” ask them to stop talking and singing, I will count 1, 2, 3, now they will continue and said “1, 2, 3, I go outside!!” *roll eyes* I don’t know I want to laugh or I want to cry.

When two of them don’t fight, they can be so sweet to each other. Last night, while having dinner, Cruz throw tantrum, he thrown the chair on the floor, I beat his two little hands, he cry and I just leave him there and tell him, he is wrong, he cannot throw the chair. I look at him “fiercely”. Fearles stand at the side look at crying Cruz, he show his brotherly love, he take Cruz’s “security bolster” and beloved “jut jut” put on Cruz mouth and his hand, I look at this, I just can’t help myself and burst into laugh.

Sometime when I pick them up from the nursery, they either will fight in the car for the toy or fight for nothing, and I will so mad and scolding all the way home. Sometime they can be so good boys and sweet but most of the time they drive me up the wall. There is one incident, when two of them in the car, Fearles was pulling a fuss, and Cruz being nice, he quickly grab the “jut jut” and put it into Fearles mouth and pat on his head and said “good boy , good boy”.

On their 35 months, they have speed up their vocabs, but sometime with mixed vocabs, which will have English, chinese, or English, Malay mixed in one sentence. Cruz will said “Chanthay (my maid) “chong” – (make milk in mandarin) milk!” Yes, he is little bossy, sometime he will call the maid by her name! He learn from me!! Oooopppssss!! I’m showing the bad example!

Now two of them insists want to wear the cloth themselves and take off the clothes themselves too. Good to train them now, at least they can start wearing the clothes themselves. When my mum in town last week, I introduce underwear to both Fearles and Cruz, all the while I didn’t give them, just pants outside, since now they are fully toilet train, so I think is time to introduce under pants for them. Cruz start playing with his “bird bird” and show me when the “bird bird” stand, he find it is so funny! *pengsan* I always told him, cannot play with “bird bird” later “bird bird” got blood. Hahahahhahahahahhaha, what a lousy answer! That’s why I start introduce under pants to them. *faint*

This is a little update on them. Now I have to start planning their birthday next month lo.

Happy 35 months old, my two darlings!!

Friday, April 18, 2008


Finally i went to the Fish Spa - Garra Rufa last night. Since my mum in town, i want to bring her to experience it too. Bring my two monkeys goes too, but since they are still young, they are not allow to put their little feet inside. My two boys also "chicken", i tease them, i want to put their leg down, they keep telling me "don want, don want!" hahahahhaha.

Two of them having so much fun running around!!! Suppose to be a quiet place and enjoy the spa, but my boys just make a big noise there. Till the pretty lady there keep telling me, ask the boys to sit down quietly, and she also scare they fall into the "pond".

I can said is a good experience, first is a bit "geli" and later u will feel like got some "electric shock" feel on your leg. The lady told us, this is cause by the fish saliva while the fish nipping on our leg. After the spa, my "dead skin" still got a lot, my skin not really become "smooth" hehehehe. If no experience before, should go for a try, no harm ;) 1/2 hour - RM38/=

view of the spa

this is where we sit

another view of the spa

my mum's leg, she got more fishes than me!!

my leg, got so little fishes only..

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My "I Want" Son

I don't know what up to my darling Fearles lately, everything he also "I Want" "I Want" "I Want"!! Which sometime really make me frustrated! Try to talk to him nicely, but he "challenge" me back, he want to see how patience i am. *sigh*

Like one of the day when i pick him up from the nursery, out of sudden he told me, "mummy, i want orange!", i said "Orange? Mummy don't have orange with me now, can we buy tomorrow?" There he goes, "NO NO NO!! I want orange, I want orange!" I have to force him into the car and just ignore him crying so loud in the car and drive back. Either he will ask for orange, cake, or just something that he "crave" for.

Sometime when on the way back, he will insists me to go and buy "mun mun" (food). Morning, when i sent them to school, in the car he will tell me "mummy, go buy "mun mun ya" if i said "no" he will start throw tantrum in the car. He will stop, till i really "miss" the turning to the market which i bring them to buy their "mun mun" in the morning. There another wailing start!!! My days always start with a sad morning. Ever since i came back from Sarawak holidays, my boys always refuse to go to nursery, every morning i have to pray hard hope i don't have to "drag" them into the nursery. Sometime, they will go down from the car happily and wave to me and said "bye bye!" Which give me a big smile on my face and go to work happily.

Lately he only want me to shower him, don't want his kakak to shower him, but when during sleeping time, he "insists" he wants his kakak!! Had been three nights he request kakak to put him to sleep. I feel so sad!! Even though i always said, good that they stick to kakak, so i can have some "ME" time, but no, i feel jealous!! Does this mean, Fearles think that i'm not love him, not give enough attention to him, but i always treat both my boys the same, equal love, no bias. Even punishment, who did wrong, who naughty, i will give a cane on the hand.

I don't know why Fearles become so demanding lately. Like last night when i brought him to supermarket to buy some grocery, he saw a small toy, i told him "no, no more toys, there is a lot at home" he told me "No, i want!" and give me a "challenge me stare"! This morning, after bring them to buy breakfast at the market, he want another toy, again the same answer from me, he start his "drama" again, cry, sit on the floor, kicking on the floor, follow by rolling on the floor!! Aiyoooo..is this the sign of "ending part" of terrible two stage??

Note to Fearles: mummy always love u, even though mummy always scold and smack you, because of your naughty and stubborn, but it always beat on you but pain in mummy's heart. U & Cruz is always mummy's darling, mummy love you two!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Garra Rufa in Bangsar!

Good News! Garra Rufa the fish spa going to open one outlet in Bangsar. Had heard so much about this fish spa in KL Pavillion, but never try before. Now, we don't need to go all the way to KL Pavillion and experience it, we can go to Bangsar, which is nearer to my place. I really want to try it out and i want to bring my two monkeys to experience it too! I wonder will they scare? Or they will catch the fish inside? Hmmmmmmm...so anyone want to go with me?

Monday, April 07, 2008

"Thrash" New House Party!

After nearly two months plus we moved in to the new house, finally we had a “thrash the house” party or you call it house warming during the weekend. Most invited guest are relatives, in law’s friends and for myself, I invited a few good friends (ya, we all had become good friends more than just bloggers) Angeline & Oscar, Barbara & Ashely & hub & Barbara’s mummy, sexy and hot mummy with her one big & two small C and shopping queen Peggy, she is smart, she came alone, which she can enjoy herself with all the food. Aunty Esther & her lovely boy Ethan and her hubby also in the guest list.

Just two hours before the dinner start, it’s start raining cats & dogs, it’s so heavy rain!! I thought, most of the guest could not make it, since it rain so heavy, the rain stop near to 7pm, and all the guests also start “pouring” in. Peggy is the first to arrive, when Peggy arrived still not much guests in the house, so I manage to chat with her and bring her to tour the house. Esther come next, then follow by sexy Sasha. By that time, the food were ready, (yes, u heard it right, the caterer are cooking at our house, and they serve the hot piping food). We are just too hungry and queue to take the food, sorry no picture, as when I take the food, i’m quite stress, as my boys keep calling me “mummy, mummy, mummy” I have to use the lightning speed to get my food.

Beside than the normal catering food, we top up extra with BBQ chicken wings, which we get them BBQ at our house, I heard is famous “chao chao” BBQ chicken wings ( I didn’t even try it), a roast pig, and roast duck.

When we are eating, Barbara and Angeline just came in on time to join us for the “makan makan” session. We ate upstair, outside my son’s room, as now my sons still sleep with us, so their room currently is a playroom with so many toys inside. All the kids go wild when they see the playroom, so all the mummies and daddies are sitting outside to have the food while watching over their kids in the playroom. Silly me, while having makan makan, I can all forgot my camera to take the pictures and my rooms just opposite the playroom. *sigh* so no pictures to share.

Here is some pictures to share which i take before the party.

Front view of the house

Another front view

front entrance

Dining room

Living room


my room!!!

another bedroom view (messy huh?)

my walk-in wardrobe

my kid's room

Caterer preparing the food

Roast Pig!!!!

"chau chau" BBQ chicken wings

This is the only one pictures of the guests!