Thursday, July 17, 2008

Trip to Famosa

* Warning!! A lot pictures!! Will load more to facebook*

Last Sunday we had a family trip to A Famosa. Call me “kampung auntie” because I never been to Famosa, except when they newly open the water park I went once, together with hub, that time we still pak-toing, can imagine nearly 10 years I didn’t step foot in there. So this trip consider is my and my boys first trip there, hub and the family members been there twice already.

We depart on Sunday late afternoon, reached A Famosa, straight we went to water Park. In fact, this is also a “company trip” for the workers that work for my hub and the brothers. Big group, we are about 30 of us including the kids, to avoid any inconvenience we all arrange in advance.

We changed and my boys can’t wait to dip into the water and play. Weather was quite cold that day, it just after rain, and it’s already evening time. We spent about 2 hours plus in the water park, nothing to shout about, everything quite run down and also dirty. Just the kids like it and enjoy it. Me and hub and two kids had a big float sliding down from high, Fearles and me shout so loud and me is all the way from the top till the end shouting non stop! Hub said shame on me, two boys are braver than me. Hahaha

After water park, had a quick shower then proceed to have our dinner at the club house, so so only, not much choice, but better than nothing. Had our quick dinner then we rush to cowboy town to see cowboy show. I can said, this is a good one, even I also enjoy very much on the show and also the parade, end of the show, there is fireworks. After the show, we went outside, there is some rides there too, of course my boys won’t miss that la, asking to have the car ride and also the Pony ride!! They enjoy it so much, and after the ride they get cranky, because they are restless, that is around 10.30pm, we leave cowboy town around 10.45pm, then went to the villa we rent. Yes, we only load our bag off at 11pm! We check in and took the keys earlier, once reach at our villa, the boys are already in their sweet dream. We rent two villas, one for the workers and one for our family members. After loading all the baggage, wipe the boys, clean up, then had shower, then watch some TV I only sleep at 2am!

chicken run

shake hand with the mascot

picture with "sakai"

Fearles riding on Pony

Cruz on the Pony

This is where the place we stay..

Next day, wake up around 8am, two boys saw the mini swimming pool at the villa, they can’t resists but ask daddy to bring them to have a dip inside, I can tell you the water was cold, after the short dip, they got flu and cough after they come back (that will on another post).

Pack our bag, then go to Safari Park to have breakfast there. After breakfast we spent the half a day in the Safari Park seeing all the show. We took the “truck” to enter the “zoo” to see all the animals, so close to the animals, I can said that, we can see more animals here than in the Zoo. After the Safari trip, we went to see Bird Show, multi animals show, elephant show, went to monkey island to feed the monkeys, elephant ride, and my boys love the most is the wild wild west show! Although some part of the wild wild west show my sons got scare by the gun shot sound, it’s so loud, even myself also got scare by the loud sound. After all the show, my sons was so so tired, that is already 3pm in the afternoon!!! We leave Famosa at 3.30pm, less than 1 min both my sons sleep so soundly! I also so so tired by walking the whole day! Indeed, this is a very interesting outing and a short break, I think the kids are the most happy one!! We are just too rush and just want to utilize and full use the time that we had.

Breakfast time


I like this picture very much...father and sons

Animals at the safari world



This is the truck that we sit to enter the safari world

two tigers are fighting!!

I like this picture too..

Chicken farm


Bird show, this is my boys holding the RM10 and the bird come and take it

See my two "chicken boys", got scare by the bird! ha ha

All are so restless by now...tired...

Riding on elephant while taking this picture

Another view from the top

Feeding elephants

Cruz feed the monkeys, see his happy face..

Picture with mummy with "force smile" too tired!

Last but not least....with "red indian kor kor"


Mommy to Chumsy said...

YAY!!!! me first to comment :D

Hey looks like a lot of fun at Farmosa. Me aslo a kampung auntie...haven't been to this place before......hehehehehe. I love the safari world!!

khongfamily said...

Then I am also 'kampung auntie' lorr..hehehe 'cos I've never been to Famosa too. Looks like sooo much fun. Worth to go or not? I also like the camel photo. :)

Sweetpea said...

it was more than 10 years since I have been there. it was fun then, and this is even better! glad you enjoyed the fun. i bet you are knackered now, hehe.

Big Bright Head said...

we were there are few years ago.. great fun, but remembered the food was less than so so.

Looks like they made some improvement there.. from less than so so to so so... he he..

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wah, so many pix. Looks like a very fun trip eh?

Yling said...

no wonder not online for so long!

shooi said...

Ooo lots of kg aunties. Me another one. Never been to Famosa.

Waiting till my #2 is 2++ before taking the boys for a family trip there. I am sure the boys will love it very much.

Angeleyes said...

wah... I did not know Farmosa so fun wor! I thought that place is dying... hahahaha

Great to see your boys are enjoying... and how come sexy mommy never wear bikini while playing in the water park huh??? :P

L'abeille said...

Fuyoo... it was indeed a fun filled weekend!

LittleLamb said...

Nice place. I like the animals part :p

Hope to go there one day

jacss said...

wow...i can tell how tired it can be on d little boys...coz u basically covered everythg!! during my trip there, we didn't even make it to d waterpark...only safari already half dead!!
some more hor...felt shame for my boys lor coz i see yr 2 brave boys sit pony, feed d bird, monkey even elephant, take photo wif d sakai... clever boys!!
eh, d photo of cruz riding pony was very nice...handsome can see his big round eyes, bit innocent with d shy smile plus d cute donkey...frame it up lar!!

Sasha said...

WOW looks like so much fun!!! I wanna go also. The last time i was there , i was 7 months preggie with Jayden. So cannot go water park. Cannot go see animals. I just----- sit and wait for ppl to come back. So sian!!! when i pop edi, when no2 bigger abit i will go again.

And Cruz is looking more and more chubbier leh.. and looking more like Mr Lee.

The last pic should ask them to Pose like the sakai, sure very cute!

Lemonjude said...

They sure love it when all real animal that used to read from books appear right near to them...great outing for the boys.

Annie Q said...

mommy to chumsy: Wow! First commentor *throw flowers*. hhahahhah
Should bring Ashley there, the safari world is good to visit, the water park so so only.

khongfamily: I tot i'm the only one that never been to Famosa. :) I think for Safari world and show is worth to bring the kids there, but not the water world lo. Of course this cannot compare to HK Ocean Park.

sweetpea: yea, 10 years!!U & me the same. Ya, now i'm having flu and so do my boys. :(

big bright head: NO..the food still so so and so so.....

health freak mommy: ya, many pics, this is only part of it, i still got somemore, but cannot post all. Ya, fun and tired trip.

yling: ya, after come back, not feeling well for few days. :) Thanks for dropping by often and checking on me :)

shooi: yea yea, till ur no2 a bit older, ur boys sure njoy looking at the animals and touch them.

angeleyes: ya, i also didnt know Famosa was quite fun too. hahahha, i think kids will like it more lo.
Wear Sexy bikini?? Yikes, have u see an elephant wearing bikini before? I don wan to be the main attraction at the water world lei. LOL!

l'abeille: ya, tired and fun weekend.

littlelamb: bring your little prince there, he will njoy it. :)

jacss: u mean your two handsome didn't feed the animals and sit on elephant and pony?? They should, quite a good experience for the kids. In fact, Fearles also afraid some of the animals too.

Sasha: Till your number 2 older, bring him/her together with jayden, sure ur two kids will njoy!
Ya, Cruz appetite had increase *touch wood* that's y look a little bit chubby now. hahaha, someone also just comment Cruz looking more like Mr Lee now.

lemonjude: ya ya, now they can see the animals in real.

sue said...

At least you're all able see everything! Everytime I'm there I just feel so hot and tired I end up wishing I'm in the car and going home LOL... And last time I think we rented that villa also :D So nice to see the kids having fun...

Malaika's mummy said...

hehe.. I always have the impression that it was not a fun place. Looked fun for young children. Will go there the next time we are in Melaka.

Hijackqueen said...

I think I am also 'kampung mummy'. Haven't been to Famosa before leh. Heard so much about it. I also like the 'botak' tree picture. Looks like a desert only.

Irene said...

hmm.. ur post makes me wanna go A Famosa now, im a malaccan & i have not been there once! haha! jakun!

allthingspurple said...

bloghopped from Angeleyes, or was it Hijackqueen? Anyhow, thanks for sharing the pictures. I though Farmosa nothing much wan,till I saw your photos. Not bad leh, got so many things for kids to see.