Tuesday, May 06, 2008

We celebrate it this way...

We went out for a simple steamboat dinner on Sunday night. We had it at one utama Plus One Shabu Shabu, this is our second time there. Two princes didn't really like the shabu shabu, Fearles love the noodle very much, he just took the noodle. Cruz only took the DESSERT! He alone gulp down two portion of the desserts! The unique part about this shabu shabu is u can have ur own pot of soup instead of one big pot. Got a lot of choice to choose the soup base, and they have more than 30+ sauce, it lay out like a buffet style, but only sauces!

Last night didn't think of going anywhere for celebration, since already celebrate a night before, so thought just went out for dinner again. Hub suggest go to SS2 for "lok lok" for dinner, i said ok, since had been so long i never been to SS2 food court. We reach there quite early, about 6pm, "lok lok" not open yet, so we opt for other food. Too much choice till i also don't know what to eat. Get the boys some rice and soup and me & hub having noodles. During the meal time, Fearles making those wailing sound agaaaaaiiinnnn...*sigh* He refuse to eat his dinner, till i really lose my cool ! Soft talk to him, also not success, scold and look at him angrily also not success. He just wail and want his kakak to carry him and make the crying sound! Haih haih haih! I so angry, just close my eyes and finish my dinner. After 20 mins, sweet talk to him again, he is ok, and willing to take a few spoon of rice, then that's it. He is actually want to go to the playground and play, he saw it when we are at the food court, the playground just next to it.

After dinner bring them to the playground for a while, then we go to PASAR MALAM (night market), which near to 5 years i never been to pasar malam. It just happen, last night there is night market at SS2. This is also the first time the two boys go to night market. They are so happy and excited to see so so many things!!! Especially TOYS!!!! One hour at the pasar malam, my boys got the most loots and myself only get two slippers. They are so happy, daddy buy them toys and daddy spent the time with them. I can see their happy face, Fearles even call up "daddy daddy" in his sleep. See, this is how important we parent should spent some time, at least "some time" with the kids, if we can't spent ample time with them.

A unique way to celebrate our "sepuluh anniversary"! End of the day, the most happy person is our kids! Happy kids + tired parent = everyone happy

sorry for the poor quality pictures, as my camera had admit to "hospital" for some minor check up. :(

1.dinner at plus one shabu shabu at One Utama

2. my pot of soup

3. our meal

4.me & Fearles

5.cruz wan to pose with the spoon!

6.me with the jug with herbal tea (they serve jug!)

7.Fearles with his loots from the night market

8. Cruz with his loots, Ben 10 watch and stickers

9. train set only RM9!

10. ultraman stickers RM1 each

11. Ben 10 watch with sound and light, RM5.50 each!

12. Mr Bean sleep wear

13.two pants

14. three education CD + books

15. cute briefs

16. Doodle board, RM5 each!

One more cute Mr.Bean big blanket which i forgot to snap the picture :(


I am Princess Misha's Mum said...

waaaaaaaah ... so many harta(s)!!!

I also want to go to pasar malam

Krystal said...

Wah...congrats congrats...10 years oredi :) Seemed like a very eventful day and looks like there's so many things to buy at the pasar malam! The kids must be so happy :)

Sasha said...

wah wah wah go pasar malam also can buy so many things hahah

etceteramommy said...

I wanted to go pasar malam too when I was in KL last weekend. So many 'chap chap' thing can eat and buy. Hehehe... so many 'tai fu' there...

Anonymous said...

hi annie! happy 10th anniversary! congratulations! and many many more to come.


mybabybay said...

Hey which shop did you get the MR. Bean sleep wear. I am sure my children would love those.

jacss said...

wuah...look at d loots i know who would be the happiest already!!
d ben10 watch so familiar...haha, my boys got it fr petaling street but your quality looks better!
not bad also go pasar malam once in a while hor!!
ss2...i didn't go like so long edi...

Sue said...

So much loot...Happy Anniversary...

Health Freak Mommy said...

What a nice way to celebrate your anniversary. Wah.... u hv not gone to the pasar malam for 5 years? That's a very very long time!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

ahhhh...first time at pasar malam? hehehehehehe. so many things to buy eh?

1+2mom said...

Happy Mother's Day to you !!!

I am Princess Misha's Mum said...

happy mother's day to you!!!