Friday, August 29, 2008

What i have eating for the week

Ever since hub get this "new toy" few days ago, he had been trying to do some experiment on this "new toy". We had "this" for dinner few days in a row, how to lose weight u tell me?? Let me show u what we had.........................

Girl's night out

I had some "me" time again last night. What else, another eating session cum birthday celebration with my girl friends aka ex colleagues. This time we went to Bruno's for some "porky". Food wise ma, so only, errr...5/10, but the environment is nice, quiet and romantic. But with four of us, the restaurant become so noisy, we chat and we laugh. Lucky there is not much patrons. I enjoy the dinner, most important is i enjoy the company!!!

Reach home, i saw my three darling are already in their dream land.

Bruno's at Jaya 33

view - inside the restaurant

the view outside the restaurant

the birthday girl (mommy to be) Catherine!

me posing while waiting for the food

caesar salad

soup and bread

side dish come with the suckling pig

suckling pig! Guess how much it cost for this portion!

our main course - BBQ pork rib

our dessert - too sweet

creme brulee - so only..i still prefer the one at "Banquet"

Finally - a group picture

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Random post

When my two boys don’t drive me crazy, they can be sweet at sometime. Especially now when they start talking in sentences, sometime I find it really funny.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

There is one time when we all in the car, Cruz saw a monorail passed in front of us, he got too excited he said

Cruz: Kor kor, “bater bater” (faster faster) see got tu tu train (me & daddy cannot stand, bursh out a loud laugh)

Fearles : where where?

Cruz: neh, behind there. (we already passed)

* * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Watching TV in the room

Mummy: Cruz, see got aeroplane

Cruz: no, mummy, rocket, not aeroplane

Mummy: *speechless*

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Lately when Fearles pass something to Cruz, Cruz love to said ……

Cruz: thank you boy!

Mummy: huh? Who boy? Fearles boy?

Cruz: ya, thank you boy.

or he will said

Cruz : Hello boy!

I wonder where he picks this word up, I never said this before.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Cheeky Cruz will ask u when he want something.....getting "jut jut" from my bag

Cruz: mummy, what is this??

Mummy: i don't know what is this.

Cruz: this is "jut jut"

then happily put into his mouth. *faint*

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

when bring my boys out for shopping, most of the time they don't behave themselve, i always will give them a " i-will-beat-u" angry stare, then this "sweet talk" cruz will come and hold my hand

Cruz : sorry mummy.

see how this "sweetalker" can melt my heart?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Bedtime story

I usually don’t read them bed-time story (lazy), normally I will play with them. Now I know where their naughtiness inherits from hahahahahha. Everytime when three of us lay on the bed, me in the centre, I always doze off faster than my two boys. They like to disturb me, either put their smelly bolster on my nose and ask me to smell or try to open my eyes ask me to wake up. And there is one night, when this Fearles did something, I burst out a loud laugh. I pretend to sleep, when two of them refuse to sleep, and suddenly I heard someone whisper on my ear. Fearles whispering on my ear and said “hey, mummy”! I got a shock and I laughed.

Now every night before sleep, Cruz will tell me, “I want to kiss daddy good night” after he said that, he will look for his daddy and give him a ‘wet kiss” on the cheek and said “good night daddy” how sweet huh??

This is just a short post, and something that I can remember.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ME = the bad mama!!

If you ask my sons “is your mummy fierce like crazy mama last night?” They will tell you, “yes, and we are “pah pah” – scare.

Last night after celebrating MIL birthday at one of the restaurant, we went back home. Thought now is school holidays, so I don’t get my boys to sleep early, I let them watch TV for a while, when I can have my quick shower. Clean my boys, change them to their Pyjamas, on the TV, and tell them I go for shower, most of the time they are ok with TV babysit them. Half way shower, Fearles come and knock my door and tell me Cruz off the TV, he can’t see the cartoon. I told him, I’m done soon, ask him to go and sleep first, I come soon. Off he went, then I heard all silence, beside than some sound on closing door.

Speed up my shower, come out from shower room, zoom to the room, can’t see the two monkeys on the sofa, and all quiet, I had a glance on my walk in wardrobe, my two naughty boys are inside! Cruz is sitting up high on a stool and playing with my things and my skin care things that I just bought night before, cover are open, lucky the packet still not open, and are all on the floor. Fearles is standing aside and watch Cruz digging my things! I got so so mad!!! I scolded or I “SCREAM” at Cruz and bring the cane and cane his little hand! Telling him, “why never listen to what I said, always play with my things!” After the previous incident, he dare not to touch for a while, now start again! I so pissed! I cane him, he don’t cry, I ask him to go outside the room, and stand outside. He obey go outside but………. he go and open the cousin’s room door and disturb them sleeping *slap forehead* !!

Call him in the room, ask him “did he know why I scold him, ask him he dare to play with my things again?” he said “No”. To “lecture” him more and make him to remember not to play with my things, I told him to sleep at the walk in wardrobe, don’t sleep with me, I pull him into the wardrobe, I off the light and I close the door. I closed, he opened I closed, he opened, and cried so pitiful. (Yes, I am that bad!!!!! I’m the bad mommy!!!!) I let him out for the good 1 minutes, he cried so hard till he vomited! Serve me right! I had to go and mop the floor, clean up Cruz and change him again, get me more works! *faint* On the other hand, Fearles watch quietly and he didn’t make a sound (I think he got so scared that his mama go crazy!) I ask him to go to sleep, less than 5 minutes he is in his sweet dream. Cruz still sobbing , and dare not to see me. Off the light, tell him “no more playing with mommy’s things” he “nodded” his head and I said “did u said sorry?” He said with a pity voice “sorry mommy!” I said “sorry Cruz, mommy had scared u and mommy beat your hand. This is because you naughty!!” He closed his eyes and nodded his head. I feel so bad!!! Lastly I ask Cruz “do u love mommy” he said “yes”! My heart melt again.

Fearles I think he got scared by me. Half way sleeping, while I still watching my TV, he wake up suddenly and point at the chair, saying “Cruz, cruz” and I told him, Cruz already “oi oi” on the bed, he still saying “Cruz Cruz Cruz”, then he back to sleep again. * see how fierce I am to fright my two boys?* Haih….

Little note to Cruz: Mommy feel really bad to do this, and give you the punishment. Don’t hate mommy ok.

This morning, when I came to work, my two little darling still in their sweet dream.

Friday, August 15, 2008

"Happy Ghost" night

Yesterday was the chinese 14th day of the 7month, chinese usually said this is the day "our friends" will "loiter" around, and we are not encourage to go out on the night, this is said by the old people.

As usual my MIL will do her praying on the evening time on this day. After family dinner, all the kids are playing outside the house. Seeing MIL get ready to do the praying, get all the joss sticks, big candles, foods, fruits and etc, put all nicely on the floor with the help of my younger SIL and aunty. (I usually don't involve on all this, because i don't do the praying thing :P)

I stand aside "keepo-ing" while watching my two boys playing on their bicycles. MIL light all the big candles, and burn the joss sticks, and she put a lot candles on top of the soils, there come my sons, they also join me. Out of sudden, my dear Cruz, clapping his hand and sang "Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you" *phutt phutt, try to blow off the candles* and he use his hand do the cut cake things and said "cut cut cut cake" and "ahmm - eat" I had a good laugh!! Told him "this is not cake, and there is no cake also, and this is not birthday, this is praying, so cannot sing "happy birthday", to him, got candles means is "happy birthday"!!! *faint*

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Last day of.....

s-c-h-o-o-l. Tomorrow will be the last day of school, and my two boys will have a week school holidays at home. They are with this new kindy for one month and two weeks already.

I had a chat with the teacher one of the day, she tell me, my boys are doing good compare to when they just joined the kindy, they are like "tai-kor", so rough, so naughty, and my boys fight with each other often too at the kindy. The way they fight are rough, till the teacher also got a shock! Especially Cruz, he is "tai-kor", less than a week in school, he already bite his friend's hand till blue black and with his teeth mark/love bite mark on his friend's hand. Teacher complain to my SIL. The next day, i have to go to school and apologies but i didn't got a chance to see the little boy, i told the teacher i really sorry about this, the teacher sound not so happy and tell me "u know the little boy are so gentle, so good boy, and your Cruz just go and bite him". I don't know what to said, "beside than appologies, only thing i can said is, sorry, my boys are REALLY ROUGH"!

Teacher told me, lately they have change a bit, but they are still very active, non of the time they can sit still. *pengsan pengsan pengsan* Yea, i got two very active boys, they don't get tired, the only time they can sit still/stay quiet is watching tv or when they are sleeping. Haih.

Everyday Cruz looking forward to go to school, and on the other hand, Fearles just act normal, no really like and no said he don't like, sometime he will ask me, "today go school?" This is after one month crying, and 1st day of this month, he stop crying till today. Is it maybe lately i also prepare some "mini bento" for them to bring to school? hahahhaha. I'm not in bento-ing, but i do get something light for them to bring to school, since they are still young, and don't really appreciate all the "cute and attractive" food, i will only prepare for them when they grow older. Now what i get for them is everyday with different "menu", either is some honey star, or milk and chocolate coco crunch, tiger biscuit with strawberry yoghurt inside, some grapes, apples, swiss roll & some japan biscuite & etc. They got excited, everytime they will show their teacher what i get for them to bring to school. Last two weeks, i get some animal toothpick from this mummy, my boys are excited to see it. i'm thinking to get more bento box and some simple bento-ing accessories, and start looking at some mummies interesting bento creation blog, need to "steal" some idea from them.

This is little update of my two boys..

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Backdated - Two nice birthday dinners

Ever since i got kids, i can said i never been to hotel to hava nice buffet dinner. I think my last buffet dinner at hotel, don't know is how long ago. (so kesian)

Last month, hub good buddy Vincent, invite us to join him for dinner at Renaissance hotel, feel good to go back again (i worked there before). This is also my first time bring the boys to hotel to have buffet dinner, i'm really worried, how they behaved. Will they run here and there and accidently knock the buffet counter. Before i go i pack some toys and books for them to draw, just to keep them occupied when i'm enjoying my food.

Reach there, Vincent and his wife and kids are there already, and one of his good friend, so only six of us (including my maid). Yes, you heard me right, my maid enjoy the buffet dinner too!!!! Now i'm a bit regret after the "previous" incident. hahhahahaha, NO MORE NEXT TIME!! Lucky on that saturday night not so many diners only few tables, and with some kids too, so i'm not alone.

First thing, of course must get some food for the boys to keep them quiet then only i start digging in the buffet counter. I'm surprise my boys enjoy the food too and also the dessert, Cruz eat so much till i so scare he puked. After my boys finish their food, i give them their draw and wipe book to draw, hotel do give them the colouring thing too. While they busy with their book, their mummy are busy with the food. hahahahhahahah Kids next to our table and the kids on our table,they mix up very fast and become friends, all running around, having a good time. *faint*

We do enjoy ourself very much, hope there will be more to come??hahahhahahah

my food

My boys looking at foods on the table

Vincent's wife and kids and friend

our dessert


mummy & the boys

Another picture of me & my boys


Vincent's family picture

Birthday cake complimentary from the hotel

Kids are busy drawing on the wipe and draw book, presents from IMM
notice the boy standing behind with yellow shirt, he is from next table.

Last week, we (me & my ex colleagues) celebrate my biz partner Vivian birthday at Le Meridien Hotel, again for the buffet dinner. This round i go without kids, thought i can enjoy myself again, but hor, the food..hmmmm....i'm not really enjoy it. I walk many rounds, i don't know what to eat. End up i only eat little here little there then full, we are more on yakking than eating. How embarrassed, because we are buying the birthday girl dinner and yet not a good one. Next day, Le Meridien staff call me back and do the survey and i make a "small" complain about the food. So bad of me yah? *blek*

Birthday girl - Vivian with the present that we give

Me & the birthday girl

group picture


one of the counter serving indian cuisine..

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Maid story again....

First time i blog at this hour 6.20am, i wake up at 5.45am to spot check my maid. (my usual wake up time is 7.20am) Since now i can't go back to sleep, i rather sit here and blog.

MIL told me, my maid back to her normal self again, which she cannot wake up at 5.30am. For past i don't know how long ,she start wake up at 6.15am or 6.30am and Monday she only wake up at 7am!!!! She didn't prepare my sons water tumbler when i check at 8am i didn't question her, but i put up my angry face, i told her if she can't do , she can go to sleep and i will be the maid! She told my MIL that she can't wake up is because we went out and come back late on Sunday night, she only sleep at 2am!!!! I tell you, big liar! Yes, we are coming back late, but she go to sleep at 12am, i know it's a bit late, but that is only on weekend, weekday, my sons sleep early, she also sleep around 9.30pm! Not every weekend she will sleep at 12am, only once in a while, not always! I so pissed! Today i wake up at 5.45am, when i go downstair, still no light, no sign of her anywhere, i open her room door, saw her still sleeping! Arrrrggg!!! Wake her up, ask her to refresh herself while i laid myself at the living room coach. I want to monitor her work, (ya, she had been with us nearly one year, but still slack!)

Previously she also have problem, cannot wake up to do work, after "goreng goreng" she ok for a month then back to her normal routine again. I always wonder her speed of work, like weekend, wake up at 5.30am then do the normal work routine, but still got some work she cannot finish at 9.30am when i wake up. (normally weekend i will wake up late with my boys), i ask her 4 hours what is she doing, sometime not even mop the floor. She told me she wash my boys baju, then boil the soup, then sweep the floor, but 4 hours, this is just enough time for her to finish.

Night time after my sons sleep, wash the bottles and soak my sons dirty clothes then clean up kitchen (not much to clean) then can go to sleep, i can finish it within 15 mins but my maid have to take up 1/2 hour to 45 mins (yes, i always monitor the time). She is the type you have to follow her everywhere to monitor her work, like a bad employer. I have saw her many times, she do things so so slow till i cannot stand her, i do it myself. That's why till today i still call her "sotong", but this "sotong" SOMETIME can be smart or alert, without me saying she have already done it, not always.

Haih! Saying having a maid is good, got extra hand to help me, but i think sometime i have more stress, just like my colleague said, "sotong" like my stepdaughter, another kid to be taught, but this "kid" more tough to teach then my two boys.

This week will have my mission to wake up early to check on her, maybe in between i will have a "break". Must give her a surprise, everyday check on her then no surprise lo.

Ok, enough of ranting. Now want to go morning market to get my sons soya bean and some bread. Have a good Wednesday everyone!

Friday, August 01, 2008

A good start

A good start for the month. Had been "missing in action" for nearly two weeks, now i'm back. Not going anywhere, but busy with my work, now finally it's over, and i can start shake my leg till the year end. hahahhahahahhaha

Today mark the 1st day of August, what make me so happy today is, finally my "work war" is over, but i still got some "after war" things need to clear.

Secondly, today my Fearles no more a crying "baby" to the school. I tell you, ever since he change to the new kindy, he cried everyday without fail, till his mummy - me also get used to it. Today after sent them to kindy, as usual he will hold my hand, and refuse to let me go, and want to start his "drama" then one of the teacher come out talk to me. We had some chat, and the other teacher bring Fearles into the class, at first he want to start crying, then the teacher bring him away from my sight, and i did not hear his crying. After 10 mins chat i had a peep into the class, i saw he & Cruz sitting on the table, eating their breakfast, corn flakes and drink. hahahhahah so cute! While i have some talk with the teacher, Cruz did come out and said "bye mami" and then Fearles also come out and said "bye mami" but with a donald duck mouth. hahaha, he wanted to cry, but he control it. He bright up my day! Keep it up Fearles, hope next week he won't be crying anymore.

Ok, a short post for today, thanks for those dropping by often to "peep" on my blog. I will do my blog hopping soon.