Friday, May 23, 2008

Who is stupid??

Sorry to said, my boys had pick up this word "stupid" from me. As the maid always do some silly mistake, which i nag nag nag over her for many times. I just can't control and come out this word - "why u're so stupid!!!!" From there, my boys will tell me "kakak stupid?", me being bad and said "ya, kakak stupid".

Sometime hub make fun of the boys since they know "stupid", *i assume they still don't know what it means.*

daddy: who is stupid?

Fearles : kakak is stupid

daddy: kakak stupid ar?

Fearles: ah (yes) kakak stupid

daddy: mommy stupid?

Fearles: *think twice* daddy stupid!

hahahahhahahahhahaha mommy win 1:0

sometime daddy will "cheekily" said,

Hub: Cruz stupid

Fearles: Cruz stupid

Hub: mommy stupid

Fearles: daddy stupid

Hub: Fearles stupid

Fearles: daddy stupid

hahhahahahahhaha, Fearles not stupid, he is smart. U can't trick him. I had a good laugh and clap my hand and said "Fearles smart boy!!!!"

*this is crazy about my family ar...we like to joke, i know this is not a good joke, i just want to jotted down how we can't trick this little boy*


Mummy to QiQi said...

poor boys..i think they also confuse liao!!! Hahaha.....

mybabybay said...

Silly would be a better word.

jazzmint said...

haha...poor daddy...kenot trick fearles..

siechoo said...

hahaha .. no one is stupid lar :)

Oscar's Mommy said...

hahahaha... yr hubby kena balik sendiri wor....

Sasha said...

abd u said he is not as talkative as cruz...he's smart.

sue said...

Proves that he sides mummy more *haha*

jacss said...

yeah, it's hard to resist this word no matter how we don't want out kids to pick it up!!

sometimes i confused my boys too when at one point i said he can't say that word but on the oth hand i said it myself SO in the end, i argued only 'adult' can say not children....sometimes they obey sometimes not!

hahaha...yr family almost 'gila' like ours too!!!

Hijackqueen said...

lol, so cute!