Monday, April 07, 2008

"Thrash" New House Party!

After nearly two months plus we moved in to the new house, finally we had a “thrash the house” party or you call it house warming during the weekend. Most invited guest are relatives, in law’s friends and for myself, I invited a few good friends (ya, we all had become good friends more than just bloggers) Angeline & Oscar, Barbara & Ashely & hub & Barbara’s mummy, sexy and hot mummy with her one big & two small C and shopping queen Peggy, she is smart, she came alone, which she can enjoy herself with all the food. Aunty Esther & her lovely boy Ethan and her hubby also in the guest list.

Just two hours before the dinner start, it’s start raining cats & dogs, it’s so heavy rain!! I thought, most of the guest could not make it, since it rain so heavy, the rain stop near to 7pm, and all the guests also start “pouring” in. Peggy is the first to arrive, when Peggy arrived still not much guests in the house, so I manage to chat with her and bring her to tour the house. Esther come next, then follow by sexy Sasha. By that time, the food were ready, (yes, u heard it right, the caterer are cooking at our house, and they serve the hot piping food). We are just too hungry and queue to take the food, sorry no picture, as when I take the food, i’m quite stress, as my boys keep calling me “mummy, mummy, mummy” I have to use the lightning speed to get my food.

Beside than the normal catering food, we top up extra with BBQ chicken wings, which we get them BBQ at our house, I heard is famous “chao chao” BBQ chicken wings ( I didn’t even try it), a roast pig, and roast duck.

When we are eating, Barbara and Angeline just came in on time to join us for the “makan makan” session. We ate upstair, outside my son’s room, as now my sons still sleep with us, so their room currently is a playroom with so many toys inside. All the kids go wild when they see the playroom, so all the mummies and daddies are sitting outside to have the food while watching over their kids in the playroom. Silly me, while having makan makan, I can all forgot my camera to take the pictures and my rooms just opposite the playroom. *sigh* so no pictures to share.

Here is some pictures to share which i take before the party.

Front view of the house

Another front view

front entrance

Dining room

Living room


my room!!!

another bedroom view (messy huh?)

my walk-in wardrobe

my kid's room

Caterer preparing the food

Roast Pig!!!!

"chau chau" BBQ chicken wings

This is the only one pictures of the guests!


Sweetiepie said...

This is indeed a spacious villa.So did you unpack all the stuff yet :)
geee!the roast pig look so yummy and crispy too.

jazzmint said...

wahh ur house is really big lah!!...mansion kekeke...

roast pork yum yum..really miss the makan :)

khongfamily said...

Wowww....your house is HUGE...!! :-D

Blur Angel said...

hey very nice house! can i go when i go back to Msia? am i welcome to do so ??

Elaine said...

so BIG your house!!

mumsgather said...

Wuah. Nice house you got there. Very big like everyone says. Hehe.

Annie Q said...

sweetiepie: not villa la. Villa a lot more bigger than mine. hahahaha

jazzmint: not mansion, small house only. Pictures look big! ;)

Khongfamily: not huge, wait till u see it, it just a small house.

blur angel: u're most welcome to my tiny house! Call me when u're back in KL.

elaine: not big not big ;)

mumsgather: thanks! like i said lo..not a big house.:)

giddy tigress said...

What house? I only see a mansion, my dear! WoooT!!
And my son has that same Ikea tent/igloo!

Jacss said... that "not huge" but "very huge" only!!!
i like d car comfy and most of all, the floor tiles...pity yr maid lor, haha
never heard of d chau chau chic wing woh...

mom2ashley said...

What a huge housewarming party and what ahuge house you have!

LittleLamb said...

Wah..very nice house..:)
and the food make me mouth watering...:p

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hey, thanks again for having us. it was fun and i LOVE your house. So mega HUGE!!!! Looking at the roast pig reminds me of the yummy siew yoke that night!! hungry lar.

Mummy to QiQi said...

Annie, so huge your mansion!!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Huge house you have, very nice!!

etceteramommy said...

Can play hide and seek in your house. So neat, so clean and the tiles are sparkling there!!! Big porch and big water filter too. Hehehe.. Happy House Warming... :D

mybabybay said...

I love your interior deco, simple and nice. Wah, I want that delicious roast pig...:P~~~~

Oscar's Mommy said...

wei yr house not big then my house apa maciam? hehehehe... must curi some of yr ideas for my new nest la... thanks for having us too that nite... yaya, the siew yoke is the best!

Anggie's journel said...

wah... so big ur house ... ur kids hv big and more space to play with..

btw, how many maid u have ar ?? to clean the house ??? 1 enuf ?? ;)

Sasha said...

yr house so big.. i can guling guling on the floor and make bollywood movie ok??? thanks for having us and the roasted pork....... YUMMY!

huisia said... HUGE your house, i really kasihan your maid..:)

Krystal said...

The roasted pork looks so yummy :)

Angeleyes said...

*sob* *sob*
I missed the biggest food party!
I also want that roast pork!!!

Your house really look like a mansion lar... so much space!

Annie Q said...

Giddy tigress: Mansion? hahahhaa, that's far away to be a mansion. Ya, that "tent" is from Ikea. ;)

jacss: since my maid so free at home ma, must ask her to mop the floor everyday. That "chou chou" chicken wing it in cantonese maybe u know..but i tranlate it, maybe u don't understand.

mom2ashley: *shy shy* not huge la. So so only, because there is two families staying in this house, not me alone la. :)

littlelamb: thanks! Great to see u again in my blog.

mommy to chumsy: thanks again for coming to the party. Great that u like the food. hahahah..but sinful huh? kekekekekekeke

mummy to qiqi: thanks. psstt..not mansion..just a house. ;)

health freak mommy:10Q 10Q!

etceteramommy: New house of course the floor still spark, still clean and still neat, wait for few months and see..hahahahhaha

mybabybay: thanks! Roast pig ar..yummy but sinful to eat lo..once in a while ok la.

oscar's mummy: thanks for coming to the party and make the party more interesting. 10Q! Curi the ideas? We also "curi" ppl one..hahahahha

anngie's journal: this house not only me staying, also my 2nd BIL family also staying, so not consider big house lo. hahaha
Since my boys go to nursery during day time so maid can clean the house lo, since she is so so free at home.

Sasha: Thanks for coming!!!

huisia: no need kesian my maid, she is very free during day time as my boys are going to nursery. She got nothing to do, so clean the house lo.

Krystal: yes, the roast pork yummy yummy. :) Oh, thanks for dropping by my blog. ;)

angeleyes: Yes lo, u miss it. :( Dont worry, next time when u in KL again, we do a small makan makan ok? But no roast pork lo :(

IMMomsDaughter said...

Wow, your house look so grand and big. It's great for the twins as they have plenty of space to run around.

wHOisBaBy said...

happy house warming! big party there. big house too. nice and huge front yard for your boys to play/cycle/jump/run!

Malaika's mummy said...

yr new house is sooo big. I like yr walk in wardrobe.

Hijackqueen said...

WAh, so nice house, so nice food, so nice people. Why no invite me wan? How can?